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June 29 - Fidelito (Fido) in the Doghouse with Canadians

June 28, 2022

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Klaws Swab's favorite bumboy didn't figure that depriving people of their freedom and livelihoods, and then poisoning them for a non-existent "pandemic," would prove unpopular.

According to a new Angus Reid poll, only 8% of Canadians strongly approve of Justin Trudeau, while 41% strongly disapprove of him as Prime Minister.

Overall, the Angus Reid Institute found that 59% of Canadians polled moderately/strongly disapproved of Trudeau, while only 38% showed any approval for his job as Prime Minister. Three per cent said they weren't sure.

Fidelito is finding that Canada is harder than he thought to destroy.


Justin Trudeau Lowers Minimum Age For Anal Sex From 18 to 16
Why is this important to PM Trudeau and the Liberal government?


Latest survey shows the COVID vaccines are a disaster: ~750,000 dead in US

In US, ~5M people who got the vaccine are now unable to work and ~750,000 are dead. The rate of heart issues is 6.6%, far more than they claimed. No wonder our government isn't doing these surveys!

satan-jews.png(left, I don't think this was intended to be antisemitic)

Putin has saved us from Swab's Klaws

COVID Falls From G7 Agenda - Focus Now On Russia, Russia, Russia

Where did all the hype go?  It disappeared in a matter of weeks once the corporate media gave up on the narrative.  There were a few reasons for this...

Ukraine is the George Floyd of nations.
Russia claims that missile strike on Ukrainian mall is a hoax

No cars in parking lot


Vax roulette?  Canadian comedian Nick Nemeroff dies aged 32

nemeroff.jpegHe was vaccinated- Nick Nemeroff's old tweet about vaccine resurfaces as comedian dies at 32

Reader- "He is Jewish.  Apparently God's Chosen People are not a protected class when it comes to the clot shot."

Regretted getting the shot

Tamara Lich apparently breached bail conditions though they won't say which ones

Most of the comments are supportable of her, including Jordan Peterson's who called Fidelito a tinpot dictator and Lich a political prisoner

Does this cultural cleansing prefigure ethnic cleansing?

Cornell library removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust


Canada's fake 'Indigenous' professor resigns
Carrie-Madej.pngDr. Carrie Madej and boyfriend recovering in ICU after life-threatening small plane crash that resulted in severe injuries... "A miracle we are alive"


College requires students, faculty to agree they've benefited from white privilege

When the Jewish central bankers have given Canada back to the Indians, I'll leave

She is beginning to look like a scapegoat. No mention of her high profile clients.

Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison


What Graphenoxide and Nanotechnology have to do with 5G - Interview with Ricardo Delgado Martin

Graphite oxide is activated by 5G and kill people using radiation. This is the cause of deaths blamed on COVID

 Delgado thinks that the graphene oxide in the shots is triggered by 5G (and the former Gs) can explain all the Covid symptoms completely, no virus needed and none shown to exist. It is not isolated and the PCR test is totally bogus. Of course, the vaxx is the main delivery system for graphene but he explains the rest as well.

The germ theory is bullshit

Reader- "If you have the fortitude (time-wise, but it goes fast!), this just out is about  the best summary of the virus fraud I have seen:

bek.jpgleft, Bek Bickerton, 27

Queensland teacher's life 'ruined' after severe reaction to Pfizer shot

A young Queensland teacher who suffered a severe adverse reaction to the Covid shot says her life has "essentially been ruined".


He didn't support the lie.

Man Who Was in Charge of Security During Capitol Riot Dies, Cause Not Announced

Reader- "The gangsters are very relaxed about killing anyone who doesn't go along with their agenda. They don't even care how this looks."


Gonzalo Lira- The death throes of the global hegemon that was the USA

Sitzkrieg--We're in the phoney war stage of WW3

Putin says BRICS countries are establishing new global reserve currency to replace U.S. dollar

The United States dollar, a fiat Ponzi scheme that has ruled the world for far too long, is on its last legs. And Putin, speaking at the recent BRICS business forum, says that the new scheme will offer a reliable alternative for transacting internationally.

"The issue of creating an international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies of our countries is being worked out," Putin said.

Biden Pledges $200B for Next Pandemic, Vax Push

'We need more money to plan for the second pandemic... '

Biden announced that his administration will provide $200 billion towards a new Global Infrastructure Partnership designed to tackle major health projects. This plan included a vaccine plant capable of producing 'hundred of millions' of doses for COVID-19, reported Becker News


Elmo-Sesame-Street-Vaccine-1140x570.jpg'Sesame Street' Pushes COVID Vaccine for Children Under the Age of Five
A recent segment featured Elmo receiving a vaccine


BC's Commie Premier to step down

Glenn Ostrovsky- "I have come to the conclusion I could not give six more years. This has been the thrill of my life to be the Premier of British Columbia," Premier Horgan said. This is what you call getting the Fuck out of Dodge before the Shit hits the Fan. Covid Deaths and injuries are escalating in British Columbia right now. Horgan won re-election in 2020 in the largest electoral victory for an NDP premier, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Believe me the Shit is going to Hit the Fan in Canada. The Media in Canada look and sound like they are ready to Shit their Pants right now."
The Goyim Die Young

27-Year-Old Australian Drummer Suffers 'Stroke Symptoms' Mid-Show and Taken to Hospital

A majority of Americans, 60 percent, believe that a person's gender is determined by the gender they were born as.

This statistic is up from 56 percent in 2021, and 54 percent in 2017.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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