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The Hollywood/Cabalist Breeding Program

April 1, 2022

jul-moore.jpg(Actress Julianne Moore is supposedly the daughter of Marilyn Monroe & Yves Montand)

Every time a movie is made, so is a baby, a future star more often than not, and the ignorant masses celebrate, encourage, and enable this practice unwittingly as movie consumers.  ALL famous persons are not randomly born, they are bred and then adopted into occult families with reasonably similar looks.  When they hit a certain age they are "discovered" and put on the fast track to success.

(Disclaimer- I don't know if any of this is true but I pride myself on providing a venue for incredible information about our satanist overlords.)

By Matrix Hacker

 Conspiracy theorists believe they are truly awake to what is happening around us because they are privy to the fact that a Satanic cult controls the world.  And they imagine that if only those around us who continue to slumber would also wake up, we could somehow collectively overthrow this cult and the power it wields over our lives.

 I know because I spent 11 years trapped in this line of thought.  But I got rattled to the core when Clifford Shack wrote that Barack Obama may have been bred specifically to play the role of the first black President and adopted out to Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham to conceal this fact.

It logically followed that Obama could not possibly be the only famous person who was bred with the aim of deceiving the masses.  Upon realizing this, I undertook an obsessive search to locate any additional material that might support this notion that famous people are bred for the purpose of acting out their roles on the world stage and adopted out to conceal their breeding.  Eventually I hit pay dirt because I found the work of Susan Maureen Brandt.  

Susan Maureen Brandt (SMB) claims to be a homemaker and homeschooling mother in Canada who was tipped off by an acquaintance of hers, a Hollywood insider, to a vast and secret breeding and baby switching operation in Hollywood and throughout the world.  Consequently, SMB ended up doing a tremendous amount of research to discover who bred whom among the famous.  In 2010 she created her own website on which she began posting articles she wrote that revealed her findings.  The articles she produced are an absolute mind boggling treasure trove of truth.  Her work is so important that I am convinced that it constitutes door #2 that conspiracy theorists need to enter.  The site is now defunct.

 Every time a movie is made, so is a baby, a future star more often than not, and the ignorant masses celebrate, encourage, and enable this practice unwittingly as movie consumers.  ALL famous persons are not randomly born, they are bred and then adopted into occult families with reasonably similar looks.  When they hit a certain age they are "discovered" and put on the fast track to success.

potter.jpgThe Harry Potter films reveal this practice.  Harry Potter was born to parents who were exceptional due to their magical blood and magical talents but he becomes an orphan when they are tragically killed.  He then gets adopted into a family of muggles who abuse and neglect him only to be saved from his sad and sorry predicament by being selected for admission to Hogwarts School. 

The invisible hand which taps Harry to join the ranks of the occult elect functions to guide him back to the destined path, a path he has strayed from due to no fault of his own but simply by having been orphaned.  This, essentially, is the story of almost every famous person in the world with one crucial exception.

The babies become bereft of parents, not because the parents die,  but because they are separated from their true parents on purpose.  The human brain, in its infant form, is meant to start the bonding process with it's parents immediately after birth and it wants to do it by smell --  it wants to smell its own genetics through its parents and when you separate the infant from the true parents, you suspend their brains in time and then they never truly bond with another human being. 

gender-roy.pngThey are still waiting to bond even when they are adults.  And if you put them together with their biological mother, father, half sister, or half brother as teenagers or adults, their hunger to bond will then get distorted into sexual attraction. Then they will breed beautiful children who can be turned into idols for the masses of ordinary people to worship in a God-like fashion.  And they can then be used to push agendas, corrupt, degrade, entertain, and distract large numbers of people.

The babies that are bred are routinely removed at 6 months by Cesarean section and the mothers are kept out of the spotlight during the later stages of pregnancy and as they recover to conceal the fact from the public that they were ever pregnant. 

Brandt says they are usually filmed for the movies during the early stages of pregnancy as the accompanying glow makes them even more photogenic than usual.  This was the case with Marilyn Monroe who is the true mother of Julianne Moore.  Moore is an anagram of Monroe if you remove the letter n and that is your clue.  She was born in 1960, the same year that Let's Make Love was released and her father is Marilyn's co-star, Yves Montand.

di-old.jpg(Meghan Markle supposedly the daughter of Princess Dianna and her designer Bruce Oldfield)

But many babies are bred using in-vitro fertilization and carried by surrogates which was the case with Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and her "sister" Pippa.  Meghan is the true daughter of Princess Diana and her favorite designer Bruce Oldfield.  Your clues are:  Meghan's former childhood friend says Meghan was obsessed with Diana, that she cried for 2 days nonstop when she died, and her goal in life was to become "Diana 2.0."

Part of Princess Diana's official narrative was that she was subjected to a humiliating examination to discover whether or not she was truly a virgin but eggs were being harvested to make Meghan Markle and future girlfriends for William such as Isabella Calthorpe and Holly Branson and many more.  Meghan was born only 5 days after the wedding of Diana and Charles so it would have had to have been by surrogate if Meghan's birth date is truly correct.

Bruce Oldfield was honored with an OBE in 1990 for his participation in the breeding game and he was photographed out and about with Diana quite often without Charles anywhere in sight. The fact that Oldfied is gay gave the breeding scheme great cover while they also rubbed it in our faces.  The fact that Meghan was adopted into a family with a red-headed father was no accident because her destiny was to one day marry her red-headed half-brother.  Meghan's "official" mother carries the surname Ragland (rags to riches narrative).  But surely this woman was not Meghan's surrogate because they might have bonded somewhat and then she would have been more humble like Kate.

wallis5.jpgSMB says that Kate is the daughter of Edward VIII who abdicated the British throne in 1936 to marry American Divorcee Wallis Simpson, the true mother of Kate's "sister" Pippa. 

But they are not truly sisters and Pippa's father is not disclosed.  The abdication was a hoodwink, they needed time to do some behind the scenes tampering with genetics, the goal of which was to get Prince George to be a genetic clone of Edward VIII.  Kate's true father died ten years before she was born but in-vitro fertilization has been going on for far longer than we are supposed to think it has.  Their "father" Michael Middleton is the son of James Mason, a British national treasure, and this is why the royal family is really so very fond of him and their "mother" is the daughter of a lowly B movie actress and this is why the royal doesn't like her much at all.

I believe that Kate's "mother" Carole was the surrogate for Kate because she appears to have a close and healthy relationship with her "parents."  This breech of protocol would have been to enable the "random and accidental" future Queen of England to play the role of a healthy and functional person which is needed for the role because it legitimizes the role she plays. 

markle.jpgA destructive narcissist like Meghan could never play a role like that.  And her childhood, her social conditioning, led her to play the role she did because that is what destructive narcissists do.  They reject others before others get a chance to reject them and the games that narcissists play are uncovered by functional people really quick and Meghan protected her weaknesses in the only way she knew how.  But when she gave the interview to Oprah the whole world could see what she was not able to see in herself and that's why, when she threw the entire royal family under the bus, no one believed her lies and the fact that they never treated her true mother well surely gave her extra ammunition to want to symbolically annihilate all of them minus Harry who was both her meal ticket and ticket to fame.

When they breed babies to take on such important roles within a royal family, they always breed extras just in case something goes wrong.  So there must be a different version of Prince George being kept under wraps somewhere because the one being paraded before our eyes does not appear to be the clone of Edward VIII. 

SMB thinks Jecca Craig, the ex-girlfriend of William is either the full or half sister of Kate and their "dating" was really just mating.  Average people can see that Princess Charlotte resembles Jecca more than Kate and some say that both look more impish than Kate.  The surname Middleton serves the false narrative well -- nothing to see here, folks, this is nothing but a middle class family.   The royal family merely pretend they have modernized themselves now, brought themselves into the 21st century and have kept themselves relevant for one more day.

The fact that Prince Phillip was the one who wore an identical outfit to William, and not Prince Charles, at the wedding of William and Kate, was telling us that William is the true son of Prince Phillip.  Harry is the son of James Hewitt. 

Can you see now why Charles chose to spend his private moments with Camilla and not Diana and his "children?"  The royal family is nothing but window dressing, a facade, for real power, the Cabalists.  Charles only married Diana because duty called and demanded that he fulfill his destiny in such a way that he did -- by living a lie to maintain a facade.

 Prince Andrew is the true son of Sarah Ferguson's father Ronald Ferguson and not Prince Phillip which means he is the half brother of his ex-wife.  Eugenie is the true daughter of Andrew and Koo Stark, his American former girlfriend.  Beatrice is the daughter of neither of her "parents" but instead British actor and comedian John Cleese and a very red-headed costar.

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First Comment from PB

 To all reading this article: The tweet that is shown is the truth you seek. Search out "EGI", one must learn to "see" them as they truly are. Beware the GREAT WALL of Cognitive dissonance that will not allow you to proceed and will keep  you forever within their allowed boundaries, for they not only breed them, they mold them with a new façade to corrupt you , morally and mentally. You MUST go deeper, for only then will the truth be found. Twitter these : The Son Of man @ TheSono71468392   and   Horrifying Houseguest @ Bevvie112

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Comments for " The Hollywood/Cabalist Breeding Program "

Joe said (April 6, 2022):

recall the author posited that actress Julianne Moore is the likely daughter of an affair between Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand.

They appeared together in a movie released in 1960: "Let's Make Love".

Both actors literallly did that, and it was said that Montand's wife, actress Simone Signoret, suspected that he was cheating on her at the time, when he was in Hollywood making the movie.

However, it is very unlikely that their union produced a child,

Monroe was unable to carry a baby to full term. She had damaged her reproductive system early in her career, when she had abortions of pregnancies which would have inconvenienced her rise to stardom.

When she was an established star, and married playwright Arthur Miller in the mid-1950s, she wanted a child, but could only produce one that was stillborn.

It was a major reason for their divorce, as Miller wanted children.

Monroe actually converted to Judaism to marry this supremacist control freak.

How sad for Monroe, as their is no salvation in Judaism - as it rejects the only possible Savior and Redeemer for Jews or Gentiles, the Lord Jesus Christ - in whose sacrificial death alone atonement for sin can be had.

Finally, when you look at the face of Julianne Moore, she bears no resemblance to either Monroe or Montand.

AL said (April 3, 2022):

What a bunch of disgusting inbred losers these "royals" are?!

People in France and Quebec are so proud of their "French" symbol, Le Fleur de Lis but it has absolutely nothing to do with French people but everything to do with some Davidic line Bagdadi Jew (Makir of Narbonne) and the Sanhedrin of the Pharisees.

Charles Martel (Charlemagne's grandfather) imported Makr from Bagdad as payment to the slimy Jews of Narbonne that betrayed their Muslim protectors by opening the gate.

Makr married into the Charles family and produced - WILLIAM OF GELLONE.

All inbred Royal Douche bags and most US presidents trace their ancestry to this William of Gellone.

(26 min in Clifford Shack explains to a most annoying Barry Chamish)
(41 min in Clifford explains the Fluer di Lis is used to anoint Kings)

Judah had twin sons - Zarah & Pharez.

Charles come from Zarah and David comes from Pharez. Therefore William of Gellone is a double whammy descendant of Judah; Satanists are obsessed with power why they kill and eat children plus inbreed(eugenics).

(Gen 49:10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.)

These scheming satanic Jews won't ever give up trying to use Eternal God's promise against Him.

GW said (April 1, 2022):

Hey Henry. Great article. Have you ever noticed how much Benjamin Netanyahu and Martin Bormann look alike, especially from the side

Matrix hacker said (April 1, 2022):

I just attempted to print my article from your website at a FedEx shop. Your site was tagged "not allowed", yes, it was censored by their system. I couldn't believe it. I did a test to see if it would let me open the Daily Mail in England and it did.

RH said (April 1, 2022):

chortled to myself when I read this sentence of the article:

“When they breed babies to take on such important roles within a royal family, they always breed extras just in case something goes wrong.”

It’s no wonder they think of us as talking cattle. With this above statement, it looks like they think of themselves as nothing but animals as well.

This is what is leading us in the world? Amazing, we have come as far as we have.

kj said (April 1, 2022):

Yes indeed on the breeding grounds of the Royalty. I did not realize the entire panorama, however.

I once read a book about Marilyn Monroe. The author clocked 35 abortions. Don't know if it's true.

Who is the most famous person who had an abortion? Marilyn Monroe tops our list. The Some Like it Hot star supposedly had 12 abortions by the time she was 29. Also, there are allegedly FBI files that claim that Monroe had an abortion less than 15 days before her death.

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