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Jacob Rothschild- The Truth Doesn't Matter Any More

December 14, 2021

 jr-fiendish.jpg"We see a future world without enough to go around, and therefore we must learn first to control it and then to share what is there as we deem most advantageous to those whom we choose. That is what power is for."

Dec. 31 -- Well congrats to all who ignored me!  This wasn't from Jacob Rothschild but from a very smart Canadian reader. I still subscribe to what he said. The truth is never a hoax. 

"If people will allow such vaccines to invade their own bodies and their children's in order to comply and to be the same or "equal" to "everyone" else they most certainly will not object to or oppose their wealth, use of resources and life styles being equalized as well."

"Everyone must do the same. In all communist nations we have fostered, it is customary that for "equality" for the desired and planned "levelling" in this new order, in order for people to have the same in their needs and wants, everyone has to be psychologically trained to obey the same commands"

"The universal vaccine programs not only open the door for behavior control through gene modification and enhancement, but more importantly for the present operation - psychological behaviour control with the vaccines is even more fundamental. Regardless of whether or not the vaccines are unnecessary and useless regarding the virus, or even harmful for many, they are the most uniform and concerted psychological weapon ever devised to control human behaviour." --- Jacob Rothschild

Why did JR Tell Us the Truth?   I polled my readers. This is what they said.  And the awful truth.

by Henry Makow PHD

Roughly 2/3 of the 180 readers polled answered: "They always tell us what they're going to do."

So they can say, we told you so and you did nothing.

The remainder answered - "No one will believe it's him."  10%
                                         - "We can't recognize truth when we see it."  10%
                                         - "He feels unassailable." 14%

The real reason JR told us the truth is...(wait for it)

He thinks the truth doesn't matter any more.

When your religion is redefining reality to suit your interests, then you are going to deny reality i.e. truth.

He is quite outspoken on the subject.

He addresses me:

"You keep asking "why?', like a schoolboy. You think cold hard facts and reason have sway with the public when they believe their governments are caring for them, giving them money, and trying to make them safe." Henry, it is all psychology and the media, and despite anything I say it will make no difference to the outcome."  or

"You see Henry, you proceed to attack us based on the old and outmoded method of arguing which is with facts and reasons. That is not the way things are done anymore. People generally like to pretend and generally will believe anything they see most other people believing in or else they simply do what they are led to do by the media and what we want. If someone like you goes against their interests and beliefs, they are likely to discount what you say and completely shut it out of their minds. That is what is happening to you."

"What you are concerned about are the methods we are using to solve these problems, which you say are "totalitarian", and "communist". To us those are only abstract words like the words 'truth', 'freedom', and 'justice', and in any crisis people mainly act on emotion and not upon actual fact, critical thinking, and reason."

The denial of truth is the essence of satanic possession. Mankind is satanically possessed by the Cabalists. All the things that are being presented as chic and progressive, like miscegenation, migration, sexual liberation and transgenderism are occult attacks designed to destroy the remnant of humanity still in touch with truth (reality.)

Needless to say, the way to resist is to continue to affirm the truth.

Don't think it's him? That's not the point. Is what he says true? There should be a discussion about this.

Humanity has a terminal cancer. Is this the first stage of grief? Denial?


First Comment from JK

Mandatory vaccines are coming to every country in the world. The elites will not stop until they force this evil thing on everyone. They need to do this to cover up their murderous crimes when people start dropping but also to make sure no one can escape the Alien life form from invading their bodies. Humanity has been sold down the river by the most corrupt evil people in history.

Humanity needs to take most of the blame. You allowed this to happen. If everyone said no, if everyone resisted, it would end. I have no hope of this happening. People are weak and self centred; they won't take the consequences of resisting and the elites know it so it's just a waiting game. I cannot understand the lack of resistance.

Take a listen to Bill Deblasio's aka Warren Wilhem's arrogant rant today bragging about breaking everyone's will and forcing them into a corner like rats. America can't win anymore because we have no will, we won't stand up, we are not a cohesive population and we can't stand the most minor inconvenience.

The tiny handful with courage get no support. It's all so gross. This evil plan is really brilliant when you think about it, they're mandating you to commit suicide like the people at Jones Town. I think JR like Epstein gets off on the moral corruption of everyone.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jacob Rothschild- The Truth Doesn't Matter Any More "

CN said (December 16, 2021):

Congrats, Henry, on catching their attention!
We must keep in mind that the people that surround these mega-billionaires are yes-men or ass kissers, whatever term you want to use and that slews their impression of how people are. Even with their think tanks, which end up only confirming the way they were already thinking, they are hard pressed to truly judge how people will behave.

And anyway, to a king of fiat currency, the Truth never did matter.

D said (December 15, 2021):

In regard to this recent letter supposedly from JR, I am very skeptical that it is actually from him. Has he ever done something like that before? Why would he bother? Why only to you?

If it is, in fact, from him, then it is a sign of weakness. and/or fear. In either case, if I was in your shoes, I would take it as a very encouraging sign that I was making progress. Otherwise, why does he come down off the throne for several hours to write personally? Boredom? Intellectual exercise? If your efforts are so futile and misguided and you are so insignificant, then why try to convince you of anything or try to gaslight you into uncertainty? Why pay you any notice or respect at all?


Thanks D

This is the second time.

Dan P said (December 15, 2021):

I have watched the move Assassins Creed numerous times now.

I enjoy the history, Spanish Inquisition, etc., aspect of it.

This was a line in the movie...People are no longer care about their civil liberties, they care about their standard of life. The modern world has outgrown notions like freedom. They are content to follow. The threat remains while free will exists. For centuries we try with religion, with politics and now consumerism to eliminate dissent. Isn't it the time we gave a science a try []? Assassin's Creed Movie Scripts [].

PH said (December 15, 2021):

I agree with KJ - that humanity takes most of the blame - but I would go further and say it's because we have collectively turned away from God. Many may say they believe in God but they don't act like they do. Repentance demands a change in behaviour - it is regrettable that much of the institutional church is totally lacking in leadership.
The decline has been happening for centuries and arguably the adoption of usury back in 13C fostered the current situation. Deal with that root issue - usury (aka credit creation as debt) - and we may see a reversal for the good - and the likes of JR wouldn't get a look in. The NT is a book about government - perhaps we should read it and find out what that actually means. JR is only governing you because you don't govern yourselves.

Chris said (December 15, 2021):

The Truth.doesn't have it nailed.. It has deep religious connotations...even my own kids look aghast at me when i say Covid doesn't even exist! They trot off down the ally ways with their mask tightly pulled over the face.gaining social approval. it's enmity with God almighty!....the Jab? As Joe Atwill succinctly put it an Antigenic sin....yes Jonestown ! 10.0

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