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Does Moderna Pay Million$ to Buy Employee Silence?

October 2, 2021

From my inbox:

Censored by MINDS, insider at Moderna explains
that jab causes nanoparticles to invade the bloodstream
and gradually attack our organs.

Makow- A pandemic with a death rate of .30% is not a pandemic. A sickness with no symptoms is not sickness. The pressure to vaccinate bears no relation to the threat. There is no question in my mind that one of the objectives of the vaccination campaign is depopulation. I want to be wrong.

by JS

Vaccinated people beginning to side with the unvaxxed amid civil rights emergency Good Evening Dear  People,

See the most important image!! Below is the black image text of one of Moderna Quintessential reading. Also attached. Start with this one.

Can you please do something with and about it? Whistleblower info. If true that they are bribed, you need to expose it and prove it!

Do you have an idea how? This will be key to get more whistleblowers involved. In fact, Also can you ask them questions? And use the sample legal docs sent to you the other day?

i think it would be wise for some docs and nurses to become a whistleblower soon because the vaccinated AND the unvaccinated are quickly waking up to what is unleashed upon them. And based upon what i have been reading seeing and hearing they are not happy and a simple sorry and I did not know is not gonna be enough i am afraied. read below the real reason why they want everybody vaccinated asap, it has to do with CONTROL GROUP

Time to pick up our pace even more.  Please do not whine and nag about the amount of info sent to you. You and I need to work at the speed of lightning.  It is very grave!

Some people want to slow down. Not the time to be complacent IMHO. Often people shift responsibility, well to the military will take care, often in religion, now we will be saved, He is coming That is really great honestly and I advocate this but we need need to help also and not stay passive.  David had to pick up that stone didn't he?

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Comments for "Does Moderna Pay Million$ to Buy Employee Silence?"

Doug P said (October 3, 2021):

The official story is that this pandemic is so dangerous that they must rush out an experimental injection and inject the world. No one would do this with an untested "vaccine", whether they were good, evil or somewhere between. They would have to know what the "vaccine" would do. Suppose it attacked or genes in such a way that it made looking at a TV screen unbearable? Suppose it attacked the "love of bullshit" gene that so many people seem to have? Suppose it killed most people within days? I would bet that it is the most well-tested "vaccine" in history.

The best way to avoid questions is to call it experimental. Humanity is in big trouble, and has been for a long time, since at least 1913. We have too many idiots, in that I include the educated people who signed a contract with the devil not knowing what their obligations would be. The suicidal death cults and their "clever devils" are going to destroy the world. Why can't they just commit suicide like they are supposed to rather than drag us down with them?

In a society that places ambition and hard work above all else, it shouldn't surprise anyone that we have devolved to this state. An idea like "escape the mundane" could not work on people unless they had already been demoralized. Lack of moral guidance and the worship of unbridled ambition and greed got us here.

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