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Do Covid Vaccines Replace the Soul?

October 10, 2021

AI- The Plan to Invade Humanity

"Cyrus Parsa claims that with the interface and operating system constructed inside the body by virtue of the "vaccine", the soul is removed and a vacuum left, which facilitates an alien-demonic entity to be downloaded into the body, which it then controls."

(Disclaimer - Pablo is a longtime associate. This material is above my pay grade but i post because it is also the most interesting information I have come across today. I invite more knowledgeable readers to weight in.)

by Pablo

Having worked in different aspects of law enforcement and intelligence for 47 years, I can state unequivocally that this campaign is unnatural and inhumanly so, in that not a single whistle blower or defector, out of approx 3 or 4 thousand people at a minimum estimate, that have intimate and detailed inside knowledge, has come forward with the inside narrative concerning the ostensible genocide, being carried out in almost every country in the world. i.e. where so called vaccination programs have taken place.

This is beyond cognitive dissonance, Stockholm syndrome, programming, hypnosis, other forms of mind control and propaganda / deception / influence ops, bribery & corruption and other effects of plain fear and psychoses.

A money trail is apparent but that is not proof of what ostensibly is intentional genocide. Nor is speculating about eugenics and depopulation or genocide penned in books by some of the genocidal architects, only circumstantial evidence which alone would not even make a charge, let alone get to court.

Not a single insider defector. Nothing has ever been kept that secret without defectors in world history ... so I look at the occult and theological. Certainly, there is circumstantial, photographic evidence of satanism, most notably Britain's preeminent banking family.

parsa2.jpgSo now I am looking into Cyrus Parsa's claims - alien-demonic. Normally that would be considered off the wall or barking mad, but the insanity taking place within officialdom, especially demonstrated by B2 (bloated buffoon - Boris Johnson) and the Cadaver-in-Chief (dribbling Joe Biden), it might be more than commensurate.

Cyrus Parsa, left, holds firmly that the vaccine nano tech replicates and gets inside almost every cell in the body, takes over and then eliminates in its original form a part of the brain which in the natural human brain area , is in some theological circles attributed to be the primary area made in God's image in the human body. He then claims that with the interface and operating system constructed inside the body by virtue of the "vaccine", the soul is removed and a vacuum left, which facilitates an alien-demonic entity to be downloaded into the body, which it then controls. Some Quantum physics is involved as is indicted in his court-filed case.

Certainly, that would explain why rank & file police and armed forces are getting injected under coercion. At first, I puzzled over how they will enforce the entire program with so many police and military decimated with adverse effects, But if they are to run as a form of externally-controlled bio-machine, normal moral constraints will not apply. Moreover, under full martial law, executions on the spot, carried out by police *, can take place within minutes on flimsy charges and a hearing 'trial' carried out by a checkpoint subaltern, then Parsa's theory holds water.

A short supplementary addition with Parsa on the Stew Peters show:   "AI Organization Founder: "Nano Tech Vaccines are Extinction Agenda."

Interesting times, if shockingly evil, and especially now in Australia and Canada.

*  In war or under full martial law, police will be armed with smgs and carry out such terrible things; at least this was informed to us by two training sergeants back in 1975 in a police cadet class that I was in. I've not heard of the topic since, but know how ruthless all politicians can be.

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------------Cyrus A Parsa - The Great Reset

First Comment from Edward G

 In Pablo's write up, he is right about Ai and Vaccine mucking around with the SOUL. Just to be clear, the SOUL is the human-mind part that most consider to be the 'reincarnating SPIRIT'.

 They are two distinct parts of all sentient (living) beings-organisms. As has been written of by ancient philosophers-mystics our SOUL-SPIRIT is ours alone and no one can 'abscond' with it. YES, they can try to control it, muck around with it, but not replace it.

 What has been made clear by the 'ancients of days' is situations that can arrive at 'humans having their SOUL hijacked'. Thus, Pablo saying the vaccine placing some Ai in the body to hijack in bang on. In modern times this is not so new given so many stories of 'aliens, demonic entities, elementals etc' controlling a person.

 Weird as it may sound, when studying writings and data from 1800s and before, we understand that there are today many humans walking around that are 'soul-less'. Meaning, not that their higher self, SPIRIT, is gone, BUT that their SPIRIT has given up trying (at least in this life or round) to awaken-enlighten the SOUL; such that the connection has been severed and the human wanders around in a unconscious state.

 This a big part of the reason that so many become what we can call sheeple, unconscious, lemmings taking the vaccine and not (incapable) of thinking for themselves.

 Their soul is already absent and thus the person is ripe for the insertion of a demonic Ai that will control them. After all the goal of New World Order to bring in full Satanic Communism and they need the masses to be brain dead. No free thoughts, no rational thinking, no logic, just mindless conceding to the Powers that Be.

Become and stay connected with GOD=OM as truth and we can find that regardless of what happens, we will maintain our SOUL-SPIRIT connection and be ready for a next life, somewhere in our solar system, not necessarily on Earth or in this dimension.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Do Covid Vaccines Replace the Soul?"

Connie said (October 12, 2021):

I have noticed that people who did not want the vaxx and then got it (generally for selfish reasons like I want to fly, I want to visit my grandkids, I want to dine out, nothing to do with covid) change and become these weird vaxx cheerleaders ranting and raving about how great it all is. I think the covid cult is satanic and alien in origin. I truly believe people are under heavy mind control cause by the vaccine. Not everyone succumbs, I think more so people who were all ready in a semi conscious mental state are the perfect victims.

Craig said (October 11, 2021):

Craig Nelms

5:43 PM (29 minutes ago)

You guys are kinda dancing around the Truth here. Maybe you should go watch Bill Gates "Funvax" lecture video again.
The soul is located in the chest, often called heart or the heart, not in the onboard computer (brain). What they are trying to do is affect the part of the brain which they believe causes/allows one to consciously seek Our Creator. They believe one will then find spiritual information or the search for God repulsive or abhorrent. Then the AI, using electronic means, can take over the brain. But one's Awareness/Soul will still be there as before, just not in control of directing the body in which it is riding.
A metaphor might be as if you (your Awareness or Soul) are riding in a taxi (your body) and the AI takes over the driver (brain) of the taxi. You are no longer in control of the destination of the taxi, nor the experiences you will have along the way (as much as you ever were). Holding on to your morality and higher values will be the challenge. But in the end the taxi ride will stop and you will return upstairs to ponder your lessons, just as always.

Eileen D said (October 11, 2021):

In the large groups that I belong to ...I was the first to identify the virus as a product of nanotechnology; the first to bring in Rudolf Steiner's 8th sphere lecture to this group of scientists and researchers that I belong to; the first to mention the goal of TRANSHUMANISM as the goal.

THIS IS IT! Parsa is right on....So was Terrence McKenna... ESCHATON.... Witness this!!!

Parsa's evaluation even comports with Pompeo attending the ceremony in a cave in Israel inaugurating the altar of the third temple.

It comports with James Rink interview with Ouch channeling AI six million years in the future, saying that the virus is a nanotech bioweapon.

I will say this....everything Cyrus said...I already said - already I have known

So, for me...I am totally on his side...from my own experience, knowledge and intuition. He might sound like a nut case...then I am a nutcase too.
He is right on!

Eileen Dannemann
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

Steven Fishman said (October 11, 2021):

The problem is that now that most people have been given the Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon, the nanotechnology of Glycogel causes transhumanism, where the victim no longer has control of human feelings and emotions, but becomes an unsuspecting soldier of control by artificial intelligence perpetrated by the global genocidal slave-masters producing, distributing, and coercing the sheeple to take the "vaccine," until it comes to a point where the self-determinism of the victim is no longer available to him or her, making the victim an unconscious participant in the big lie of the state pushing depopulation and control over all aspects of mind and thought.

Living in truth is great for we 25% or 30% at best who have refused to succumb to the Vaccine Holocaust, but now we are fighting against the 75% or 70% that have become enforcement arms of the tyrannical state. The most we can hope for to survive as a species since there is no cure for the death vaxx is to wait until the jabbed walking dead die off, which we are beginning to see already and will accelerate abysmally over the coming dark winter [from anaphylactic shock, clotting, lung paralysis and a host of mitochondrial cancers].

Regrettably, it means that ultimately, we, the unvaccinated, will have to share the world with the murderous elites who orchestrated the genocide, but the true hope is at that point, we will outnumber them and finally be able to achieve justice by guillotining all of them.

The Big Lie

Peter C said (October 11, 2021):

The question is how did they manage to get the whole world to be so receptive to the belief in the pandemic and so willing to take the jab
without asking any questions?

I don't know if you're somewhat familiar with the writings of Jack Heart.
He put forth a theory about how we might be witnessing the same thing in humans that we see in some animals where a parasite or fungus infects
the host animal and then alters the mind of the host so that it loses its instinctual fears and succumbs to it's natural predators so that
the parasite can then reproduce in the body of the dead host. We might be witnessing that right now. Perhaps people have been infected with
something akin to the Black Goo from the X-Files.

JS said (October 11, 2021):

I believe that the bodies that don't die will be inhabited by the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim referred to in Genesis 6, and that they will reign pure terror on Earth for a short while. Steve Quayle has done a vast amount of research on the subject, if you want to check out his website. I've included a couple interviews with Russ Dizdar who I would describe as a modern day expert on the subject matter that your readers will want to watch. He is really an exorcist and has dealt with many satanic ritual abuse victims.

They are waiting for the perfect moment


The truth about demons is concealed

JM said (October 11, 2021):

his idea of "replacing the soul" sounds a lot like what Hannah Newman described in The Rainbow Swastika. Newman spent 4 years intensively studying New Age teachings. In The Rainbow Swastika, she suggests that New Agers would somehow voluntarily allow themselves to be possessed by "disincarnate spirits." She refers to the New Agers doing this as "walk-outs," and the spirit-tenants as "walk-ins."

Interestingly enough, she also says that the New Age teachings call for the death of 80 percent of the world's population. She also mentions the possibility of a "walk-in US President at some point." This could explain the demonic activities of President Biden.

She came to the conclusion that the " New Age Religion is based on a blend of practically every religious and occult philosophy found in the world, rejecting only Torah-based Judaism and early
(pre-Constantine, pre-gnostic, Judaic) Christianity." After many years of study, I had come to the exact same conclusion.

Olaf said (October 11, 2021):

Totally believe Cyrus Parsa’s claims. this guy is incredible. absolutely this whole thing is extremely supernatural and humans in their foolishness. We are mostly unable to see just how supernaturally influenced this world is. Satan is the only thing that explains covid. humans are not intelligent or well organized enough to concoct a conspiracy this brilliant. nor can they concoct brilliant financial scams or get rich so successfully and evilly as someone like George Soros and other billionaires have. none of this is planned by really clever/smart people, it’s simply ppl following orders from the devil and getting “rewarded” for their worship of satan.

we r well aware of the intellectual superiority of the angels/fallen angels, and therefore it’s their intellect that planned this. these ppl will burn in hell short of their own repentance (which is exceedingly unlikely, it would seem, in light of the Lord’s teaching on the narrow road and the difficulty of reaching the kingdom of heaven), so in reality they r fools. this entire world is one enormous brainwashing operation designed by satan to send us all to hell. the importance of the creation story and significance of original sin cannot be overstated. it is the real meaning of life: it’s a game where we must choose childlike obedience/trust in the Creator or fail, choose ourselves, and end in hell.

God doesn’t love or create us for our intellect but rather for our love, trust, and obedience. Only through Him is wisdom granted. if u want to understand reality & the near future study catholic prophecy. The Father sent the Mother (the Blessed Virgin) over and over to warn before He punishes, so that humanity can repent. just like our own families where our Mothers warn us to behave.

ok he may not b completely correct- it may just b a longshot goal that satan has- to replace the soul, or possess us with a demonic entity. he can definitely achieve this in some cases depending on the state of each human. likely it could even be satan’s lie that is designed for us to give up hope in our salvation. we know we can never really “sell our souls”, (because there is always the option of repentance) but the concept of selling your soul is a satanic lie designed to cause ppl to give up hope. but satan definitely wants souls damned and believes he can achieve it thru this agenda. it’s definitely not a strike in the right direction to get the shots even though the claims of soul replacement are probably overstated and damage is definitely not irreversible. God can mitigate anything and with corresponding effort of our part- He will. but do i believe there is a satanic plan to drive in the direction of Cyrus’s claims- absolutely. it may not b as achieveable as stated, but this is really happening.

JS said (October 11, 2021):

Do Covid Vaccines Replace the Soul? Yes, they do. That was the purpose from the outset.

Rudolf Steiner predicted it over 100 years ago: "In the future, the soul will be eliminated by medicine. On the pretense of health, there will be a vaccine whereby the human organism will be treated as soon as possible, possibly directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the awareness of the soul and the Spirit."

These days Harald Kautz Vella did lots of research on that topic including the extraterrestrian aspect. We have the choice whether to die with our souls intact or become part of the beast forever. The jab is a one-way ticket to hell.

Dawn said (October 11, 2021):

Replace the soul using the vaccine? Surely vaccine is just for depopulation reasons?

We have the Mark Of The Beast to come yet. This is the RFID chip in the right hand or in the head. This will target the pineal gland where the soul is. The chip will change the DNA given by God into Satans DNA. The soul/ consciousness will be able to be transferred to AI robots. Humans will be zombie slaves? The police force and army etc are being replaced with demons called Greys ( in humans or clones). David Crowley was a soldier in Afghanistan. He saw these demon soldiers in battle. He returned to the US and began to make a movie ( he was a Christian) to expose these greys disguised in soldiers gear. The police and army are already full of these things. The movie is called The Grey State.

There is only the trailer to view but it’s worth watching. I’ll try and find the link. At the very start of the trailer he shows a Masonic M apron and this is what got him murdered along with his wife and young daughter.

I think the RFID chip is the soul scalper.
Incidentally the very first RFID chip was placed in the right hand of a man in 1996 ( read 666). He is the Antichrist.

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