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Makow - It's Not Complicated

September 10, 2021


The Biden Administration is just a proxy for Organized Jewry which in turn is a proxy for the Rothschild central banking cartel and its demented dream of a tyrannical world government ( UN Agenda 2030.) This is Communism.

When you have finagled the national credit card and create money out of thin air, you can buy an awful lot of traitors. Our social institutions are full of them. They're Freemasons.

The "vaccine" is a pretext to sicken/enslave society. They're stepping up the pressure by requiring it for employment and education. Is food next?

Are they trying to encourage a domestic insurrection? The pressure will continue to build until they get their wish. 

Let's be clear, this war is between the satanist Masonic Jewish leadership (Jewish supremacism) and the rest of humanity. They have waged this covert war for centuries. (your opinion

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First Comment from HR

I fully agree with you. And as a Swiss I say it quite clear: Switzerland is the linchpin of the financial criminal money system. At the Vienna congress

in 1814 the Rothschilds decided to give Switzerland everlasting neutrality. So the BIS (Bank of International settlement) ist he money laundering

bank of the whole world. „The Davos Crowd" with the Crypto-Jew Schwab with his great reset wants to implant a chip in every human being (The mark of the beast).

The pandemic is to force you to get the vaccine. The vaccine is  to force you to get the vaccine passport. The vaccine passport is to force you to get the social credit score.

The social credit score is to force you to use universal digital currency. The universal digital currency is entirely controlled by the government.

The government can now deny you food, water, medicine, housing and travel....Unless you fully obey. You are now a digital slave.

Thank you for your voluntary compliance.  Have a nice day.

It's about in this way the beastly system will go on, but: „And except those days should be shortened there should no flesh

be saved: but fort he elect's sake those days shall be shortened."
Matthew 24:22.

Only our heavenly father can save us! And he will destroy „Mystery Babylon the Great, The mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.

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Comments for "Makow - It's Not Complicated "

Chris said (September 10, 2021):

You're of course right...they're here to exterminate us. Will Jesus allow them? I do not think so.


don't count on Jesus

he needs us to fight for him, not the other way around

CR said (September 10, 2021):

As for encouraging domestic insurrection, I wouldn't doubt it, and this could explain in part the US military adopting numerous policies sure to alienate and purge conservative soldiers. They repealed "don't ask, don't tell" and allowed openly gay soldiers, then allowed transsexual soldiers, and the Biden administration now offers to pay for soldiers' sex change operations. To top it off they put pregnant women in combat roles, and whoever could tolerate all this madness was then forced to be vaccinated. Unthinking loyalty is now required.

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