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Mike Stone - Is The Agenda to Control Not Cull?

July 21, 2021

If depopulation is the agenda, why is construction booming?

"I'm not discounting the 100,000 or so people that have already died after being vaccinated, but people shilling mass genocide appear to be way off the mark."

by Mike Stone

Like a lot of you, I often struggle to keep up with everything that's going on in the world. 

There's so much new info coming down the pike every day and so much of it is unreliable. 

You just don't know who to trust anymore.

Take the virus hoax. The official story is a global pandemic that's killed millions of people and will continue to kill millions more if the entire world isn't vaccinated every year. 

Well, we all know none of that is true.

However, on the other end of the spectrum we're told that billions of vaccinated people are going to die and Creepy Joe's goon squads will soon be kicking in doors and force vaccinating people. 

Neither of those scenarios appear likely either. I'm not discounting the 100,000 or so people that have already died after being vaccinated, but people shilling mass genocide appear to be way off the mark.

I used to think that those selling us gloom and doom meant well, but their claims, not just on this issue, but on many other issues as well, are so consistently off the mark, that I have to wonder if their purpose is to demoralize the population with false information.

So what exactly is going on and who can we trust?


Sometimes you can discover the truth in an oblique way. Take global warming. We know it's a con by the simple reason that Barack Obama bought a $15 million house on the waterfront at Martha's Vineyard. 

If global warming and rising sea levels were truly what the liars tell us they are, he never would have done that. And Obama, of all people, knows what the truth is. As president, he received daily intelligence briefings, and probably still does. 

If his intelligence material contained even a hint that global warming was real, he would have never spent $15 million for an oceanfront home that will be under water in ten years. Case closed.

As for our current situation, I look around my neighborhood and I see nothing but non-stop construction. Huge apartment buildings and office skyscrapers going up on every block. 

Friends around the country tell me the same thing. Construction is booming all over the country. So if mass genocide is right around the corner, who is going to rent those apartments and offices?

The people paying for all this new construction aren't stupid. They know far better than the average Joe what the future holds. Would they be spending all that money, knowing that no one will be alive to occupy their new buildings? It doesn't make sense.

BlackRock, the financial firm, is buying every single-family house they can find at 20-50% above asking price. Why would they be doing that if everyone is going to die and no one will be alive to rent from them? It doesn't make sense.

Supposedly 100% of the NFL's coaches and over 70% of the players are currently vaccinated. 

If we don't see at least some of them dropping dead on the field, can we still  put any trust in the mass genocide theory?

Obviously, there is some kind of agenda going on. But the available evidence seems to indicate that rather than mass genocide, it is an attempt to get everyone subservient and microchipped. 

Of course, some would call that a fate worse than death.


Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

First Comment from Mat

Regarding Mike something doesn't smell right. The depopulation agenda was first cooked up by the club of Rome in 1963. 
In 1980 the heads of the Rosicrucian order had the Georgia Guidestones commissioned by a 32 degree Freemason. 
Then in 1992 at the Rio summit UN agenda 21 was signed on to by over 170 countries.
As we already know it unequivocally states that 50% have to be gone by 2050 and another 40% by 2100. Those figures have been revised and 70% by 2030. Bill Gates mentions it at every opportunity he has to open his mouth. 
Construction is not quite the usual. You should see what they are doing here in Australia. 

Only infrastructure that advances agenda 2030 goes ahead at specified times. Developers are not in the know. They are concerned with finishing jobs and profit. The coronka shot as we know is a bioweapon. As someone had previously pointed out they ask a lot of questions to know which shot to give according to the demographics they intend to wipe out or keep. 

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Is The Agenda to Control Not Cull?"

EB said (July 22, 2021):

Cliff below has an interesting comment, it made me think, what does the graphene in the blood of the vaccinated do when a electro magnetic pulse occurs and how realistic is this scenario? Due to the increase in EMP caused by the charged wafting tail of PlanetX/Nibiru unexplained black-outs, outages in internet services, electric trains derailing and planes crashing or emergency landing due to smoke in the cockpit, occurred regularly the last +10 years.

Boeing grounded its 737Max 8s worldwide due to an EMP vulnerability in its sensors.. to mention exploding refineries, arcing transformers, usually accompanied by neon clouds like in New York City on december 27 2018, and bushfires caused by arcing.

Remember Trump signed an Executive Order requiring the Federal Government to take steps to guard the US infrastructure against EMP. So, suddenly EMP has become an emergency. Again, if EMP can cause all these problems what will happen to us with the conductivity of this graphene in our blood?

Cliff said (July 22, 2021):

Just a consideration, a question really, that l'm throwing out here for anyone better informed than l on electro-magnetic effects. Given that graphene oxide greatly increases the conductivity of the body and will be present in all the major organs including the brain, what would be the effect on the vaxxed human population if another Carrington event occurred? (Or a deliberate EMP dressed up as a CME). This is a serious consideration given that the Earth's magnetic shield is decreasing exponentially and that we are overdue for such an event. Maybe nothing at all or total genocide within a few hours? It's clear that the 'elite' are preparing for an event of some sort that they cannot prevent and that is rapidly approaching which is why they are in such a manic hurry with all this.

NA said (July 21, 2021):

I do hope and pray that Mike Stone is correct but I am doubtful. First of all, most people are brainwashed and have taking the jab themselves. They do not think they are being exterminated so why would they stop planning for the future?

He says the doomers and gloomers might be shilling genocide and that they appear "way off the mark" how so?

All their predictions so far has unfortunately come true. With all this tyranny, folks may very well face the possibility of having to flee their towns.

On the other hand, I would LOVE for a scenario that doesn't result in mass killings. I don't think I would want to be alive to see this as many of my friends and loves ones have succumbed to the propaganda.

Jens said (July 21, 2021):

Whatever their plans are it is crucial 4 them that we do not comprehend. A little bit of building here and there shall deceive us from detecting their real plans. They came from outer space (Planet X is approaching now), they are looking 4 taking off with all the gold that they need 4 their atmosphere and what they came here 4 and created us 2 mine it 4 them. Meanwhile we are not supposed 2 know and they keep things running like we are used 2.

Doug P said (July 21, 2021):

I think developers may know less (as so often happens when people think they know), there is no reason to expect a huge population increase, even if this whole cabal was put out of business. Robots can do many of the jobs men are currently employed to do. Lots of docs got the experimental injection - if this can be made to happen, anything is possible.

The magnetic and conductive particles that they are putting into people cause a few side effects now, but after everyone is loaded with this stuff they can turn on the juice and take care of all of us at once. These little particles will resonate, as all things do, and turn on the right frequency and things really start to heat up. The current deaths may be an undesired side effect of preparing us all for the death rays that will heat up these nanoparticles.

I'm convinced that its world wide suicide, preparing for a humanity 2.0 to emerge.

DS said (July 21, 2021):

I like Mike Stone's last article. I am not convinced that the jab is intended as a fast mass kill. I don't think the technology is so refined that it could do the job in a controlled fashion.

Fast, mass deaths would create utter chaos and too many desperate, angry, obviously betrayed people all at once. On the other hand, ever tightening the screws and increased dumbing down and degrading of the masses with repeated shots fits right in with their style.

The operation and agenda has been very controlled and systematic over the decades. Even with their renewed confidence, why would they change that approach. If resistance increases, they have plenty of tools that can be rolled out to stop it.

MS said (July 21, 2021):

The reason why construction is still going on (I would guess) is that there is still demand for it, and there are still contracts to be filled. "They" don't yet control everything completely. But it doesn't matter, because with the culling, many large areas will (theoretically) have to simply be abandoned. So what does it matter if various constructions are left unfinished ? It's just a little collateral damage to them.

Besides, the culling can't be done too quickly - that might cause instabilities that can't be contained. No, I think the plan is to steadily put the West to death in an orderly fashion.

It won't go the way they expect, and I can't wait for them to meet Mr. Apocalypse. We just have to bear our time of hell on earth for a while.

Jennifer said (July 21, 2021):

Henry, I also wondered about all the construction going on... My friend, who works in construction — in NYC

told me that it takes years to get the funding i.e. construction loans and when the money is there -- they just moving forward and finish the projects.

It is all prepaid building projects that are —yes out of sync with what is going on around the globe with the “plandemic”
— think of construct as in a time lag —so its nothing to look at to gage anything —he said.

EB said (July 21, 2021):

I wondered this too in the past. Why keep building when you know everything is going to be chaos soon. It's part of the cover-up that Planet X has arrived in our solar system since 2003 and this massive cover-up ALL government leaders on the globe have agreed upon in the past, has to be maintained at all cost. Because if mankind knew what was coming we would, among other nasty things, have had mass migration by now, I am talking nations migrating like India and parts of Africa and S America. Ironically, travel-restrictions was the first they put in place all over the globe. Governments know what's ahead more or less but nobody knows the accurate timing of the coming pole-shift.

We are being conned by the USGS, they downplayed all earth quakes the last year with 3.3 mag, before that it was -2.0 mag., its not in their interest to warn let alone safe us. One of these days the Madrid faultline starts ripping N America from the Seaway in the North to N Mexico. It wil also cause a tearing of the Mid Atlantic rift causing a tsunami that will reach Europe. The whole UK(!) France and the lowlands there are most vulnerable. Hey, wait a second, these countries have the heaviest restrictions..
Bridges snap everywhere, like last week on the I16 in Georgia, by torque, meaning the lands on opposite sides have moved.. Soon all bridges snap and we'l be hearing of more apartments that collapse.

Moving rock and sediments frees up SO2 and methane in large amounts all over N America, you have these charts.. remember these canaries miners took with them underground, we are being warned for a number of years because they drop dead from the skies..

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