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Freedom Day or Not, Brits Prefer Infantile Servitude

July 29, 2021


uk-masks.jpgWhen a baby is given a comfort blanket, He or She will often cry when this is taken away. That's because the blanket represents safety and a feeling of security with something to cling to when afraid or feeling anxious. The 'masks' are the same thing for the adult babies who are, after being told they is no longer a face covering mandate, STILL WEARING THEM! It's their safety blanket and like the baby it relieves the anxiety of a threat. It's also about control, even when legally they don't have to do this at the moment.

"Freedom Day" was July 19 but most Brits still wear face diapers

by a British Reader

I never once wore a face covering; I never stayed at home, and I visited family and friends who were also at MY PRIVATE PROPERTY in large numbers when we were 'told' not to do any of those things.

I totally ignored the lying disgusting vile maggots, Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, and Boris the SLAG Johnson, who reckoned they could stop real men like myself from doing what is a God-given right.... exercising basic freedoms. The number of emasculated wimps who still feel it necessary to wear something that offers no form of protection against a 'virus' that has yet to be proven to exist is staggering. This demonstrates just how easily a full-on onslaught of propaganda and lies can induce False Emotions Appearing Real, and FEAR is a psychological weapon with great power when it's in the right hands.

Many of the shops and public spaces still have signs at the entrance asking for visitors and customers to wear a mask. You read lines posted on boards such as "Let's stay on the safe side and continue to sanitize and wear a face covering".

Or you'll hear regular announcements over the PA systems that "We're all in this together, and so we need to follow safety measures by wearing a face covering to respect staff and other customers to keep us safe".

It's like some weird nightmare situation that I can't escape, a living hell for us who are awake.

If this is how people are behaving after being told they are once again 'free' then there is no hope at all for us, the ones who are against this Satanic control.

From day one of the lock down I fought back. All my YouTube anti-lockdown videos were deleted and I am now banned for life there, Twitter too (I don't care). I managed to get my wife (who is very awake) to fight too. She didn't wear a mask, nor stayed at home, and we enjoyed socializing with friends and family right through the unlawful prison sentence imposed by the disgusting UK Government central banking whores.


I will not be taking the 'Jab' either, not at gun point. Anyone not seeing this as a dangerous experiment is surely beyond help. How anyone can roll up a sleeve and trust a stranger, or even a trusted doctor, to inject toxic chemicals into their body without question, and then go and advertise it on social media is beyond disturbing.

But I see the push gaining momentum, more new strains, targeting the young now they've poisoned most of the older ones. This isn't going away mostly because there are too many people still walking around like zombies, believing the television or smart devices pushing the lies.

Surprisingly even many intelligent ones are falling for this and are fully under the spell. Snow White has eaten all of the apple from the witches, AKA big pharma, and there's no handsome prince to kiss them and bring out of the deep sleep. That story at least has a happy ending but the COVID version does not.

Whatever happens, I am so glad my faith in God is strong. It has been made even stronger by what has been experienced since late 2019. He is the only way out of this. Satan has great anger knowing his time on earth as a ruler is very short. Revelation 12:12 so NOW is the time to get on the side of God. For anyone who does not believe, then I pray you, your family, and friends that all come to their senses and wake up. Humans can't help us out of this. End times are truly here, the birth pangs described in the book of Matthew are so clear now. The mark of the beats spoken of in Revelation is close, the COVID-19 response from world 'leaders' has shown just how easy it is to get people to obey and comply to their insanity. How easy would it be for a chip to be placed in the right hand or forehead if that makes a person feel safe against a virus, just like taking the poisonous 'vaccine'.

We are very close to the time when God returns and establishes his Kingdom (old word for government) and removes Satan from power. All the disgusting vile murdering scumbags who have destroyed so many lives with these terrible draconian measures, and now pushing for vaccine mandates will go down with Satan.

The ending, if you side with God is a good one. Right now, our planet is the RMS Titanic and we've hit that iceberg, Satan and his demons, and the central bankers, Gates, Soros, Rothschilds, and all similar, are going down with him as they sit at the bar counting their money from the billions made out of treating the entire world population like cattle. Pray, study the Bible, and hope he returns soon.

Peace and love, from someone very awake in the UK.

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Comments for "Freedom Day or Not, Brits Prefer Infantile Servitude "

JG said (July 30, 2021):

Good article and well said.
Most importantly the writer here is a man who puts his faith first and will not be forced into taking any vaccine regardless of all the threats and fear mongering now being funnneled through the MSM.
A huge power play for the unabated control of your free will is taking place right before you. Sooner or later we will have to make the choice between God and our own personal well being.

Michael said (July 29, 2021):

Since the author made reference to Apocalypse, I thought I would chime in.

I agree that the virus doesn't actually exist, and the flu has been re-purposed. When the WHO declared an official pandemic on March 11, 2020, it was the opening of the 5th Seal (Apoc.6: 9-11). Unlike the previous Seals, the Four Horsemen, no details are given in the text as to what actually happened to signify its opening, or what caused it. This is because to make reference to a 'plague' in the text would, by that very fact, imply that it really exists (how could it not); and if that were so, Sacred Scripture would be in error (which cannot happen). The same reasoning applies to Chapter 13. Nothing is said therein about a 'plague'; nor is there any details given as to what was behind the mark of the beast.

What -is- mentioned in the 5th Seal, however, are 'lists' being made: "And white robes were given to every one of them one; And it was said to them that they should rest for a little time till their fellow
servants and their brethren, who are to be slain even as they, should be filled up" (Apoc. 6: 11).

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