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Castro's Son, Justin Trudeau Constructs Communist Dystopia

June 28, 2021

(Justin Trudeau meets his real father, Fidel Castro, at his faux father's funeral. A mother's face never lies. ) 

"Bill C-36 actually provides a financial incentive to accuse others of hate speech.  In addition to fines of up to $50,000, the bill also proposes for a "victim" of hate speech to be compensated with a payment (by the accused) of up to $20,000.  Similar to a lawsuit, but with the government acting on behalf of the plaintiff/accuser, and with no legal fees....Under C-36, the identity of the accuser or supposed victim can be kept secret. "

We told you Justine Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son but Canada's (((Communist))) mass media ignored us. Canadians no longer have free political discourse or political options as the country circles the drain. Bill C-36 is political persecution. Communists hate the truth so they call it "hate." They promote deviants in order to undermine society. They're always talking about "human rights." Free speech isn't one of them. Neither is resisting Evil.

Bill C-36:  Cancel Culture Becoming Law In Canada

by CR

Were you thinking of posting something on the internet?  If that something includes  criticism of gays or trannies, then you had better think again, because under Trudeau's bill C-36, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

You don't even need to actually make a statement that could be interpreted as hateful, simply raising the suspicion that you might at some point make a hateful statement is enough for legal action to be taken against you.  

What qualifies as hate speech is subject to interpretation and is often totally political.  For example, it has long been argued (including by former Conservative PM Stephen Harper) that criticism of the state of Israel is anti-Semitism, while a message as benign as "It's OK to be white" is considered white nationalist hate speech.  

Will any criticism of the Communist Liberal party be deemed homophobic, transphobic, and racist?

Canada already has laws against hate speech. Bill C-36 is aimed specifically at the internet and raises the stakes for people with politically incorrect opinions.  


Bill C-36 actually provides a financial incentive to accuse others of hate speech.  In addition to fines of up to $50,000, the bill also proposes for a "victim" of hate speech to be compensated with a payment (by the accused) of up to $20,000.  Similar to a lawsuit, but with the government acting on behalf of the plaintiff/accuser, and with no legal fees.


Up to now, Canadians accused of a crime have the right to face their accuser in court as well as the right to cross-examine them.  Under C-36, the identity of the accuser or supposed victim can be kept secret.  This sets a dangerous precedent, and the next step will be for evidence to be secret as well like in the Guantanamo Bay trials.

We already have paid online trolls looking to cancel and slander people who say politically incorrect things, this will now become a legitimate profession.  No cost except internet access, and no worries about damaging your reputation, become a full-time hate crime accuser and you could be earning six figures in no time.


No actual crime needs to take place to run afoul of this law.  All that is required if for someone to make the accusation that "the person fears on reasonable grounds that another person will commit" a hate crime/hate speech offence and you could end up being forced to accept a court order (termed a "recognizance") that imposes the sort of conditions normally reserved for those accused or convicted of actually committing serious crimes.
This court order can include any and all of the following:

-Forced to wear an "electronic monitoring device"
-Curfew or house arrest
-Not permitted to leave a "specified geographic area" without permission from a judge
-Prohibit the consumption of alcohol or "any other intoxicating substance"
-Forced to submit to blood or urine tests for drugs/alcohol, potentially on a regular basis.  In Canada, it is not a standard practice even for people on parole or probation to be tested for drugs and alcohol.  Very strange that this would become a standard condition imposed on someone accused of having the intent to commit hate speech/crime.
-Restrict who the defendant may communicate with
-Seize weapons including guns, crossbows, and explosives.  The bill actually adds the condition that the judge must provide a reason as to why he chose NOT to seize the defendant's weapons, if so decided.  If you are a gun owner you now have to be very careful what you post online or say in public or you will lose your guns. 

The judge may impose this court order for up to a year, and two years if the defendant has previously been convicted of a hate crime/hate speech.  Refusal to accept this order will result in imprisonment for up to 12 months.  Failure to comply with the terms of the court order will result in criminal charges, which can lead to more jail time.


While putting an end to hate speech might sound like a noble idea to some, the reality is that these laws can and will be used to suppress and punish any opposition to Justin Trudeau's radical leftist agenda.  Trudeau and the Liberal party have a track record of using accusations of racism to shut down discussion of anything contrary to their agenda. 
(Conservative Opposition leader Erin O'Toole, left, signals his support for pedophiles by wearing red shoes. Canadians have no non-Communist options.)

For example, Trudeau recently accused conservative MPs of "anti-Asian racism" for saying that scientists working for the Chinese government and military should not be allowed into Canadian research facilities.  (WATCH: Trudeau accuses Conservatives of pandering to 'racism' after they call out lab breach by CCP scientist | The Post Millennial)  

Under Bill C-36, the MPs could end up on house arrest.  If he were to discuss the issue further online he could be subject to tens of thousand dollars in fines.  Is this what passes for a democracy?

Libraries are hosting drag queen story hour; schools are flying gay pride flags and teaching kids to accept all sorts of deviant behaviour.  Opposition to these things is already being censored and shut down, but under this law you can be fined, placed on house arrest, or imprisoned for speaking out.

Not only is bill C-36 another step towards Canada becoming a politically correct dystopia, it could spell the end of political opposition to the Trudeau regime's radical leftist agenda.


If there is a silver lining to this, it is that C-36 is unlikely to become law any time soon because parliament has adjourned for the summer.  As Conservative justice critic Rob Moore said, "The fact this bill was brought forward in the last minutes before Parliament ends for the summer shows this Liberal government is only interested in political posturing ahead of the next election -- not rooting out hate speech." 

However, if Trudeau is re-elected, and worse with a majority, then we can expect this bill and other potentially more undemocratic, repressive legislation to be passed into law.  Trudeau needs to be stopped, or else Canada will soon resemble China. 

Link to the full text of Bill C-36 and petition against it: Stop Bill C-36 - Rebel News


First Comment from JG-

I don't know if the same is going on in Canada but in America the MSM is now a totally state run media that is getting more like North Korea all the time. 
They all cover the same stories and define these events with the same radical left wing spin with hopes of controlling and shaping the public's thinking. Any medical authority that disagrees with their spin on Covid is accused of spreading misinformation. Any politician or lawyer who doesn't believe that the 2020 election was totally legit is guilty of spreading false claims. This also applies to the poll workers who witnessed incomplete ballots being counted in critical swing states. They too are spreading misinformation. 
This isn't about the truth or what's right or wrong anymore. This is about total control.

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DD said (June 28, 2021):

[This was apropos something else but fits here)

Canadians are fucking losers in my opinion. It's interesting, we NEVER think about them but they CONSTANTLY think about us!

I seriously haven't met one yet in my whole life who didn't end up in the end having what I now know and call -- The Complex.

They think they are the saviors of black Americans when, in fact, they are the most white bred hockeyheaded honkies one would ever find to meet. 😂

They were ubiquitous in the DR. Always telling
me to put on my mask at their bars and restaurants and constantly exuding a general thought police, parking ticket attendant, school teacher with 20 cats mentality.

They assasinate Americans behind our backs to the locals as well. Found this out numerous times. The guys act like little bitches, the women always fuck the locals to try and stymie foreign men by telling the men and their sisters we are losers. Total sluts.

Koreans and Canadians are actually worse enemies than Russians IMHO.

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