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Vernon Coleman - Why are So Many So Stupid?

April 11, 2021


"The zombies and the trolls aren't very bright and are unable to see the big picture. They aren't bright enough to see things in perspective. They don't believe anyone could tell such big lies..."

By Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA
(abridged by

I could weep for what has happened to the human race. There are too many pathetic, terrified individuals around with their heads buried deep in the sand. Our governments have lied, deceived, bullied, cheated, threatened and oppressed.

Governments appear to have forgotten the words of John Locke who said: `The people cannot delegate to government the power to do anything which would be unlawful for them to do themselves.'

We pay our governments to protect us not to destroy us.

There is no doubt that the masks are part of the process of oppression and have made people even more scared than they were. It is, of course, deliberate...

Unless we rise up and rebel the masks will never go away.

The plan is very precisely defined...

Soon the masks, symbols of oppression and slavery, will be mandatory for anyone who wants to go into a shop to buy food.

And then the next step will make it compulsory for people to wear masks in the street or even in their own homes. The cameras in our telephones and televisions will identify those who are breaking the law.

The collaborators who have been wearing masks on public transport and in shops may grumble but they will accept the extension of the law - particularly when it is reinforced, as it will be, with more threats about a second wave and a mutated, more deadly virus.


To me the real tragedy is that now that they have been softened up by their house arrest, and the constant fear making propaganda, millions actually want the regulations to be tougher. They want more lockdowns and stricter laws about mask wearing.

What the devil is wrong with these people?

Why are so many not questioning what is happening? Can't they read and think for themselves? The answers sadly are clearly No and No...

One explanation is that the problem is something called cognitive dissonance. Many people just cannot believe that governments could tell so many lies and that politicians could be so deceitful. The zombies and the trolls aren't very bright and are unable to see the big picture. They aren't bright enough to see things in perspective. They don't believe anyone could tell such big lies...

The education process devised by the United Nations over the last few decades has been designed to enforce a belief in collectivism. And that is what has happened. These are people who watch or listen to the BBC and believe what they see or hear and who believe that The Guardian is a newspaper - and do not realize it is a propaganda sheet built on money from slave trading and pushing us ever onwards to a new slavery.

Brighter folk can see through the lies and they can understand what is happening.


I have been pointing out for 30 years that our drinking water is enriched with female hormones. It is clear that those hormones are now having a dramatic effect on the human race. There's more about this, incidentally, on my video entitled `Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?'

The problems started in the 1960s when millions of women started taking the contraceptive pill. The hormone residues from those pills are excreted in their urine.

Look at what happens then:

1. After going through standard purification procedures, waste water containing the hormone rich urine is discharged into fresh water rivers. 
2. Drinking water is often taken from rivers. 
3. The water is then purified again - but water purification programmes cannot remove hormone residues. 
4. By the 1990s, it was clear that our drinking water contained female hormones. A report from the UK Environmental Agency concluded that 57% of roach in one river had changed sex. And it is also now known that human male fertility has fallen in recent years.

I think the zombies, the trolls, the mask wearers have all been drinking too much tap water. Too many cups of tea, perhaps.

This explains why male zombies and trolls tend to be effeminate and stupid and female zombies, trolls and mask wearers tend to be stupid, confused, irritable and sulky.

So, there you are. The small, poorly developed brains of the trolls and the zombies have been permanently damaged by watching the BBC, reading The Guardian and drinking tap water.

There are millions of zombies and trolls around because they are naïve, gullible, poorly educated, unintelligent, immature and self-important but ultimately terrified of authority because the hormones in the drinking water have turned them into permanent teenagers.

They may be beyond our help.


Finally, I can demolish the whole coronavirus nonsense in less than three minutes. Everything in this list can be verified.

1. Many doctors, including Dr Fauci, the American coronavirus supremo, have admitted that the risk of dying of the coronavirus may be similar to the risk with the flu. 
2. The flu can kill 650,000 people a year around the world. Even though governments everywhere have admitted fiddling their totals the covid-19 death total is only now approaching the global flu total. 
3. Here's how they fiddled the figures. In the UK, for example, anyone who tested positive for the coronavirus and subsequently died was officially a covid-19 death - whatever else they had wrong with them. 
4. The vast majority of those dying of the coronavirus were over 80 and had many other health problems. The risk for fit, young individuals is very small. The risk for children is smaller than the risk of being hit by lightning. 
5. Research has shown that masks are dangerous, don't prevent the spread of infection and almost certainly do more harm than good. The virus can go straight through the material of a mask. And mask wearing affects blood oxygen levels. At least two people have died through wearing masks. I've quoted figures and papers on my website and in other videos. 
6. Many of those promoting the coronavirus horror story are linked in some way to the vaccine industry or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - which itself has strong financial links to the vaccine industry. For example, the Chief Scientific Advisor in the UK was formerly a senior executive at GSK - one of the big vaccine makers. 
7. The British Government has admitted that at least four times as many people have died as a result of the lockdowns and other control measures as will have died from the coronavirus. The remedy has been much deadlier than the disease. Millions are waiting for cancer tests and treatment because hospitals were closed. And some hospital departments in the UK are still closed. 
8. Neil Ferguson, the man whose predictions led to the lockdowns had produced a number of inaccurate predictions before he made wildly pessimistic predictions about the coronavirus. His track record is appalling. The college where he works has financial links to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and vaccines. 
9. Exactly the same mistakes have been made in almost every country in the world. For example, sick old people were taken out of hospital and dumped in care homes - resulting in tens of thousands of deaths in each country. That couldn't be a coincidence - so it had to be a plan. If you remove the care home deaths from the UK total you end up with a maximum of around 20,000 deaths (though that is a massive exaggeration because they included flu and anyone who tested positive) which is much smaller than the annual flu death total. 
10. The number of people who have caught the coronavirus worldwide is now said to be around 10 million. But the flu can affect 1 billion in a single year.

These are facts which cannot be disputed, though they are being suppressed. Print out the list and give copies to doubters. I find it difficult to believe that anyone would still want to wear a mask once they are aware of these simple facts.
Copyright Vernon Colman 2021

Vernon Coleman's book `Coming Apocalypse' describes the background to the coronavirus hoax. It is available in paperback and as an eBook on Amazon.

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Comments for "Vernon Coleman - Why are So Many So Stupid? "

H said (April 12, 2021):

Unfortunately, 911 was a significant moment-in-time for the power of the oligarchs, who run this world. People believed the lies media spoke. They literally had “cognitive dissonance”. Did you notice, the decade following 911 we had an opioid epidemic? Not by accident either, as so many seem to believe. One of the major effects of opioids, beside relieving pain, and addiction; it turns testosterone into estrogen in the body. Again, nothing by accident.

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