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Gary D. Barnett - Mass Murder by Vaccine

April 6, 2021


The stage is set, the plan is in place, and the people are still asleep. The realization that this state has declared war on the American people is unknown to most, and when the killing reaches high levels, the sheep will be told it is due to a mutated virus variant, and it is their fault for not being injected quickly enough with a poisonous 'vaccine' administered by this same criminal state. 

"We live in a society that fails to see what is right before their eyes, and intentionally hides from the truth."

The Next Phase of This Fake Pandemic Will Be Premeditated Mass Murder by 'Vaccine'

by Gary D. Barnett


Make no mistake about it; you are the enemy of the state in this war against mankind. This manufactured pandemic began with lies, and was perpetuated by mass propaganda; so much so as to cause extreme fear and panic out of thin air.

This is what real domestic terrorism looks like, and it is being executed by the United States government under the control of its masters in banking, finance, and corporate America; those at the top of the pyramid of power that make up the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and all the major players in science, technology, the mainstream media, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry. 

This long-planned plot to depopulate the earth and take total control over all of us could be considered ingenious but for the fact that it is pure evil.

What has been foretold and what is coming is what I would refer to as crisis management terrorism. There will be (and has already been) one fake crisis after another, all claimed to be so important and deadly as to cause the government to step in to control all aspects of human life through law, mandates, and lockdowns, with enforcement implemented at every level from the executive branch of federal government down to state and local health administrators. 


This will be in essence, a total and saturated form of enforcement with little if any ability of escape. This is by design of course, so that regardless of location or isolation, all will be subject to the propaganda and the long reach of peer pressure and tyranny.

The end game sought by these totalitarian monsters is to inject each and every American with this experimental, mind-altering, body changing, genetic reshaping, and deadly operating system falsely being called a Covid 'vaccine.'

 It is not a vaccine at all, but a control and depopulation tool purposely designed to cause extreme sickness and death. These adverse responses caused by these toxic injections will not be correctly blamed on the shot, but will instead be used to claim that mutated variant expressions of the non-existent Covid-19 strain are the culprit. This will allow for more fear and panic in order to set up more demand for 'vaccination.' These never-ending crises will cause a much higher percentage of Americans to voluntarily seek out and take this virulent injection, and this will of course lead to an unending array of critical dilemmas, just as the state desires.

But it will not end there, as many will still not voluntarily take this toxic poison. The next phase, which is now in the works, will be to require proof of 'vaccination' in order to gain access to normal life functions. 

Currently, this is being called immunity or vaccine passports, and in New York it is already required to enter many venues, and is expanding quickly. Eventually, these passports as they are called, will be required for buying food, going into businesses, attending concerts or performances, banking, and other everyday necessities. 

In other words, it could become in the near future impossible to do anything without proof of vaccine. But so-called proof is not the desired outcome, it is only a means to an end, and that end is to vaccinate every single human. Once all are vaccinated, total control will have been achieved, and depopulation by vaccination murder can continue without resistance.


While much of the country is partially opening up, this is only the dangling of a carrot for the very short term before the next planned crisis emerges. Each crisis will bring more closures, lockdowns, stricter rules, and vastly more elevated enforcement. All of this has been telegraphed far in advance, and none of this should be a surprise to anyone, but alas, it seems as if very few have been or are now paying attention. We live in a society that fails to see what is right before their eyes, and intentionally hides from the truth. 

This behavior is indicative of a captured people, in what has now become a population of fools ready for their own enslavement. But this is more than enslavement, as the controllers not only want to lord over all of humanity, but they want to eliminate by vaccination murder a huge percentage of it as well. At this point, the people are making this easy to achieve.


This 'vaccine' and all the new 'vaccines' coming, due to what will be referred to as mutant variants, are killers. No one knows exactly what all the detrimental side effects will be, no one knows exactly how many deaths will occur due to this poison, but it has now become obvious that many adverse effects, many side effects, and much death seem imminent. Those perpetrating this fraud desire democide and world depopulation, and now they have the perfect weapon to accomplish their mission of death and destruction, and that weapon is called the 'Covid' vaccine.

With the elimination of huge numbers of people, and the implementation of mass control, every agenda sought by the powerful can be accomplished, from overpopulation, economic collapse, monetary restructuring, gun control, "climate change," and with this comes what is being described as the "Great Reset."

From the standpoint of tyrants, premeditated mass murder has its advantages, especially in this new advanced technological world. The only question was how to accomplish this plan without awakening a sleeping giant. 

The answer of course was to invent a fake killer virus with but one stated cure, that being a 'vaccine' that would become the real killer. 

What a diabolical plot, in that the people would actually kill themselves, and voluntarily for the most part, albeit with the help of their own elected government. 

This is now a nation prepared to commit mass suicide by injection, with the 'hope' of becoming free, safe, and maskless. Irony at this level is astounding to say the least, but it could only be possible in a society that has become dependent on rule, been fully indoctrinated, intellectually castrated, and gullible beyond recognition. 

Get used to it; this is the new America.

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Comments for "Gary D. Barnett - Mass Murder by Vaccine "

Tony B said (April 6, 2021):

People, especially Americans who have been kept in "blissful" ignorance, need to get familiar with the word "genocide" and then look up its history.

After absorbing the horrors of that scare they need to realize it is time, past time, to actually get themselves right with God, not back-slapping Sunday morning social hour "church," but with God.

Doug P said (April 6, 2021):

Adversity makes men and I think it's a requirement. Lives have been too easy, most people do not experience any serious adversity. What makes me like this is that I have known the devil all my life. I've been a conspiracy theorist since the age of eleven years old.

Perhaps it is the adversity that will come that will make the Pheonix rise.

Jakov said (April 6, 2021):

Religious people everywhere are panicking as all their carefully crafted beliefs of heavenly/earthly battles against evil, second coming of a dead mangod and of angels descending through the clouds and of a religious world order are falling apart because they are fiction. Welcome, to sustainable development, AI, scientific temper, brain chipping and secularism in a highly depopulated world under the New World Order post 2030.

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