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"Domestic Terrorism Bill" -- Witch Hunt on Patriots

January 30, 2021

"Combatting the threat of domestic terrorism and white supremacy is not a Democratic or Republican issue, not left versus right or urban versus rural. Domestic Terrorism is an American issue, a serious threat the we can and must address together," said Rep. Brad Schneider (IL-10) sponsor of the bill."

This bill will be used to set up a witch-hunt for mainly white people in America, mostly white males. Half the country will be considered guilty. It will be used to destroy businesses, steal property, incarcerate those that oppose the state narrative, separate families, to censor speech at every turn, and even murder. Ex-CIA head, John Brennan listed "an unholy alliance of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians." 

Below this article, Makow's suggested strategy: "Passive Resistance and Non-Compliance."

"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."

~ Baron de Montesquieu

by Patriot Rising
(abridged by

A very horrendous bill was introduced recently in Congress called the "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021." The irony of this bill title is that it is not about preventing terrorism; it is about legalizing terrorism by the state against the citizenry. It would be more appropriately titled the U.S. Government Terrorism Authorization Act of 2021.

The motivating factor for this atrocity was said to be the recent purposely staged and intentionally allowed false-flag coup at the Capitol on January 6th. The entire situation was planned in advance to assure that Biden would be the 'selected' president, while the members of Congress could pretend to be fearful for their lives. 

The police led both legitimate and criminal protesters inside the Capitol building, allowed them to remain there, all while doing nothing but brutally murdering one innocent woman. The cowardly Congress was shuttled into safe places to hide until enough pictures and video could be taken, and enough facial recognition could be gathered so that the desired Trump supporters could be gathered up and jailed while others would walk free. This was the plot and now the scene is set. The feigned 'indignant' Congress got everything they wanted out of this directed production.

This non-threatening Hollywood-like creation ended peacefully of course, but was made out to be another 9/11. This minor event has been called a terrifying attack, a domestic terrorism attack, a hate crime, devastating, an experience of terror by white nationalists, and heinous violent crimes; all said to have been prosecuted by homegrown domestic terrorists made up of white supremacists, and other racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists. In other words, white people!

Co-sponsor for this tyrannical bill, Democratic Representative Brad Schneider, said this in a press release on January 20:

"Following the terrifying attack on the Capitol this month, which left five dead and many injured, the entire nation has been seized by the potential threat of more terrorist attacks in Washington and around the country. Unlike after 9/11, the threat that reared its ugly head on January 6th is from domestic terror groups and extremists, often racially-motivated violent individuals. America must be vigilant to combat those radicalized to violence, and the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act gives our government the tools to identify, monitor and thwart their illegal activities."

"I am proud to be an original cosponsor of this bill, which we need now more than ever," said Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (NY-10). In the wake of the domestic terrorist attack on our Capitol two weeks ago, it is painfully clear that the current approach to addressing the real and persistent threat posed by white nationalism and similar ideologies is not working. We must not allow hate crimes and domestic terrorism to continue unchecked. I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance this important and timely bill as quickly as possible." 

In this ridiculous press release, he used the word white, white nationalism, and white supremacist at least ten times. Democrat Vincente González from Texas said "the Domestic Terror Prevention Act is more important than ever as we work to root out and rid America of this cancer." The cancer he is alluding to is concerning white people that either are not Democrat, are against Biden, or against this government.


In this planned legislation, whiteness is vilified, as the bogeymen are white supremacists, white nationalists, and supposedly those that that are guilty of 'hate' crimes, hate crimes being anything thought 'offensive' by idiot leftists, progressives, and globalists. None of this is qualified of course, and this pending bill is just as vague in its description of the targeted class. All these people and more should be silenced, "reprogrammed," and eliminated according to those supporting this act that is nothing less than a plan to prosecute false sedition.

The list of supporters endorsing this tyrannical piece of legislation is telling to say the least. They include:

Anti-Defamation League, Arab American Institute, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism, Human Rights Campaign, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Muslim Advocates, NAACP, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., Sikh Coalition, Southern Poverty Law Center Action Fund, and Unidos.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will gain massive additional powers, and funding, in order to monitor (surveil), investigate (spy), and prosecute (terrorize, murder, and jail) so-called cases of generally undefined "domestic terrorism."

This legislation is a travesty, and can only lead to extreme totalitarian political policing of all that believe in freedom and that stand against the state.

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Makow Comment -  The question is, how do we respond to the Communist coup d'etat and coming persecution of patriots? Since elections are rigged and MSM controlled, normal political action is no longer viable. At the same time, it's clear that the Communists want to provoke a violent reaction to justify the repression they have planned. 

May I suggest a strategy which I call "Passive Resistance and Non-Compliance."  Patriots do not engage in violence except in self-defence. Instead, we focus on exposing Communist false flags designed to paint patriots as terrorists. We wait for the Demonrats to discredit themselves in the eyes of the vast majority, which inevitably will happen as lockdowns drag on forever and the economy disintegrates. Their attack on heterosexuality alone should alienate the vast majority. All the blame that was put on Trump will quickly shift to Biden.

By Non-Compliance, we don't recognize the legitimacy of the current US federal government and resist in ways such as not paying federal taxes, observing lockdowns or wearing masks. When millions do this, they will have a problem on their hands.  I welcome your responses, and other strategies.

First Comment from George-

Of course your proposed response of passive resistance is the correct one. You can add some other measures. Since white males are now suspect in the military, there should be a white male boycott on military service. Transgenders and females can now show their true worth in combat. 

Jerry writes- "Unconventional Warfare"

I support your recommended non-violent strategy.  It has a much greater chance for success than angry protesting or violent confrontations.

Attached is a map from Wikipedia showing November US presidential election results by county.  I find it encouraging that about 80% of American counties did not choose Biden.

In The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau, he includes a summary of information from Malcolm Gladwell's book David and Goliath that relates to developing strategies to counteract the Democratic Party's rampage against Americans:

"Through an analysis published in the New Yorker that ranged from basketball to every war that has been fought in the past 200 years, Malcolm Gladwell showed how underdogs--sports teams that were widely expected to lose, armies with only a tenth of the size of the larger one, and so on--can turn the tables on the "Goliaths" they are matched up against. To begin, the article showed the odds for various "David vs. Goliath" match-ups in military battles over the past two centuries. In this case, we'll substitute "underdog" for "David" and "authority" for "Goliath."

Results of Conventional Warfare Authority kicks underdog's ass, as expected: 71.5% Underdog defeats authority in an upset victory: 28.5%

As Gladwell's analysis shows, 7 times out of 10, Goliath will march straight to victory when traditional strategies are deployed. Interestingly, when the rules of engagement are switched and the underdog gets creative, the results are nearly flipped upside down:

Results of Unconventional Warfare Authority kicks underdog's ass, as expected: 36.5% Underdog defeats authority: 63.6%

. . . In other words, when the underdog deploys an unconventional strategy, the underdog is actually favored to win."

Despite Donald Trump's various misdeeds, his occasional statements and efforts on behalf of the U.S. middle class helped millions of people wake up to the reality of the anti-social agenda of America's financial and corporate rulers.

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Comments for ""Domestic Terrorism Bill" -- Witch Hunt on Patriots"

DD said (January 31, 2021):

most rightly, we need peaceful resistance. we can make for change within. men must change before nations do. don't wear a mask. don't pay ridiculous taxes, etc. we need more than ever a spirit of ' love thy neighbour'. as a minister i push the word of God that teaches forgiveness & brotherly love. it is not hard to make a peaceful stand against all forms of evil. but it does require effort. now is the time that our country needs our support. Kennedy once said: 'ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country'.

JG said (January 31, 2021):

Without Mainstream America you have no government, military, or life with civilized order. If the new left's objective is to reduce America to an irrelevant third world country then they also will go down with it.

I hope I'm wrong about this but America could be in its final days as a world power. They are now attacking the very people who are defending them, and, the very people who are their bread and butter. Also, they are sanctioning and drawing lines of division between the foreign nations that have also supported and cooperated with them.
We have a large elderly population of legislators in the Senate, Congress and the Oval Office who's mental capabilities to responsibly govern is in question.

Without the patriots they're all but done, and yet they still believe that their lies alone will continue to stand and rule forever. They are on path of self destruction. Their "enemies within" are themselves.

R said (January 31, 2021):

There is only one way to win or survive. Total war and extermination of the left/evil. But, since 99% of "conservatives" are retarded pussies, we should make peace with God and wait to get culled. Hell, even a giant astroid or Jesus might show up.

Asialion said (January 31, 2021):

As for "Our Solutions - Your Decisions" the solution is simple; "Do the reverse of what your foe wishes" - Napoleon.

We have a choice and our free will can never be taken away. Satan rules the world through the consent of the foolish. The ultimate fools are the ones that will follow him into the fire of hell. What's happening now is just a repeat of history. Thousands of years ago satan was just about to succeed with his devil Atlantis(Thule) utopia then the finger of Eternal God said, no way! and buried the arrogant Atlanteans, giants, hybrid genetic abominations under the sea. The satanists that run the world know full well that there is an underground Atlantis base in Antarctica why the Nazis went there and recycled ancient world technology that surpasses any of the stuff that they allow us to see (i.e. flying machines powered by electromagnetism, super computers, advanced medicine with crystals and cloning, etc...).

....The days of Noah, Atlantean technology is all over that new covid vaccine they want to kill us with; The vaccine's 33 weaponized nano-bots are a mixture of high tech computer robotics integrated with wireless 5G plus live biological materials from hybrid mouse-human chimeras, that permanently grow and attach themselves to the victim's DNA until the organic nano-bots take over the brain then cause death; The nano-bots are administered/deployed in the victim in separate indistinguishable pieces from the vial to avoid detection by the useful idiots killing people with needles then later assembles inside the victim.

As medications run out, that's fine because all true medicine comes cheaply from plants in nature that satan can't patent. With less doctors to poison people with harmful allopathic "medicine" means more people living longer. Drinking a simple glass of water with baking soda and molasses shrinks tumors which are just fungus molds being surrounded by cells protecting the rest of the body from it, but Doctors are so stupid they don't know what it is and make it spread every time they cut it.

It's justice coming for all those nurses and doctors that went around murdering the elderly for a $53k check from the UN. I feel no pity for any of those cowardly nurses and doctors that are taking the vaccine; Those nurses and doctors that routinely murdered people with ventilators deserve the covid shot.

Yeshua is the savior of man and Lucifer/Satan is the sworn enemy of man. Satan has been given permission by Eternal God to raise havoc, only to turn mankind into repentance(turning away from evil). Satan and his Angels hard work will once again come to naught and Eternal God will get the glory.

Peter L said (January 31, 2021):

When you have the printing press they don't need the taxes. not paying them would not bother them in the least, besides very few would actually do that, they would be too scared.

Mick said (January 31, 2021):

I don’t think your “Passive Resistance & Non- Compliance” will work.

Although it does sound like a good idea, I find that “not engaging in violence except in self-defense” is a weak link in the chain.

Any self-defensive act on the Patriots’ side, no matter how justified, would be immediately demonized by the communist MSM media.

They wouldn’t hesitate to use BLM, Antifa, or some other mercenaries to provoke and foment chaos, and eventually blame it all on the Patriots.

A military coup combined with all patriotic people rising to arms/resistance/non-compliance is the only way out - unfortunately.

Though I’m not sure where the US army stands in this matter, or if it is a monolith block as many of us wish to believe.

Either way, we are running out of time.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at