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Democracy is Dead

January 17, 2021

star-baber.JPG Something tells me that Roman Baber will win re-election as leader of an anti-lockdown party, unless the next election is rigged. More politicians should follow his example.

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Comments for "Democracy is Dead"

Matt in Oz said (January 17, 2021):

They know well and truly the effects these lockdowns are having on mental health and suicide numbers. How they know this is simple, the Greek test case they ran years ago with their economic sabotage and it was bad enough without being locked up in you house too.

A study was done that showed suicides would outpace even the rigged virus deaths by 10:1.

Ken Adachi said (January 17, 2021):

As you correctly stated, there is one hell of an OPPORTUNITY here staring every freedom-loving Canadian MP in the face - to JOIN Baber with their own letters and let the fat, Tin Pot Tyrant know that they're going to push HIM out of the way. Yes, I know the elections are easily rigged IF they use electronic voting 'machines', but what if the MPs DEMAND a paper ballot only and old fashion mechanical voting machines? Not so easy to steal an election then, is it?

Back in October, I was truly appalled to hear the level of sedition and insurrection that had overtaken the Canadian 'Liberal' party with the leaked report from the MP who attended that liberal party meeting in which they were told: "This is how it's going to be. You have no choice in the matter". And then they laid out the communist coup d'etat game plan for Canada, and everyone was somehow expected to go along with it - without complaint - like 'good' little obedient Maoists.

I see that same level of despotic swagger with Fat Boy here.

Every Canadian MUST wake up to the IMMENSE danger they now face and STOP these communist fifth columnists WHILE IT'S STILL POSSIBLE.

When they come to take YOU away to their 'Covid quarantine camp' until you agree to be poisoned with the covid Witches Brew or be imprisoned indefinitely and have all of your property confiscated by the Comrades of Fat Boy, it won't matter what you think or do THEN, it will be TOO late.

You have to fire up people into a fight back mood. If enough people stated to squawk and raise a ruckus, ABOVE ALL, get into the face of every politician who's supporting this crap, by hounding them verbally whenever out in public and berate them publicly at meetings, etc. It would begin to have the desired effect. That fat ass tyrant should be hounded and booed whenever seen in public.

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