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January 18, 2021

Manitoba: Rumour new Covid 21 strain will be Released in March 

In October, the UN Plan for world lockdown and "Reset" was leaked by a Canadian government insider.

The following is circulating
on the Internet.

a big believer in prayer, i was
a few short weeks ago, asking for a sign
that would help me take action next, to safeguard
my family and friends.
just sitting around waiting was not
doing god's will. so the next day Rob
was outside before bed and he ran into
a neighbour whose mother works as a top
director at the wpg regional health authority
(basically mb public health called the wrha).  
the neighbour happened
to be complaining finally, about the harassment
of not wearing masks in your own yard, and if you
are not social distancing, and saying all of this is
just uncanny/eerie...then he slips out that his mother
at the wrha warned him about another "big wave", "a big one" coming
march 15th. Rob stood there baffled and retorted, "see how would
they know that?"...there was silence...then he asked again, "how would
they know that?"

...the neighbour changed the subject.  so here we
have a massive authority in the province warning their own family members
about a coordinated effort to prepare for a massive wave on a specific date???
i thanked the holy spirit for this but now it is time for you to prepare too...around that
date.  i was telling Saida, it is vital that you understand that the gov is working by that
liberal leak that we are told is untrue. remember that leak?  they plan on shutting down
highways and having checkpoints by first quarter i believe...find that leak and study it...
this feels like a chain letter but in all you need to decide, do you want to be shut in your
home and a few miles from your home for eternity?... or do you want some semblance of
freedom in what may possibly be our last days here before mandatory matters stated in that leak?

we need to  be ready to live bushcraft
outside of the city in some sort of wilderness area by march 1st. try for a day getting into
a wooded region and staying there exercising your outdoor skills. practice before march 15th.
but if we start practicing now it will be more of a relief. i think the next variant bs protocol is going to kick in on march 15th....look now what happened on that day in history.
the illuminati satanic freemason/jesuit druids controlling every major world event, use numerology to a fine art.
combined with the fall of the roman republic and other major events...especially SARS...last year lockdown started

march 15/16

the other notable march 15th date that is cleverly not mentioned in many of the articles on the ides of march is the
day george washington stopped  coup d'état on the congress:

he saved the republic.
so here we have two polar opposites...another vital numerology symbol.
all i am saying here is get prepared for that day.  tell everyone THAT YOU TRUST, about this.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at