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Michael Palmer: Japan Nuclear Attacks Were Faked

October 13, 2020


Hiroshima and Nagasaki as poison gas terror attacks

"The fake nuclear bombings were not acts of warfare - for Japan had effectively surrendered when it caved and lent a hand with staging them - but rather acts of state terror. Then, what for? Shortly after the bombings, a wave of nuclear fear propaganda was unleashed upon the world. Nuclear war and annihilation were right around the corner - and the answer was world government...How much, or rather how little, real sovereignty is left is painfully obvious in the staged COVID-1984 crisis. "

(Disclaimer. I reserve judgment and post for discussion purposes.) 

Michael Palmer is an MD who teaches biochemistry at a Canadian university. He is awake to the COVID hoax.

by Michael Palmer

The bombs dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not atomic. 

An important and oft-cited expert witness, the Russian-American pilot and aeronautical engineer Alexander de Seversky, documented in September 1945 that the cities looked identical to others that had been destroyed with incendiaries and explosives. 

However, a few things set the two cities apart from others. Foremost among them is "radiation sickness", - both acute and delayed, that is, cancer and leukemia. If there were no atomic bombs, how can radiation sickness be accounted for? 

Aside from the "workaday" destruction that does not match a proper nuclear detonation, decisive proof against atomic bombs comes from the radioactive fallout. While such fallout is indeed found at both cities, it, too, does not match a real bomb. 

At Hiroshima, we merely find a tiny bit of what looks like a mixture of reactor waste and reactor fuel. At Nagasaki, we find plutonium in considerable amounts. It can be shown, however, that this plutonium was not dispersed in 1945, but only some two years later. 

This finding fits with a prediction made by leading atom bomb scientist Arthur Compton in May 1945, namely, that it would be two years yet until plutonium would become available for building bombs from it. 


 If we conclude that no atomic bombs exploded, then how could we explain the radiation sickness? 

The answer is quite simple: with mustard gas. This is a battle gas that attacks the lungs, the skin, and the interior organs. Among the latter, the bone marrow is very severely affected, and in a manner very similar to radiation. 

Long term effects like cancer and leukemia are known as well. Many eyewitnesses have reported the use of poison gas. For example, the book "Children of Hiroshima" contains 105 accounts from Hiroshima schoolchildren. Thirteen of these children explicitly mention poison gas. 

One of them, Hisato Itoh, died shortly after writing his report, which contains this statement: "Both my mother and I had been through a great deal of strain during this time ... and then we also started to feel listless and began to lose our hair because we had breathed the gases when the atom bomb fell." 

(Hiroshima aftermath-Did mustard gas do this? Michael: The destruction of the buildings was achieved with incendiaries and explosives, much like in the other bombed-out cities. The mustard gas accounts only for what sets Hiroshima and Nagasaki apart, namely, the "radiation" sickness.) )

Mustard gas, despite its name is an oily fluid, is known to linger. At Hiroshima, it still lingered when Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett, visited in early September, one month after the attack: "My nose detected a peculiar odor unlike anything I have ever smelled before ... they [the Japanese] believe it [the smell] is given off by the poisonous gas still issuing from the earth soaked with radioactivity released by the split uranium atom." 

Blaming the poison gas on the atomic bomb seems to have been encouraged by the authorities; this aspect, too, is covered in the book. Because it lingered, mustard gas also inflicted "radiation sickness", sometimes fatal, on rescue workers who had not been in the city for the bombing but entered it only soon afterward. In contrast, a real atomic bomb should have released radiation intense enough to cause the disease only during the detonation itself. 

Survivors among these early entrants were at very significantly increased risk to contract leukemia in subsequent years, not far behind those who had been in the city for the bombings. This is just one among many findings that clearly favour mustard gas over radiation as the cause of "radiation sickness." Additionally, why nuclear bombs were simply not available, the U.S. forces were well stocked with aerial bombs filled with mustard gas. 


The orthodox story of the bombs is propped up with many studies which claim to show that strong neutron and gamma-radiation was released in the nuclear detonations. The book examines these, too, and shows that they are full of blatant contradictions and fishy data manipulations. For example, one sample which is adduced as proof of neutron radiation from the bomb was most likely exposed to neutrons in the laboratory only some three years after the bombings had occurred. The book presents many more instances of similar chicanery. 


Many witnesses in fact likened their impressions to a photographer's flash, and indeed the very large magnesium photoflash bomb may have been used to stage the "atomic flash". There was no single enormous "bang", but rather several smaller ones; most likely created with high explosives detonated in the air. 

These "bangs" did not evenly affect the entire area of the cities; more witnesses report having seen the flash than heard a bang. Only very few witness reports mention bombs detonating on the ground. 

On the other hand, one witness who observed the cloud above Nagasaki from a distance stated that "I thought it was a bomb raining red hot stuff down like a volcano"; this is echoed by several other onlookers. 

Among those within the cities who had heard no "bang", several reported having heard "a sound like rain." This suggests that napalm bombs were detonated in the air, and that the "lava" observed from afar was the ignited napalm raining down. Mustard gas was likely dispersed in the same manner. Various firework items such as coloured smoke bombs were apparently used as well - several witnesses describe a display of multiple swirling colors in the cloud. 


It is widely known that during the bombings no air alarm was in effect; in fact, at Hiroshima, the alarm had been lifted just a few minutes earlier. 

The failure to trigger an alarm is conventionally explained with the very small number of planes in the air, which the Japanese allegedly mistook as reconnaissance flights. However, a bombing with conventional explosives and incendiaries must have involved a much larger number of planes, which the Japanese could not disregard. They must therefore have colluded in staging the bombings. 

While this conclusion may seem scandalous, there are more arguments to support it, for which we don't have space here. Japan colluded only out of desperation, having been reduced to utter helplessness before the American bomber fleets and the growing threat of a Russian attack. 


Some writers have claimed that the "atomic" bombings were really directed at Russia - Stalin's growing ambitions needed to be checked. There are two big problems with this explanation: Firstly, Stalin was not impressed and did not yield an inch, and secondly, he could not have been deceived by the bombings any more than the Japanese. 

In fact, no nation-state with a functioning secret service would have been taken in by this crude hoax. That leaves as the addressee only humanity at large. The fake nuclear bombings were not acts of warfare - for Japan had effectively surrendered when it caved and lent a hand with staging them - but rather acts of state terror. 

Then, what for? Shortly after the bombings, a wave of nuclear fear propaganda was unleashed upon the world. Nuclear war and annihilation were right around the corner - and the answer was world government. Ironically, it was Comrade Stalin who preserved, for the time being, the national sovereignty not only of the Soviet Union but also that of other countries - at least in a formal sense. How much, or rather how little, real sovereignty is left is painfully obvious in the staged COVID-1984 crisis. 


I suspect they don't, but I cannot make a solid case, and the book does not explore this question. If this is your main concern, you may be interested in the book "Death Object: exploding the nuclear weapons hoax" by Akio Nakatani, which can be found on amazon. 


Check it out - again, the book is free at format as hyperlink:

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Note- I asked Michael, "to cause the damage you attribute to explosives, wouldn't there have needed to be hundreds of planes?  We only hear of the Enola Gay,"

Reply:  "Yes. That is a very important point. One of the implications is that the Japanese must have seen it coming! The Enola Gay and its one or two companion planes might indeed have been mistaken for reconnaissance missions, but the much larger number of planes that carried out the conventional attack would have been noticed.

It may be though that they were only noticed by the air defense, not by the people. The peoples' attention was focused on the small number of planes that overflew the city, and on the parachutes, they dropped. Meanwhile, the other planes approached from the sea at high altitude (both cities are by the sea). They could have dropped their cargo several km before the cities and then banked away.

Once the large clouds had been produced, and particularly after the fires were going and smoke was rising, they could have overflown the cities without being seen.

I discuss all of this in chapter 13 of the book, which is not excessively technical (some others are a little "hardcore".

First Comment from Tony B

Too many looooooong convoluted stretches in this and without real purpose.  This is written as though no one else has had the bomb.

The writer fails to notice that there were executions in the U.S. for those caught giving the bomb secrets to the soviet, which shortly did begin testing nuclear bombs, obviously using the information they were given.  Russians are not the type of people to set off a long series of fake nuclear explosions just for "terrorizing" purposes.

Plus an assumption comparing the destruction of Japanese cities to European type cities amounts to apples and oranges as Japanese cities are, or were then anyway, almost totally constructed of wood.  The shock wave of a nuclear bomb would simply make ignitable splinters of the whole place.  It would not require a mass bombing to level and burn a whole city so why does he think there was such a thing that no one seemed to detect?

With some study, one could find many, many, questions in this strange fantasy.  It's not of the same caliber of the easily proven phony moon landing.

Gavin wrote:

Interesting article. I'd come across similar stories about this topic before but it's the first time I've heard about the use of mustard gas.

Henry, there is a possible explanation for your question about there needing to be hundreds of planes.

A squadron of 66 bombers took off on August 6th (666) to bomb the city of Imabari, even though that city had already been bombed to oblivion in April and May of the same year. Imabari is on the island of Shikoku and is only 35 miles from Hiroshima. It's possible that the pilots and crew were following coordinates given to them for Hiroshima while believing they were bombing Imabari. This would help keep the psyop limited to as small a number of people as possible and prevent word from getting out that the nuke story was a fabrication.

More about it here - scroll down to "Hiroshima VIDEO". It includes a short excerpt taken from a book on the subject about the bombing of Imabari.

The first news out of Japan reported that Hiroshima was hit with incendiary bombs. An AP article in the LA Times, Aug 7, 1945, noted that ... "Hiroshima Southwestern Honshu army center, had been raided by a small number of American B-29's with incendiaries and explosives at 8.20 am Monday."

If you look at pictures of the bombing aftermath it seems obvious that it wasn't a nuke that destroyed Hiroshima. Leafless tree trunks and wooden(?) utility poles can be seen standing, even right near ground zero (the dome). Photos taken from the air show roads have little or no debris on them and the Hiroshima streetcars that survived the bombing were up and running 3 days after the attack, as reported. (No EMP to fry the trams' electrics?)

Then there are these jokers ...

Eight Jesuit priests were said to have "miraculously" survived the blast even though they were less than half a mile away (8 blocks) from ground zero. The video says that the firestorm caused an area within 4.4 miles from ground zero to be incinerated and 80,000 ~ 140,000 people died instantly. Yet the priests survived because they believed they were living "the message of Fatima". They were examined by army doctors apparently suffered no serious injuries or ill effects from radiation poisoning.

More info for anyone that's interested. The Daily Bell wrote an excellent series of articles on the topic. On This Atom Bomb Anniversary You're Being Lied to About Hiroshima - and Much More to Make You Fearful -- The Daily Bell - August 06, 2016

Miles Mathis also does a great analysis.

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Comments for "Michael Palmer: Japan Nuclear Attacks Were Faked "

Palmer replies: said (October 14, 2020):

Mark A: "WHERE ARE THE CRATERS??? Not a single one."

That is a good point.

There also are very few witnesses reporting bombs going off on the ground (I have come across only two such statements). In my book, I
therefore propose that most of the bombs were detonated in the air.

"The scene looks exactly like it should from a Nuke"

That is patently false. The concrete buildings in downtown Hiroshima were mostly left standing, even very close to the supposed aiming point
of the bomb.

"this Palmer article is the biggest heap of bullshit I've seen in

A short piece such as this article can't possibly present all the evidence required to fully support its conclusions. Serious readers may
avail themselves of the book, which discusses the evidence in detail.

Gavin: some interesting pointers, thanks. However, that Daily Bell recites Crawford Sams and his estimate of 2000 casualties at Hiroshima.
That is way too low - it was at least tens of thousands that very day, and many more over the weeks and months that followed. Sams is right
about the discrepancy between claimed and really observed destruction of buildings though.

Ed: makes some interesting claims, but offers no sources. Adding those would be valuable.

E K said (October 14, 2020):

Just as an aside to the Hiroshima/Nagasaki alternative viewpoint ... You should read up on how our forces were going to use mustard gas during WW II ... It happened at Bari, Italy ... We had the gas stored there in preparation for a attack on the Germans ... The only problem is that they attacked before any of the gas could be deployed ... Consequently, at least 2, 000 people lost their lives as a result of the release of the deadly gas ... And our wonderful government worked hard for years to keep this secret from all of us


Thanks, EK

they didn't keep it secret from this site!

Mark said (October 14, 2020):

Henry, I love you, man, but this Palmer article is the biggest heap of bullshit I've seen in awhile!! You should know better than to give this fraud any space.

Bombed with conventional ordnance?? WHERE ARE THE CRATERS??? Not a single one. The scene looks exactly like it should from a Nuke, NOT from conventional bombing!

Ed said (October 13, 2020):

The article of the Japanese atomic bomb attacks being faked is possibly not correct. The first attack in modern history (there is evidence to support one such attack in ancient northern India) happened against the Russian forces outside Riga, Latvia before the WW II German surrender. There is and has been strong conjecture that the uranium that was used in that attack was the same as the Hiroshima/Nagasaki weapons.

In fact to this day, that type of weapons-grade uranium has never been found anywhere in Europe in any appreciable quantity after WW II. Also, Germany had supplied Japan (via submarine) with the knowledge and partial equipment support to develop its own nuclear project !!

There have been more alternative views/opinions on this matter than one would think until the personal realization strikes home of all the control and manipulations exerted over all sides was immense, as it is still in our illusory world.

David C said (October 13, 2020):

The first researcher to convince me nuclear bombs don't exist was Eric Dubay.

Eric Dubay also convinced me we don't live on a spinning ball, there is no outer space, so no alien invasion possible, rather I believe it's a demonic invasion.

Nuclear bombs are an existential threat, and could be used as an excuse to attack Iran "so they can't get the bomb", and Iraq too was accused of working on a nuclear bomb.

The fake CV-19 pandemic is fake, viruses another existential threat. has exposed how CDC admitted they have no SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Environmental destruction is also used as an existential threat, and the reason for Agenda 21/30, which will be used to cull and enslave humanity forever if not stopped.

Who is the evil entity setting humanity up for enslavement and destruction? seems to prove Jesuits are the tip of the spear, along with cabalistic Jews.

I believe satan is at the top of the pyramid of pyramids of power, over even Jesuits and cabalistic Jews. God is on our side, but humanity must do God's will to save ourselves.

The cooperative model is proven to work, when the seven cooperative principles are followed. Cooperation with love and the golden rule is the only system that makes sense.

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