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I am a Sinner

September 23, 2020


The most painful thing about dying is not having lived.

Like the narrow stem on a funnel, the mind strangles the soul,

Consciousness (God) fills our soul but the mind reduces
Divine Truth to a trickle. We are asleep.

When they work, cannabis edibles break off the base
and allow Divine Truth (Reality) to fill our being.

by Henry Makow PhD

So far so good.

Last night I got high and Divine Consciousness flowed into my being.

I vowed that I would not allow another day to be blighted by the vicissitudes of the stock market. I would not consult the market until the last half-hour.

I am a sinner. I have enough money yet I have devoted too much time and energy to nursing it.

This when I should not be distracted. Civilization is teetering at the brink. This is my definition of sin, for me at least. I am deeply ashamed that I was playing the market while Humanity is being handed over to Satan. Satan had a grip on my soul.

Thanks to cannabis turning on the light, I am confident I can vastly improve my life.

So far so good. It's 1.30 p.m. and I have not looked at the market. I am calm and collected for a change.

"No man can serve two masters... Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Matthew 6:24

Money is supposed to provide "security" but in fact, the more some people have, the more insecure they are. As Samuel Butler said, enough is always a little more than one has. The wolf is always "at the door." Poverty is a state of mind.

I wanted the benefits of change without making the effort to actually change. From now on, I will live a dedicated life. I will always live in the eye of God. I will serve God not mammon.

It's much easier to change oneself than to change the world. We cannot hear God if we do not listen.

A God-forsaken species, we must return to Reality or perish.


Satanists have taught us to hate people who love God. This is the meaning of Satanic possession.

The belief in Heaven held us accountable. We need to save our souls, not our ass. It doesn't matter if our souls actually go to a better place, the belief in Heaven will make the world a better place. We were put here to create heaven on earth by doing God's Will.

The COVID hoax has confirmed that a satanic cult -- THE CABALIST CENTRAL BANKING CARTEL --does control the world. We are in the fight of our lives. How do we resist when they have all the big guns?

When we are surrounded by dupes?

George Soros promoted the legalization of cannabis. Did he have foreknowledge of the #scamdemic? Did he think cannabis would make the people more docile?

Let's prove him wrong. Cannabis can show us the way to God. And God can show us how to
resist Satan and his minions.

Just loving Him is an excellent start. It drives Satanists crazy, especially if you mention Jesus.


First Comment from David C

Cannabis is a very important part of my life, and has been for ~50 years now (65 this year).  Cannabis can help heal humanity, and the world we live in.  Henry, you are another example of how an intelligent, intellectually sophisticated person can be a cannabis user - Carl Sagan and Dr. Feyman were both cannabis users too. I saw the negative comments you received about this subject, some people claiming cannabis is forbidden in the bible.  I believe the bible tells us to use herbs as food and medicine. Cannabis may be the key component of the sacred incense used by prophets to help them commune with God.  The bible also tells us we live on a stationary plane under the dome of the firmament, the luminaries revolving around above us, but most Christians seem to ignore that part too.  

I don't consider myself a Christian, because all denominations seem to have been corrupted, but I do believe there are important truths in the Bible.  Since many books were removed in 1684, including the important "Book of Enoch", I assume the remaining books were corrupted too, maybe some of them added which shouldn't be there (Deuteronomy?).

Besides being the most useful industrial plant in the world, cannabis is also one of the most valuable plants for food and medicine. I cured my late service dog's mammary gland cancer using homemade cannabis coconut extract.  She loved licking the cannabis-coconut extract off her infected mammary gland, which medicated her topically and systemically.  My new service dog loves medicinal cannabis too, and practically sucks it off my finger when offered.  We recently had to stay in for over a week here in Portland, because of wildfire smoke.  Since we usually take several walks a day, including playing and doing "zoomies" at the dog park, it was difficult for him to cope with the inactivity for that long period of time.  I made some coconut-cannabis extract from a high-CBD strain, which helped both of us sleep through that smokey period, getting in some restful hibernation.

I've suffered from severe depression during much of my life, likely related to addiction - or more likely causing my addiction problems, but cannabis greatly helps alleviate depression for me, so I can stop using addictive substances.  Humanity is going through a very difficult period, which will likely continue to worsen, so remaining spiritually healthy, and keeping our vibration levels high is of the utmost importance.  Instead of dwelling on all the horrific events happening throughout the world, I've been watching many videos about rescued animals at "The Dodo" instead, which always helps me feel better, as does listening to great music.  Anything that causes me to cry tears of joy is healing, and medicinal cannabis helps make that happen and keeps me living in the here and now.  For ME cannabis is healing, for others - perhaps not.  I appreciate your articles in favor of using cannabis, which I believe could help many more people IF they didn't have a false fear towards using it - especially elderly people (like me).

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "I am a Sinner"

Tony N said (September 24, 2020):

I was happy to see your title and the image of a funnel and to read the start of your article because I assumed it was going in a different direction.

Dr. Vernon McGee taught that the narrow path to God vs the wide path to hell that Jesus taught about was like a funnel.

The narrow path might seem restrictive, but as one progresses it opens wide and can experience true freedom and life the way God wants us to do.
The wide path might seem open, but eventually, sin (drugs, gluttony, sex, ...) enslave us.

Your article was interesting, but not the born again realization I hope and pray that you and many will experience.

As the wisest of men taugt "Seek truth and the truth will set you free"

As always wishing you God, truth, liberty, and peace.

Winston said (September 24, 2020):

The problem with cannabis use is that if you overdo it, you become less sensitive to the effects and then you need more and more of it in order to feel the same high. If your tolerance level goes up, it's a good sign to take a break and allow your neurotransmitters to replenish because cannabis use depletes them and you burn out. If the depletion is severe people can become extremely depressed and/or developmental health issues.
There's a negative side to abusing and overdoing cannabis. People that have abused it have to go on anti-depressants and b-vitamins and it takes time to recover. Can you afford to feel like crap for several months? There's always a price to pay for the high. If someone decides to use cannabis, make sure to at least be eating healthy and juicing and be in a positive environment.
Dependency and addiction to any substance to feel good or to feel high isn't the way.

Josef said (September 24, 2020):

your last article about cannabis is cool. I believe Cannabis as such was given by God to mankind for healing body and mind. Thats why it was attacked by pharma lobby because the cannabis can help in so many ailments including cancer. It is not a coincidence we have specifically designed receptors in our bodies to make the cannabinoids work.

Regarding psychic effect. There are I think various levels how to engage with it. It can have same effect as alcohol, to dumb us. It can make us aware of spiritual base of the world - can be good and useful. It can take us out of our body, lead us to meet 'spiritual masters' in the otherworld and this is too much. I think same as with other drugs, breathing excercises, yoga, etc you open self and can become trapped in Satans dominion and be lead to false path.

To round it up, I would support cannabis but only for healing diseases or for very careful usage as a recreational drug. Somebody will become aware of spirituality however what is really important that without Jesus we can be easily deceived by the one who is so clever to look like him, source of light. Unrestricted usage of cannabis can probably do more harm than good, I do not think you meet Jesus under psychedelic drug, so be very careful. But as you said the positive effect can be that you will become aware of the bonds of this carnal visual material world and have this shaken off you. This is something most of us would need.

Best wishes from Gibraltar


God is universal. Cannabis is a door to the spiritual dimension that Jesus taught.


DL said (September 24, 2020):

"I wanted the benefits of change without making the effort to actually change. From now on, I will live a dedicated life. I will always live in the eye of God. I will serve God not mammon."

Very happy you have reached the point of no return to the chains of this world and spiritual deceptions.

That said I can humbly attest that what you experienced is not dependent on herbs. It can be attained by a godly will which opens the mind and spirit. As the Scripture states "I love beyond our understanding". And the knowledge of the fantastic oneness of the Universe while vouchsafing and allowing the existence of the unique oneness of the individual, lat the same time.. Which is understood by very, very, few....we are of the same tribe.

Consider: Jesus declared himself One with God, One with the Holy Spirit, and One as the Messiah and that He Jesus (God) came to this world on our behalf. Henry you should now understand. No compromise, none of that.
Daniel Money has no value there.

G said (September 24, 2020):

Very cathartic confession/realization, Henry. Some years ago I was told that the origin of the word sin was tied up with ancient archery, and that if one missed the mark it was called a "sin." Resonated as true. So what to do? We keep practicing our aim. Your "sin," even with the havoc it wreaked on your psyche, was a venial sin, born of all the programming that comes to us all at a very young age. Succeed. Get ahead. Money is security. How good that you now find your real security in God, who, by the way, will not pay your utility bill. So, we strike a balance, and I'll add, we use what we have to embellish not only our own lives, but that of others. We give and help where we can. And because of these times, we keep awake to who's stealing what from us, from money, to freedom, to joy.

Having a spiritual bent is a sort of sanctuary, and you certainly have that. So you've got guidance a plenty available to you as it is to any who choose to listen. Conscience, heart, and common sense, dance the dance of a life worth living. Of course you know that you do not have the corner on mistakes and shortsightedness. It's pretty universal. We ALL have our "Gee I coulda handled that better" moments, and "Boy, I really fkd up."

I love that you keep on learning and that you are willing to improve. Is that not evolution?

RM said (September 24, 2020):

Drugs, porn, homosexuality, contraception, feminism, abortion, and other evils are promoted by the world banking cartel to promote the destruction of the individual and society and the enslavement of mankind.

The banking cartel took town China with Opium, and within a century, the weakened nation was ravaged by Communism.

It’s no coincidence that America has the greatest use of drugs, percentage-wise, in our history currently, and we are closer to a Communist/Democrat takeover than we’ve ever been as well.

Al Thompson said (September 23, 2020):

Do you realize that there is not enough cannabis grown in the entire world that can take away the pain of the Satanic communism? You can smoke that shit all night long, but at some point, you’ll have to wake up from the high and face this nonsense all over again. I think the legalization of cannabis is intended to make everyone docile and compliant. There is no benefit that comes from cannabis. There may be some medicinal benefits but I doubt it. It’s like being drunk; it will wear off and you’ll have to face the world again.

Of course, I think you’re pulling our legs with this one.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at