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Henry Klein: Sanhedrin - Head of the Illuminati Snake?

July 27, 2020


In 1945, a Jewish lawyer and writer Henry Klein (1879-1955) revealed that the thrall the Sanhedrin holds over the Jewish people is a template for totalitarianism. He wrote:

"The Sanhedrin now rules the United States, Great Britain, and Russia and with the atomic bomb, it has enough power to back up its rulership over all the world.  
The Sanhedrin today consists of more than seventy men. Their identity is well concealed. Their agents are legion. They use Jews and Gentiles to fulfill their purpose. Most of the so-called leading Jews in public and political life, are their agents. Many of the so-called leading Christians in public and political life, are their tools. Many judges and lawyers serve them. There is no antisemitism in the United States. There is anti-Sanhedrinism, but neither Jews nor Christians understand the difference, so thoroughly have they been faked by propaganda, which will be continued until the Sanhedrin accomplishes its end or its efforts results in complete destruction. We are face-to-face with complete ruin or complete reform."

The Poison in the Jews Cup (1945)
(from March 21, 2017)
by Henry Klein

The Protocols say we will keep our people herded together. The Protocols is the plan by which a handful of Jews who compose the Sanhedrin, aim to rule the world by first destroying Christian civilization. The Jews as a group, know nothing about this plan. They are as much the victims of the Sanhedrin as are Christians and those of other religious faiths.

The Sanhedrin operates through the Kehillah. The Kehillah is the controlling Jewish organizations ' in each community where Jews live. Most Jewish organizations are represented in the Kehillah. It Is the local Jewish governing body. All representations in it is by delegates apportioned according to the membership of the constituent bodies. Each Jewish organization, whether a lodge, fraternal order, synagogue or otherwise, is entitled to representation. This unity is in accordance with the advice of the late Louis D. Brandeis who urged Jews to "unite, unite, unite."

The Kehillah in New York City is run by an executive committee over which there is an advisory body. This executive committee is elected from year to year or continued in office. It is responsible for the operation of the Kehillah which is an old Jewish institution going back before the time of Jesus, who was Kehillah's target in His day. So was Moses Maimonides in the twelfth century; so was Spinoza in the eighteenth century; so was Jacob Branfmann in the nineteenth century and so am I today.

Why was I the Kehillah's target? Because I defended a Christian who was persecuted with other Christians, in the fake sedition trial in Washington, D.C., during 1944 and because I exposed and stopped the graft of some of the so-called pro-Jewish organizations and publications behind that persecution.

What has the Kehillah done to me? It sent word to all Jewish organizations that I am an outcast Jew; that I am a renegade Jew; that I am against Jews; that I betrayed Jewish secrets which I did not know existed; that I should be shunned by all Jews and by Christians who serve Jews. As a result, I have been ostracized by Jews with whom I have associated many years, many of whom I aided, and by a few so-called Christians who were good friends and clients and who have been scared away from me.

I have been surrounded by spies and followed: my telephone wires were tapped and I have been threatened by mail, telephone, and telegraph. Attempts were made to knock me off by violence and poison. This is all in accordance with the plan outlined in the Protocols which say we will exterminate those who oppose us; they will die as if from natural causes. The plan also includes my ostracism from my own family; the same as was done to Jesus two thousand years ago. 

One of the many threats I received, was sent to me from the Waldorf Hotel in New York City, where one of the so-called Jewish leaders lives. That letter denounced me in unmeasured terms after my opening statement 'to the jury in the fake sedition trial in Washington, D.C., in May, 1944, and said "without making any wild threats, you have been provided for.'' A copy of this letter is on file in the district court in Washington.

The brutality of the Sanhedrin is undisguised.

In Protocol 17 (there are 24 Protocols), it says: "Just as nowadays our brothers are obligated at their own risk to denounce the Kahal, apostates of their own family, or members who have been noticed doing anything in opposition to the Kahal, so in our Kingdom over all the world, it will be obligatory for all our subjects to observe the duty of service to the state in this direction." (Hitler was only an imitator. The word Kahal is English for Kehillah, which is Hebrew) .

In fulfillment of this program, the Kehillah intimidated my sisters and brothers-in-law so that they were afraid to have social intercourse with me even though I raised the members of my family from childhood. What can be thought of an organization that resorts to such base tactics?

Nothing that the Sanhedrin or Kehillah can do or has done, will deter me from my task of exposing those I regard as enemies of the human race. I knew nothing about the Kehillah or the Sanhedrin when I entered the fake sedition case two years ago, but what I learned convinced me that exposure of the madmen behind that persecution was absolutely necessary to save Jews and Christians from their diabolical design. I only knew then that such a thing as a Kehillah existed. I didn't know anything about it. I thought its purpose was benevolent -- to help poor Jews. I didn't even suspect the existence of a Sanhedrin and I regarded the Protocols as apocryphal. I didn't believe that human beings could devise such a mad program as outlined in them.

My understanding has been greatly enlightened. Not only are the Protocols genuine in my opinion, but they have been almost entirely fulfilled. The latest step in their fulfillment was the adoption of the so-called united nation's charter by Congress, creating a super-government, the super-government outlined in the Protocols which say that with the creation of the super-government, the plan in the Protocols will be fulfilled. The Sanhedrin will be in power. The

The Sanhedrin now rules the United States, Great Britain, and Russia and with the atomic bomb, it has enough power to back up its rulership over all the world.


I could never understand why for many years it was "thumbs down" on Klein in the newspaper business in New York City, where I had served honorably and courageously for many years as a crusader and graft exposer, at the risk of my life. I regarded such work as the duty of a newspaperman.

I was the leading expose reporter on the World under Joseph Pulitzer, and on The American under Hearst. in the early days of his newspaper career in New York City; and I was the chief investigator for some of the important official and unofficial investigating bodies. I exposed single-handed, more political corruption than most newspapermen, public officials and investigators put together, in a period of more than forty years of the sixty-six years of my life, of which, all but the first two years were spent in New York City. One of these exposures included the sewer graft in Queens Borough, N. Y. City in 1927 and 1928, by the late "Jack" Phillips and Maurice Connolly and their gang. By that exposure, I made the City of New York payback to the property owners of the Jamaica district of Queens Borough, five million four hundred thousand dollars of which they had been swindled by over assessment for sewer construction. This exposure brought about one million dollars additional income tax to the U. S. government. It cost me eight thousand dollars cash and two and a half years' time for which I received nothing. It caused the grafters to have four gunmen on my trail for five months.

Why was it "thumbs down" on Klein in the newspaper business? Because the Kehillah, through the Sanhedrin, rules the newspapers and because the Sanhedrin can't stand for an honest and courageous Jew. When I ran for Mayor of New York City in 1933, on the Taxpayers' Party and Five Cent Fare Party tickets, no newspaper in the city was permitted to mention my name though one or two did. I distributed three million leaflets to overcome newspaper suppression, in spite of which I received 57,500 votes though the Board of Election credited me with only 2607 votes and reported 55,000 votes cast for mayor but "not recorded." Ten thousand voters signed my nominating petition to enable me to run.

All this means that no decent Jew has a chance to be known to other Jews or to the people generally if the Sanhedrin wills that he should not be known.' Yet one of the leading lights in the Kehillah was associated with me in a real estate transaction only a dozen years before and most leading lights in the Kehillah know my career intimately. I was not a rubber stamp Jew or an orthodox and that was enough to bar me; besides I was independent and creative and that was taboo. The Kehillah tries to keep Jews orthodox and ignorant so that they can be more easily frightened and controlled. They want Jews to remain docile and obey orders.

Well, the Jews are thoroughly controlled, but for what? The reaction against them in all countries has been terrific. Should they continue to go alone as they have up to now and conform to the tenets of their self-appointed masters, or should they throw off the yoke and proclaim their freedom from racial and religious control? 

Unless they do the latter, the Jews are doomed. Up to now most of them have been counted as willing slaves. They have been fed all kinds of false propaganda to keep them ignorant and in fear. Jews and Christians have been used to stir up racial animosities, the better to keep the Jews herded together and in line. The Protocols say we must have anti-semitism in order to keep our people together even if we sacrifice some of them for the greater gain.

The greater gain for whom; for the Jews as a mass or only for the handful of power-mad Sanhedrinites?

Certainly, the Jews as a mass know nothing about the plans of the handful. Not one in ten thousand Jews know / what the Sanhedrin is doing. All they know is what the Kehillah, the controlled press and the faking propagandists, tell them. I stopped a great deal of this humbug and racketeering by my exposure during the fake sedition trial. I charged in my opening statement during that trial, that professional Jews were making a business of scaring other Jews in order to keep them in line and to be better able to shake them down. One of the results of my exposures was vicious attacks on me in controlled Jewish and English publications, some of which I am suing for a total of one million three hundred thousand dollars, for libel. 

Another result was repeated attempts to put me out of business, one communist orator in New York City urging my death in public speeches. These two weapons -- poison and physical violence -- have been used on many prominent persons who opposed some of those in political power in the United States and in other countries, during recent years. The Sanhedrin is, in my opinion, a greater menace by far, than the Mafia ever was. It is a secret world organization, backed by the power of great wealth in all countries.

First Comment from Tony B

This straight truth by Henry Klein brings back memories of my time with "Mady" de Shishmareff (1882-1970.) The terminology used by Klein is identical to that used by Mady, who spoke often of him and likely got to know him while she was indicted and spent time in court in the sedition trial.  

It also reminds me of her mention of when she was running her NY City half-way house for Russian survivors of the Bolshevik murder of Tsarist Russia (and her husband) which also included writing and circulating a regular broadsheet exposing Talmudic crimes as well as the facts she contributed to Henry Ford's newspaper on those subjects which became a major part of his "The International Jew."  

She revealed that a local Jewish businessman came to her mansion to tell her that all the Jews in the area knew that there was a "hit" out on her and to be careful of leaving the area but not to worry within it as they would not allow it to happen.  The assumption being that they approved of her exposure of the Talmudic criminal control as a welcome relief to themselves and their families.


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Comments for " Henry Klein: Sanhedrin - Head of the Illuminati Snake?"

Leo said (July 28, 2020):

The key to the Jew's power or success on this planet is that the paramount objective of their religion or cult is acquiring material wealth & striving for world conquest/control. In contrast, the religions or ideals of the gentiles are the exact opposite of that intent; instead they are preoccupied with some immaterial afterlife or worldly resignation like Buddhism & Christianity. Their behavior or morality essentially revolves around rejecting material profit & reality for some noumenal 'better world'. It doesn't benefit Jews for gentiles to possess or believe in a similar temporal materialistic 'religion'. Thus the main motive for inventing Christianity to supplant the more earth-centered paganism of the Romans and Germanic tribes.

For example, the Jews saw in Fascism a competitor or imitator for terrestrial control, thus they had to be eliminated since gentiles were 'growing up' & directing their attention to this world now & all its benefits. So as long as the goyim masses of the planet continue to organize their lives around ideologies that divert them from this world, instead of wanting to rule this one, the Jews or the Sanhedrin will continue to dominate the planet.

JG said (July 28, 2020):

It's as if we have all stopped living like we use to. We have become a fatalistic people just waiting for the next domino to fall. It's like we're waiting for things to happen because we have lost control of our destiny and no longer have the optimism or initiative to try to make a better life for ourselves anymore. Many of us are slowly becoming a defeated people void of genuine feelings and courage.
As we continue to comply with all these ridiculous and unnecessary COVID orders it tells us a lot about ourselves.

George said (March 21, 2017):

The remark about Spinoza is certainly right on target. Of the three great so-called Continental Rationalists (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz) he stands out for his integrity and courage. Incidentally, he is frequently called the father of modern Biblical scholarship. He proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the story of the Pentateuch being authored by Moses is totally untenable. This was a shock to the rabbinical and Talmudic system, since Moses allegedly spoke with God, thus making the Pentateuch in a sense (a tenuous sense indeed) the Word of God.

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