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Kevin MacDonald- The White Race in Peril

June 30, 2020


How did evolution bring people 
of European descent to a pinnacle, 
then turn them against themselves? 

"White people can no longer remain oblivious to the fact that most of their fellow citizens, and especially the media and their government, hate them. They cannot remain oblivious to the fact that they are destined to soon become a minority within the lands their ancestors have inhabited for centuries in the Americas and time immemorial in Europe."

Makow - Clearly White nations must adopt policies like Poland or Hungary if they are to survive intact. 

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Evolution is the theme in MacDonald's very ambitious book. How did peoples of Western European descent come to be different from the other peoples of the world? How do we arrive where we are, and what are the evolutionary implications for our future?

MacDonald's dissertation examines the topic of why his theme - the evolutionary interests of white people - finds itself beyond the pale of respectable discussion. Readers of this review will certainly recognize that whereas the civil rights of Blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics are a totally legitimate topic of discussion in Western Europe and North America, those of the indigenous white people are definitely not. It would be inconceivable to have a congressional white caucus, a university course in white studies, or a White history week.

MacDonald is an evolutionary psychologist, a scientist. He is primarily interested in explanations. Why? How did we arrive at this point? In his conclusion, he discusses various alternative paths forward. He states - analytically, not as an advocate - that Western descended societies seem to be approaching a tipping point. The animus against white people - straight white males in particular - is reaching a crescendo. White people can no longer remain oblivious to the fact that most of their fellow citizens, and especially the media and their government, hate them. They cannot remain oblivious to the fact that they are destined to soon become a minority within the lands their ancestors have inhabited for centuries in the Americas and time immemorial in Europe.

McDonald's thesis offers a dispassionate scientific foundation, an explanatory basis in evolutionary terms to support other, more popular books that have recently appeared. Douglas Murray's The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity examines the rise of an irrational, manufactured hatred of white people. Julian Langness' The Coming War in Europe and Guillaume Faye's Ethnic Apocalypse: The Coming European Civil War offers comprehensive descriptions of the way the problem manifests itself in Europe and prognostications of alternative ways in which it will play out.


The first couple of chapters examine the evolutionary history of Europeans starting in prehistoric times. MacDonald describes the development and migrations of several major groups, which he identifies with shorthand abbreviations. He devotes the most text to: EFs Early Farmers from Anatolia I-Es Indo-Europeans WHGs Western Hunter-Gatherers SHGs Scandinavian Hunter-Gatherers

Early farmers were dark-eyed, dark-haired tribes from the Levant who introduced agriculture to Europe by cultural transmission and replacement. They tended to be patriarchal, polygamous, endogamous, hierarchical, and quite tribal.

Indo-Europeans tended to be pastoralist warriors. They were dominated by the Männerbünd - it translates as a band of men - who maintained and egalitarian relationship among themselves but dominated the women, children, servants, and slaves that made up the majority of the population. Leadership is not hereditary but rather by selection among the Männerbünd. There was thus a reasonable degree of social mobility. A man with promise as a warrior could rise to be a leader. Honor was highly prized. Men fought for recognition for their prowess in war, their leadership and their generosity. Wealth was devalued. For a contemporary interpretation, and one prescription of what modern society needs and lacks, read The Way of Men....

Western Hunter gatherers, and to an even greater extent Scandinavian Hunter-gatherers were fiercely egalitarian warrior societies. Though not agricultural, they nonetheless developed complex societies that were at least partially sedentary based around the extraction of seafood and similar resources. They were even more egalitarian than the Indo-Europeans, in that they did not have an extensive servant/slave class. They tended to be monogamous and women tended to enjoy fairly high status. See Why Did Europe Conquer the World? for an analysis of the warrior ethos...

MacDonald argues that for some combination of reasons, including geography, Western and Scandinavian hunter-gatherers developed highly communal societies without strong kinship bonds. They married exogenously. Thus, the communal group consisted of warriors who had proven themselves in leadership and combat rather than members of an extended family. This was true as well of the top ranks of the Indo-Europeans, the Männerbünd, though it did not apply to the more numerous lower ranks in those societies.

MacDonald further argues that the above-named traits led to individualism. The harsh northern European environment required a lot of intelligence to survive and leave offspring. Exogenous, monogamous mating created married couples matched in ability, each with considerable status within the family and community. Individuals rose within the community on the strength of their abilities rather than family connections. This emphasized individual accomplishment - individualism.

He posits that the northern European hunter-gatherer society was so efficient, especially in warfare, that they withstood the advance of agriculture for a couple of millennia past the point at which it would have taken hold in less severe climes. This hunter-gatherer society was an incubator for individualism and intelligence.


MacDonald has a number of observations on the monogamy that was characteristic of - and only of - European peoples. As mentioned above, lifetime bonding to a single person made the quality of the mate critical. Mate selection in the harsh environment resulted in a great deal of evolutionary pressure for higher intelligence. Conversely, in agricultural societies in more benign climates a man would achieve reproductive success by controlling a large number of women - and the quality of the mate didn't matter as much.

Monogamy increased the odds that most men in a society would have a mate, and hence reduced competition and increased the cohesiveness of the group. Monogamy raised the status of women within society. Their work was needed and valued. The society could simply not afford to wall them off by rules of purdah that would limit their productivity.

Monogamy led to a higher age of marriage for women, placing her age significantly closer to that of her husband. In an individualistic society, this atomistic family was not held in the bosom of the larger kinship group but rather set off on its own as an independent economic entity. See James Q. Wilson The Marriage Problem. It could not happen until the husband was self-sufficient. This late marriage led to what MacDonald calls a "Low-Pressure" Demographic Profile" of longer generations, fewer children, and higher parental investment.


The Christian church has no institutional parallel anywhere else in the world. The church was a powerful organization that existed alongside, and often in competition with secular governments. The church was generally successful in asserting its right to tell the nobility, including kings, how to order their sexual lives. The church strongly supported the institution of monogamy, though whether the church instituted monogamy or simply incorporated a pre-existing cultural standard is still an open question.

Romantic love is a uniquely Western trait that evolved alongside monogamy and high investment parenting. The marital union was more productive if the husband and wife actually had affection for one another. Wilson cites evidence of romantic love in English literature as far back as the Middle Ages. MacDonald describes the demonstrations of mutual affection between European parents and their children, and notes their absence especially in African cultures.

Altruism is a characteristic of an egalitarian society with weak kinship bonds that has had far-reaching consequences. The warrior ethos required personal bravery and dedication to the group, even at the cost of one's life. Such a spirit of self-sacrifice did not develop in more hierarchical societies. MacDonald remarks on the extremely high level of altruism in today's Scandinavian countries. In the face of widespread immigration from groups that do not whatsoever share this ethos it becomes evolutionary suicide - pathological altruism....


Jews strongly opposed the immigration act of 1924 and worked continually to undo it, finally succeeding with the Hart Celler act of 1965. Starting with Franz Boaz at the turn-of-the-century, Jewish intellectuals had led efforts to paint evolutionary interpretations of human differences as immoral. There was never any hard science to refute the findings of early intelligence researchers such as Fisher and Pearson that there are significant differences in average intelligence among the races. Rather, Jewish academics such as Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen Rose and Richard Lewontin wrote tracts that attacked the motives of intelligence researchers and muddied the waters by questioning their research methods. Especially after the Holocaust became widely publicized in the 1960s, discussions of differences among the races, most especially in intelligence but certainly also in other personality traits, became taboo.

As a result, after 1965 and continuing to accelerate even today, there is a deluge of nonwhite immigrants into the United States and Western Europe. Pro-immigration forces have seized the high moral ground, making it taboo even to question such immigration. Even to raise the question subjects a person to moral opprobrium, epitaphs of racism, xenophobia, and the like...

MacDonald concludes that the white people's own altruism has been turned against them. White people alone are forbidden to defend their own ethnic self-interest. And - those who most strongly enforce this injunction are white people themselves, of course with strong support from the Jews who find it in their own self-interest to disempower the whites.

MacDonald observes that white people are becoming more and more aware of their precarious position. Whites, and whites alone, are not allowed to recognize their ethnic self-interest. Whites are projected to become a minority in almost all of their historical lands by the end of this century. Whites are openly despised and persecuted in their own countries by Blacks and Muslims. The Jews in general openly side with the minorities attacking the whites. Other minorities are conspicuous in their reluctance to support the whites.

As a result, white support for the Republican party has increased by a couple of percentage points in each presidential election over the past half-century. The last Democratic presidential candidate to receive a majority of the white vote was Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Things seem to be reaching a tipping point, with the level of civil unrest in 2019 approximating that of the civil rights era half a century ago.

This is an overview of a few of the themes in the book. MacDonald's table of contents is extremely detailed and useful. It is included here as the first comment. For another thorough review, search on "Why Are Whites Committing Suicide?" Kevin MacDonald


First Comment from Leo (not an endorsement)

The original sin or cause of the white race's present peril was explicated by Nietzsche in his 'Twilight of the Idols' where he posited that Jewish Christianity was created with the intentional aim of weakening & degenerating the natural instincts of Aryans or European gentiles.

He wrote: "Christianity springing out of a Jewish root, and only comprehensible as a growth of this soil, represents the movement counter to every morality of breeding, of race, and of privilege: it is anti-Aryan religion par excellence.."

Morals & instincts are dependent upon breeding or genetics. The main motif of Nietzsche's book is that through the state institution & dogmatic administration of Jewish Christianity a specific type of man with sick/unnatural instincts was selected to proliferate over the type with healthy natural instincts. The Church desired a slave class, thus a subservient tame altruistic egalitarian type was formed out of the racial stock, which became the majority of the population over time. Thus the enemies of this scheme (the 'pagans', 'heretics' & 'witches') were hunted down because they possessed the traits/instincts (intelligence, freedom, egoism, ethnocentrism) the Jewish created Church deemed incompatible with their 'new man'.

Its similar to a farmer selectively breeding what traits or instincts are to be passed on contrary to those which are to be suppressed. Thus the answer to why the great majority of the white population are meekly submitting to their planned extinction is simply because of the centuries-old socio-biological program of Jewish Christianity.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Kevin MacDonald- The White Race in Peril"

JJ said (July 1, 2020):

would chalk up the demise of the white race to two other things rather than individualism.

1) There is ferocious jealousy on the part of non-whites to look and act and think like Europeans and there is, therefore, a strong belief that half-white offspring is much better than pure-blooded non-white offspring.

2) There is also a great amount of outright denial on the part of whites concerning this hatred towards us. I seemingly can spot this stuff a mile away when others can't. Non-white girls come up to me all the time and say things like, "I will only date a white guy", or "I'm only attracted to white guys." My initial and consistently forever response to this is, "You're racist," whereas the next white guy says, "I'm loved."

I can spot a non-white guy a mile away who is determined to usurp white male drive, leadership, and authority, and to nab a white woman ( his near-orgasmic frenzy around white women should be a sign). It's very obvious when seeing the guy in action. Most white guys though say, "Well, I guess I'll have to find another job and another wife." I'm simply left too stunned to even respond to this type of reaction. We have an enemy in our midst who hates us and all we want to do is say, "Take it all and destroy us."

JG said (June 30, 2020):

The face of White Identity has changed in America ever since the early 1900s. Back then even the social integration between the Northern and Southern European population was considered a bold move especially when it came to marriage. However, their offspring may have produced the greatest generation of Americans ever. They were predominantly Christian in their beliefs and culture and this resulted in the best years America may have ever had.

This all started to take a turn South when the globalists set out to create a new multicultural identity in America. They began to favor third world immigration over European immigration. This was designed to change American Identity. They also tried to invent a new black identity through the Civil Rights Movement in the late 60s that would be contrary to American ethics and values but it failed time and time again. It created a nightmare Welfare State in Urban America that still hasn't recovered to this day. The US government spent trillions of dollars over the years on this project trying to accomplish the impossible. It may have worked in some of the televised sitcoms but the reality was a different story.

Asian and Indian immigration turned out to benefit America. These people are content to mingle with their own and don't demand support to survive at all. They have a hard-working ethic with strong family values and many have deservedly prospered in only one generation in America.
Today White Identity is a bad word because they don't want the white population to have an identity at all. They have produced a self-hating millennial generation to support their agenda for their own demise. The globalist agenda is to destroy the heritage of all the White European nation-states along with America and their constitutional governments.

Traditional White Identity today has been replaced by the globalist subculture calling for the destruction of all inherited beliefs and traditional national heritage. And, if this is not successfully challenged the results will be horrific for all parties involved.

Robert K said (June 30, 2020):

I haven't read Prof. MacDonald's book, but on the basis of this review, it seems as if he made little of the fact of two millennia of Christian influence in Europe and the Americas. The usual temptations of acquiring and keeping power over others led to much brutality in these locales--as in other regions of the world--but there was always an upwelling influence from people who had absorbed the Christian ethic. MacDonald finds environmental and evolutionary causes for phenomena that are clearly consistent with New Testament teaching, which acceptance of the Doctrine of the Trinity gave divine authority within Christendom. What did Jesus say about the traits MacDonald attributes to European society?

Individualism: "...why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right?" (Luke 12:57) “Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it will be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." (Matthew 7:7-8)

Monogamy: "For this, the cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife[singular]... Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." (Matthew 19:5-6)

Family love: "Whosoever...shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone was hanged about his neck, and that he was drowned in the depth of the sea." (Matthew 18:4-6)

Altruism: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13)

MICK said (June 30, 2020):

The best line in this article is your own comment Henry – “Clearly White nations must adopt policies like Poland or Hungary if they are to survive intact”.

I could see that happening in Eastern Europe, not so easily in Western Europe, but chances for something like that in North America are minuscule. The Whites here, especially in Canada, are either afraid of their own ancestry and skin color or they truly dislike their own race because of decades of the communist/liberal brainwashing. The family/Christianity/monogamy and other virtues of the White race that got mentioned in the article lie in ruins here in North America. Families are being destroyed by aggressive feminism & alienation of a heterosexual White man, the promotion of selfishness, “uniqueness”, sodomy, “multiculturalism”, obesity, and all kinds of primitive African/Asian body or social mutilations (tattoos, body piercing, narcotics consumption) that are at full swing. Unless some major political “silent majority” coup happens in the USA and Trump survives, there will be no future for Whites with human filths like Biden, the Clintons, Pelosi, Gates, etc. and their Wall Street Rothschild bosses. The USA is a battleground nowadays and we can only hope Trump and his men actually start doing something instead of just spewing some harsh & empty rhetoric.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at