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Archbishop Vigano Sees Humanity Under Satanist Attack

June 14, 2020

"Just as there is a deep state, there is also a deep church that betrays its duties and forswears its proper commitments before God. Thus the Invisible Enemy, whom good rulers fight against in public affairs, is also fought against by good shepherds in the ecclesiastical sphere."

Carlo Maria Viganò, left, was Papal ambassador to the US from 2011-2016. He is now
Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana, part of Kosovo.  As a servant of God, he is a rogue figure in the RC Church. In 2018,  he released a blockbuster 7,000-word public letter calling for Pope Francis to resign and accusing him of both covering up sexual abuse charges against prominent clerics, including then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, and promoting a "homosexual current" in the Vatican curia.

Letter to Donald Trump

June 7, 2020

Holy Trinity Sunday

Mr. President,

In recent months we have been witnessing the formation of two opposing sides that I would call Biblical: the children of light and the children of darkness. The children of light constitute the most conspicuous part of humanity, while the children of darkness represent an absolute minority. 

And yet the former is the object of a sort of discrimination which places them in a situation of moral inferiority with respect to their adversaries, who often hold strategic positions in government, in politics, in the economy, and in the media. In an apparently inexplicable way, the good are held hostage by the wicked and by those who help them either out of self-interest or fearfulness.

These two sides, which have a Biblical nature, follow the clear separation between the offspring of the Woman and the offspring of the Serpent. 

On the one hand, there are those who, although they have a thousand defects and weaknesses, are motivated by the desire to do good, to be honest, to raise a family, to engage in work, to give prosperity to their homeland, to help the needy, and, in obedience to the Law of God, to merit the Kingdom of Heaven. 

On the other hand, there are those who serve themselves, who do not hold any moral principles, who want to demolish the family and the nation, exploit workers to make themselves unduly wealthy, foment internal divisions and wars, and accumulate power and money: for them the fallacious illusion of temporal well-being will one day - if they do not repent - yield to the terrible fate that awaits them, far from God, in eternal damnation.

In society, Mr. President, these two opposing realities co-exist as eternal enemies, just as God and Satan are eternal enemies. And it appears that the children of darkness - whom we may easily identify with the deep state which you wisely oppose and which is fiercely waging war against you in these days - have decided to show their cards, so to speak, by now revealing their plans. 

They seem to be so certain of already having everything under control that they have laid aside that circumspection that until now had at least partially concealed their true intentions. The investigations already underway will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the COVID emergency not only in the area of health care but also in politics, the economy, and the media. We will probably find that in this colossal operation of social engineering there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating to themselves the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations.

We will also discover that the riots in these days were provoked by those who, seeing that the virus is inevitably fading and that the social alarm of the pandemic is waning, necessarily have had to provoke civil disturbances, because they would be followed by repression which, although legitimate, could be condemned as unjustified aggression against the population. 

The same thing is also happening in Europe, in perfect synchrony. It is quite clear that the use of street protests is instrumental to the purposes of those who would like to see someone elected in the upcoming presidential elections who embodies the goals of the deep state and who expresses those goals faithfully and with conviction. It will not be surprising if, in a few months, we learn once again that hidden behind these acts of vandalism and violence there are those who hope to profit from the dissolution of the social order so as to build a world without freedom: Solve et Coagula, as the Masonic adage teaches.

Although it may seem disconcerting, the opposing alignments I have described are also found in religious circles. There are faithful Shepherds who care for the flock of Christ, but there are also mercenary infidels who seek to scatter the flock and hand the sheep over to be devoured by ravenous wolves. 

It is not surprising that these mercenaries are allies of the children of darkness and hate the children of light: just as there is a deep state, there is also a deep church that betrays its duties and forswears its proper commitments before God. Thus the Invisible Enemy, whom good rulers fight against in public affairs, is also fought against by good shepherds in the ecclesiastical sphere. It is a spiritual battle, which I spoke about in my recent Appeal which was published on May 8.

For the first time, the United States has in you a President who courageously defends the right to life, who is not ashamed to denounce the persecution of Christians throughout the world, who speaks of Jesus Christ and the right of citizens to freedom of worship. 

Your participation in March for Life, and more recently your proclamation of the month of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, are actions that confirm which side you wish to fight on. And I dare to believe that both of us are on the same side in this battle, albeit with different weapons.

For this reason, I believe that the attack to which you were subjected after your visit to the National Shrine of Saint John Paul II is part of the orchestrated media narrative which seeks not to fight racism and bring social order, but to aggravate dispositions; not to bring justice, but to legitimize violence and crime; not to serve the truth, but to favor one political faction.

And it is disconcerting that there are Bishops - such as those whom I recently denounced - who, by their words, prove that they are aligned on the opposing side. They are subservient to the deep state, to globalism, to aligned thought, to the New World Order which they invoke ever more frequently in the name of a universal brotherhood which has nothing Christian about it, but which evokes the Masonic ideals of those want to dominate the world by driving God out of the courts, out of schools, out of families, and perhaps even out of churches.

The American people are mature and have now understood how much the mainstream media does not want to spread the truth but seeks to silence and distort it, spreading the lie that is useful for the purposes of their masters. 

However, it is important that the good - who are the majority - wake up from their sluggishness and do not accept being deceived by a minority of dishonest people with unavowable purposes. It is necessary that the good, the children of light, come together and make their voices heard. What more effective way is there to do this, Mr. President, than by prayer, asking the Lord to protect you, the United States, and all of humanity from this enormous attack of the Enemy? 

Before the power of prayer, the deceptions of the children of darkness will collapse, their plots will be revealed, their betrayal will be shown, their frightening power will end in nothing, brought to light and exposed for what it is: an infernal deception.

Mr. President, my prayer is constantly turned to the beloved American nation, where I had the privilege and honor of being sent by Pope n this dramatic and decisive hour for all of humanity, I am praying for you and also for all those who are at your side in the government of the United States. I trust that the American people are united with me and you in prayer to Almighty God.

United against the Invisible Enemy of all humanity, I bless you and the First Lady, the beloved American nation, and all men and women of good will.


First Comment from Essel

It's pure cinema. Commissioned by Trump to win him a few votes? Sponsored by Francis to make him lose some votes through repulsion? Mr. Vigano is no more archbishop than my dentist and his "Pope Francis" is no more real pope than my hairdresser. The hierarchy and structures of the Church have been occupied by his mortal enemies since the death of Pius XII in 1959. Let's repeat once again, that to really be Pope, Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth, it's not enough to be elected (perhaps fraudulently, what's more), it's still necessary that the chosen one accept the office before God. 

Now, you can occupy an office that bears the inscription "Chief of Police", has been regularly nominated Chief of Police, and actually be the head of the underworld. It is very simple to verify, Our Lord has given us the method: look at his labors. Alas, the Marxization of the minds has reached such a degree that for everyone today, the "Pope" is simply an elected official like a mayor or a head of state, and the Church is a human organization like a political party, whereas it is a supernatural society: see the traditional.

Andrew M wrote-

This is a ruse. Both Vigano and Trump are despots. Vigano practically compares Trump as if he is the Christ. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Archbishop Vigano Sees Humanity Under Satanist Attack"

Tony B said (June 15, 2020):

Have been considering how to write a short message to the effect that all the evil that is exposed now, a million times and ways per day, is a waste of time to continue absorbing, unless each person reading or seeing it honestly resolves to return to God, to Jesus Christ His Son and Emissary on earth, to the real top power in this world, with true allegiance, true prayer, true obedience to God's demands. Otherwise, one may as well "eat, drink and be merry" for "tomorrow" we are sure to die a death we will not like if we change not.

JG said (June 14, 2020):

This is a nice sermon but we as citizens have a responsibility also. We need to find someone to hang the bell on the cat who is responsible for financing the now global BLK and the ANTIFA movements and hold him accountable. The elephant in the room here that nobody dares to mention goes by the name of George Soros.

This is the man behind the curtain that remains unchallenged by America and Europe. And, if he continues to be allowed indefinitely, along with his lackeys in the Democratic Party and the MSM, to promote racial division and civil unrest it will remain in a state of chaos.

How long can the free world continue not to acknowledge this invisible man and his subversive political organizations?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at