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Mike Stone - Corona Crazy California

April 14, 2020

Never in my life have I felt such disdain for the stupidity of my fellow human beings.

by Mike Stone 

Cowering behind closed doors, hiding behind medical masks, afraid to stand within six feet of another human being. 

Welcome to L.A. Never in my life have I felt such disdain for the stupidity of my fellow human beings.

 I'm talking about anyone age 15 or so and older who actually believes all the bullshit they're being fed about this #scamdemic. 

I'm talking about people that are willfully ignorant. Do you watch the television news? Do you believe what they're telling you? If so, you're a f-ing idiot. Sorry for the harsh language, but you are. And it's about time somebody called you out on it.

You're being conned, bamboozled, hoodwinked. They're playing you like a fiddle and you're so stupid you don't even know it. And of all the stupid people in all the stupid states in this country, clueless California has the stupidest.

The governor seems intent on inflicting as much economic and emotional pain on the citizens of California as possible. He was one of the first to order a statewide lockdown. Citizens were ordered to stay at home and "non-essential" businesses ordered to close. 

My neighborhood, once thriving and vibrant, now looks like a post-apocalyptic ghost town. 

Everything is shut down. Of the few "essential" businesses that remain open, no one is allowed in without a mask, and no one is allowed within six feet of another person. Did you know that's it's actually against the law in this state now to go outside without a mask? And people are actually being ticketed for it?

Millions of Californians have now lost their jobs and the state is overrun with unemployment claims, but the website for filing claims never works and no one answers the phone. Businesses are going under left and right. Do you think the greedy property owners who rent or lease space to all of those businesses are going to let them slide a month or two because of this "pandemic"? Ha! Think again.

This state was already on the verge of bankruptcy and now this? Are you f-ing kidding me? They better keep those stimulus checks and food stamps coming. If they don't, California is going to see riots that make the Rodney King uprising look like a walk in the park.

There are two restaurants in my neighborhood that I used to frequent. The first is owned by a young Asian couple that invested their life savings into opening it. It's been boarded up for the last three weeks. The owners are the nicest couple you'll ever meet. I don't see how they're going to survive.

The second is a bar with a restaurant in the back. They remained open after the lockdown as a takeout establishment, but the stupid mayor of Los Angeles found out and cut their phone,  power and their water, forcing them to close. Hundreds of other businesses in this state suffered the same fate. Meanwhile, over ten percent of the jail population has been set free on the streets and police are no longer arresting anyone for thefts of under $1,000.

F-ing criminals are turned loose to rob, pillage, and rape, while honest people trying to work and make a living are harassed, shut down, and in some cases arrested. And nobody in this state gives a shit. They're all hunkered down, hiding behind their stupid masks, terrified of a damn cold virus. 

The slimiest ones of all are collecting reward money for snitching on their fellow citizens. Think I'm kidding? Hell no! The commie pukes running the show here are actually paying reward money for alerting them to "non-essential" businesses that remain open.

I pass women on the street. Some of them actually look kind of alluring with nothing visible but their eyes. But how can you remain attracted to anyone dumb enough to buy into this hoax? I'm at the point where I have zero tolerance for stupidity.

Once a week now I'm forced to wait in line with 50-100 other people, waiting for the local grocery store, which used to operate 24 hours, to open at 7 A.M. When the doors finally do open, everyone surges forward. I feel the shopping cart of the person behind me ramming into the back of my ankles. The first time, I ignore it. The second time, I ignore it. The third time, I turn around. The person pushing the cart is a middle-aged Asian man. His face is covered with a mask, but his eyes are among the most frightened I've ever seen. Once we get inside the store, he races off like a madman. I spot him later at the checkout lane, his cart overflowing with canned food and toilet paper.

There's a girl that works at that grocery store that I talk to. I see she's not wearing a mask, which makes her and me and a guy bagging groceries the only ones not doing so. I'm instantly attracted. She's the only person I've spoken to in the last three weeks who recognizes how stupid and retarded this whole thing is. Talking to her is like a breath of fresh air. Then she tells me that starting tomorrow all employees and all customers will be required to wear a mask in order to enter the store.


Is there anything positive about this scamdemic? Anything positive at all? If Hollywood crumbles and none of those talentless hacks ever works again, I would almost say it was worth it. But I can't see that happening. The industry has to be in line for literally hundreds of millions of dollars in bailouts. They just have to. They wouldn't be going along with this farce if they weren't.

Same with the fast food restaurants. Same with the newspapers and magazines that nobody reads anymore. Every slime bucket business will be bailed out, while every worthwhile one will either be destroyed or put on life support.

On a personal level, I'm in great shape. Forced to stay home all day, I'm doing pushups, I'm doing pull-ups; my body is strong as an ox. Muscles popping up all over. But for what? To live in a city of morons? To live in a country of brain-dead zombies?

Here's something positive: I'm praying more, and trying to make amends with people for past sins. It's a tremendous feeling to connect with someone from the past and apologize for any harm I might have caused them. Try it yourself.

Based on what I've observed over the last three weeks, if the U.S. were ever to get into a war with another super power, I'm almost certain we'd get our asses kicked. The people of this country have become weak, pathetic little cowards. And our so-called leaders are the worst ones of all. Where's the pushback among all this madness? Where's the slightest sign of intelligence and courage? Some Republican Governors say they're going to reopen their states. God bless 'em.

As for California, forget it. Forget about school in the fall. Forget about 80% of these closed businesses ever reopening. Forget about seeing any happy, smiling people from this state any time in the near future. It's all doom and gloom in the Golden State.

Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

First Comment by MA-

I sympathize with Mike Stone's bitterness towards the stupidity and gullibility of Western people. Real suffering is occurring but too many are allowing their emotions to be manipulated by our dishonest media and government; they are believing the propaganda. The lie is becoming so obvious, people are now culpable in the evil being perpetrated and in their own slavery.

I bring up the facts time and time again with people, and do you know what happens? They accept them at first and then mentally shut off because they simply do not have the moral character, intelligence and fortitude to accept the fact that the government is not acting benevolent in this situation and that there are truly evil people in this world. They become afraid and cowardly ignore the reality we are facing. They would rather be comfortable in ignorance than face the fact that we are in trouble. The watchmen are sounding the alarm and are being ridiculed. The enemy is at the gates and people are drunk, pretending everything is normal and okay!

People need to accept the fact that there comes a time when they need to act as adults and stand up for what is right. People need to shake themselves out of the idea that they are children in the hands of benevolent experts. For God's sake, its pathetic -- I never knew arrested development was so prevalent. Can the real adults finally stand up? Do they even exist anymore? I feel like I'm surrounded by dumb teenagers in an all encompassing existential crisis; it's so absurd, that it's practically a comedy.

And these teenagers have demonized and slandered me as unsympathetic, calloused, ignorant, stupid, dumb, a conspiracy theorist, a loose cannon, and as a murderer "wanting people to die -- we must protect our elders and vulnerable".

The last one gets me the most -- "wanting people to die -- we must protect our elders!". Did you know that residents in long term care facilities are now prisoners and are being fed recycled dirty air? Did you know that they are not allowed to leave their facilities, are not allowed to see family members, and (from what I've been told in the state of California and perhaps elsewhere) they are not allowed to even leave their rooms without being accompanied by staff? They are being cruelly massacred -- genocide.

Tell that to someone next time they try and trap you as not caring about elders. Our most vulnerable are being treated as prisoners and the response to this virus is murdering them.

I wonder how many grandmothers and grandfathers have begged to see their families or have begged to just be allowed to leave by now. But no, the government knows best -- keep them locked up!

Linde wrote -

Yes.  the Big Schmucks have 'brought to crisis' every Western nation. Yuri Bezmenov : Psychological Warfare , Subversion and Control Over Western Society

Especially relevant for the 5G rollout are his remarks on Hue Province during the Vietnam War at 5:03.

I write to you sadly, Henry, the organized social / economic collapse of the Western nations is the prelude to WWIII for Khazaria-Israel.  The Russian transports are landing in the airports of the EUSSR nations signed up to China Belt and Road.  The military hardware (aka Soviet 'coronavirus' aid) is rolling off the tarmac.  Defender Europe 2020 has now been positioned (Feb 2020) by NATO in Belarus and Ukraine. And as of March 30th they have officially  'cancelled it' - because of a cold virus.

Due to the Lockdown, the Gorbachev Foundation is now working from home (at the Praesidio).  The Praesidio controls the world-wide Revolution of the Fourth Comintern when the Supreme Soviet is not sitting ( as it is not at present due to the 'collapse' of the Soviet in Russia) Naturally, Gorbachev has called for world government. 

The Owners who always cover all bases will wait until Trump is re-elected because then he will not be able to undergo a second impeachment when he flips the script (as FDR did - he was elected on a platform of keeping America out of WWII).  But I would not count on this.  WWIII will go right over the roof of the world with EMP and scalar.

Still read your website every day as does the Home School community in my shire.  I have at last been persuaded to let our techies and graphies to get all my lectures and notes on the subject of the Communist Revolution online for the English speaking home school communities.  It will be instantly shadow banned of course - but the links will go out to the home school network.  I have told them to launch it for the Feast of St. George next week.

God Bless and God Speed

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Mike Stone - Corona Crazy California"

JM said (April 15, 2020):

Stephen Ben-Nun was on the John Moore Show yesterday, you can get a brief overview with minimal time expenditure. He’s on part of hour 1 and part of hour 2.

John Moore is an ex-Green Beret prepper and of course Ben-Nun is at odds with Moore’s views, but demonstrates patience and long-suffering when on with him. (Fruits of the spirit I’m lacking right now.)

I might use some of Mike Stone’s lines (in quotes) in the anonymous letter I’m writing in my head to my Coop as I explain to them why I’m going to show up in their sheeple slave-training lines as little as possible.

I regard my neighbors as potential enemies.

I am so angry at the stupidity I see everywhere because the situation is so dire.

Robert M said (April 15, 2020):

Yes, disdain is the word I, too, have had in mind lately. My disdain for moderns grows greater all the time. I see them out walking in the fresh air - alone - wearing a mask. I haven't attempted to present them with the mountain of evidence showing this to be an elite psy-op. I guess I've given up.

The divide on this reminds me of politics and religion. We talk to friends and relatives about the notorious Covid-19 lockdown, but avoid sharing what we think of the whole thing from a political angle, because we know them, and how opposite they are to us ideologically, and how it would be no different regarding this subject. I find the left is much more likely to put their trust in "the authorities" - including the MSM - and consider us conspiracy kooks, which, of course, is intellectually beneath them.

John T said (April 15, 2020):

Gotta tell you, Henry, the whole extended family got an email today with Mike Stone's article pasted from my sister Lisa that said, "What the guy says in this article is exactly how I feel!" Writing her back right now to say, "That's the best thing I've read on Corona since it started." Thank you, Mike for putting it like no one else.

JG said (April 14, 2020):

As far as Governor Cuomo opening New York back up for business soon, don't count on it. He has done a complete 180 from yesterday. What a joke, he's now saying the only person he'll defy is President Trump if he orders his state to reopen if he feels it's not ready. Governor Cuomo has really got the people in the 'Big Apple' going right now and if he told them to start jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge they might seriously consider it.
I really can relate to a lot of Mike's thoughts here. It's sad to watch the once "home of the brave" just sit back and take it on the chin like this. They don't understand that freedom is earned and if you didn't fight for it someone before you once did.
I hate to admit this but CDC and the WHO super investors and their enforcers are winning this battle against the world right now. They have successfully overthrown the constitutions of the nation states without even so much as a debate. Don't expect a cure for Corona 19 if they can help it. A cure would ruin their whole plan for a mandatory universal vaccine. And when that day comes you'll have no idea what's in that vaccine or the damage that it might due.

Al Thompson said (April 14, 2020):

I was going to write an article about this but Mike did such a good job that I don't need to do it. The only thing I would add is that the people who are wearing the masks remind me of Satanic cult members like Jim Jones.

They blindly follow their leaders without finding out the facts. When the cult leaders give out orders, the dummies in "law enforcement" and/or the military follow them. The ones who execute the orders are more culpable than the order givers. This virus nonsense is a hoax and the people in the government who spread lies and fear throughout the population should be shown for what they are; completely corrupted people. The government never has any authority to violate the natural moral order which is reflected in the commandments and the natural order.

RS said (April 14, 2020):

I've never spent much time in California and none in recent years -- but I can believe the stupidity index there is the highest in the nation. Hillary won the pop vote in California by 4.2 million, which means she lost the vote in the rest of America by 1.4 million. Thank God for the electoral college; if not for it, California would decide every presidential election

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