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The Satanic Theology Behind Cultural Marxism

February 15, 2020

(left, influential critic Walter Benjamin, 1892-1940) 

When I studied English Literature, I was mystified that it was 
stripped of its social and biographical context 
as if naked words had some occult meaning by themselves
"Critical Theory" (Jewish Satanism, Cabalism) has subverted 
("deconstructed") modern Western culture and undermined language as a means of communication. Our education system quite literally inducts naive young people into a Masonic Jewish satanic cult. 

"In order to effect the destruction of all collective forces except ours we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism, the universities, 
by re-educating them in a new direction."  Protocols of Zion, 16     

Jews (and Freemasons) have a choice: Disown their organizations, or be blamed for what they are doing. 


from Jan 30, 2016

by Ayesha Elfathi

Abridged by

 In every conversation about Cultural Marxism, Walter Benjamin is often overlooked, but this is a mistake. 

Benjamin loaded his writings on literature and culture full of concepts and terminology from the kabbalah and the occult. In an early piece, The Task of the Translator, he claims that all modern languages are incomplete and can never give a completely accurate description of anything on the surface until society and language become "whole."  This is a clear reference to the kabbalistic "shattering of the vessels."

The ideas expressed in this text would become the backbone of deconstructionism, the technique used by cultural Marxists to prove that words can mean anything and all things are "social constructs." He died young by his own hands while fleeing Nazi persecution but right before doing so he wrote a short essay which combined Marxist "historical materialism" with kabbalist mysticism. 

Keeping with the semi-Gnostic kabbalist narrative of the "broken God" that inflicts His suffering onto Mankind, Benjamin claimed all human history was a history of suffering and all human culture was barbaric. To him, the only way to obtain mankind's liberation is to identify with the Marxist "class struggle"... The "oppressed" classes need to fill their hearts with hate, thus provoking them to destroy capitalism and Western Civilization. He says: "Hatred and [the] spirit of sacrifice...are nourished by the image of enslaved ancestors rather than that of liberated grandchildren." 

This spontaneous act will bring about communist revolution, which will bring about a mass redemption of humanity. This is exactly analogous to the Sabbatean idea that the Messianic Era will only arrive once everyone is evil. Mankind will no longer be divided according to class, gender, race, nation or any other identity marker. 



Erich Fromm 1900-1980 (making a Masonic hand sign) ... wrote heavily about Marx's theory of "alienation" ... In his book The Art of Loving, he frequently made the claim that capitalism causes people not to love each other, and argued that human relationships would be stronger under socialism. He also claimed that all sexual differences between men and women were socially constructed and rejected gender as something innate. 

By far the most notorious of the Frankfurt School, Herbert Marcuse, was influenced by this ideology. His book Eros and Civilization takes Freud's views on sexuality - which were absolutely Sabbatean claimed Christian morals distorted "authentic" sexuality and openly called for a society where the most sinful of sexual acts are considered normal. 

He also said perverted sexualities can help bring down capitalism and Christianity. His book played a huge role in the development of the American New Left, which gave us abortion on demand, feminism and homosexuality. 


It's clear that Cultural Marxism was heavily influenced by Sabbateanism which seeks to bring the Messianic Era by interpreting Jewish Law in reverse so that all sins become holy. Critical Theory, likewise, seeks to bring Communism by interpreting Western culture and its values in reverse, so that the things Western culture considers moral and good (such as religious morality, the family, and free markets) become evil and vice-versa. 


(left, Marcuse 1898-1979) 

This demonic theology is the main reason why Critical Theory pushes for abortion, homosexuality, the breakdown of the family, feminism, degenerate art, and total communism. It is why they condemned the so-called "fascistic nature" of the "authoritarian personality" as one who holds to traditional Western values, contrasting it with the "liberal personality" who was unable to live up to the standards of traditional Western values. 

It is also why Benjamin promoted disgusting art and literature all while celebrating the death of traditional Western art. Marcuse's concept of "repressive tolerance" also follows this model, as it promotes the censorship of those who wish to promote religious morality and traditional values. 

Critical Theory is indeed a form of black magic. The reoccurring theme in all of this is the tikkun, or the restoration of everything to a state of oneness. According to the Zohar, the Jewish messiah destroys the differences between genders, nations, religions and everything else. It is Communism in its purest form.


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Comments for "The Satanic Theology Behind Cultural Marxism"

Magda said (January 30, 2016):

Thank you for the straight forward explanation of Cultural Marxism and it's foundation the Kabalah. It is woeful that people in our modern Western cultures have been reduced to those who are quick to follow lusts, and who lack integrity. Cultural Marxism has turned us away from the values that we love such as compassion and truth and sincerity. In Islam those in the higher levels of paradise are the martyrs, the truthful, the sincere and the Prophets. This attack on our values is kryptonite to our souls,! In our societies those with decent values usually support the warfare state in order to bring on the apocalypse whilst the many who are anti-war are swayed by the values of Cultural Marxism without contemplating it's role in the societal breakdown.

In Islam, people with contaminated hearts will not return to the creator with whole hearts. Quran 26:88-89 "The day when neither wealth and children will benefit anyone, except the one who comes to Allah with a sound heart."

TW said (January 30, 2016):

Every time I read a story that discusses these guys, I immediately go to Wikipedia to confirm (how accurate the story is in all actuality). If the original story has facts, data and shows these people are terrible I am continually proven that anyone/thing that's communist, socialist, Marxist, feminism, etc will be treated as the world savings grace by Wikipedia. Thank you for bringing these things to light and the fact that every day I grow with the knowledge that everything I learned growing up and hear now is utter b.s.

Larry said (January 30, 2016):

Judaism (Pharisaism) is merely the redemption of Eve (Shekinah) in the spirit of Cain (tikkun olam) to restore Eden on earth (olam ha-ba) in defiance of the living God (Yahweh) in favor of death (Ein Sof)."

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