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Is Our War With the Nephilim?

September 19, 2019

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Genesis 6:4

The underlying current of world history 
is the war between Homo Sapiens, 
led by the Logos and his Prophets, 
and the Giants, the Nephilim, 
the sons and grandchildren of the Fallen Angels.

There is every reason to believe that Cabalists
are channeling these demons, acquiring knowledge
and power from them.

Anthony Migchels is the founder of De Florijn, the first fully fledged interest-free, privately operated currency in the World.

Migchels' Disclaimer: While I'm incredibly grateful for, and humbled by the Spirit's offer of friendship, I'm not a Bible believer or a member of any denomination. I have no desire or need to prove the Bible correct. I'm a mere truth-seeker, having come to the conclusion that the Bible and associated texts are right on the money in these matters. The above is not intended as 'proof', it is just a very short introduction to the narrative that has been evolving over the last few decades.

by Anthony Migchels 

Yes, with modern eyes, this brazen, clearly genocidal attack on the Bronze Age Empires seems criminal.

But the war was not against Homo Sapiens. There were Giants on the Earth in those days, and they were the offspring of the Sons of God. They were evil, and the underlying current of world history is the war between Homo Sapiens, led by the Logos and his Prophets, and the Giants, the Nephilim, the sons and grandchildren of the Fallen Angels.

They had not all been destroyed in the Flood, and Civilization was restarted by them. A famous example is Gilgamesh, the leader and founder of the Sumerian Civilization. He must have been at least three times taller, and ten times heavier than normal men. Above he is seen in one of the famous sculptures his contemporaries left. That cute little feline pet he's holding, is a 300 pound male lion.

When Moses sent scouts into Canaan, they came back and reported: "And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight." (Numbers 13:33).

These Giants were the men of renown that have been passed on in 'myths' and 'legends': Achilles, Hercules, but also monstrous miscegenations, as for instance the Minotaur, the monster of the Minoan Labyrinth, which seems to have been half Bull, half Man.

They were not just enormously big and strong, but also unimaginably intelligent: Gilgamesh himself must have had a massive cranium, just look at his head. A five or ten litre brain. Their mental powers must have been quite something. And this explains the 'unexplainable' high tech that is associated with all the Megaliths of the lost Civilizations that preceded ours. The builders of these structures had very advanced knowledge about engineering, astronomy, physics, geography, tool making, probably in many ways even more advanced than we are today.

There is an enormous, longstanding, and worldwide effort by the occult hierarchy to suppress all evidence of the giants and the remains of their civilization(s). But there are countless archaeological finds, and texts and oral traditions of basically every culture in the World.

These beings were involved in all sorts of heinous practices: demonology, human, and child sacrifice. The Giants were also eaters of human flesh. It's not cannibalism: they really are a different species. To them, we are mere game.

And these were the enemies of God and his Chosen People, Israel.


The Jews are not Israel, the House of Judah is only of the twelve tribes, and in John 8, Jesus clearly and directly accuses them of being of Abraham's seed in the flesh, but having utterly betrayed Abraham's God in the Spirit.

Religious Jews are fiercely against Zionism, and accept that God had ended his covenant with them, due to their disobedience, losing their rights to Canaan.

What happened? After 1177 BC, which is the date of the Bronze Age Collapse in the official timeline, Israel was supreme in Canaan and vicinity. But they started degenerating, under the influence of the Nephilim. Jeremiah accuses Israel of worshiping the Gods of the Nephilim, Baal, Moloch, etc.

Later, in the mid sixth century BC, the First Temple was destroyed and the Tribes of Israel were exiled to Babylon.

Babylon was a successor empire of Sumer, and it was also the place where Nimrod, another major Nephilim figure, built his Tower. It seems clear that the Jews were instructed in the evil occult knowledge of the Nephilim. This is now known as the Kabbalah.

Outright demonology is part and parcel of it. The texts relate how the Nephilim souls are refused access to Heaven, and are condemned to remain bound to the Earthly realm, without having bodies. They exist in some sort of parallel dimension.

There is every reason to believe that our current owners are channeling these demons, acquiring knowledge and power from them.

Sickeningly, the Jews are pretending to be Israel, God's Chosen People, and they are pretending that the rest of us are basically Nephilim. When the Old Testament speaks of the Gentiles, they mean the Nephilim off spring. The current Jewish playbook is pretending we are the soulless monsters like those that were destroyed by Moses. And that they have the right to use the same methods against us, as Moses used against the Giants.

While they themselves are in fact the tools of these Fallen Angels.

A good example is Old Testament Usury prohibition: God forbids lending at interest to his People, but NOT to his enemies, the Nephilim offspring.

It's a gigantic projection and identity theft.

It also puts the Jewish resentment against Jesus in a very different and relevant light. Of course they could not accept him: he was denying their 'right' to enslave and destroy everybody for the Fallen Angels, as they would be doing in the centuries after their destruction by the Romans.


The main undercurrent of our history is the war between God and his People, Homo Sapiens, and the Fallen Angels and their half human, half Nephilim offspring.

There were a number of key events: 

1. The Flood, the first attempt by God to cleanse the Earth, killing most of the massive Giants and their offspring, but some of the evil seed survived. 

2. In the Bronze Age Collapse, Israel was disciplined and instructed to be God's Chosen People, getting them to attack and destroy the Nephilim Empires that arose after the Flood. 

3. Jesus, who did not attack the Roman Empire, a monstrous tyranny of Usury and Genocide, but a seemingly small and inconsequential semi-autonomous province of the Empire held by the last known remnants of the Twelve Tribes, the House of Judah. Clearly, Jesus knew the game, and he realized that the Kabbalistic Jews would ultimately subvert the Gentile empires. 

4. We are nearing the End Game of the New World Order, which is the current and final attempt of the Fallen Angels to usurp God, make humanity worship them and their Leader, and ultimately destroy us.

The Jews are a usurpation of Israel. Instead of God's Chosen People, they're now God's Chosen Traitors, and the representatives of the Fallen Angels.

Through the Kabbalah, they know the secrets of the fallen angels and their offspring. This is the source of their power.

They have also been shepherding the Nephilim genes throughout the generations. This explains their obsession with bloodlines. 

Incidentally, it's not just the Jews. Many Kings did and do indeed claim all sorts of direct lineage to the 'Gods', ie powerful Nephilim Giants. Chinese Emperors referred to the 'dragon blood', which is what it is about.

This is NOT to say these claims were all (equally) legitimate, but it is the original background of the claim to 'divine right' for their 'bloodlines' to rule. I'm pretty sure these 'nobles' are full of shit, many 'royal' lineages are corrupt, but on the other hand, it's not for nothing they are so hell bent on intermarriage, often at the risk of inbreeding.

All this explains the evil genius and seemingly impossible scope of the Conspiracy. With a 10 litre brain (and the older incarnations were even MUCH more powerful) one can think ahead. No doubt about it. They are not 'aliens', but they claim to 'be from the stars' since the old days: the Annunaki (Nephilim) said the same things to the people of Sumer.

Moses was indeed a hero. His war was just: his enemies were simply insanely evil, and much mightier than he and his men were. He could only do crush his enemies with the direct leadership of God himself.

Israel will have to rise to the occasion again: God's Chosen People, no longer Abraham's seed, but those who are reborn in the Spirit and keep His Commandments, will be fighting the same enemies in the decades ahead. The Nephilim are coming back. Their genome is known to the initiated. With current technology, they are undoubtedly trying to genetically re-engineer them.

Perhaps this is what Jesus had in mind, when he said: "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

We are very close to the endgame, and young people will witness most, if not all of it.


Related- Chuck Misler has done great work on this stuff, and the others are building on him:

The Godrules channel on Youtube is a treasure trove; here's some perspective on the Giants and the Smithsonian coverup.

Rob Skiba also has great stuff; here is his take.

Some of these guys are nominally 'suspect' because they buy Zionism yadayada, but they are Bible scholars. Skiba has been waking up to the JQ.  But their work on the Book of Enoch and its contents is top notch, no doubt about it.


I was cured from the lure of the Nephilim fantasy by research, serious study of the Bible and prayer. There is a real industry spilling "Bible conspiracy" fiction about Nephilim, giants and altered DNA, making big money from books, conferences and DVDs. It's a typical American thing. The origin of this nonsense is the apocryphal book of Enoch with its fantastic tales of fallen angels and visions of the spiritual world.

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Comments for "Is Our War With the Nephilim?"

Chris G said (September 22, 2019):

The word "Angel" simply means "Messenger", not invisible spirit. Spirits without bodies do not get erections to impregnate women. The Nephilim are sentient tangible beings, distinct and completely different from Humans. Humans are not the only smart creatures The Creator ever made. The Nephilim appear similar to rodents, just as Humans appear similar to apes. The Nephilim that cross bred with Humans created a race of red headed Giants that have been found all over the world. It's not just the Jews that encountered Giants. The Piute Nation from Nevada, USA has accounts of fighting Giants with physical evidence that keeps springing up. Greeks, Irish,etc.. you name it, all have the stories about Giants, all of which have red hair, the recessive gene of the Nephilim.

Doug P said (September 21, 2019):

I don't believe that a human skeleton can support such a large being, allowing it to run and jump. You cannot build a high-rise out of styrofoam, it would collapse under its own weight, but you could build a house out of styrofoam and have it stand. If you look at the skeleton of a mouse and that of an elephant you can see the bones in the legs of the elephant are proportionally much larger, yet elephants cannot jump. If your theory requires flying saucers and / or giants, it should be abandoned.

There are more plausible explanations for what is happening. We are surrounded by people who have a statutory religion. Statutory followers are blind and useful, and tend to have more mental problems and have not fully evolved (Kohlberg scale of moral development) and are held at level 3 or 4 rather than rising to level 6 (True Christianity/universalism), making them useful tools. This is why our masters want Muslims but not Christians to repopulate the deteriorating West.

Lar said (September 21, 2019):

The 'sons of God' in the Bible could not be Angels, who are spirit beings and are not cable of begetting children or having any desire to do so, with human females. On Earth, Adam is called the 'son of God' as
he was created by the Elohim for the very purpose of 'sonship'. Angels, ethereal beings, were created for the Kingdom's administration only.

Therefore the 'sons of God' that cohabited with human females had to be off-planet physical beings who arrived on Earth on their starships, and on which some of them saved themselves from the flood by evacuation to
solar planets, and again returning.

Eric B said (September 21, 2019):

A lot of what is incarnating now Dr. Makow is soulless and if it is born with a soul there's a good chance it will be gone at some point. A lot of demonic incarnations and/or possessions which explains a lot of the evil we see in the world. And the ET component is definitely real as well. There has been an ongoing hybrid breeding program going on for quite some time with a variety of ETs involved. Our planet is one big mess. Actually a prison planet of sorts.

BM said (September 20, 2019):

Hi Henry,

Chuck Missler is well versed in the scriptures but he’s a Zionist.

Met him years ago at Church. He’s a card carrying member of the CNP aka (“Bilderberg Light”) & runs in the same circles as Alex Jones.

I respect his academic prowess but think it prudent to highlight this piece of the puzzle for those of the “awakening” who aren’t aware of him at this time.

Mike said (September 20, 2019):

Right now it is with the children of the Nephilim ie the raphaim and their current living descendants. According to my buddy Lt. Col Greg Rinchik the rephaim giants are coming back to the surface in 2020. Only real faith and copper bullets are the only thing that will stop them from eating you. His words not mine

James C said (September 20, 2019):

No. Our war is with an unbiblical fetish that has become almost universal.

The Nephilim were the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge, according to various interpretations of Genesis 6:1–4.

One interpretation suggests that the “sons of God” in this passage were actually fallen angels who put on fleshly bodies, had sexual relations with earthly women, and produced the Nephilim, or the “giants” of Genesis 6:4.
Thus this idea came to be known as the angel marriage thesis.

Supporters of the angel marriage thesis often rely heavily on the nonconical Book of Enoch, which is full of patent absurdities and blatant heresies, such as eartly women giving birth to 450 foot giants (7:11-12), or an angel named Phanuel being “set over repentance” (40:9).

In reality, the unbiblical myth of angels marrying earthly women and producing viable offspring is a Jewish fable that can be traced back to the Talmud and related Jewish writings (see Titus 1:14; Shabbath 146a; Yebamoth 103b; and Zohar 1, 28b).

Another source for the idea of “extraterrestrials” producing offspring through earthly women are the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, who turns out to have been a complete fraud:

IMO, there are many false teachers who have made an absolute fetish out of the angel marriage heresy. They have constructed an elaborate fable out of their fetish, and they are making money dealing deceitfully with the word of God.

The angel marriage heresy is also known as the “Seedline Hypothesis.” In his
book Eve: Did She or Didn’t She? evangelist Ted R. Weiland delivers a
devastating critique of the Seedline Hypothesis. His website is:

Lucie said (September 20, 2019):

Great article about the fallen angels and the Nephilim. Demons are their offspring, the Nephilim, who were killed by the flood but they are still here in spiritual bodies.

The fallen angels were imprisoned by God as a punishment for procreating with earthly women. Now CERN is opening the portal and they will come back. The worst ones are inside Saturn. This is what Kaabalah and Kaaba are all about. The black cube which is a hexagon on one of the Saturn s poles and the Devil s eye on the other pole of Saturn. They will open the way for them to return.

The tribe of Dan and the Feros or Pharaos are the Nephilim royal bloodlines.

And also the Cainites are of their blood because the Serpent had sex with Eve and Cain was of the Devil not of Adam like Abel.

Jews are descentants of Esau who was the son of Isaac and married Canaanite wives.

I believe, some of them might be of Judah but a big part of Judah are the Jutes who invaded Britain in the 5th century A.D. and who gave the name of Juta peninsula in Denmark.

Well, these are my theories and we ll soon find out how things really are because the End is at hand.

Frank said (September 20, 2019):

I read an Amazon Kindle book this past summer that totally supports what Anthony Migchels is putting down here, although in an unconventional manner.

"Egypt knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses"

This work is a short (cheap also, at whichever Amazon you choose) summation of what Arab historians have been saying for over a thousand years: That the "Israel" of the Bible is not AT ALL the Israel of history.

It seems we are dealing with a North Yemen tribe of Arabs who "misplaced" their homeland when they created the Torah in Ptolemy's Alexandria. Maybe it was less a translation than an ancient version of the Book of Mormon.

But Ashraf Ezzat gives an odd perspective about the current wars out there that dovetails with one of Migchels' links: That there's archeological evidence being systematically destroyed out there to cover up the ancient lie.

Whoever the "Alexandrian Jews" were, they were not from Canaan... and they caused REAL Jews a whole lot of problems, which continues to this day.

Christopher G said (September 20, 2019):

The word "Angel" simply means "Messenger", not invisible spirit. Spirits without bodies do not get erections to impregnate women. The Nephilim are sentient tangible beings, distinct and completely different from Humans. Humans are not the only smart creatures The Creator ever made. The Nephilim appear similar to rodents, just as Humans appear similar to apes. The Nephilim that cross bred with Humans created a race of red headed Giants that have been found all over the world. It's not just the Jews that encountered Giants. The Piute Nation from Nevada, USA has accounts of fighting Giants with physical evidence that keeps springing up. Greeks, Irish,etc.. you name it, all have the stories about Giants, all of which have red hair, the recessive gene of the Nephilim.

Pedro said (September 20, 2019):

All this focus on huge brains, what about the other end of the wick? How did huge penises ( I assume) go down with the relatively diminutive fair maidens in the fields, and how did the birthing process go? Was it IVF
and Ceasarian's (if I can use that word for b.c. affairs) or GM in labs and dumbed down metaphors for the records.

"I don't know" is all I should say, but that would be a boring comment.

DD said (September 19, 2019):

I have read THE BIBLE FRAUD by Tony Bushby. I don't think that it should be used to back up any theoretical construct such as this. Bushby and his research has been widely critiqued. I disagree with him in that Jesus was a real teacher not a fabrication contrived from the lives of 2 brothers. Christ true teachings are more or less set out in the Essene Gospel of Truth Bk 1. I agree with Bushby that AD 325 is the wrong time to have truthful expose of a bein born in AD 0.1. The Roman Empire produced the fraud for mind-controlling the masses, even unto this day.

I agree that giants, generally over ten feet tall, once roamed the earth. I do not know that they were ONLY evil. Archaeologists digs are showing huge skeletons globally. Even the Mahabharat book has evidence of people who could uproot a tree to smite an elephant with. We know nothing really of the existence of the giants. When did they live? Are they earthlings or aliens? Are they the ones who created the different shorter races in laboratories in different places on earth? If they were wonderfully intelligent and good giants, who created snakes, reptiles, sharks, eagles and other predators?

Migchels thinks that we are fighting the descendents of giants who are evil. Does he not know that that mankind is satanically possessed? Like Christ said in the Essene Gospel of Peace Bk 1, satan is also within the body. We have no tall people now. We know the elites/bankers are the enemy. We know that they are rearing us in this prison. We are divided and ruled, so that we fight each other instead of fighting the evil elites. The elites are called bankers, cabalists, illuminati, khazarian mafia, etc etc. That's who we fight. Maybe they are descendents of the Annunaki, the Nephilim, or the Reptilians. Maybe they are Marduk's brigands roaming the world. Those bodies are piloted from within by evil forces. Goyim, infidel, non-black, is all racist bull$#!T. In this, the endgame, it is fighting-to-win techniques that are needed, not speculation about an already identified enemy!

Larry C said (September 19, 2019):

The elongated skulls you showed on the website have a slight problem. If the people were truly giants, the faces would have been considerably larger to remain in proportion to the brain size, and the rest of the body. What the face size suggests is that the people were the same height as us, but the brain had additional components that were not necessarily related to intelligence. A larger brain does not necessarily guarantee more intelligence. We have millions of people today with larger brains (than animals and insects) and they’re showing abominable stupidity and ignorance. Don’t assume the giants were showing more intelligence than a gnat. Gnats have almost no room for brains, but they are geniuses at annoying people, and evading our attempts to send them to the next world.

Paul S said (September 19, 2019):

I don't know if it's kosher to link to other blogs in your comments, but there's an excellent and fascinating episode of the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast that goes into modern-day sightings of Mountain Giants in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana (i.e., 20-foot tall humanoids living in the mountains). Some people think that it was these creatures, rather than a "traditional" Bigfoot or Sasquatch, that President Teddy Roosevelt may have encountered and written about in his memoirs, as Roosevelt had his "Bigfoot" sighting in the Bitterroots. The episode also goes into some depth on the Biblical stories of the giants.

The subject matter is a little off-the-beaten-path for your blog, but I find it credible and immensely fascinating.

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