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"David Goldberg" Delivers a Challenge from the Illuminati

September 2, 2019

"David Goldberg" seems to be a psyop 
in which the Illuminati reveal exactly what
they plan and challenge us to stop them. 

 Are they inviting more resistance by revealing the script? 

by Henry Makow PhD. 

On his YouTube channel, "David Goldberg" said that the Cabalists rabbis who control the Trump White House plan to unleash mayhem on the world after their collaborators in the Democratic Party hand Trump the 2020 election. Under the cover of war, financial meltdown, power outages, food shortages etc. they plan to round up opponents of their Cabalist world tyranny and execute them. They are currently using the Internet to identify these patriot-martyrs who he estimates may number over 15 million. 

In the above recording, posted in May, "Goldberg" said he was curious about why he was being allowed to reveal sensitive information. Word came back that part of their belief system was "white balance" -- revealing what they are planning in advance to mitigate the evil they do. 

This is why he was allowed to reveal the plot.

"It's part of their atonement," Goldberg said. "They always tell the truth. The goyim are always told in advance."

This reminds me of the Protocols of Zion. Were they leaked deliberately?

The Cabalists believe "the sheep" are too dense and won't listen. "They are too stupid to do anything."  [Presumably, this makes the sheep complicit in their own demise.

He gave the example of the clues in the media which he calls "Easter eggs" in advance of 9-11.

"All of this is scripted. Planned years in advance."

However, sometimes the Timeline is delayed. He gave the example of an attack on Iran, using a false flag as a pretext. This has been delayed many times because of its unpopularity. "Goldberg," said in May it will go ahead in October.

Interestingly, "Goldberg" said a "Rabbi", "Netanyahu's religious leader" who operates out of the White House was furious about the delays and pushed for arms build-up. Goldberg said this is happening and could start a world war. 


"Goldberg" is presented as a Jewish whistleblower who was murdered in June. Despite what we know about YouTube, his channel has remained up. 

I was portraying "Goldberg" as a wonderful Jew who had sacrificed his life to save the goyim. Then I found out that there is no evidence this is an actual person. A well-connected journalist, there is no Internet proof he exists.  No evidence he was murdered. It's just a story and a single picture which is untraceable. 

Some readers think his voice sounds like Bibi's. That would be rich! Netanyahu spilling the beans!

Goldberg is a fictitious character. He is doing the thing he talks about. Delivering their message. [Taking your IP Address too?]

"I am telling you the truth," he says. "Only you can help yourselves. God is watching."

This is Illuminati speaking. 

They are revealing our fate and challenging us to prevent it. 

Are we up to their challenge? 
Thanks to CK for the tip!

I welcome comments about this recording.  What do you make of "David Goldberg?"

First Comment from George:

Logicians like to lay out different alternatives without subscribing immediately to any one of them. There are a number of possibilities here. 

1. The so-called FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) approach which is intended to terrorize and confuse. The speaker talks about being stalked, maybe poisoned, possibly being hit by psychotronic weapons, and warns that anyone listening may be tagged for future lethal disposal. That will discourage lots of people who now feel that repeating any of his material could lead to them being neutralized. The story is being forwarded by alleged associates that the speaker is now dead. 

2. Predictive programming. There was predictive programming for the Moon Landing hoaxes, 9/11, etc. The "Economist" covers love to use predictive programming. It spooks people out and makes them feel helpless. This is basically your interpretation, and a good one. The Marxist mantra of historical inevitability is a version of this. The idea is that resistance is useless. 

3. The speaker could be on the level, genuinely putting out a warning. The voice can be altered (an old technique, not a new one) and the current technology for creating false faces could have been used here. As long as one takes a photo of the artificially generated face rather than putting it up directly in Photoshop or whatever, detection could be very difficult. Someone out there should surely be able to recognize a real person. If there is a complete blank on that topic, there is a possibility that we are looking at a synthesized face of a standard that would have been utterly impossible in the past. Under this interpretation, the speaker could simply be disguising his or her identity. The fact that the material presented is consistent with abundantly verifiable material can be taken either as an attempt to scare people away from repeating such material or as exposure of that material to people who had not heard it before. 

There may be other interpretations. Whatever the truth of the matter, it is clearly a very important development in the information war. 

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Comments for ""David Goldberg" Delivers a Challenge from the Illuminati "

Gabriel said (September 4, 2019):

Very interesting your stuff about David Goldberg. It might be a fake but it rings true. The fact that there is no info on this guy makes me think that is made up. At the same time the Illuminati plan that he spells out makes a lot of sense; it's just a matter of time till they come for us; I don't think is gonna be so soon though. But you never know,

When I was growing up back in my country (Argentina) in the 70's that is exactly what happened. Suddenly they started to abduct political dissidents in the middle of the night, to be tortured and never to be seen again; to this day there are more than 30000 disappeared Argentinians. They did it very quietly and not too many people were conscious of what was going on for the first couple of years. I learned what a scary world we live in way back then. I met a couple of my father's friends that survived that told me how they would pull their teeth without anesthesia and stuff like that. If they ever come for me I'm going down shooting.

MG said (September 4, 2019):

Whatever the case may be, whether this guy was real or not what he states does seem to connect with the bigger picture of what's going on in the world:

the worldwide economy slowing down everywhere because of the US-China trade war.

the protests in Hong Kong clearly being a CIA/MI6 operation to provoke the Chinese into a Tiananmen style crackdown that would give NATO a pretext to get more openly involved in Asia, which could all lead to WW3.

German Deutsche Bank (which is the base of the German economy as well as the EU economy) showing very real signs of being on the brink of collapse by recently firing/laying off about 18, 000 workers ... when an institution starts firing people you know the higher-ups are getting really desperate.

Trump throwing out the idea of being for gun restrictions and red flag laws in the US and threatening to force all US companies to have to get out of China by using an Emergency Executive Order.

Also, this connects with the prediction I have had since 2017 (after about a year of observing Trump as President) that he won in 2016 to prepare the US for WW3 (also prepare the country for Martial Law) and that he will win in 2020 to bring those 2 things to fruition ... so I believe between 2020-2024 Trump will be "forced" probably by Democrats to create Martial Law and "coerced" by Neo-Cons and Zionists in his administration to start WW3.

So probably the next year will be a year filled with plenty of show, and rumors of war but I expect the big fireworks inside the US and globally to happen after his reelection in 2020.

Christine said (September 4, 2019):

The Zionists are deluded and are not going to get anything (except annihilation via Rome, of course: The evil figs are always destroyed by their lovers, and all they have ever been in someone's whore).

Mr. Trumps's Zionist take-over of America (Manasseh) will fail.
Mr. Boris Johnson's Zionist take-over of the UK (Ephraim) will fail.


Because God wants it that way:

“Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured.”

Mountains of Israel = great Christian nations.
All the people with thee = Khazar fake jews brought in to populate the middle east.

We have been 70 years in Babylonian captivity for our sins, but it is now coming to its end.

Jesus Christ is the Third Temple.
Jesus Christ is the Messiah.
Jesus Christ is coming

Andrew S said (September 4, 2019):

David Goldberg "challenged the smart people "and I am not smart" that man's voice is that of Netanyahu. Check it!

Jane said (September 4, 2019):

I don't think people understand that you think this picture and the whole video claiming 'extermination' is fake. (And so do I)

People are sending it to me as if it's real... who knows what some nut would do with it?

I highly doubt they could exterminate millions just because they do not support Israeli govt or support BDS.

Most do it quietly…

I hope you can clarify this on your site.


Thanks Jane

I believe the Illuminati is behind this video or David Goldberg would be a real person who actually was murdered as they claim. However, I believe we are headed in a direction where anyone who opposed Cabalist Jewish domination will be labelled an "antisemite" and could indeed suffer this fate. It's in the Noahide Laws. Trump is calling for the "destruction" of "antisemites.."


Terry said (September 4, 2019):

Henry, the reason the genius clowns of death reveal themselves is they know the rules of the bible. Nothing is hidden, all is revealed right in your face. There will be no phony fence-sitters telling, the Judge of their life's' decisions and choices, " I was not aware of the signs of the times, I was not shown, I have been cheated, I was not told of the urgency of the hour." All the mewings of cowardice from souls who have chosen to be uninformed will fall on deaf ears.

The prosecutor will reveal the Akashic Records and the soul being judged will be convicted by the Spirit that created it. The Truth is everywhere evident for those with an eye to see, and a listening Ear to hear. There are no fence-sitters in the Judgment Hall.

After finally finding the Truth, I know the magnanimity of Love and I will, decree, and pray for the enlightenment and salvation of all of my human family, deluded or in the various stages of awakening. I will Love to all. Father and Mother peace be to all.

Thank you for all your missives, Henry, they are all educational, mind-altering and synaptic stimulators. I know God blesses you in your worthwhile endeavor.

Tony B said (September 3, 2019):

I think you've got it figured, Henry. Everything fits.

Paul S said (September 3, 2019):

I responded to your first article on David Goldberg. I didn't bring it up in my response then, but at time I strongly suspected that David Goldberg was a complete fraud -- if only because the name is so comically Jewish. I've literally used the same identical pseudonym ("David Goldberg") when trolling online forums under an assumed Jewish identity. That was a huge hint for me.

Americans look at what happened to Germany and Russia in the 20th century and project that the same fate inescapably awaits them. I don't believe this to be the case. Jewish genocidal wrath is directed almost exclusively towards the Slavic race (70M dead Russians just under Soviet rule, not counting WWII deaths), or to related ethnic groups that have a shared and deeply intertwined history with the Slavs, like Armenians or Germans.

The fact that some of your readers have already commented hysterically about "plain-clothes Russian military" sneaking around the U.S. is evidence of how hyperbolically insane the Jewish media has driven the average American on the topic of Russia (and Russia is probably their real, ultimate target, not the U.S.).

The Jews have never genocided the British, at least not overly in the totalitarian sense, and certainly not 70M of them all at once, and I don't expect that they would ever attempt to genocide the Americans either. America is the only productive relationship that Israel presently has, why kill it?

I agree that David Goldman is a psyop, but only in the sense of 'spooking" the goyim herd and getting them all to stampede in the same general direction. I don't think anybody is in the Trump administration is presently planning to lay waste to 70M Americans or anything like that. Again, that's just over-the-top nonsense.

Richard 2 said (September 3, 2019):

Do you remember those Chinese special economic zones in the USA?

I think those are military bases. There were a lot of them spread across the country.

I remember a huge one in Idaho. There used to be a map of them on the Internet but I can't find it now.

Also, Steve Quayle and John Moore (Radio Show) have talked about Russian troops in plain clothes being located in pockets in different parts of the county.
I think they'll use these people for the roundup and suppression

Bonnie said (September 3, 2019):

You wrote: Word came back that part of their belief system was "white balance" -- revealing what they are planning in advance to mitigate the evil they do.

This is why he was allowed to reveal the plot.

"It's part of their atonement," Goldberg said. "They always tell the truth. The goyim are always told in advance."

Those who practice witchcraft (as the Illuminati do) will tell you that a “spell” cast publicly will “stick” better. This is why we see so many rituals occurring in public today.

Those who study the Scriptures will tell you that nothing can happen without God’s permission and therefore Amos 3:7 applies: Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.

Robert M said (September 3, 2019):

Dr. Makow, you ask in your latest article for comments about a man who appears more and more to not exist.

My comment to you is I agree! Your evidence is brilliantly laid out.

We are being baited, I think by the Illuminati as their operating basis seems to be "here's what we're doing -- what are you gonna do about it, punks?"

Richard said (September 3, 2019):

I think you're right, this looks like a case of "white balance". Time to get right with God.

This is definitely the end time. It does sound like old Bebe. So in your face.

LV said (September 3, 2019):

Thank you for the info. I think that the intention of the Illuminati is to instigate a civil war by revealing their plan. We know their plan also from the writings of Albert Pike who describes their goals for the three world wars. The outcome of the third world war is a mutual annihilation of Zionism and Islam.

Christianity will be persecuted like in Ancient Rome and atheism will be wiped out. Most of the people will accept Luciferianism because the False Prophet and the Beast will be revealed and almost the whole world will be deceived by their doctrines of devils.
I am explaining his words in the Biblical context.

However, what Albert Pike does not know is that the 3 and a half years of the rule of the Beast will be cut short by the Second Coming of the real Jesus Christ. The false Prophet, the Beast and those who received the Mark of the Beast will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.

Illuminati is an all-telling term. In fact, they don t think independently and logically for themselves. The third eye of satanic illumination works like a receiver of Luciferian messages. They are completely controlled by Satan. These plans are not theirs but of Satan, the former Lucifer.

Thank you for your great work and have a great day

HK said (September 3, 2019):

He's part of the satanic crew and of course, he didn't die.

Initially, I thought, that he was the good guy, who had

some important information and he wanted to share to warn us.

And then he has disappeared pretending that he is dead.

Now I know that he said the truth.

Most likely it's an arrangement between God and satan.

Everything must be reviled before an action they can perform.

There are many things like Protocols and plan for 3 world war and many others.

And again most people will not believe.

As proof I can show you my article I have written about Trump.

But his blasphemy - that he is the chosen one - is very interesting and shocking to me and ... very dangerous for Trump. This very clearly indicates that something much bigger is being prepared.

With the possibility of new elections in Israel, almost anything is possible.

So it is theoretically possible that Trump will connect ... the US with Israel and rule two countries. Israel will apparently agree to this. As a small horn, he can humiliate three kings, like Putin, the new prime minister of England and China's political head.

If Trump and most the world do believe in God, without Him you can't find the truth.

If you never read John Todd, google and read. 1974. He has reviled so much, that none of the people have ever reviled to the world since his revelations.

He was murdered. But what is the most important to know: God is in the control. They can't do anything without His permission.

In 1975 was planned NWO. God didn't agree with the plan and many other dates were also denied!

Looks like now we will have His approval and shtf!

That's how it works IMHO.

Anonymous said (September 3, 2019):

To me, that clip sounds like acting, bad acting. And how come "David" is "just "starting to question his own people?" Where's he been for 20 years?

Is this whole thing to produce more fear in us? Hey, bulletin. No more fear will go in; we are sated, and to the brim. What more could we do to face this? Many are armed and prepped. Many are not, and that is not due to any lack of information, but rather to brainwash
and apathy.

So is it chaos with deep suffering and premature death up ahead?

That is not unlikely, but not yet an absolute. If only the universal conscience of good would kick in and overtake all, from the humblest living-saint to the evilest scheming tyrant. isn't earth extremely
overdue for something wholly good?

Betty said (September 3, 2019):

I read your blog every day, you write a lot of interesting things about the NWO. I believe most of it is accurate. This David Goldberg expose/ is a very devious psyop by the cabalists for sure but who knows if this is a real person, probably not. What I did notice is his voice. I swear he sounds like Netanyahu. I think they are arrogant and tricky like that in your face with this reveal.

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