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Can a Jew Identify With "Whites"?

June 13, 2019


Am I like Rachel Dolezal?

I am an assimilated Jew who identifies with 

people of European ancestry, i.e. "Whites."

Am I an imposter?

Not only am I not antisemitic, but I represent the best kind of Jew: objective, fair and concerned with the welfare of humanity, not just Jews.  I warn ordinary Jews that the Jewish enterprise is not what they think. They have been duped and led astray.  

(Updated from last December)
by Henry Makow PhD.

Some people think Jews are not White. They are a different race.

So say Jews.  So say some Whites.

To begin, unlike "black" Rachel, I am white. 

I am a Khazar. Khazars are Caucasians. 

(My mother, with my brother in 1958)

am of European ancestry. My family lived in Poland for centuries.  My mother survived the war because she had blond hair and blue eyes. My parents emigrated to Canada after the war. I was a baby.

It's natural that, despite being a Jew, I would identify with the European majority who established this country. I am an assimilated Jew. Most Jews are. Organized Jewry hates us because we're harder to manipulate and hit up for money. They helped organize the holocaust to prevent us from assimilating and to establish Israel. 

Jewish central bankers and their Mason accomplices are dispossessing European Christian founding nations. I try to alert Jews and Gentiles to the danger. For my troubles, I am marginalized by most Jews and Gentiles alike, (except my loyal readers.) Other white defenders spurn me or question my sincerity. 


I have had replies to my Tweets:

Fuck you, Jew. You don't get to speak for Europeans, you are the European people's enemies. You came to Canada as a Trojan horse


Oh for fuck sakes. I found out why you will never condemn the Jews. I googled you and you are Jewish! You don't speak for white people, you're not a Canadian, and the sooner the world is rid of you and your [kind] the better 


Yes, Jewish taqiyaa, here as an insider but serving your tribe

(From my Henry Klein, Jewish Anti-Zionist Martyr) 

Never condemn Jews? Obviously, they have not read my work. I have done as much to alert society to the danger as anyone. 

Many of Smoloko's memes are taken word-for-word from my writing. How am I serving my "tribe" except to warn them they are on the wrong side of history? 

I am afraid innocent Jews will take the rap for the bankers and Freemasons as my grandparents did in the Holocaust. In the worst-case scenario, I am afraid "Jews" will be blamed for World War Three by the Illuminati bankers who will step up to rebuild the world as a giant police state. 

Am I supposed to be part of this satanic conspiracy by virtue of my birth? Have I no free will? No principles? Am I not an individual first?

No race or group is homogenous, least of all the Jews. 

Do you think the bankers would let many Jews in on their plot?  They have no love for Jews except as pawns. They are Satanists. 

Do you think Jews would sign up if they knew the truth? Jews like Gentile Freemasons, have to be duped. Ordinary Jews have as much control over world affairs as ordinary Americans. Zero. Why should we take the blame?


First and foremost, I identify with God.  God is a dimension where Truth, Beauty, Love, Goodness and Justice are Self-evident. 

God is Consciousness.  Most of us are unconscious, asleep.

My path is the Path of Truth. 

After God, I identify first with the human race. Then the European Christian tradition which I credit for what is best about Western Civilization. I have a PhD in English Literature. Then Canada/US. And finally my fellow Jews. Most of my Jewish contacts are my family.  I don't have any Jewish friends. 

Assuming all people of a different race are the same is racist. 

I support maintaining racial identity but we are individuals first. We define our own identity by our personal character, experience, beliefs and actions. We are not defined by the group we happen to belong to.

I have only awe and respect for Black football players, jazz musicians like Milt Jackson and Oscar Peterson or leaders like an Adam Clayton Powell; and contempt for Black radicals or thugs. The issue isn't "Blackness." The issue is behavior.  We are not defined by identity politics.  

I identify with Whites because Jews and Whites are in the same boat, the target of an insidious Communist (Satanist) conspiracy. 

I identify with the Whites because they carry the residue of Christianity which has been the greatest civilizing force in the world.

Christ taught that God is Love. Love your neighbor.  Do unto others... Christianity represents a spiritual ideal.

Every human being is created in the image of God. We have a spark of the Divine which allows us to distinguish between right and wrong, beauty and ugliness etc.  This is what defines us as human. There is a war between spirit and flesh. We must discipline our lower self.

Humanity is in the grip of Satanists who have made themselves God.  They teach there is no God ("God is unknowable") and there is no soul. Cabalist and Talmudic Judaism are responsible for materialism and the modern malaise. 

Really, is it so hard to understand why I identify with "Whites?" 


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--------------- Hila Hershowitz- Jews are Not White 

First Comment from Mike

You are a brother in Jesus Christ, Henry, just like Jack Bernstein, Benjamin Freedman, Bobby Fisher, Norman Finklestein, Alan Saborsky, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Gilad Atzmon, Dr. Henry Makow, and many other patriotic Jews!

Many, if not all, have became pariahs, Bernstein lost his life. Although I'm not Jewish, I became a social pariah, a family outcast, shunned by White Zionist Christians that didn't want the truth, too, just like all of them and you.

Read first JPG: Galatians 3:28-29 When you truly love Jesus, Henry, you have no race, religion, color, you just LOVE fellow brothers and sisters, as he LOVES us, and he instructed us to do, nothing else matters, except LOVE of your fellow man!

You do God's work: don't let Satan influenced Whites get to you, they're not giving you salvation, and eternal reward, only Jesus and God can do that!

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Comments for " Can a Jew Identify With "Whites"?"

Roman said (June 13, 2019):

The answer is yes!
in fact, any non-white person can identify with 'white'. it's not the color of skin which is important but color of the soul... for one reason: the (((marxists))) label anybody "white" or 'white supremacist' who defends white European christian values, heterosexual family, European culture, tradition and heritage.

Ken Adachi said (June 13, 2019):

Awakening ordinary Jews to the Hell on Earth that the Satanic Talmudists envision can most effectively be achieved through the efforts of other Jews who recognize the evil and want to live in Light. Think of how many Jews that you may have won over, but you never hear from them? Probably more than you might imagine. People born with Jewish genes have just as much ability to recognize good and evil as do non Jewish people. When will more make themselves known and stand in the breech to defend the cause of Humanity & Good Will for all?

And who wants to live in a world governed by Chabbad psychopaths anyway?

Ken Adachi said (June 13, 2019):

Awakening ordinary Jews to the Hell on Earth that the Satanic Talmudists envision can most effectively be achieved through the efforts of other Jews who recognize the evil and want to live in Light. Think of how many Jews that you may have won over, but you never hear from them? Probably more than you might imagine. People born with Jewish genes have just as much ability to recognize good and evil as do non Jewish people. When will more make themselves known and stand in the breech to defend the cause of Humanity & Good Will for all?

And who wants to live in a world governed by Chabbad psychopaths anyway?

Don said (June 13, 2019):

Jesus Christ was born a Jew of Jewish parents. His first converts were Jews as well. I don’t believe God makes mistakes and 2000 years ago Judea was the best place on earth to reveal the truth to mankind. It was monotheistic inside the Roman empire that wasn’t. The Romans and Greeks were leading the world, but starving for a real religion. Who would have thought that they would have adopted a religion from a subject peoples?
Christianity is a religion about Jesus but not the one he preached. However it contains some of the truths he taught and someday I believe his teachings will prevail.
Unfortunately there are people who have and will reject this.

Bruno M said (June 13, 2019):

I am German born American naturalized citizen. We have lots in common, see, immigrants.

I was afraid this was going to happen because our good ol' freemason friend Albert Pike from 150 years ago predicted it. He said they will pit Jews against Muslims so they wipe each other out. This is after they had succeeded to destroy Christianity. Then Lucifer will reign supreme, he said. People just never learn. They hated the Germans and the Japs and the Russians and the Iraqis and the Iranians now the Chinese and on and on endlessly. None of these people in those nations were particularly deserving of hate.

Whatever! Some people just never figure it out. But they go to church with their bibles. Go figure?!?!?

Anyway! You can come to me Henry! I take you in. I hung out with our Jews here for a few years. They are as good and much better than anybody I ever met. I know how the Satanists play their game thanks to you and people like you. Even the fools like Jew-haters technically owe you much gratitude. How do you get a decent thought into a brainwashed head?

JG said (June 13, 2019):

I remember when racial heritage played a large role in how a person lived and who he associated with but those days are fading away fast. Thanks to the globalists, national identity and racial heritage have been replaced by rouge ideology and forced immigration. Diversity is strength as long as it isn't involuntarily imposed on the presiding majority. When this takes place you then have division and dissension.

America is a prime example of how racial diversity can work when controlled immigration is applied. It worked well for many years starting with Ellis Island in the early 1900's and ending with the George Soros Open Border mandate in Canada, Europe, and now America.
I'm not in to the Jewish Identity debate or who is or isn't anti-Semitic anymore. It's a waste of time because it solves nothing.

Tony B said (November 6, 2018):

There obviously is a centuries-old promotion of purposeful confusion on what Jewry actually is, not only to Goyim but also to Jews not in the self-proclaimed "leadership" roles. In my early desire to "save the country" over half a century ago one of the first books I read was Elizabeth Dilling's "The Plot Against Christianity." In my 8.5" X 11" softcover copy of this book the title of the fourth chapter is: "Jews, not a Race - A World Pharisee Sect." It is eight pages of photos of Jews of all races, many converts, with accompanying text excerpts taken exclusively from Jewish sources such as "The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia," excerpts and my comments following:

"...The name Pharisee . . . of the Hebrew Parush, from the verb parash. The root meaning of the verb is "to separate."

Obviously, a person of one race cannot be "separated" into another race. But that person can be converted to another belief system separate from his former, yet he forever retains his unchangeable race or mixture of races by birth.

"The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent . . . The Talmud is the largest and must important single member of that literature . . . Through it all run the lines of thought which were first drawn by the Pharisees."

In other words, although articles about Jews either state or imply that the word "Jew" is synonymous with the word "Israelite." that is seldom true, and if it is true that is only by accident. Not even in the time when Christ lived on earth was it true as the word "Jew" is a 13th or 14th century shortened version of "Judean," which first meant a member of the Israelite tribes of Judah and Benjamin but by Christ's time had become a regional term such as "American," it's only religious connotation being that the main temple of the ancient Israelite religion was in Jerusalem, by then a city of the multi racial, multi-religious, small nation of Judea. Although it is true that most Judeans were yet religiously controlled by the Pharisee sect.

Moreover, God, who had made the Israelites "His people," officially residing in the Holy of Holies in the temple at Jerusalem, left that place the instant Christ died on the cross, the curtain separating the people from the Holy of Holies being "rent from top to bottom," opened up to profane eyes.

Today it is the same God for ALL people, there is nothing special about any one of us in regard to God, we must all "sink or swim," both in today's world and the world to come, according to our own relationship with God, His commands and His love for us. The Israelites were the precursor of His final plan to give all people the same means to right themselves with their Creator. Christ completed their religious purpose, fulfilling the last prophecies of the Old system and establishing the New in which we live today.

Tony B.

Chris G said (November 6, 2018):

Can a Jew Identify With "Whites"? NO. Jews can identify with EVERY race on earth because they are mixed with every race on earth and look like every race on earth. Chinese Jews can identify with Chinese for convenience, Iranian Jews can identify with Persians for convenience, African Lemba Zimbabwe Jews can identify with Zimbabwe for convenience, and so on and so forth, etc. The Most High Eternal God wanted to wipe out the entire Jewish race and would have if Moses hadn't interceded and instead settled to disperse them throughout the globe (Exodus 32:10).

Today we are mis-ruled by German Jews: the Rothschild family. Did the Rothschilds identify with Germans when they trashed their country 2 times in a row during WWI & WWII? I don't think so. When I think of the Rothschild family, no wonder Eternal God wanted to get rid of the Jewish race.

Jews are originally a YELLOW Asiatic race. Josephus - Antiquities #6 8:1 "...Now, as soon as his father had sent for David, and he was come, he appeared to be of a yellow complexion, of a sharp sight, and a comely person in other respects also..."

I suspect Rachel Dolezal is only addicted to black men why she identifies with the black race. I've noticed that many white girls start acting strangely after getting a taste of black men; They start combing their hair with crazy black women hairstyles (black women hairstyles that are ironically fancy white women hairstyles). I bet Rachel wears a lot of Jogging suits to attract black men and speaks fluent Ebonics. If Rachel wants to get rid of her money problems all she has to do is become a Jew again.

Lucie said (November 6, 2018):

I identify as Czech but my paternal grandmother was Kaliski, Polish Jewish.
I 've done a lot of research on this topic. According to my opinion Jews really come from Cain, who is the son of the Serpent who beguiled Eve in the Bible.
Also, they are Esau, Edom.
Whites are Jacob and the real Israel.
Things are more complicated than that but just to put it very simply.
Since you identify with Jacob Israel ( whites), you re almost saved. Find your way to Jesus and don t worry about ancestors. You can do it!!!

Ray said (November 6, 2018):

Many thanks for all that you do in your daily mission of enlightening the masses not only
to the inherent dangers that abound today but also to the good that does still exist in many
across the spectrum of humanity. The sense of Natural Law that has been infused in the soul
by God has not yet been erased in all the hearts of men.

Please keep up all your good work!

Annette said (November 6, 2018):

Just wanted to say, I am so sorry for those nasty comments from people. I don’t know why people are such morons. As you said, they obviously never read your site or they would see all you have exposed.

Christ said that by their fruits you shall know them, and surely anyone who looks at your fruit should know who you are too. I have learned more from reading your site than anywhere else in the 25 years plus of reading about the truth of what really happens behind the official dog and pony show. All I can say is thank you, sir, for your excellent work and efforts to educate us all even though so many reject it all and get nasty. And I think you can stop worrying about anything happening to ordinary Jews. The club has the noose squeezed as tight as they need it at this point, and I don’t think they need another burnt offering to make it over the threshold. They got all the capital they needed from WW2. God Bless you, Henry.

Bob A said (November 6, 2018):


I can strongly identify with your sentiments in this article, although I'm an Italian raised Catholic. However, I would say the strongest civilizing influence is Islam which morphed into European Christianity when it was transplanted from Outre Mer following the expulsion of the crusader kingdoms by Saladin. The Quran was translated into Latin in the 11th century (by Robert of Ketton), popes studied in Baghdad and Cairo, St Thomas Aquinas was a Spanish contemporary of great Muslim theologians and influenced by al Ghazali. Renaissance Catholic reformers such as St Francis, St Dominic and St Anthony of Padua were contemporaries and influenced by Islamic Sufis and Spanish mystics especially ibn Arabi.

I think contemporary Islam has been hijacked by the political schemes of those forces directing British hegemony in the Middle East and bears little resemblance to the original other than the names, but the Quran is still the most powerful spiritual document out there connecting us with God.
Still great article. Great site.
Keep it up.

Michael Berg said (November 6, 2018):

Henry, you are right. Khazars are technically Caucasians, but I am afraid that a lot of confusion stems from who we define as "White".

First of all Not all European Jews are Khazar nor are they purely Khazar.

Khazars are indeed Caucasians as you say but they are not regarded as "White". Why? Because when people say "White" they really mean peoples of Aryan origin. Since Khazars are not of Aryan origin they are not regarded as "White" by White Nationalists. Arabs are also Caucasians but they are not regarded as "White". They are middle eastern by race (Every White person is Caucasian NOT every Caucasian is a White person)

But the problem here is that Jews are not purely Khazar anyway. There are massive amounts of Aryan DNA in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. This is the result of massive conversions during religious wars in Europe and the middle ages in which countless Aryans (Germans, Celts and Slavs) converted to Judaism. This is why a lot of Jews have blond hair and blue eyes - physical features associated with Aryan populations (True Khazars don't have blond hair and blue eyes).

I myself was raised as a Jew despite the fact that I am not a Khazar. Both my maternal and paternal families were ethnic Germans who converted to Judaism following WW2. I am 100% German (Aryan) by blood with no trace of non-Aryan ancestry. Yet I was raised as a "Jew". I am not the only one. There were hundreds of thousands of Europeans (mainly from Eastern Europe who had converted to Judaism during the last century)

In light of this, we need to ask a different question. Are Jews Aryan (i.e. White)? Some of them ARE (Aryan converts), some of them aren't (Khazars, Africans, Semites)

James C said (November 6, 2018):

MO, yes, a Jew can identify with whites, ideologically and spiritually, but not racially. In my opinion, the best single article concerning the issue of Jewish racial identity is the one by Scott Stinson, "Who are the modern Jews?"

Stinson's article is the clearest, most concise, article on the subject. It is backed by the findings of science.

I studied the race issue and wrote a short article on the subject, which I have attached as a PDF file. I also put my findings into a chart, which I have also attached. I came to the unavoidable conclusion that the most likely candidates for true modern Semites are Northwest Europeans. The nations of northwestern Europe conducted the biblically prophesied colonialist policies from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. Also, they, more than any other ethnic group, fit the biblical and historical description of true Semites. In my article on race, I cite six biblical and historical sources to confirm this statement. However, the truth concerning this subject has been vitiated by the unbiblical and heretical "Seedline Theory," which maintains that Jews are the offspring of a union between Satan and Eve. The idea that spirit beings can have sex with physical woman can be traced back to the Talmud.

IMO, this ongoing attack on Northwest Europeans is being satanically inspired; but God is allowing it. The book of Judges clearly reveals that national invasion is a form of punishment for apostasy.

Mike Stone said (November 6, 2018):

You're doing a great job, Henry! You've educated tens of thousands of people, including me. Keep up the good work.

Marco A said (November 6, 2018):

Wow, you not only defended your honour, but you also managed to defend everything your detractors supposedly defend and accused you of subverting - they should be ashamed.

You have done more in the fight for European civilization and humanity in general than all of these people put together, they don’t even deserve a response.

But your intelligence and humility are evident - rather than trade them blow for blow and degrade yourself, you display your patience and integrity while also honouring God.

Average Jews are simply the scapegoat of Masonic and Kabbalist forces. If you visit the Rothschild palace, you won’t find any statues of Moses, but you will find much Pharaonic symbolism - these people aren’t simple Jews.

Man, you are getting some interesting comments on your latest article. According to some people, the Northwestern Europeans are practically divine. The problem with White nationalism is that it’s Zionism for goyim, it comes with the same delusional arrogance and it demeans other races as subhuman practically.

Did you know the ancient Israelis were actually Aryan Germans? The “master race”. Never mind every time a white nationalist posts a meme they use Italian culture and appropriate it to the Saxon.

Mike B said (November 6, 2018):

Try not to let them get you down Henry. That is, some of those comments intending to vilify you as posted on your most recent essay.

"I have done as much to alert society to the danger as anyone." Uhh...well..., ya-ah. Alerting the world about not just one "danger", but several. Several. In true professorial concern for making sense of our surroundings.

Someone accusing you of not condemning their favourite target? More to the contrary. This individual is not paying attention. This particular attack is way off base. This cannot be taken seriously. At all. We do not know who sent those words. Perhaps it is more a what than a who. These words cannot even be considered as a demoralizing agent they're so off centre.

As for the attack on affiliation by and through family history. Someone railing about others of a different ethnicity or traditional allegiance isn't new. That's been around a long long time. What is new is the intensity and especially the magnitude of people engaging in attacking everyone else's affiliations and allegiances. This is new under the sun.

What strange times.

God Bless and be well

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at