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Finally, Something Positive

January 27, 2019


We live in a magnificent material civilization.

by Henry Makow PhD

You're used to me kvetching about the Illuminati bankers
so I thought it time to acknowledge that despite the
toxic state of politics and culture, we live in
a magnificent material and technological civilization.

The blessing is almost immeasurable. I'll just list a few examples
of the things that blow my mind. I am so grateful to be
alive at this time.

In no particular order. 

For all we hear about YouTube censorship, there is an awful lot of essential information and opinion available. Take E. Michael Jones or Eustace Mullins lectures for example. Moreover, I can lie on my couch and conjure up the greatest jazz or film or information on any subject.  For all his wealth, the King of France or Russia could not do what we all can do today.

I can't believe how efficient the banking system is, at least at ground level.  They have got us all believing in their medium of exchange ("money") so they can transact billions of purchases/sales daily simply by changing the digits on their ledger. It is magick.
It is the lifeblood/electrical grid of society. We have an incredibly sophisticated and efficient economic system.

Moreover, whatever global inequalities, Western society has distributed its bounty fairly widely. We in the West live pretty well.
Food is cheap. Supermarkets bring together thousands of fresh delicious products from all over the world.  A social safety net is ready to accommodate people who fall by the wayside.  In Canada and Europe medical care is free. Life is also pretty good for the large middle classes in Russia, China, India and Japan. Let's not take this for granted.

I am very optimistic about the legalization of cannabis. I think this has the potential to save the human race both by expanding consciousness and curing almost every disease under the sun. 

Back to technology.  I love jetliners. Although a nervous flier, it boggles my mind to be hurtling through the air at 500 mph at 39,000 feet and getting from Winnipeg to Puerto Vallarta (2000 miles) in less than four hours. I marvel when I look up at the sky and see the trail of a passenger jet flying from Moscow to Chicago over the North Pole!

Did I mention the Internet? This is a billboard for the whole world! Back in the 80's I considered publishing a broadsheet, which I would laboriously print and mail. Never did I dream one day I could post my thoughts and they could be read everywhere instantaneously. 

I met my wife on a dating site. She lived in Mexico City. My wife talks to her mother in Mexico on Facetime and sees her every day, for free! The Internet has changed peoples' lives. I can ask almost any question and get the answer immediately!  I don't have a smartphone so you know better than I what a miracle that is.  

I could go on if I were better informed about technology, but these are some of the things that affect me. We are under satanic assault. But there are still many things that are positive about our society. It is a sin to not acknowledge and appreciate our blessings. 

Send your thoughts about our magnificent technological and material civilization. What do you appreciate most?
First Comment from Ken Adachi 

Glad to see this article. Feeling gratitude and a sense of joy for the things that make us happy is an essential ingredient to being in sync with the Divine Plan. We should recognize and express this gratitude inwardly every single day. Every spiritually awakened person knows this instinctively and resonates internally with this understanding. That's why we say a prayer of thanksgiving before each meal, just to remind God that we KNOW He's making it possible for us to enjoy our life because we wish to live attuned with His Will.

All reality is a product of thought - in this dimension and in every other dimension. Even the Earth itself and all the planets are a product of Creative Thought. When we think positive, productive thoughts, we begin to form those thoughts into the template of a germinating reality that will eventually manifest into our everyday reality. The more people who join in the SAME thought, the faster it will manifest. The easiest way to defeat the JWO plans for world domination and enslavement is to THINK and project just the opposite scenario, where the government and all Officialdom is once again - with morality and integrity - serving the interests and welfare of its citizens, the way it used to be maybe 60 years ago in this country.

Think of the advantages we have today that earlier generations could not even dream about. For instance, I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment by finding movies on the internet from the 30s and 40s that just blow me away for the quality of the acting, the script, the music, editing, etc. I had no idea that William Powell was in so many great movies from the late 1920s through the 1950s beyond the legendary Thin Man series. I see the BEST movies ever made from Russian movie channels like this one:

or this one:

And all for free.

Yep, the best things in life ARE free because the Divine Plan wanted it that way - at least for the things that are important and make us happy. Especially that wonderful woman who married you.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Finally, Something Positive"

BW said (January 28, 2019):

Hello; regarding the “wonderful technologies” we are “allowed”? to have...Some definitely constitute a real progress from, let’s say even a hundred years ago. But unfortunately those same advanced technologies have been put in use for incredibly evil things as well! I very much I’m on the same wave length as Z (in the comment section) “All these technological “blessings” are in fact “the devil in disguise”>

And this 5G thing is the apotheosis of all the rest. Please have a look at this link: All the climate engineering that has been done all over the world for years now (mainly in NATO countries) ...Do you really think that it’s for the good of Humanity, Nature etc...? We are “being highjacked” as you often say, whether without “technology”, or with the most sophisticated one! The true question is, what is the purpose of all this in the long run?? What rewards will the psychopath’ puppeteers get from all these “endeviours”??

David A said (January 28, 2019):

I too marvel at the genius of man. He can create what ever he imagines.

It is the natural law principle of cause and effect that troubles me.

When we drift too far from nature's God, the truth, the consequences can be very severe.
Can you find a jetliner in nature? Of course not. Nature does not create jetliners. Nature creates life and is self-healing.

Create we must but create only in harmony with nature.

Peter said (January 27, 2019):

For once, just this once, I ignored all comments that had negatives in them. The emporer(s) do indeed have fine clothes today and if we don't all have them , it is a good thing, and the wise king does not proscribe it. The internet is a wonder of all things and allows me to chase up to the best of my ability those who are not as wonderful as all the rest of us. And I think to myself what an even more wonderful world it could be if they could find themselves another planet to live on, or us without them. Count your blessings is a prime virtue and a sense of perspective is an essential prophylactic for madness.



Annie said (January 27, 2019):

Firstly, no comment regarding YouTube other than it largely promotes a NWO agenda. It allows for some Truths, but controls what people see by controlling info like Google.

Secondly, the main thing the banking system is efficient at is stealing people's wealth. The banking system is a prime example of Lucifer at work; secretively evil / deceptive.

Thirdly, Western society has not distributed its bounty well. Comparing the West to any impoverished nation is hardly an accurate way to boast of the abundance of a society. "A social safety net is ready to [not accommodate, but rather pluck out] people who fall by the wayside." There is an on-going depopulation program. The world watches the decline.

As far as the legalization of cannabis: The government has no right to legalize or make illegal anything. That is up to man and God. No one has the right to interfere with God!

The internet is a blessing in many ways and mostly a tool for the global NWO agenda.

So, what do I appreciate most? That I know and love Jesus. I have a connection to Father that needs continual improvement, but I will never forfeit my Faith and His Love.

No-one has explained the legal system in more easy to understand terms than are found in the link below. Do you dare to share its Truth with your readers or will you turn away?

BK said (January 27, 2019):

Someone commented that they were concerned about legal marijuana opening up 'negative spiritual doorways' .....

That won't happen!

THC, the psychoactive element, causes the mind to speed up its normal thought process.

A government **report stated that THC increased the normal number of thoughts of a person by ten times.
If a person had about 10 thoughts in a minute then that person would have about 100 thoughts in that same amount of time if 'high' on THC.

This increase of thoughts per minute causes the user to think that more time has passed than really has - it's why time seems to have 'slowed down' when it really hasn't - time is constant, we all know that.

It's also why some people have difficulty keeping their mind on one subject for too long when they're really buzzed - it's the massive increase of thoughts that forces the mind to move from one thought to another!
It can also cause some people to have an increase of thoughts about a single subject also!

Increase in thoughts can be a good thing.
'Speed writers' take small amounts of speed to increase increase their thoughts so they can get work done - it also helps to avoid 'writer's block'.
One such writer was commissioned to write a 50 page preface for someone and he turned in 800 pages.
Many well-known writers are/were speed writers - though it's hard to find evidence of it on the web these days.

Marijuana will not make someone evil and it will not make someone good!

Though I have on many occasions seen it make a mad or upset person become calm, relaxed and gentle as a a lamb!

It's been around for thousands of years and the only ones throughout history claiming it to be bad are the ones in the US Gv't!

And you know why...
The health benefits are off the charts!
I taught an old WW2 veteran how to grow it because of severe pain he acquired from military service - his neighbor told me that when he rolled over in bed at night she could sometimes hear him moan with pain.
It greatly helped his pain, which greatly improved his mental status ... and his appetite!
There must be a gazillion stories like this, because I alone have dozens.

** Our g'vt. has a marijuana research facility near Ole Miss University where it grows and researches every strain it can get it's hands on - it's been doing this for decades.

I read about it in High Times magazine decades ago, pics included - at that time they had 14 strains from Russia alone!
I assume it's still there.

I venture to say that no one knows more about the health benefits than our own g'vt.!

Imran said (January 27, 2019):

I like reading and watching commentaries from famous Christians online. Matthew Henry, Ray Stedman, CS Lewis, Hal Lindsey, Elisabeth Elliot etc.

You can do it all for free.

Cannabis? Well it has globalist support for legalization behind it for a reason. I am fine for it to be used for medicinal purposes, but as one commentator on the IMDB message boards mentioned once a number of people he hung out with did not get far in life (as long as he hung with them and parted ways) smoking that stuff.

Z said (January 27, 2019):

All these technological “blessings” are in fact “the devil in disguise”. Take the forthcoming 5G technology (designed in Israel) that will fry people’s brains.

UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity

5G Kill Grid & Frequency Warfare: Death Towers, Surveillance, & Depopulation Technology

5G Devils Frequency NOW Activated- Leaders Ignore Warnings As Mayhem Sickness & Death Ensue

Powerwatch is a small non-profit independent organisation with a central role in the UK EMF and Microwave Radiation health debate. We work with other like-minded groups and with decision-makers in government and business, promoting policies for a safer environment. We have been researching EMF effects on health for over 20 years, and provide information to help people understand these complex issues.

Studies: Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation & Microwaves

A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)


Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals;

$25 Million NTP Study Finds Brain Tumors

“Wi-fried” on ABC 2016

Mobile phones are 'cooking' men's sperm

International Warnings on Wi-Fi and Microwave Radiation

EMF Safety Network


Ann said (January 27, 2019):

Nice. I applaud your optimism within this evil realm. As Fry from Futurama would say "This isn't so bad, but the worst thing about being a slave is..".

On another note, do you really think Marijuana is a good thing for us as a society? I see it as just another form of mind-control. The Soma for our generation. Do you really think THEY would give it to us if it supersedes their control? It clouds the mind and takes away the pain. But maybe we need the pain to grow and show us the truth.

Either way, I feel it does more harm than good. You say it "expands consciousness", I don't think the majority of people look at marijuana that way, they just want to get high, man.

And who knows what spiritual doors this expansion is opening...what if it opens evil doorways? Are people equipped to handle that? Meh, but then again, I don't really care. Cheers, mate.

Kat said (January 27, 2019):

I would like to add an item to your list of wonderful things of today.

I can order my groceries on the Internet and have them delivered, sometimes for free.

What does this mean? It means that I can be nearly 70 and can look after my 97-year-old mother at home without having to go out and shop for and haul groceries.

I can sit at my kitchen table with my cookbooks and make up a list of ingredients I need, order them and have them delivered within 24 hours. I get points and discounts from companies and can track them on the Internet. I can create with food. With the time and energy I save, I can read, nap and play Jeopardy with my Mom.

What a service facility!

JD said (January 27, 2019):

In regards to finally, something positive. Indeed we are blessed. These technological advancements have in many cases improved life. I am thankful. Though, in the area where I live, I was able at this time to refuse a "smart" meter, for now, that is. I pay extra to stay off of that technology. 2022 is the year that these will be mandatory.

"Smart" vehicles are becoming the norm and will soon most likely be mandatory as well. These technologies have brought also severe and complete surveillance into our lives. Soon it will be unavoidable. With cameras monitoring inside your home, then to your car, or for a walk what have you? No matter where you go you are watched and tracked.

This bothers me immensely. Though I do not have a cell phone I do my best to keep what little privacy and anonymity I may have left.

This power of surveillance and data is a power that has never been. Those who wield it as you know are not interested in our well being or safety, but our ultimate enslavement and or destruction. As you document so well our moral decay. I fight these intrusions the best I can. Most though seem unconcerned at this beast being put in place. They use and purchase surveillance systems to put in their homes or on their bodies. For the most part, I believe the beast system is in place. The next false flag should seal the deal I suspect. The mark of the beast seems to already be good to go.

Though I am thankful for the food and shelter I do not deserve. In the end have people become happier for all this knowledge and advancement or has it brought us low mentally, socially, and spiritually? I suppose that would depend on the individual.

HA (Yemen) said (January 27, 2019):

The Wisdom and Justness of our Creator at works...

For us is the Internet, supersonic travel, telecom, machines and mass production and agriculture etc.

For our ancestors it was fertile land and soil, health food, fresh air, pure water, long days toiling equated a gym workout, sound nights meant deep and restful sleep etc.

No sex robots, just lifemates

No rebellious children, just helpers and assets

Did you ever take to account that while YouTube and technology have made it easier for us to search for the truth it has also led us down a bottomless rabbit hole...some forgetting our purpose here in this search for higher worship him and ct on his commandments and lead a righteous and meaningful existence in his Light and Beauty through His Creation and wonders.

You know, the pineal gland has never been under attack in human history as it is now.
Chemicals in the air, Electromagnetics in the fields, poisons and parasites in our water...etc

Technology is basically forbidden knowledge or magic that Jinn/demons inspired into subjects such as Tesla. I reckon this is the forbidden fruit Satan tempted Adam and Eve with...hence the bitten apple in Apple's logo...the peak of illusion and deception lies in transhumanism equating immortality.

John M said (January 27, 2019):

There's always balance - the printing press that yesterday printed a Rumi poem, today prints pornography, and tomorrow will print the Holy Bible. Discriminating their relative merit is our job. And so it is with all that's available on the Internet.

I live in northern Ontario. The other day my water pump failed. While repairing it, I marvelled at its utter simplicity. Which White Male invented this, and when?
The principle was discovered by Giovanni Battista Venturi in 1797. Other White Males then added essentials such as its split-phase induction motor, first
described by Nikola Tesla in 1888, and the electric power grid (I would have thought also developed by Tesla, but a few seconds on Internet shows it was
Charles Merz in 1901, another White Male.)

And on and on. What a blessing! White Males have produced the great majority of technological advances in our lives, and while I've contributed nothing, I'm humbled to be part of the group that has. And now, as that group, we're belittled - on Internet, no less! What irony!

And so I agree with you - there's a time to be critical and a time to be thankful, and, as with Rumi and pornography, it's up to us to discriminate. Good to see a
positive article! (BTW, have you watched this video? Why Beauty Matters )

JG said (January 27, 2019):

It's true that technology has given us many conveniences.

However, technology also has a dehumanizing side to it from internet porn to the most lethal inhumane bombs ever being made just to name a few. You can't stop technology and that's not a good thing. Technology is a runaway train and that's not a good thing either.

The end game to technology is evil. It's designed to eventually take humanity out of the equation and reduce mankind's value to less than that of a robot or computer.

Susan B said (January 27, 2019):

I appreciate the ability to access and read, often for free, a multiplicity of books and articles on just about every topic under the sun. If it weren’t for technology, I would likely never have heard of Henry Makow, Dave Hodges, Miles Mathis, Steve Quayle, Bella Dodd, Edith Starr Miller or any number of authors who challenge the globalist standard. I’m quite sure that without the internet, I would never have heard Walter Cronkite say he’s proud to sit at the right hand of Satan

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at