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Marijuana Legalization : What is the Social Impact?

September 29, 2018


The Purpose of Life is to wake up. To catch a glimpse of the Divine. 
To get High in a moral sense. This is my hope. But contributor Mike
Stone is more pessimistic. I post his missive below and welcome
response from people who have anecdotal answers to the question
posed in the title. 

by Mike Stone

I think the cultural effect of legal cannabis is horrendous.

I do not use it, although I have tried it in high school and again once in my 20's. 

I have two older brothers who both started on grass, became hooked, and moved to other drugs. Both ended up in prison due to crimes they committed while high. One completely fried his brain. He's dead. 

When I was 19, I worked in a bar. Three of the bartenders smoked a lot of grass and ended up murdering some guy because of a drug deal. They cut off his head, which was never found. These were young guys in their 20's. One guy turned against the other two and got off. I'm sure the other two were both sentenced to life.

I've seen drugs ruin so many lives I can't count. A guy I went to high school with was the best running back in the state, one of the best in the country. He could have sailed through college on a football scholarship and turned pro. Instead, he got hooked on grass and never went anywhere.

At that time, nobody's parents knew what the heck was going and nobody seemed to care. People were so zombied out by television, they seemed powerless to do anything.

I'm in Vegas where pot is legal. If Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, then Las Vegas is the slimiest place on earth. The entire city is built on the concept of fleecing people out of their money. 

I went by the pool at the Golden Nugget yesterday afternoon. It was like a scene out of Sodom and Gomorrah, drunken, half-naked fools everywhere. Women with hardly anything on.

I admit, it produces a momentary thrill, but at the same time, it's completely disgusting. Modesty and charm are like ancient artifacts. The saddest part is all the children I see here and the foreign tourists. Adults, who don't know any better, bring their young children with them to Las Vegas and they're exposed to all the decadence.

I passed a Japanese girl on the street yesterday. She looked to be around 21 and she was pulling her luggage behind her. She had a look of immense sadness like she was ready to cry. She probably saved her money for over a year to come to Las Vegas and found out real fast what a waste her dream vacation turned out to be. I'm still thinking about her.

People don't know how to be human anymore. They're so drugged up from grass, alcohol, chemtrails, medications, and chemicals in their food and water that they can't think straight. Then they're bombarded from all sides by pornography, fake news, illegal immigration and Hollywood filth. American culture is dead if it ever even existed.

There are fewer and fewer places for people to turn. The Catholic Church, which built Western Civilization and which has accomplished more good for more people than any organization in the history of the world, has been completely taken over and subverted by Communist scum since Vatican II. The New Mass is not even valid. We are truly in the end times as prophesied in the Bible and as foretold at the Lady of Fatima apparitions. Sister Lucia - the real Sister Lucy, not the impostor Sister Lucy - was one of the seers at Fatima and she even admitted that we are in the end times. 

It seems as if the only way to survive in the world today is to detach from the world as much as possible. I think the solitude that your latest essayist, Evelyn, experiences on her farm is one of the reasons she is so clear-headed and loving.

Mike Stone is the author of It's Okay To Be White and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles -  - Available exclusively on Amazon.

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First Comment from David

Henry, I came of age in the late 60's when recreational drugs like grass, acid, hash and speed became widely available (though all were illegal at the time) in America. In high school I experimented with grass, hash and acid, (I drew the line at cocaine, speed and heroin) but gradually came to realize that in the crowd I ran with, drugs were ALL we had in common. Friendship, loyalty, ambition, looking to the future, didn't even enter the equation. The hardcore users (most of them were dealers too) that were our role models in those years turned out to be the biggest losers in life and many of them died early deaths from the inevitable. One of them that I used to get high with was actually a childhood friend, academically smart, from an affluent family and a very talented tennis player, who gradually descended into the netherworld of hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. One night he was in so much pain from kidney stones brought on by his habitual drug use, he went to the local ER. The staff refused to treat him, thinking he was just another hippy who wanted some free painkillers; he went home and tried to self-medicate with a massive injection of Demerol and died in a corner of his attic. With his background, the world could have been his for the taking.

I finally wrenched myself loose of the whole subculture by my junior year in high school. I still think drugs like grass, hash and acid can unlock psychic potential in truly creative persons, but it's a razor's edge that can easily cut the other way and destroy one's ability to finish anything of importance. If you're a moody, introspective person like I was, they can make you depressed and suicidal. If you're a supremely confident person, they can make you more self-centered and manipulative. Drugs mess with the mind and lock people apart in a way booze never did, for me anyway.

What grieves me most is I thought we already learned the early hard lessons about recreational drugs 30-40 years ago, but today the same mistakes are being repeated on an even larger scale by newer generations. My oldest child has lost 2 classmates to opioid overdoses; a third classmate who'd been on ADD medication since his early teens lost his ability to cope by his mid-20's, and committed suicide by taking an entire bottle at once. And these drugs were all legal and prescribed by a doctor. It feels like a slow march since the Sixties from a giggly innocence with that first puff to something more hardcore and callous today.

Makow response-  Thanks, David. I don't think marijuana should be equated with opioids. If anything I think marijuana will replace a lot of prescription drugs, and be far more salutary. 

Anonymous writes:

I watched my older brothers get into weed back in the 60s and it seemed to zap incentive out of them. Though they have been active in life, one is in a sports hall of fame and the other worked as a musician in Hollywood and with very well known rock bands. Nevertheless I feel their usage has curtailed their potentials, they could have reached higher. 

My youngest brother is another story. At 19 he started using and his personality flipped upside down in only one week's time. He went from a youthful college student, popular in his church and doing well in academics to a couch potato i this one week. He flunked out of college and stopped going to church. He got his girlfriend pregnant and they married into what because of a sour relationship. When I'd come to visit he'd be so high that he couldn't speak. I feel that weed ruined his life. 

He had a job that he did well at as a welder and became a factory foreman. But he eventually turned to meth and was fired from his job because he'd show up to work when he felt like it. One night he was delivering meth to a customer and he was killed by a drunk driver at age 40. The autopsy showed him high on meth when he was killed. 

My eldest brother is now 73 years old and he still uses marijuana daily. He's a nice guy and his nieces and nephews love him. But he developed a strange illness of vomiting to dehydration and having to go to the ER. These developed into 2 day stays in the hospital every 2 months or so for over 5 years. 

The doctors didn't know what was causing his condition. They removed his gallbladder, they treated him for parasites and I don't know what else the tried to alleviate his condition. 

I was reading some medical articles and the symptoms described in one where exactly that of my brother. The disease is called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis syndrome. I told him about it and he started cutting back on weed and his condition has improved to the point that he hasn't been back to the ER in 2 years, though he had a few close calls. 
I personally never used any sort of drug. It never held any attraction for me. 

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Comments for " Marijuana Legalization : What is the Social Impact?"

Thomas A said (October 1, 2018):

The same thing can be said about alcohol.

The opinions of ten thousand men are of no value, if none of them know anything about the subject. – Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161 - 180 AD.

David said (October 1, 2018):

As Ive said before, if you think and proclaim that God can be touched or imbibed by a chemically induced brain malfunction then you are seeking the wrong god... one that is manufactured by phantasms.

It's much like the illusion that Truth is a human invention.

SP said (October 1, 2018):

I thought I give my two cents to the marijuana issue. I personally think it is better to legalize it because legalization has shown to reduce the use of that actual drug. Also, crime will go down this way too. There are countless examples of this, for example, the elimination of Prohibition. I think everyone should make their own choices in regards to that, ultimately that is what life is about.

I tried these things as a boy growing up, but there is nothing special about it. I would never do drugs now because there is so much more to life. Sometimes I think people who are doing this constantly are those that have lost perspective and aren’t given any options.

Being stoned constantly deflects one from paying attention to current events, and consequently makes you more easily controllable by the government. It would not surprise me if that is one of the intentions of legalization. Life has too many wonders to explore than to sit at home in a smoked up room being delusional on drugs

David S said (September 30, 2018):

Q. Marijuana Legalization: What is the Social Impact?

A. re-election of Justin Trudeau, an increase in babies being born with similar symptoms to F.A.S., increase in business for criminal and divorce lawyers,
increase in the number of non-profits serving the needs of addicts, increase in business for medical professionals, all in all it will ensure continued
"secure" stable employment of several professionals as the majority of the baby boomers pass on in the coming three decades


CT said (September 30, 2018):

Hey Henry - I'm a regular reader of your website and I felt compelled to comment that Mike Stone has a lot of truths to figure out for himself before he goes on a bender demonizing the weed. How feeble-minded, the guy is either a tool or a troll to go all reefer madness like that. Total lack of critical thinking.

Josh hit the nail in its head - what he describes is a truth I discovered. TPTB don't like the weed because they don't have control. For this reason weed will never gain wide-spread acceptance in the USA. A great example how Americans aren't really free....

Paul said (September 30, 2018):

HENRY just because you love pot does not mean you should cherry pick points that back up your habit
as the social cost of pot is far-reaching in a negative way!

Some of the people commenting scare me with their wobbling logic to justify their use of pot!

What the hell ever happened to just love to be straight and clear-headed as being cool and good for people!


Pot helps some "to be straight and clear-headed as being cool and good for people !"

Kudos to you if you don't need it but it is a spiritual elixir, and if ever there was a "human right," this is it.


Paul replies:

Pot in my opinion becomes a non-right when the negative and social cost to the responsible and straight thinkers
becomes a non consent and willfully by pot heads economic burden to those responsible and productive citizens in society
due to the selfish demand so-called right of pot heads !

It becomes almost like the trial lawyers telling us on TV adds with our money they stole from the insurance companies in the name of justice while fully knowing the insurance premium payers are the innocent victims of the lawyer mafia of deception and every time they get a judgment they create thousands of new innocent premium payer victims in their criminal monopoly process and racket they call the justice system !

WD said (September 30, 2018):

I will add to the stories you printed on drugs. I was a naive kid with very little social life when I entered college, and a year later I was asked to join a major fraternity. I don't recall ever having a drink until then let alone cannabis.

Within the next year I lost my virginity and learned to socially drink at parties. Somehow, two days after my first sexual experience, every guy in the fraternity knew about it. Sometime later I was shocked to hear from a member that half the guys in the group had probably tried hash. It was very available in the 70s, but I've heard the stuff they have now is much stronger than what they tried. I realized drugs were a dead end when they carried a guy out of my building with a sheet over his head from an overdose. I don't feel denying anyone the medical help from marijuana, but I'm not aware of long-term benefits from recreational use either.

With the scrutiny they are showing the Kavanaugh hearings I would never have passed, knowing all the women I dated in college. I had a nice car and clothes and guys would come up and ask, " who's the gal you brought to the party last night?"

That was long before the AIDS crisis started and gays were still in the closet. The personal has now become political to the absurd when a pass made at a young lass 40 years ago is a high crime. Even if there are no corroborating witnesses and her best friend was never even told. I wonder if the candidate were gay if they could pursue that public drama about their past sexual history without the opposition screaming bloody murder.

When I was ten or eleven I had some camp counselor try to molest me which I told few people about, not even my parents. So I have no tolerance for those who want to promote that behavior with children.

CS said (September 30, 2018):

Pot, booze, and gambling like many things in life are fine in moderation. Age limitations are sufficient to allow those who have learned life's lessons to enjoy a toke, a sip or a throw of the dice. Prohibitions are futile. Taxation is helpful. There will always be those who have not learned the lessons of moderation and caution as well as the initial, frantic reaction to protect them from themselves. When the futility of the effort sinks in, the prohibitions eventually relax for the vast. Mature majority. Weed's time to arrive is upon us.

BP said (September 30, 2018):

Now I consider my self a very addictive personality, an addict. It is ALCOHOL that destroys lives, not pot. t is ALCOHOL that destroys lives,not pot.
All those examples in the article omitted one crucial factor and that is the fact that it was alcohol that had a bigger part in their demise than pot ever could.
I was never an alcoholic while i smoked even though i drank all the time.After smoking few joints i could drink around four beers at most but when stoped pot i replaced it with alcohol.

Alcohol is the gatway drug that nobody talks about,and it is legal and people make a living making and selling it.It is actually more destructive to the body physically than pot and alcohol ruins lives,not pot.

The comments never mention it but all the facts point to alcohol being the cause not pot.

Now in my 60's i will probably try to grow some when it becomes legal, as it should be and hope to make some money on pot stocks.
In most of the cases of addiction, it is alcohol that plays a major influence and is biggest contributor to personal destruction,hence why it is legal.
Someone's agenda in play, maybe? Lol

CG said (September 30, 2018):

Outlawing a weed that grows wild is absurd enough; Thinking that the cultural effect of legal cannabis being horrendous is just as absurd.

Smoking cannabis is pretty useless as it destroys 99% of the beneficial medicine; However, ingesting the cannabis oil has been known to cure advanced cancer.

Run From The Cure - Rick Simpson story:

Pot heads give ganja a bad name. I try and tell potheads, Cannabis has more applications than just getting high but it's like talking to a brick wall.

Moses used Cannabis to make holy oil. The word Cannabis is a Hebrew word: "Kaneh-Bosem".

As for Mike Stone's(Stein's) brothers that "...started on grass, became hooked, and moved to other drugs..." - they most likely started with a drug called alcohol first; Alcohol is the greatest gateway drug of all.

Marijuana Legalization is a giant ruse by the Canadian government that will be issuing out huge fines at unsuspecting pot users in their cars and boats. Pot users will see how just how legal ganja is when they
are faced with a huge bill by law enforcement that they can't afford to pay.

Josh said (September 30, 2018):

I can relate to the posting but feel he has it all backward.

I have a University diploma and a few certificates, my health and physique are better than most people I meet half my age. I have been involved in religious positions in the Church. I read your site often and rarely date or sleep around until I find someone that is good for my personal life. I have enjoyed weed on and off for 20 years.

The issue comes with employment and community. When people have weed in their system, they are less easy to control by occultists. Higher ranking people in your work field use "magic" to get a leg up on their workforce. Using weed prevents some of the stress and anxiety that is created in the workplace. The boss occultists and some underlings depend on the stress and anxiety, not to mention a forced quick response when answering questions, which is similar to classical conditioning. If you take time to think and analyze (like a rational person in a reasonable time) you thwart the mind control and end up on the unemployment radar. It seems many corporations are actually practicing some type of eugenics. Obedient and blind succeed while awake thinkers are shown the door. I am not talking about spending an hour to think over a problem or demand, I am talking about a couple extra seconds of response time.

The only real negative about marijuana is that an intentional stigma is created with it. When someone wants to throw you under the bus, smoking weed is an easy wrongful activity to cherry pick and use as a weapon. Since I am not synced up with the occultists, I am often the one who is harassed or scapegoated. It doesn't matter if I come up with a good idea, have a great workout, tell quality jokes, outdo them in any way I can...smoking weed is the one activity they feel can nail me to the cross and have used it often to discredit me and cover their own a**

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