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The Shortage of Humans

July 9, 2018


9 of the 10 countries with the top birthrate are in Africa.  

After decades of toxic feminist (homosexual) propaganda and policies,

much of the world is facing a demographic crisis. We cannot

replenish our populations without im-migration.  Spanish

blogger Felix Rodrigo Mora shows how, with the exception

of Africa, human reservoirs are drying up. This puts the migrant crisis in a different perspective while underlining the necessity to increase European fertility.

The Demographic Crisis & Solution 


by Felix Rodrigo Mora

(Excerpt by 

Spain has the lowest birthrate in the world, 1.3 per woman, even behind the very senile and aged Japan, which is at 1.4. Thus it advocates immigration as a solution...

What nobody is talking about, the labor-supplying countries are becoming demographically exhausted as well. They have an aging and elderly population condemned to live miserably, to die prematurely and frighteningly due to the emigration of their young people. Let's examine some creepy cases.

Romania is today, together with Morocco and China, the main provider of neo-servile labor to Spain. The Spanish economy works thanks to the workers contributed by these three countries. 

What is happening in Romania? In 1992 it had 23 million inhabitants but in 2017 it had fallen to 19 million; that is, in 25 years it has lost 4 million, 17% of its population! In 2017, it had 79,000 births and 109,000 deaths. The number of children per woman is 1.38, substantially insufficient because it is far from the minimum necessary, 2.1. This is a consequence of emigration, which leads young people out and leaves the elderly so that more of the population is over 65 than the under 14,  an indicator of the liquidation of the country. To put it bluntly: Romania is in a spiral of self-destruction and destruction. Emigration is annihilating it. Young people are missing to care for the elderly. And to produce basic goods at affordable prices. And to give continuity to Romanian culture, history, idiosyncrasy and language. Therefore, with Romania, a silent genocide is being committed, that "our" fascist scoundrels justify and promote.


Moroccan emigration to Europe is a genocidal and exterminationist act, which leads to the annihilation of the peoples of Morocco. The data is conclusive and frightening. If in 1960 the number of children per woman in Morocco was 8.4, the figure had dropped to 4 in 1990 and to 2.1 in 2014 ... That is why the Moroccan government declared that year that their country had entered a stage of " no generational renewal ". 

So many young people have left that Morocco is today a pathetic place of villages where there are only old people. Elderly and old women await a premature and atrocious death, without caregivers and affections, all so that the opulent bourgeois of the North have cheap labor in their fruit plantations, in their agriculture Hyper-quimizada under plastic, in their princely villas, in the vile construction business, etc.


The peoples of Morocco, who suffered Spanish (1860-1956) and French colonialism, and who fought bravely against it (remember the great hero of that epic struggle, Abd el-Krim), have the right to existence and continuity, to not be annihilated, to a future as a people. That is why they must rise in revolution against the new colonialism of the emigration to Europe, which is much more aggressive and annihilating than the old colonialism. 

Neither Romania nor Morocco can contribute much more labor to the North. These terrifying breeding farms of human beings for export are exhausted, overexploited, depleted. The surrounding countries, especially Algeria and Tunisia, which suffer a similar demographic situation. Only Egypt maintains, for the moment, a slightly more spirited birth-rate.


China knows similar circumstances. The communist party implemented the policy of only one child in 1979, to put an end to "the population explosion". The results have been shocking. In 35 years, the population has aged and there are not enough workers, while there are about 300 million retirees, many with no or little family assistance. 

In 2015, the fascist regime has abolished the 1979 regulations allowing families to have two children, but that is not working and will not work because the social, economic and political structures of the country. The Communist despots are considering forcing females to have two children! With 1.6 children per woman, China is sliding towards economic disaster and the death of hundreds of millions of people ue to lack of care.


(Mali has the 2nd highest birthrate in the world)

Thus, those countries who at the moment are our three main suppliers of neo-serfs are exhausted by population. They will still be able to send a few hundred thousand workers but less and less, and in a period of ten years hardly anything. Moreover, China is already taking measures to import sub-Saharan labor, and Morocco will have to do the same, so that in its march towards Europe from the center and south of Africa there will be workers who settle in that country, with which there will be less and more expensive for Europe, for Spain. 

The progressive shortage of "human capital" at the global level is manifested in a conclusive fact, that migrants arriving in the EU have progressively higher ages, which indicates that there are fewer and fewer young people in their places of origin.

Twenty-five years ago they came to us from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, but that already happens very scarcely, since the first one is at 2.5 children per woman, compared to 6.7 in 1960, and the second at 2.4, when in 1960 achieved 7.6 children per female.

As a result, today there is not enough exportable labor, neo-serfs, to send to the North. The few that still exist in the countries of Latin America begin to consider marching to Brazil, a potentially rich country that is suffering a demographic catastrophe, with 1.7 children per woman when in 1960 it enjoyed 6.1.

The emergence of world powers and regional powers (such as Brazil) in need of labor is a very recent phenomenon but one that will increase in the coming years, which makes the supply of labor on the global level will be increasingly weak while increasing demand, which will lead to a situation with fewer available migrants, and those with higher economic demands. That situation is terrifying for a country as super-aged as Spain. Indeed, if all the analysts make the most funereal forecasts for China, which still has 1.6 children per woman, what can be said for our case, with 1.3?..

That's right, from that date, 20/25 years, hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, will probably suffer a terrible old age and a premature and horrible death. The greatest genocide in the history of mankind is underway. It is responsible for those who have established an anti-natalist biopolitics, in its many manifestations.


Thanks to Oscar for this tip!

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Comments for "The Shortage of Humans "

Rory said (July 10, 2018):

Don't recall you writing about it but another thing to note is that the vast majority of the migrants from Africa / Asia / Middle-East that have entered Germany, for example, have remained unemployed.

Most do not have an education, high levels of illiteracy, no applicable skills for the European jobs market and ofc predominantly men. Many have went straight into organized crime gangs.

Germany has even admitted that over 90% [that they even have records for, the majority they do not know where they have gone] are unemployed.

They have already formed migrant ghettos - something France has had for decades. This is the new norm for Europe - basically turning into something like the South American countries.

An even more taboo topic yet the research shows, that the average African IQ is from 72 - 64. Those are retarded levels. We do not have jobs for this level of intelligence, esp with robots + AI being rolled out in the West. Intelligence at this level has a lesser capacity to help itself when put in a bad setting. They will likely resort to violence - hence all over Africa.

See what this picture paints? Throw in there, most Muslims marry their first cousins - multi-generational inbreeding causing mental disorders and other illnesses.

Al said (July 9, 2018):

According to reports I have seen over the last few years, Spain has between 40% and 50% youth unemployment. Yet this author asserts that there is a shortage of young people available for employment in Spain. Non sequitur.

Mohammed from SA said (July 9, 2018):

ts quite hypocritical to see so may westerners, most of whom it seems are white, who are not happy to see the influx of dark skinned refugees from poorer countries. you guys are upset about this but i dont see you making as big a fuss about the fact that all colonial powers have "agreements"in place which see billions of dollars worth of precious metals & minerals & other resources flowing into your countries from Africa etc.

you want the riches of other countries which help to make your countries prosperous but u dont want the people of the lands where it comes from in your lands?

you can give all the reasons/excuses/justifications but u cannot deny that this is unfair.
you all know what tactics your governments employ to secure what belongs to their nations. they use your militaries & even mercenaries to ensure that they can get whatever they want for free or very cheap- they dictate the prices.
they turn these countries into hell-holes and then use the banks, IMF,BIS etc to give them loans to develop infrastructure when they know they have installed corrupt puppet regimes who will eat up the money & this ensures that these countries remain forever indebted to the Zionist imperialists.

to say that these countries arent colonies anymore & have been given their independence is a joke- they are independent only on paper.

yes, i agree that theres a lot of problems created for ordinary westerners who havent really done anything wrong but what about all the ordinary Africans & other poor peoples who also havent done anything to deserve living in hell-holes?

if u had to be born in such lands, wouldnt you also look for greener pastures because u know theres no hope of bringing stability & prosperity to your country despite its abundant natural & mineral resources...because its precisely due to the presence of these resources that the west is raping & looting your lands?

then theres the issue of birth rates- what is stopping you whites from having more children?
you enjoy a much higher standard of living than the rest of the world & can very easily afford to have more kids but due your selfishness & desire to "enjoy life", u dont have kids or have just one. then u point at these poor nations with high birth rates- these people may be poor but they arent selfish & if your govts & militaries left them alone, they would have no need to become refugees in your lands.

you are ensuring the decline of the white population due to YOUR OWN actions. it seems most of you would rather have pets instead of children- theyre much lower maintenance & have much shorter lives. they allow u to to live selfishly while giving u the opportunity to experience a sort of parenthood.

i know that the Zionists want to use these foreigners to make a mess of white nations but it also a FACT that without these people, many white nations will not have a big enough workforce in the next few generations.

and that line about "culture, heritage, tradition, which includes language, dress, customs, art, cuisine, and more"
you expect these people to come to your lands & just give up their own culture & traditions?
actually, in most of the wealthier white nations, theres no real culture...its just homos. lesbians, pedos, feminists, single mums & lots of drugs & alcoholism.

many whites STILL support Zionists & Israel unconditionally despite the fact that its ultimately these parasites who are behind all this mayhem.

i could say much more but whats needed is for the comments from whites to be balanced, fair & unbiased.

MB said (July 9, 2018):

1) Muslims consider Morocco their country, which can not be anything other than a Muslim country. They do not care if they lose population, what they care about is that they remain Muslim.
2) That is why it is forbidden by law to leave Islam and convert to Christianity. It is forbidden to give Christian names to children, etc.
3) However, in Europe the Moroccans do have many children because they know that they must conquer Europe for Islam.
Then, life in Europe would be hell as in any other Muslim country.

G said (July 9, 2018):

That's a lot of talk about population numbers, immigration, labor, etc., but I can't seem to have a conversation like that without thinking about (obsessing) culture, heritage, tradition, which includes language, dress, customs, art, cuisine, and more. The affinity of what each knows and cherishes. Were the preserving of that prioritized, all the numbers would be managed according to that priority. We've lost touch with who we are and who we want to continue being.

CR said (July 9, 2018):

One thing that is often overlooked is the fact that the majority of immigrants are not from the bottom rungs of society in their respective countries; they are quite often well educated and without a doubt hard working.

It's not free to travel to North America or Europe, and when the majority of the population is just trying to survive it is a huge investment to pay for plane tickets, human traffickers, or however they manage to travel. Here in Canada you have plenty of doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., driving taxis and doing other menial jobs.

In some countries, the majority of university graduates leave, as much as 90% in some places such as Jamaica. Sure, they might send money to their families back home, but think of the effects on the country - if nearly everyone capable of legally earning a decent living leaves, the prospects are grim. Not many young men are interested in a life of subsistence farming or other low wage physical labour so they turn to crime. At the same time, extortion, robberies, and theft take a toll on local businesses which further discourages foreign investment and encourages more people to leave.

You can't blame people for trying to improve their own lives, but right now we are caught between liberals who want an imported proletariat on their side and right-wing assholes who don't give a damn about the rest of the world as long as they are comfortable, which might not last.

Most immigrants would be happy to stay in their own countries if life there wasn't unbearable, rather than giving foreign aid to corrupt politicians and sending the population fleeing here it would make more sense to actually improve the situation in third world countries. As they say, give a man a fish and feed him for the day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. A few qualified consultants and advisors could potentially make a big difference, rather than throwing money into a hole.

As for Z's comment, I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers are inflated but other than looking at the birth rate per woman you also have to look at what age they start having children. In the western world, many women are waiting until they are 35-40+ to have their 1.6 children but elsewhere most girls have a baby before they reach 20.

P said (July 9, 2018):

The epitome of Satanic Evil is manifested by the absurd notion that immigration will solve a "labor shortage." Nothing could be further from the truth. The obvious, commonsense approach would be not to abort babies for there not to be a need for foreigners.

Of course, a two-year-old child could easily reach that conclusion, so it is anathema for the power structure to follow such advice that would preclude any "need" for foreign workers."Diversity" is what we need, not millions of hard-working aborted babies.

However, what can be expected of a country(and naturally we could add almost all western countries) that elect a "transgender" as the representative from Spain in the Miss Universe pageant?

George said (July 9, 2018):

I concur with Greg B's comments below, and can add a few more. The mass immigration agenda definitely has high-level banking support. Of course, residents of the industrialized nations try to limit family size. If the population shrinks, why should that be a problem? In farming communities in the past, lots of strong sons could help to increase the family's acreage.

Today, raising a child to adulthood is very expensive and fraught with numerous risks. The words that need to be used to describe the current immigrant crisis are PONZI SCHEME. The economies of the social democratic world are a PONZI SCHEME. As there are fewer and fewer low-level suckers to support the beneficiaries of the Ponzi schemes, the hope was to bring in more suckers to fill that role.

But guess what! They are not that stupid. They want in many cases to be beneficiaries of the social benefits, not contributors. The assumption that all humans are of equal value is absurd. The dutiful Europeans, Americans, and Canadians who paid taxes, served in the military, etc. are not readily replaced by people who simply come for the social benefits, and may have all sorts of bad histories in their home countries. They may have terrible health problems, including those of a contagious nature.

Of course some economic migrants may be sterling characters. But they can be and should be screened. Just as Castro on a small scale dumped the dregs of Cuba on the United States in the Mariel immigration fiasco, African countries may desire to dump onto Europe the excess population that creates political pressure on the dictators.

That is not a new pattern. Remember that slaves were sold by African dictators centuries ago in return for guns and other support from European or Europeanized nations.

One of the most Orwellian twists in the current migrant disaster is the myth that the goal is to reverse the evils of the slave trade. The obvious central fact of the new immigration crisis is that the bankers intend it to be the new slave traders on steroids. In Libya itself, the slave status of the migrants is flagrant, open, undisguised. Only in the minds of zombie social justice warriors is this obvious fact twisted into its opposite.

Marco A said (July 9, 2018):

Good article, its nice for someone to tell the truth other than the typical ‘alt-right’ narrative of only Europeans being under attack.

We are all brothers and sisters in the end and we are dealing with a capstone that hates us all.

The truth is a lot of these immigrants and refugees aren’t bad people but are desperate for a better life and are treated like first-rate shit. Romanians are viewed around the world as filthy genetic inferiors — Nazi-like propaganda is still alive and well. Italians like myself are only a little higher on the totem pole. My father was a child laborer in Germany; Italians are just shit to Germans — SIEG HEIL!.

It's a shame because the best people I met in my travels through Europe were Moroccans, Arabs and I have yet to meet a Romanian who I didn’t respect.

I was fed by a poor Moroccan man for God’s sake for no reason other than charity — these are largely a good people. They are not the monsters that alternative media makes them out to be… But a few bad apples ruin the barrel.

The truth is a lot different than what much of the media wants us to believe. Now, these people are facing a demographic crisis and loss of identity like many Europeans. I wonder how many alt-right types would cheer their ruin.

Z said (July 9, 2018):

I would not take the figures about the population from Africa seriously. How could they have increased their populations 10 fold since the 1950's while also experiencing famine, economic devastation, aids, Ebola, civil wars and so forth. Each nation is said to have averaged 8 children who survived to adulthood per woman through all those years. This is twice the American baby boom fertility rate of 4 children per woman.

The African countries officials are cooking the number to get more foreign aid and more places in the UN. Distribution of foreign aid money, which accounts for 50% of the average African nation's government budgets, is based on relative population numbers.

Greg B said (July 9, 2018):

That's what your article, "The Shortage of Humans" sounds like. I agree with your comment about "...decades of toxic feminist (homosexual) propaganda and policies." But the Mora part is fear porn, designed to strike horror into the sheeple so they'll get onboard with the genocide of their nations by the invasion of African males.

"That's right, from that date, 20/25 years, hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, will probably suffer a terrible old age and a premature and horrible death." Terrible! Premature! Horrible! OMFG, what do we do?

Open your borders says the clown Mora.

He never approaches the real reason behind this madness; That the central banks need nations and people to keep going in debt to ensure their profits are sky-high from the debt-based currency fraud we've been bamboozled with--at least in the USA--since 1913.

That's the major reason the West is getting flooded with 'migrants,' the banksters need more human capital to keep their con games going and they don't give a shit who has to pay.

Get rid of the central banks, let nations start printing debt-free currency and the need for the African invasion will suddenly disappear.

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