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Jordan Peterson Defends Masonic Jewish Conspiracy

March 24, 2018

Resident-know-it-all Jordan Peterson was a deer caught in the headlights January 23, 2018 when he was asked about the Jewish role in the Ukrainian genocide. Like a girl agonizing over losing her virginity, he struggled in silence before finally blurting out, "I can't do it."  

Well, he's back with a denial of Conspiracy, a stand that guarantees him the Kosher Seal of Approval.  This is why he has an opinion about everything but the most pressing issue of the day - the covid hoax and lockdowns. 

I don't expect Peterson to reveal the ugly truth. That would end his career. But I wish he wouldn't deny what is staring him in the face every day.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I like Jordan Peterson's courageous defence of gender but he recently revealed how arrogant, narrow-minded and uninformed he really is. He contravenes his own Rule #9 - Assume the person you are listening to knows something you don't."  Such BS coming from him. 

Peterson, a psychologist, knows little about history, banking or the occult. He traces the war on gender to "postmodernism" and cultural Marxism but he won't dig deeper. Not everything can be reduced to psychology. 

He diagnoses people who are awake as losers and layabouts looking for a scapegoat. They are maladjusted. You can't be more NWO than that.

Maybe his function, wittingly or not, is to reassure his conservative flock that the Masonic Jewish conspiracy is a figment of feverish imaginations. 

"Furthermore, and most reprehensibly: you now have someone to hate (and, what's worse, with a good conscience) so your unrecognized resentment and cowardly and incompetent failure to deal with the world forthrightly can find a target, and you can feel morally superior in your consequent persecution (see Germany, Nazi for further evidence and information)." 

He makes the jaw-dropping assertion that Jews suffer from discrimination at universities and asks: "Is the fact that smart people are working hard for our mutual advancement really something to feel upset?"   Hello!? Look whose ass he is kissing! 

He goes on to cite studies that show that Jewish domination in so many fields is due to a higher IQ (than the goyim) and "openness to experience."  Has he never heard of Jewish networking?   Jews help Jews get ahead. That's why it's called a conspiracy. They promote from within. And they own the bank. 

Peterson concludes:

So, what's the story? No conspiracy. Get it? No conspiracy. Jewish people are over-represented in positions of competence and authority because, as a group, they have a higher mean IQ. 

Thus sayeth Peterson: Jews are grossly overrepresented in both GOP and Democrat Administrations due to their higher IQ and NOT because Rothschild bankers control US credit and finance their careers. America's slavishly pro-Israel foreign policy is pure coincidence. 


I invite Jordan Peterson to study the Judeo Masonic conspiracy.  

Cabalist Jewish central bankers own the power grid (money) that drives the world. They are Cabalists (Satanists) who believe Jews (meaning themselves) should replace God, redefine reality and rule the world. They have installed a colonial ruling class of Gentile opportunists --Freemasons-- to do their bidding.  Cabalist rule is Communism. It is the New World Order. It is the reason societal tensions are constantly inflamed, be it gender (family), generation, religion, race (migration) or class. The central bankers will use any excuse. They own the politicians. They own the media. They own the education system. And, apparently, they own Jordan Peterson. 

It really isn't just a Jewish issue since most Jews are not aware of the plot and Freemason goyim are very much involved. But Peterson hasn't begun to master these subtleties. 

Is he totally ignorant of the Jewish banker George Soros who is financing fake mass shootings and "revolution"? 

I don't expect Peterson to reveal the ugly truth. That would end his career. But I wish he wouldn't deny what stares him in the face every day.


Jordan Peterson has let celebrity go to his head. His book  12 Rules for Life are truisms that would be laughable in any society that has not lost its way. The fact that it is a bestseller and Peterson is cited so frequently indicates he is kosher-approved (unlike moi.) 

Nevertheless, he singlehandedly stalled the attack on gender and is an ongoing voice of gender sanity.  He could not play this role if he talked conspiracy.  He is allowed to address symptoms so long as he doesn't explore the cause.

Jordan Peterson is the Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike. Unfortunately, we need much more to stem the rising tide of Satanism. 


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Comments for "Jordan Peterson Defends Masonic Jewish Conspiracy "

Luis said (March 27, 2018):

Dr Peterson just acts like many other intellectual prostitutes...even if he knows the facts behind that genocide committed by Jewish communists, he will tend to pretend not to know cos he knows the possible consequences of doing it so!!!

This is why we live in a world of lies...I feel pity regarding many liberal athiests or humanists, since they think they know it all, they think they are very original and creative, when in fact they are just repeating someone else's ideas and acting on an engineered social experience...they dont know that they are empty heads, useful puppets doing the bidding of people they never heard off...ask them if they ever heard of the tavistock institute, frankfurt school or Committe of 300 and they will stare at you like an elephant does in front of a palace...they never heard of Haarp, Chemtrails and weather manipulation, dont know that freemasonry controls all parties and governments (Revelation 17:12-14), think communism has died and that not only marx invented communism but he didnt believe in God, will call Franco, senator mccarthy or henry ford, fascists...summing up, will believe anything the humanist media and academia will tell them.

Have you noticed how their arguments regarding anything are irrational and contradicting?

The war on the mind has been very successful...these people don't know that they don't know, as Noam Chomsky stated in his book "propaganda"!!!

Robert K said (March 25, 2018):

That Peterson thinks that the sudden upsetting of all concepts of wholesomeness and normality, simultaneously in dozens of countries, has been accidental or spontaneous is not believable. It obviously is being guided.

Knowing, from firsthand experience and from observation, the dirty tricks that are played to discredit discordant voices in the run-up to tyranny, I note that this alleged declaration was written, not videotaped. His success has increasingly separated Peterson from his audience, creating opportunities for mischief-making intermediaries to misrepresent his positions. If he really penned this gratuitous statement himself, then he has shown himself to be neither honest nor brave, and his star will begin to fade.

Victoria said (March 25, 2018):

Hi Henry: Perhaps you could forward a copy of the article published in your column on the 17th of November, 2017, and written by young Israeli, Michael Berg, entitled, ‘Jewish Conspiracy Responsible for Anti-Semitism, says Young Israeli’ to Jordan Peterson. We could then have fun observing as he attempts to overcome the cognitive dissonance of having a Jew admit to evidence of a conspiracy, while at the same time trying to refute the idea as ludicrous, and simply ‘beyond the pale’.

Incidentally, a book on this topic that some of your readers might find interesting to read is Louis Marschalko’s ‘The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals, available to be downloaded here:

It is one of the best overviews of the conspiracy of any I’ve read, though of course, the inestimable Douglas Reed wrote a number of very eloquent examinations of these things, too, particularly his masterpiece, ‘The Controversy of Zion’.

JP, if you are reading this...

Al Thompson said (March 25, 2018):

The facts show that it is the Talmudic Jews that are behind the establishment of communism throughout the whole world. I don't think there is one nation in the world that doesn't have it. Maybe Mr. Peterson should look at the results and the facts. All of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto are in place yet we're supposed to be "free." Right, the check is in the mail.

Communism is a slave system that needs to be completely abolished. If communism was abolished, then there would be little to no government. No one can sugarcoat it any longer. Communism was never intended to help the working class, but only the political class to establish their dominion over the whole world. It is a slave system and all of us are the niggers. And the religions do their best to make sure these governments stay in place as they get special tax free benefits for keeping their mouths shut and not criticizing the government.

Psychology is junk science and it is of no value to mankind. If I see someone who identifies himself as a psychologist, I consider him bat-shit crazy. Psychology is sorcery and not any valid means of mental health care.

What works is maintaining a high moral standard for everyone but that needs to be implemented by each man or woman on their own. No government will do it for them. The governments and the religions will never provide a sane and secure society; all they provide is more chaos and misery.

C. Goodmenbetter said (March 25, 2018):

Peterson's popular fame rose from battling the effects of Cultural Marxism but clearly, he can carry the baton of truth only so far.

This message is for followers of Peterson: don't wait for him to pass the baton, take it from him. Use Petersons' momentum and go where he can't; to Cultural Marxism's root cause and purpose. The door is unlocked, ajar and the hideous creature of Cultural Marxism is on the other side. Don't let this opportunity go to waste. Burst through and slay it!

p.s. Want to see Channel 4's Cathy Newman align herself in uncharacteristic harmony with Peterson? Ask her openly if she believes Peterson is correct on his JQ assertion.

Wade said (March 25, 2018):

The comments today from Marcos are spot on and a well-balanced analysis of Trump, the American Zionist Christian church, and where all this is headed. As well as the final non-resting place of those supporting and enabling the so-called new world order.

We have only to really read the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to discover the truth. Actually, I have confronted many Christian Pastors on this subject and not one has ever even read the passages I am about to refer to. In fact, I have never met one pastor, and I am 73, who could adequately explain even the Trinity, which is basic Christianity 101. They bail out by saying it is a mystery...BALONEY! Pastors... you know whatever you were taught in seminary...And that is ALL you know.

It is crystal clear to anyone who wants to read The Revelation that the great whore, riding a red beast, drunk with the blood of the saints, is "that great city, even where our Lord was crucified" Namely Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be the capital of the one world government predicted in The Revelation. And the city, wherein, two witnesses lie dead in the streets as the world rejoices in their death... but God brings them back to life after 3 days.

All this happens in Jerusalem. It is no accident that Trump just recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. American Christians and especially their pastors are dumb as a rock. No wonder Jesus referred to Christians as sheep. No critical thinking, no real study of God's Word. If one jumps off the cliff...the rest will follow.

For the very few of you who are interested in watching prophesy unfold...Keep your eye on Prince William.

Henry your site is THE ONLY beacon of truth concerning Israel and Orthodox Jews and Rabbis. Other than on your site this and many other subjects you tackle are totally taboo. God bless and protect you.

1776 said (March 25, 2018):

No matter who we vote for we always continue moving in the same direction? We lose more and more freedom. We fight more wars. Our children are taught base lies in school. We are conditioned from birth to believe lies. The messages we are bombarded with on television and the movies grow more and more satanic.

Thanks to you I have taken a greater interest in a search for the truth. Sadly, there seems to be little in the way of comfort that things will work out for the best in the end. My belief in God though has grown stronger, if only because our enemies put so much effort in trying to convince us he's only a figment of our imagination. The true shame of mankind's condition is his apathy that he can change things for the better.

Your site reminds those of us in the know that hope is still possible. You enlighten us on things most of us sense but could not put out fingers on. With knowledge we at least know who the enemy is. Thank you for your efforts.

Luis said (March 25, 2018):

At least he is properly tackling communist political correctness in society. He lives in an already nations filled with Marxist irrational laws.

At least he is putting his face against the irrationality of the feminist agenda in the world - have you seen how he silenced the liberal scumbag Cathy Newman from UK channel four? Brilliant!!! This woman is a human demon, she reverses every truth and has no problems in many atheists, the other day she was confronting (she doesn't ask questions - she confronts aggressively) a bloke about traditional brainwashing children against homosexuality. See? It is them who brainwash children into homosexuality and all sorts of filthy subjects.

Victor Fletcher said (March 25, 2018):

Obviously, Peterson has not heard of Toronto Street News saying Jewish success is through higher iQ since we have suffered four arson attacks with three deaths plus repeated attempts on my life.

We know who did these actions.

Just one of them was the Apotex pair of murdered people -- namely the Shermans. Honey Sherman on the board of directors of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre (the one located in Toronto) threatened us as well.

We received hate mail before the four arson attacks that saw my staff burnt out of their homes (in my case they blew up my car missing me by seconds). Plus three times a remote-controlled driverless red Mini with white top tried to hit me and my helper twice at high speed and once when I was on foot by myself.

Toronto Street News lives in a continuing state of terror. When police asked me who my enemies are (they are too stupid to read the paper) I told them names. They dropped their notebooks and ran away.

Three sets of fire marshals investigated the fires and found nothing -- just very clever clicks to set off the fires. Lots more info on that which I won't bother to go into here.

-- Victor Fletcher / plus two other publications

David said (March 25, 2018):

RE: Unfortunately, we need much more to stem the rising tide of Satanism.

Dr. Makow,

When you find someone on this planet who knows the answer to that question plus has the connections and
resources to address this issue please immediately send me his contact details.

Annette said (March 25, 2018):

I imagined myself sitting next to him at a dinner, and asking him this question: Jordan, all things aside, if I could prove to you that there is a conspiracy,……. would you want to know?

My gut tells me his response would be something similar to the “let’s not go there” moment.

I feel torn. On the one hand if he did admit anything it would be the end of his career, but on the other hand, seeing him rise to fame and riches, and adulation for a mildly heroic stance that falls so short of what is needed leaves me cold.

Things will continue to get worse no doubt. We’ll see if he continues in his denial of the obvious. I’m guessing he will. I get harder to stand up when you have a lot to lose.

Greg B said (March 25, 2018):

Jordy knows where the shekels come from and has seen those university professors that stand up to Zionism get canned or denied tenure, so he's not going to upset those who could cut off his lucrative streams of income.

His statements read like something I read by Dan Senor years ago, about why Jews are so successful. He should also look into becoming one of those 'fellows' at some pro-Israeli think tank.

The article below is from December 2016. Supposedly, that monthly income stream from Patreon is closer to 50K now.
Controversial U of T Professor Doubles Income with Patreon Account

According to his Patreon page, Peterson, who once taught at Harvard, will make $11,403 US a month which equals out to $136,836 US a year or $183,319 CD. According to this year's sunshine list (public salary disclosures) Peterson made $161,635 CD for his job at U of T.

"The additional financial support helps me remain confident that I can remain independent in my thinking and less vulnerable to institutional pressure, should that be brought to bear," he writes in a thank you note to his supporters.

Ken Adachi said (March 25, 2018):

You deserve so much credit for noticing and commenting on things that so many of us overlook and fail to see. Where would we be without your keen eye and yeoman's diligence? Another homer.

Ryan said (March 25, 2018):

I just watched a TED Talk Jordan Peterson did back in 2011. I am pretty certain Peterson is aware of the occult. In the presentation, he shows a slideshow presentation. It contains numerous occult symbols and drawings including an ouroboros or snake eating its tail, the eye of Horus, the fall of Lucifer, Mary and baby Jesus with Isis and baby Horus and a picture of Christ with a triangle behind his head, an image of Medusa and several others.

G said (March 25, 2018):

Marco A, below, is right when he says, "You either stand for the whole truth or no truth."

Henry, thank you for calling out Jordan. For someone like Jordan to be so deficient in geopolitical affairs is stunning. And he's teaching our kids. What good is expert psychology and social skills if he ignores tyranny and who's orchestrating it. Psychology won't stop war, or banking deception, or an advancing police state. Jordan needs to open his eyes and see/join the real world.

JG said (March 25, 2018):

It took me a long time to realize this but no one ever became a righteous person by judging others. Don't we all fall short of the mark?

How many people criticize war and aggression but never criticise or refuse to enjoy the plunder and spoils that come from war. Does anyone protest cheap gas prices?
This is the Holy Week and out of our love for the Lord, if we still have some, we should be talking about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and his teachings. He was the greatest truther of them all.

Marco A said (March 24, 2018):

You know where I stand on Peterson. I think he's an "approved" intellectual talking head for the disgruntled masses. If he was truly dangerous he would be left in obscurity, have his career ruined and be forgotten or destroyed.

He pulls the same card as the charlatan Molyneux, that the Jews are supposedly a higher race of intelligent people - "So shut up peasant, and accept your overlords."

I disagree with your assertion that Peterson has 'done some good' and he deserves respect for that. You either stand for the whole truth or no truth. I think Peterson should humble himself and consider the content on your website and enlighten his educated mind.

Furthermore, wasn't Peterson's main argument and warning, when he came into the public eye, that "he knew where these totalitarian ideologies end up"?
How can a supposed expert of totalitarian regimes and humanities know nothing of the deeper conspiracy - its all conspiracy!

The man is a multimillionaire now. Genuine men who have something to say are starving or are pining away in obscurity as TRUE KNOWLEDGE goes to waste.
That's the truth.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at