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Josef Burg -- Jewish Holocaust Denier Visited Death Camps in 1945

September 4, 2017

Disclaimer: I don't share the views expressed at the left, but Burg is a notable figure, especially since his books have all been suppressed. I don't believe the Nazis rounded up Jews unfit for work just to provide them with food, board and healthcare. I do agree with the following statement: 

"World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine."---Joseph Burg

There is a "schism" in Jewish ranks between Communists and Zionists, although both are Freemasons. Joseph Burg (1908-1990) was a Communist Jew who pinned the blame for WW2 on the Zionists. Generally I cannot accept the rosy view of Jewish treatment presented by holocaust minimizers.
I don't believe the Nazis would round up people incapable of work just to provide them with free room & board. Nonetheless it is significant that all of Burg's writings have been suppressed.  Correspondent "Brabantian" describes him in more detail.

Joseph Ginsburg - when postwar Germany burned a Jew's books
by "Brabantian"

Consider the irony of a Jew who had his books burned (!) repeatedly over many years by post-war, modern Germany, after he dared to question the official Shoah / Holocaust narrative - a Jew who is now being gradually web-erased, 'memory-holed' after his death.
ez-burg (1).jpg
(Burg with Ernst Zundel)

German-speaking Jewish author Josef Ginsburg - pen name 'Joseph G. Burg', born 1908 in Chernivtsi, Austria-Hungary (now Ukraine), & died 1990 in Munich, Germany - was a rabbi's son who became a fervent Communist. Like most Jews before 1940, Ginsburg was anti-Zionist, but all his life he continued to believe that Zionism & Israel were disasters for Jews.
During World War II, Germans sequestered Ginsburg in the open in Transnistria under great hardship. Freed by Soviet Union armies, Ginsburg joined advancing Soviet troops as part of official Soviet teams entering into & inspecting Nazi camps in Poland such as Auschwitz, Birkenau, Majdanek, Treblinka, & Sobibor, known today as the 'death camps'.
As Ginsburg visited Auschwitz in 1945 & spoke to hundreds of surviving inmates, anti-Nazi Jew Ginsburg "formed the opinion that there were no 'extermination' camps at all, that gas chambers had never existed & that there had been no plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe." Ginsburg said he could find no gas chambers which were not de-lousing stations, nor witnesses who had seen any.
Ginsburg said many other things too, such as that it was Jews themselves who pushed the idea of Jews wearing yellow stars of David in Nazi-occupied regions ('wear it proudly'). Josef Ginsburg also said that Rothschild family members all sign secret iron-clad contracts to go along with many things they may personally despise, in order to keep their share of family fortune.
Technically himself a 'Holocaust survivor', Ginsburg wrote books saying the 'Holocaust' was a fraud. It remains illegal in nearly half of Europe to support Ginsburg's opinions. Ginsburg's 'holohoax' claim does have problems. Millions of religious non-Zionist European Jews seem to have disappeared. But how Ginsburg was treated was shocking.
West Germany's government continually attacked Ginsburg, confiscating & burning 7 of Ginsburg's 13 major books -- writings from 1962-89, the West German regime ice-cold to the irony of burning a Jew's books over a much longer period than Nazis themselves ever did. Ginsburg was attacked & beaten, apparently by other Jews, & Jews refused to bury him when he died.
Ginsburg's story is in process of being internet-scrubbed, close to being effectively 'erased' from English language web searches. Instead of countering Ginsburg's views with facts or argument, or saying he was stupid, or crazy, or deluded by his Communism or his perhaps fanatic anti-Zionism, the response to this Jewish writer & WW2 survivor was to burn his books & near-erase him from media & now the internet.
Yet his story is fascinating, at the very least, however 'wrong' Ginsburg may have been. A few items on Josef Ginsburg still show, one an article on Josef Ginsburg's striking testimony at a Canadian 'Holocaust denial' trial of his friend Ernst Zündel ... the Canadian crown prosecution refused to cross-examine him.


+ Burg had spoken to hundreds of people who had been in Auschwitz and had visited the camp in the fall of 1945. Burg had wanted to see the crematoria, the hospitals, and in particular, a large new bakery. He also wanted to find the gas chambers although at that time gassings were not yet in fashion. He did not find any gas chambers. Burg formed the opinion that there were no "extermination" camps at all, that gas chambers had never existed and that there had been no plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe.[Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

+  Burg also visited Majdanek three times. He did find gas chambers in Majdanek, but testified that they were disinfection gas chambers for liquidating lice and fleas: bugs which caused epidemics. The chambers were standard in each camp and had the German words "Attention! Poisonous Gas!" under a death skull. Zyklon B was the new formula used to disinfect the clothing. It destroyed the bugs but not the fabric. (25-6839) 
After the war, Burg heard a lot about the allegations that people were gassed at Auschwitz and Majdanek. He proved that it was either out of stupidity or propaganda. Up to now, he pointed out, no document had been found showing who gave the order for gassings, who built them and where they were built. The German authorities especially had been called the "super-bureaucracism." It therefore couldn't be that after all these years not a document could be found. (25 6840) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

+ Burg testified that he spoke to hundreds of people who serviced and operated the crematoria but the people who operated gas chambers were impossible to find. Nobody had published anything in which it was claimed that he worked in a gassing institution for human beings. There was literature about gassing that was completely contradictory. Why? Because it was all made up. These opinions were published in his books. (25-6840) 

+ In every camp there were crematoria. It was a practical issue. People died. When the Germans occupied the eastern territories, the huge camps were established and there were larger and more crematoria as the war progressed. Epidemics broke out causing an increased number of deaths. The question of crematoria was one of hygiene: the process was more hygienic than burial and took less space. (26-6897, 6898)
....Like all other activities in the camp, the inmates looked after the crematoria. It was the most difficult work because of the heat and the lifting of corpses into the ovens. The inmates worked very often in three shifts around the clock. (26-6998) These workers did it voluntarily. They were asked by the Jewish council or the Jewish police. It was important to ask how the Jewish council or police co-operated with the German SS. (26-6900) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

+ In 1946 Burg attended the Nuremberg trials at times when matters involving Jews were being raised. During one of these attendances he met Ilya Ehrenburg and a Jewish publisher who had been in Auschwitz for several years. Burg asked the publisher whether he had seen any gassing institutions for human beings and he said no. Ehrenburg, who had been the head of propaganda for the Red Army during the war, told Burg he had been to Auschwitz but he too had not seen anything of gassings. Burg had discussed this information with Zündel in general. (25-6857, 6858) Burg could not understand the emphasis on gassings. (26-6904) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

+ Burg had discovered that the German Zionist leaders requested as early as 1933 that the Jews be required to wear the yellow star. The Zionists saw it not as an insult but as a heroic gesture, just like the SS wore the swastika. In 1938 the director of the Zionist movement in the Third Reich brought about the wearing of the yellow star by the Jews against the wishes of both Goering and Goebbels. (25-6850) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

+ Burg testified that the emigration of Jews from Nazi Germany who did not go to Palestine was hindered by the Zionists. The Zionists prevented the Jews from going to other countries because their interest was in making the Jews go to Palestine. Furthermore, most countries blocked entrance to Jewish emigration. (25-6842)
......The German Reich wanted to get the Jews out: how and where were secondary questions. The people under Goering dealing with the Jewish question picked up a plan which came from the founder of the Zionist movement, Theodor Herzl, which involved moving the Jews to Uganda or Madagascar. Both of these colonies belonged to France. The plan did not work out, but the existence of the plan alone proved logically that a liquidation of the Jews did not exist. Their labour was needed as well. Burg emphasized there was no liquidation of the Jews by the Germans. (25-6842, 6843, 6844) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

   +Burg wrote in his books about the co-operation which existed between the Zionist leadership, including David Ben-Gurion, with the Nazi regime prior to the war. (26 6877) Several days after Hitler had been named Chancellor, Rabbi Leo Baeck, a leader of the Zionist organizations in Germany, announced publicly that the interests of Jewry were identical with the interests of National Socialism.  (26-6878, 6879) 

......In the early 1930s, as result of this co-operation between the Nazis and Zionists, some 120,000 Jews emigrated from Germany to Palestine. Difficulties began, however, when Britain, which administered Palestine, refused to issue any more immigration permits because of Arab unrest. (26-6879, 6880) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

  +Burg discussed the topic of Nazi and Zionist co-operation often with Zündel. Burg believed that the Zionists were the guilty party and that the Germans had been trapped. To brush everything over, the Zionists behaved like the cunning thief who runs ahead of the police screaming "Stop the thief!" It was Zündel's duty to fight against it and Burg stated he would help. Why? "Because otherwise it will never come to a reconciliation of the people. The truth is slowly coming out, and this is how, provoked by the Zionist leaders, a hatred against the Jews is growing." (26 6885)

   +Zündel had told Burg that thanks to his book Guilt and Fate, published in 1962, Zündel had become what he now was, a fighter for the truth, a fighter against the false accusations made against his people. (26-6885) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

Burg testified that there was no liquidation in the concentration camps. The healthier people were used for free labour. Burg pointed out that even a golden cage was a limitation of freedom and even a crime, but the invention of gassings came from sick minds. Burg wanted to prove that even at Birkenau, where gassings allegedly occurred, Jewish men and women could get special treatment. 


An example was Benedikt Kautsky, a Jew who was a spiritual personality in the Socialist-Marxist world movement. Kautsky was in Birkenau during the war doing office work. His mother, aged 79, was also sent to Birkenau. When she became sick she got a separate room and a special diet ordered by the doctor. This was "special treatment," given so the woman's life could be prolonged if not cured. She died when she was 80 years of age. When he was liberated, Dr. Kautsky returned to Vienna, Austria where he continued his scientific work. (26- 6893, 6894) In 1946, immediately after the liberation, Dr. Kautsky was one of the first to publish a book. It had the German title Teufel und Verdammte (Devil and Damned). Burg testified that the book was the truth and had historical value. However, the whole edition was burned. One and a half years later, he published another edition in which he rewrote portions and made changes. But he didn't completely rewrite it. There was no documentation about gas chambers and Kautsky himself admitted he never saw a gas chamber himself. (26-6902) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

   +In Schuld und Schicksal (Guilt and Fate) Burg dealt with the Warsaw and Lodz ghettos. When the German troops occupied Warsaw, they wanted to concentrate the Jewish population. Real ghettos had been there for centuries but the assimilated or emancipated Jews had lived far way from the ghettos. Now the Germans wanted to have the Jews all together. In a practical sense, the ghetto was also organized for the protection of the Jewish population. (26-6885, 6886)
    The Zionists were happy with this arrangement. An appointed Jewish Council was the governing body of the ghetto. They had their own police, jails and everything else. Naturally, there were some who were cruel. One of these was the vice president of the police, who was later executed. In Burg's eyes, this execution was evidence that Jews defended themselves against the minority of Zionists who were using the majority of Jews for their own purposes. (26-6886, 6887)
   + In the Lodz ghetto there was a Jewish police force, a Jewish bank, Jewish money, a Jewish post office, stamps only for Jews. There were workshops for Jews. If there was a German plan to liquidate the Jews, why were there workshops?, asked Burg. Why those expenses? Why train children for jobs? Thanks to Berlin, Burg testified, the Jews practiced a small Israel. These things could not be said today, however, because it was now said that there was a "Holocaust" and the Jews were murdered. (26-6888, 6889) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

   +The German people, not just the Nazis, had been blamed falsely; and not just Germans living in Germany but Germans living throughout the world. Burg had an interest in this because he believed it provoked hatred against Jews. Zionist leaders even today had a interest in the origination of pogroms against the Jews and Burg was testifying to prevent this. (26-6889) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

   +Israel submitted a document to Germany stating that of four European Jews, three had been killed and for those dead people Israel demanded restitution. The document did not claim that 6 million died. Neither gassings nor murder were obvious from the document. The word used was "killed." The initial sum of 3.5 million marks had grown and not only today's Germans would pay but also the newborns. The sums were justified by inventions that 40 million Jews were gassed, then 25, then about 6 million, the level at which it had stayed. (26-6907) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

     +If the Holocaust story went on the way it was going, said Burg, there would never be a sincere relationship between the Jews and the Germans. The Zionist leaders would see to that. Burg had told Zündel that films such as Holocaust and Shoah were fortifications of a falsification of history, made for the purpose of showing Germans why they had to pay and that the paying would go on for another few generations. (25-6851, 6852) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

      +Burg discussed with Zündel who was responsible for the upset in the world between Germans and Jews. He told Zündel that the First World War had brought the Zionists a homestead in Palestine but not a nation. This was much too little and everything had to be done to create a state of Israel. This was only possible by war activity. A world war had to come about. The Zionists therefore co-operated with what was known as Wall Street. Wall Street brought about the Second World War, just as they had brought about the First World War. Burg noted that the Hitler regime had also been supported because it was supposed to fight the Communists. Like the National Socialists, the Communists did not want to subordinate themselves to Wall Street. The plan of Churchill, together with the Zionists and the Americans of Wall Street, was to ensure that the National Socialists and Communists "knocked each other out." Chaim Weizmann had stated that he was willing to sacrifice German Jewry in the interest of a state of Israel. (26- 6912, 6913, 6915)[Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988 

    +Jew-wise Gentiles know about the "jews' oath" or Kol Nidre prayer, which all devout jews say every year to absolve them from telling the truth in the year to come. But there is a way to make a religious jew tell the truth, according to Josef Ginsburg, who was himself the son of an orthodox rabbi. 
    +"First, all Christian symbols must be cleared from the room. Then, a Hebrew bible and a rabbi must be present. The jew must don a skull cap and take a rabbinical oath which nullifies the Kol Nidre anti-oath oath." After this procedure, Josef Ginsburg claimed that "99.5% of all the sick holocaust stories would become truthful silence!" Jews are not otherwise bound to tell the truth, because their courtroom oath (as well as their pledge of allegiance) is deemed by them to be of no account, whatsoever! An Interview With JOSEF GINSBURG by Eric Thomson

First Comment from Stephen L:

You state in your recent and interesting article about Joseph Ginsberg and his "'holohoax' claim" that "Millions of religious non-Zionist Jews seem to have disappeared".  I just thought I would mention that, according to the Jewish World Almanac and which, according to the linked article, has been widely regarded as the the most authentic source for the world's Jewish population numbers, the numbers of Jews in Europe actually increased by not far off half a million people in the period between 1933 and 1948.  

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Comments for "Josef Burg -- Jewish Holocaust Denier Visited Death Camps in 1945"

Peter R said (September 5, 2017):

"I don't believe the Nazis would round up people incapable of work just to provide them with free room & board".

Agree with you on that one. But they were not killed in gas chambers, as claimed. There is enough evidence that such didn't exist. Juergen Graf, a Swiss researcher, was one of the first to visit the Red Army's WW2 archives, after Gorbachev opened them. He found the original Auschwitz camp records, including the "death books" that were meticulously kept about each death, giving some details, including cause of death. I remember Graf's grand total was something like 42,000. The recording stopped as the Red Army approached, so there were more cases, but the Red Cross also has records showing a ridiculously low number of deaths, compared to the millions that are claimed. Those are just propaganda; a giant red herring to detract from the true genocide the communists perpetrated in Russia.

Not that the Germans didn't have their own atrocities, but they were small compared to what the communists did. And importantly, there were no gas chambers.

The money printers have successfully passed their contempt and hatred for mankind on to their communist brigades. They are the true haters of all mankind. Their record is so heinous and vile, that it is unspeakable.

Allowing them to get into power anywhere, like they were in Russia, will produce the same Satanic slaughter again. Some of these rabid psychos, foaming at the mouth, can't wait for the killing to begin.

Kurt B said (September 5, 2017):

I realize you don’t want your site used for holocaust revisionism and I respect that.

However, I would like to make a point in regard to your statement: “I don't believe the Nazis rounded up Jews unfit for work just to provide them with food, board and healthcare.”

The well documented story of Anne Frank reveals that both Anne and her father Otto were inmates at Auschwitz prior to the Russian take-over of the camp in January of 1945. The retreating Germans gave the almost 69,000 remaining prisoners the choice of returning to Germany with the German Army or staying to be liberated by the Russians. Only 7000 chose to stay. Leaving with the Germans was Anne Frank, sent by her father who couldn’t accompany her because he was in the Auschwitz hospital being treated for Typhus. Anne ended up at Bergan-Belson where due to extreme overcrowding and lack of medicine she died of typhoid.

My point is, contrast this factual account with the Hollywood version of the SS officer on the ‘selection’ platform taking those needed for work and sending everyone else (women, children, the elderly and sick) to the gas chamber.

Brian M said (September 5, 2017):

Hi Henry a superb article.

The broadcaster Moshe Solomons on his show said that a recent FOI act showed that in w w 2, 4 and a half million jews emigrated from Europe to the USA,
and did not die in the camps. This info had previously been kept top secret. Moshe, a well respected jew said death numbers of jews at German work camps were blown out of all proportion.

Winston Churchill told his secretary John Colvile that the story of the Holocaust was a fake, but very necessary at the time, John told this story on BBC radio, but subsequent broadcasts had this part cut out.
Bishop Wiliamson in an effort to find out the truth, went through the huge underground Vatican archives, and said he was shocked to find there were no gas chambers, no shrunken heads , and no jews were melted down to lubricate the Berlin Tram system, Williamson, based his knowledge on letters and documents from the RAMC the Red Cross NKVD, polish intel
M I 6 Red Army letters home and vaticans own hidden documents

Anon said (September 5, 2017):

I don't know the whole picture of what happened to the Jews, but I can say is what my mother directly witnessed.

My mother was involved in the Dutch resistance and her job was to hide Jewish females. She had many harrowing experiences and suffered many years with PTSD.

She lived in the Jewish area of The Hague, Netherlands and she many times has told me that none, that is zero of the Jews that were caught and deported ever returned after the war.

Ironically her father was a NSBer or a Dutch Nazi. After the war he was stripped of his citizenship, nevertheless he did well as he was an attorney and business owner.

I researched my mother's genealogy and discovered that her father's line were actually crypto-Jews.

P said (September 5, 2017):

Re the Holocaust, I think they probably shot those they figured were not strong enough to work in the labour camps. The old, the young. Just not gassed. And because of this number, they have to destroy all evidence.

Robert K said (September 4, 2017):

Henry, you say "I don't believe the Nazis rounded up Jews unfit for work just to provide them with food, board and healthcare." In time of war it has been common for countries to intern potentially subversive groups. In Canada this was done with Austro-Hungarians and others in WWI. The Japanese interned in WWII were not released until 1949! Such sequestering inevitably involves injustice, but Jews were regarded by many Germans as having stabbed their country in the back in WWI and in 1933 Jewish organizations were behind a worldwide economic boycott of Germany. They would naturally be suspected of being potentially subversive in time of war and therefore prime candidates for internment.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at