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We Are Being Farmed Like the Animals We Eat

June 26, 2017


This documentary argues convincingly 
that our animal-based diet is
responsible for 
most of our health problems. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D

The 90-minute documentary "What the Health" unveils a new dimension in the conspiracy: we are being farmed like the animals we eat.   

I've seen many films advocating vegetarianism or veganism but usually my enthusiasm fades after a couple of days. I'm from an east-European background and I love my meat, especially sausages and cold cuts.  However this documentary made quite an impact on me because it showed convincingly that my animal-and-dairy-based diet is responsible for most of my health problems. 

(True benefactors of humanity, filmmakers Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn will never get the Nobel Prize.) 

A satanic cult such as is Western society makes its members sick and then sells them a phoney "cure." Our animal-and-dairy-based diet is fuelling a trillion dollar food, healthcare and pharmaceutical boondoggle that is gradually bankrupting and killing us all. 

We are no different from the factory-farmed chickens and cattle we see in the film. Except we are farmed to be consumers of foods which make us sick, and drugs which only manage the symptoms. We are not supposed to be healthy or get well.

The government actually subsidizes and promotes unhealthy diets. Laws protect producers of toxic food and treat whistle blowers as "terrorists." There is even a "cheese burger" law which protects fast food restaurants from being sued. 

Why is this? Because the US government is controlled by lobbyists who funnel money to politicians. Our democratically-elected leaders sell themselves to the highest bidders and it's perfectly legal.

Similarly, organizations like the American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association are sponsored by the food manufacturers that cause the sicknesses in the first place. The role of these groups is to perpetuate the illness.

The same applies to doctors in general. They are drug pushers. They don't learn anything about diet in medical school. Can you imagine?
When California tried to mandate seven hours of instruction on diet, the American Medical Association actually fought and stopped it.  That proves that a good diet is fatal to medical industry profits.

I have had Diabetes 2 for decades which makes me feel tired. My doctor has me on a no-sugar low-carb diet and the drug metformin. I was surprised to learn from this documentary that sugar and carbs are not the problem. It is animal fat which prevents the sugar from getting into my cells from my bloodstream. He has never mentioned this. 






Aubrey, Allison. "Bad day for bacon: Processed Meats Cause Cancer WHO Says". npr: the salt. Oct. 2015

Here are many more startling facts revealed by this incredible documentary. 

Especially persuasive were interviews with three invalids who were taking a cocktail of drugs to manage their illness. They were so desperate and defeated. In all three cases, they were on the road to recovery only two weeks after changing to a plant-based diet.   

Meanwhile Congress is debating the "Affordable Healthcare Act" -- how many billions to devote to this racket.  

The bottom line is that health like war is a boondoggle, but this one immediately affects us all. We talk about dropping out of "the system."
"Going off the grid." Fighting the bankers.  It could be as simple as changing our diet. 
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Why we should not take this documentary seriously.

First Comment by Tony B:

Can't agree with this, Henry.  

The problem is not what we eat but what has been done to poison what we eat in every stage from the seed or the newborn to the final processing.  Chem trails constantly dumped into the sky poison everything - air, water, ground, plants, animals and us.  Worse, most of the common vegetables are now GMOed and the grains are all soaked in Roundup at the time they are harvested, therefore vegetables are just as poisoned as animal food.  Soy in the west is practically 100% GMOed, is a natural poison to the human system unless fermented (almost none is) and is used as a filler in almost everything that is processed, meat or vegetable.
Humans are designed to eat every kind of natural food.  There are diseases and sicknesses directly connected to NOT eating any meat as well as the other way around.  Moreover, "vegans" end up with weakened systems especially a weakened immune system, propaganda notwithstanding.

If people understood how vegetable fats are created they would not come near any of them.  To be profitable they have to be heated into a rancid mess.  Then chemicals are added to make them look good, smell good and taste good.  Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic.  Set out a stick of it and no insect will touch it while they will devour butter as quickly as they can.  Animal fat is the fuel the human body must have in every cell in order to live.  It is insane to deny people the fuel which runs their bodies and replace it with faked up garbage.  But it works well for the "bottom line" of high profit at the expense of human health.

Diabetes?  Probably every American has "type 2" diabetes.  So what?  People who take medication for it suffer - from the medication.  Want rid of it?  Simple.  There are a million places to find out how many pounds of sugar we consume today per person.  It's enough to kill an elephant partly because it, like soy, is in practically every last processed food.  Moreover every last sugar beet is GMOed and now all cane sugar is soaked in Roundup at harvesting.  Kids who chew on natural sugar cane in the field have perfect teeth and are otherwise healthy also, but after the processing sugar is the product that was responsible for the miserable health of kings when only they could afford it and now it is one more of the poisons we all massively consume constantly to our detriment.

The only true answer to proper human food consumption, beside making it natural, unprocessed food as much as possible, is the ancient and reliable, "All things to moderation."  The rest is a lie, no matter who pushes it.

Marco adds:

Henry, visit Italy and look for people in bad physical condition because of their diet, it will be hard to find. All they eat over there is salty meats and dairy, with a good round of starchy carbs mixed with oil to top it off. Italy would be Hell for a health crazed gluten obsessed vegan.

I'm sure our masters would love it if we all ate seeds, and nuts, while they gorged themselves on fillet mignon. 
I don't understand the neurosis these days about diet, I think its a trap, there are enough things to worry about - why worry about what you are going to put in your belly. 
It's very simple, if a certain food makes you feel healthy and good after eating it, keep eating it. If it makes you feel sluggish and depressed, don't. 
Nothing makes me feel better than a good meal of meat and potatoes. 

If people are truly worried about processed meat and dairy, find a local farmer to buy meat and raw milk from.
Thanks Marco-

Diabetes is a problem in Italy. 

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Comments for "We Are Being Farmed Like the Animals We Eat "

Amber H said (June 27, 2017):

Actually Henry, you are spot on with what you have said in your article.

As a vegetarian (in contrast to vegan), I of course, refrain from all meat eating including fish, and eat dairy and eggs in moderation.

I do so as it does not make sense on all levels of our being to eat meat--intellectual, physical, moral, compassionate and spiritual levels.

Intellectual – because of the pollution, antibiotics, GMO feed and other toxins and chemicals they foist on the animal; fish in the seas are now laden with mercury and plastics;

Physical because of the obvious health effects – plus our intestines were not designed for the ingestion of meat—and neither are our teeth for that matter.

Moral and compassionate – because of the IMMENSE CRUELTY involved in the slaughtering of animals – from the beginning to the end of their lives; Gandhi even said (paraphrase): “you can judge the moral fiber (greatness) of a nation by the way it treats its animals.”

The spiritual / religious level is through what is stated here:

Here is also something on the eating of pork, which may shock all the Christians as well:

Becoming a vegetarian requires a daily plant-based protein powder drink (can mix with almond, rice or coconut milk), taking a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement and eating ALL ORGANIC food—with organic dairy and eggs also in moderation.

Fortifying with a further B12 supplement wouldn’t hurt either as it is not abundant in a plant-based diet.

All diseases can be cured through food – as the ancient Greeks held the knowledge that “food is medicine.”

Herbs, supplements, and plant-based diet cures all human ailments – did you ever hear of meat “cures” – other than “cured” meat -- trust the Satanists to turn that around as well as the process of “curing” is actually carcinogenic—where you are sure to get cancer.

Henry, does your “no sugar” diet (prescribed by your Rockefeller schooled doctor) mean using artificial sugar like aspartame? – which the Satanists have dumped prolifically into our food supply – as it harms the body and kills brain cells:

Do see why EVERYONE on this Planet needs to take high grade vitamins and minerals—because these Satanists have also wrecked the soil:

The conspiracies behind it:

Linda said (June 27, 2017):

Henry you got to be kidding. Mycoplasa is the most common cause of cancer and disease - a worldwide epidemic

It was a bio-weapon unleashed in the 70s and 80s in CD and US, Africa and more

Probably for the better. People lose their lives exposing the truth about this organism - i.e Dr. Bradstreet, Dr. Gonzalez and many others - the pharmaceuticals don't want people to know that cancer and disease are INFECTIONS and that there are alternative and safe protocols to kill mycoplasma and Lyme.

God knows I tried - I supposeI I am being protected until the truth is ready to come out at the right time.

Blessings to you - I love your site - stay with it

HA said (June 27, 2017):

I find it suspect when a Jewish owned 'dreamwork' produces such a documentary which essentially pedlers their new age Gia religion of "let's all become rabbits because we and the planet is dying because of our eating habits" , when they are the same ones polluting and running theses multinational corporations that have systemically destroyed our health, our planet and our souls.

GMOs, refined carbohydrates, artificial sugars, preservatives and chemical additives in our diet are the main culprits of most our aliments.

Less food in the belly equals higher state of consciousness. That's why I recommend fasting at least 2 times a week. Abstaining from food from sunrise to sunset a few times a month can add an extra five years to your lifespan according to studies.

Prophet Noah formulated the fast one day and eat the next method. Which would have you fasting half the year. He lived to be 950 years of age. All Prophets from Adam to Mohammed practiced fasting. Prophet Mohammed said " the best of fasting is the fasting of Noah". Muslims are urged to fast the 13th, 14th and 15th days of every lunar month. Others fast on Mondays and Thursdays as practiced by The Prophet as well.

Eating naturally raised and cared for animal meat and fat (butter, ghee, kefir, yogurt, milk, cheese) is one of last remaining pleasures we have in this lifetime. The satanic power that has their cold grasp on us want to take everything pleasurable the Almighty Creator has sanctioned for us turn it upside down. Typical of everything else they have distorted and manipulated.

John said (June 27, 2017):

Eat anything and everything in moderation. Red meats of choice are bison, venison and finally good old fashion hamburger meat or steaks (cow). Noticed gamey meat never slows me down except for when eating cow steaks and its hamburgers so my advice sticks to game meat if possible. If I were to attempt to start to eat healthy would detox the system. Then, attempt to eat right whatever that means. Try a local butcher shops for buying meats may see a difference. Last but not least would purchase diet book for whatever diet would improve my health. If I were sick, would use the Max Gerson way or other.

Anonymous said (June 27, 2017):

Henry, I have followed your blog for years, and find it to be the most hard hitting YES !! truth sources. I follow your links, and marvel how they are my “missing links” to understanding. One of my other interests beside history is nutrition. For the first time in 6 years or so I find an article on your blog to be junk, specifically, junk science. Iam , of course referring to “What the Health”. Do some better research on this , and be more careful. After all, your reputation depends on it.

Thank you for all your wonderful research and opinion,




Just because I may be wrong about diet should not discredit my other work.


RA said (June 26, 2017):

As a nurse, I can affirm this abnormal symptoms and our so called noble profession which has been turned into slavery – pushing bpharm in a 12 hour shift, without any art of nursing – touching and talking to our patients, we experience sore, swollen legs from standing the whole 12-hour shift mixing all sorts of cocktails medicines to be pumped into human symptoms, we manage created symptoms without having time to observe the adverse reactions to this drugs.

Al Thompson said (June 26, 2017):

I haven't watched the film yet, but I've never seen so many fat people. When I was a kid, over 60 years ago, I don't remember seeing so many fat people. When I say fat, I don't me people with a little overweight, I mean really fat. Now, I see men and women 300 to 600lbs at Wal-Mart. It's so bad that the store actually has carts for them to move around the store.

I don't overeat, yet it is difficult for me to lose weight. I do eat meat everyday. I like my peppered bacon in the morning. I don't think it is the meat so much as it is the chemicals that are being used with the livestock. Even the veggies are contaminated. I've noticed that they have lost their flavor over the years. I used to make spaghetti with bell peppers. My mother taught me how to do it and you could smell and taste them in the sauce. I don't have anywhere near the flavor that the peppers my mom used years ago. In short, the food sucks and it lacks flavor.

Back in Sept, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I started having to do the finger prick thing three or four times a day and I was prescribed Metformin. After a few weeks, I stopped the medication and the finger pricking. I didn't stop eating meat but I eliminated almost all refined sugar. I eat a low carb diet and my glucose went from 73 to 61.5 or thereabouts. The normal is 59. Type II Diabetes can be reversed by adjusting the diet. So, within a few months, I've almost reversed the condition. But remember, there's no money in a cure, so don't expect a lot of support from your doctor.

I'm not convinced about a vegan diet because most of that produce has chemicals in it and I don't eat a lot of veggies like I used to because it doesn't taste good. Regardless, after paying more attention to my own diet (diabetes made me do it) I feel much better. It can be a lot of work trying to figure out what works but it is worth the effort.

I've also had a 2cm lung cancer which I worked on with 3000mg of calcium. A good diet holds the keys to good health and it is true that most doctors don't understand it or won't teach their patients how to eat properly. I've seen small children eat gobs of sugar and then notice how many fillings they have in their teeth.

I think the whole food supply is now compromised because of the corporations (owned by communist Jews?). The food makes people fat and sick. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, they make money of the phony cancer treatments. The water is not good so I recommend people drink a high pH water like Essential. The pH level should be around 7.3 I suggest getting pH test strips at the drug store. They are easy to use and it would be very worthwhile to monitor your own pH. That should solve a lot of health problems. I recommend Dr. Barefoot's (a Canadian) book Death by Diet. That book is a good primer on the failings of the current medical system.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at