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The "Jewish" Conspiracy is Western Imperialism

March 30, 2017

Jewish merchants and bankers have always dominated
Commerce in Europe. 

In 1935, "Leslie Fry" described how
Spain, Holland & England respectively became
vehicles for Masonic Jewish commercial and political domination.

In the 20th Century, the United States finally 
 inherited this mantle   from England.

Warmongering liberals and the Israel-loving Trump
confirm that the US is the latest instrument of the 
Communist and Zionist Jewish agenda.

"The more Britain expanded, the greater grew the Jewish power and control 
in the economic and financial realm....a Zionist World Empire is on the high 
road to realization." (1935)

The Jews and the British Empire (1935)
by Leslie Fry (Paquita Louise de Shishmareff)
(Excerpts by henry 

There was yet another aspect of the British Empire, mercantilism, that does not inspire national pride, [because] it does not fall under what patriots understand as national. Present day British mercantilism is international. It has lived and thrived on British blood, work, resources and skill, but it is not British in essence....

The rise of the British Empire is clearly linked to the Jewish Messianic ideal, bearing to-day the name of Zionism, which aims at universal economic and financial control to be followed by political power in every nation. A short retrospect will make this statement clear.

 Spanish and Portuguese World Empires 

Spanish and Portuguese sailors and soldiers fought for the possession of lands where Jews later implanted their trade. Thus did Portugal have the monopoly of Oriental trade from 1500 to 1600. When the arrogance of Jews who, along with wealth, had gained political power in the Iberian peninsula became unbearable, and when their undermining of the Christian faith and traditions of those two countries led to the Inquisition and their subsequent expulsion, the Netherlands, having an efficient Navy, were elected to replace the Portuguese. 

The Dutch were easily inflamed with the idea of creating a great Netherland Empire. Just as the Spaniards and Portuguese had done, they supplied soldiers, sailors and ships between 1603 and 1640; they drove out the Portuguese from all their positions at Goa, in the East Indies, Ceylon and Java-Jewish trade went on unhampered under the new nominal owners, but it was diverted to Amsterdam and Antwerp. 

Cromwell Re-admits Jews

The Dutch not having been found by the Jews as tractable as had been anticipated, their doom was sealed; and in the secret councils of the Elders of Zion of those days, Britain was elected to replace the Netherlands.

The financial Jewish power had been transferred from Amsterdam to London under William III (of Orange) and the chief financiers there were the Sephardim Jews, the Mendez da Costas, Abudientes, Salvadors, Lopezes, Fonsecas and Seixas-all Marranos.  On no account was France to be allowed to develop an Empire and become an independent rival, so England was used to wrest from her Colonies in India, America, West Indies, Canada. 

The more Britain expanded, the greater grew the Jewish power and control in the economic and financial realm. A kaleidoscopic look at the main events of British history from the early part of the 17th century will show the rapid expansion of Britain and her political control passing from her own hands into those of men alien to her faith, race and nation. At home, civil strife leads to the overthrow of monarchy true to the traditions of Edward I and is replaced by the Protectorate of Cromwell, left, tool of the Jews. 

Cost of Zionism

Abroad conquest and emigration go side by side to extend British influence ...Conquest is effected by a ceaseless warfare on sea against Spain from 1656 on, against the Dutch until 1757, against the French. 

India is gained by a succession of wars; Three Burmese Wars, 1823, 1882, 1885; war against the Mohammedan rulers of Sind; two Sikh Wars, 1845 & 1878; Chinese War in 1856. The British go through the horrors of the Black Hole of Calcutta and the Indian Mutiny of 1857 to defend the rights of the East India Company. In the New World, they colonize America and behind them follows Jewish trade and slave traffic. They wrest Canada from the French...

In Europe, they fight a succession of wars, the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean and Russian-Turkish Wars. 

Trader's Profit 

After the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815), England has laid all her possessions at the feet of Nathan Rothschild. Henceforth, Britain will do the bidding of her real masters; she has become the tool of the schemers against all she holds dear, namely, her faith, her patriotism, traditions, civilization. She grants the" returned' aliens equality of civil rights; they may and do become mayors over Christian population, and within a short time, Britain is ruled by a Jewish Prime Minister, Disraeli, first and foremost a Jew and the flunkey of the powerful Rothschild financiers. 

One of the consequences of this disastrous political mistake is the transformation of the national attitude of Great Britain and her colonies into that of the British Empire. Disraeli who inspired it knew what he was scheming for, the British people did not. But with him, Zionism is carried up to the very heights of the British Throne; a Zionist World Empire is on the high road to realization.

And what of the South African War to secure gold and diamond fields for the Jews and for them alone? Once more British and Dutch blood drenched the battlefields. In the wake of British advance everywhere, Jewish trade has found new fields and gained security, it has grasped production at its source and started the era of trusts and monopolies. 

 A Zionist Empire

 At home, meanwhile, Jewish power gets steadily stronger, but drunk with the notion of the mighty British Empire, Britons see only the surface; they still believe that they are ruled by their own Monarch and elected men, and they fail to grasp the ghastly truth. The Great World War even fails to open their eyes.

Materially England has reaped no benefit; her millions of unemployed are there to proclaim this sad fact. Economically her Zionist rulers have fettered the initiative of her people and through the Zionist P.E.P. (Political Economic Planning) programme of the Manchester School of Zionists, headed by the Rothschilds, Chaim Weizmann and Israel Moses Sieff and Co.

 Britons are being steadily deprived of liberty, property, freedom of initiative and are burdened with intolerable taxation. British industries and agriculture have been and are being systematically destroyed by Socialism, Communism and Bolshevism, those offspring of Zionism. 
But meanwhile, Jewish trade and prosperity have suffered no set-back. They are thriving on international loans and the control of huge monopolies. 

Spiritual Losses 

Spiritually, International Freemasonry, the main channel of Jewish influence and of which English Grand Lodge is as much a branch as the Continental Grand Orient and Scottish Rite Masonry, has laid low the Christian Church and given much scope to Kabbalistic Theosophy, gradually destroying the spiritual Christian-Aryan heritage of Britons.

No asset appears in the National Ledger to offset this great loss. The picture is one of gloom. The rewards and gains which colonizing Britain might have expected to enjoy after her sacrifices and labours among peoples to whom she brought the benefits of her civilizing influence, whose standard of living, moral and physical she raised, for whom she built hospitals, instituted educational and industrial centres, carried out costly schemes of irrigation and transportation, are all to be ruthlessly snatched from her. She is not to be allowed to enjoy the fruits of her sacrifices any more than were Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

-------------------------------- The Jewish "Conspiracy" is British Imperialism 
---------------------------------The Fraud that Begets all Others 
----------------------------------War is a Tragic Hoax

First Comment from Z

Henry, your latest article is spot on and very significant for anyone who wants to understand real history and the state of world affairs today. In 1940 Julius Evola wrote: "the 'British Empire' was a creature of Judaism".

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Comments for "The "Jewish" Conspiracy is Western Imperialism "

Bill said (March 31, 2017):

What most people fail to realize is that there has been a 'diverse' world kingdom (beast) headed by London Jewish interests...this is an empire but not like the old ones. It controls ALL the finances of the world, different means using subterfuge and deception, but yet it IS an EMPIRE. The only nations free are those they allowed to be free for diabolical purposes, but indirectly they control those too. So historians have been blinded to the truth, for we have had a revived Roman Empire for 300-400 years.

Now the Eastern toes on the Roman leg are gathering as are the Western toes of Daniels legs...God does not make mistakes!

The Hashemite Kingdom is forming in the east and there will be 5 European Kings...these 10 kings will last for 1 hour with the beast of GB, Germany and Russia just before Jesus kicks their ass for good.

Scott said (March 30, 2017):

Not entirely sure that British decline with American as powers rise was planned ahead, as much as a direct consequence of both World Wars Germany made multiple peace overtures to Britain (it's not so "Great" anymore) in WWI and II, which would've allowed them to maintain naval supremacy and with the empire remaining intact. The crushing debt was what allowed the US to assume that position post 1945. Now the US is tipped past the point of "imperial overstretch" with the same patterns repeating as in the other nations (Spain, Netherlands, Britain, not to mention striking similarities to Weimar Germany!). After Jewish finance and Israel have just about completely sucked the same blood out of the US, they'll have already prepared to ride the Chinese next. That's what they expect, anyway.

Lisa said (March 30, 2017):

The apostacy of the British made them easy for Jews to conquer & use as a tool against other countries in
the world. Apostacy downfall. Same with Germany. Satanic Jews' objective has always been the destruction of monarchy and alter.

Apostacy makes it easy for them. People dont understand their responsibility on that point.

Tony B (who knew Author) said (March 30, 2017):

To me this is amazing. Although I can't recall Mady ever mentioning this work or most of the details in it, still the gist of it has been mine for long with no memory of how or where I acquired that knowledge.

You are quite right that the U.S. has been the next victim of the satanic cabal to take up where an exhausted Britain had to quit. All one needs as proof are Mady's list in the work of the constant wars of the Brits which have been continued from WW1 onward by the U.S., the present Rothschild cabal world knee-cappers, which, same as Britain during its turn, receives nothing in the way of recompense for its shed wealth and blood.

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