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Freemasons Control Most Protestant Sects

March 18, 2017

"There is a deceiver for every believer." Video provides history of satanic conspiracy.

"What about those who profess to be Christians, Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, etc. etc.? ... Are they also ALL FALSE?"

The answer is YES!  This gifted researcher confirms that humanity is indeed the victim of an ancient satanic conspiracy rooted in the Cabalah and Talmud. But his important contribution is to remind us that the Cabalists have used Freemasonry to
virtually create Protestantism (Lutheranism, Presbyterian etc.) and their offshoots,
the Evangelical movements, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists. 

Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell and Robert Schuller were all high ranking Freemasons as are their present day successors like TD Jakes.   We know the Catholic Church has been subverted but we need to be reminded that the same applies to Protestants, and especially Evangelicals who are Trump's core supporters. 

It seems that Freemasons (i.e. Rothschild banking cartel) just bought them all.  Most social institutions have been bought. This is the reason for society's demoralized condition. We are just bystanders to power struggles, real or staged, within this satanic secret society.  

(Excerpts by

They Are ALL False

Let me warn you .... that they are well trained professional con-men and women, actors, hypocrites, who deceive and swindle Christians and unsuspecting people for living. They make unbelievable amount of money taking from those people and live off of it, claiming that "The Lord blessed me!" And, they are extremely "organized," behave in one accord, and are part of the worldwide Illuminati-Masonic system, which controls the WHOLE WORLD.

I have covered the deception of the Messianic and Hebraic Roots Movements quite a bit in the Judaism and Kabbalah series. They are all false and based on Kabbalah ... no question about it. But, you might have been wondering ... then, what about the other ministries? What about those who profess to be Christians, Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, etc. etc.? ... Are they also ALL FALSE?.

Please know this truth: The same enemy who have created the Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots Movements created the false church going back almost 2000 years.


Yes. I have no problem asserting that ALL ministries that are very visible and well funded, that are eager to draw people into "movements" and "frenzies," and that are Zionistic, are FALSE. And, that pretty much covers all the ministries we hear and see, doesn't it? And please do not forget that, as I presented in False Ministries (1): on YouTube, many seemingly "individually" operating youtubers are also Illuminati-sent actors. Their teaching materials have all the signatures of the Zionist's agenda and some images are very expensive and sophisticated to make for an independent ministry. It is very likely that they are provided by those who hired them, therefore; they must show their allegiance to their boss with Kabbalistic symbols and signs. The operation is massive and vast, and the deceivers come in all forms, so that there is a deceiver for every believer.


In the late 1700s through early 1900s, the Illuminati began forming protestant denominations in more organized ways. Most famously, the Pentecostal Movement began as the Azusa Street Revival (1906 - 1915). Baptist denomination can be traced back to early 1600s in Amsterdam, but in North America, the First Great Awakening triggered and popularized it in mid-late 1700s. As we see today that the Kabbalists have been incessantly preaching the impending Third Great Awakening, the previous ones were probably instigated by them also. It has been a clear pattern that they create and use "revival" and "awakening" to draw people into their scheme and legitimize their false doctrines. Whether it is a form of Pentecostal or Baptist, or Messianic Jewish Movement ... behind all these "Movements" ... is the Kabbalist Illuminati.

So, naturally, all Bible colleges and seminaries that are associated with denominations were also established by Freemasons, and their insignias freely reveal it to us.

Then, in late 1700s, as Rothschild family was established as the first family, and the front, of the illuminati and they started taking over everything financially in Europe. At the same time, they clearly and intentionally planned to completely take over the christianity through Freemasonry, and have it completely under their power. And they did it, of course, by way of deception and infiltration.

The 1800s was the time they gained so much and planned everything in detail. By then, probably, almost all the christianity related things were controlled by the Illuminati. The term, "Zionism," was coined by Theodor Herzel, and was established as the NWO goal in late 1800s, and Scofield "Deception" Bible was published with teachings of Zionistic and Dispensationalistic Pre-Tribulation by this time ALREADY. Later, the Dallas Theological Seminary became the epicenter of this false teaching.

In and around 1920s, they were busy with establishing the multiple denominations through Freemasonry and pushing the dispensationalism, replacement theology, pre-tribulation rapture, and healing revivals, word of faith movement, and all those heresies. This means that ALL DENOMINATIONS ARE MASONIC. You can easily tell by their masonic logos. But, I must add that masonic ministries are not limited to denominational ones. (Scroll down here to see a dozen Evangelical preachers making Masonic hand signs.)

And, to conclude, everything that happened after that, such as healing revivals, word of faith movement, charismatic movement, Pentecostal movement, Vineyard healing movement, grace and "you cannot possibly sin" teaching, sweet Jesus teaching, nice and boneless christian teaching, "Jesus People" movement, Messianic movement, Hebrew Roots movement, and practically ALL christianity related so called "movements" were orchestrated, run, and controlled by the Illuminati Masonic power behind them. Right now, there is a few false "movements" going on, such as New Apostolic Reformation led by C. Peter Wagner, Purpose Driven movement led by Rick Warren, Third Great Awakening led by Dutch Sheets and many, and Emerging Church, Kingdom Dominion, Joel's Army, etc. Of course, this includes the cone-head Nephilim craze, alien invasion theory, blood moon false prophecy, and other "nosies" on the YouTube too.

This applies to any self-proclaimed "Ministries," small or large, because, UNLESS YOU ARE PART OF THEM YOU CANNOT BE APPROVED OR ALLOWED TO HAVE A PLATFORM ON TV, CONFERENCE, PUBLISHING, RADIO, MAJOR EVENTS, or any other christian activities. THEY OWN AND RUN EVERYTHING. Think about it ... if all the churches are controlled, you cannot have a significant presence in it unless you know someone .... can you? It is run like a mob. And, if you preach or teach what they do not approve, or if you question what they do, you will be harassed, attacked, and bullied until you stop and disappear ... or else. Even this humble blog and its Facebook Pages have been receiving fair amount of harassment.

(The gang's all here, for Billy Graham 90th bd. Graham a 33 o Mason. Note Trump in the rear.) 

Here is another important truth: THEY ONLY PROMOTE THEIR OWN. Therefore, if someone is promoted on clearly Zionist Illuminati TV/Cable Network (those who love the Zionist Israel and teach to support them), such as TBN, DAYSTAR, CBN, and ALL christian networks, and TV/Internet programs, such as "It's Supernatural" by Sid Roth, and "This is Your Day" by Benny Hinn, and on YouTube, "Prophecy In The News" by Gary Spearman, without a doubt, he/she is one of them. Also they promote by magazines, such as "Charisma Magazine" and "Christianity Today," so, if they are promoted by them, they are all in on it without an exception. It is simply because the Illuminati own ALL the media outlets.

Yes .. all of them.

Therefore ... only the small blogs and personal Websites are possible outlets for the truth, by the voice of some faithful servants who are called to tell the truth. Of course, there are many of those who are controlled but pretend to be innocent servants publishing on insignificant looking blogs ... so we must be alert and watch out for the symbolism and other signs. As I said in many other posts, all the media and Internet are flooded by their agents. And literally ALL of the "ministries" are completely false.

This was a very rough and quick write up to give you some idea on this topic. But the message is extremely important ... that is, ALL MINISTRIES and CHURCHES ARE FALSE, and at least ASSUME FALSE. They use those titles and names to legitimize their lies and assume authorities to tell you they are serving our Father, when those big ministries and organized religions are not biblical at all.

I must also tell you, however; that the whole thing of this deception, which you have just read, was approved and allowed to happen by our Father to test the last generation, us. We were to find Him and be faithful to the truth in this false church environment. But, what we are called to do now is to not be deceived and come out of her. This is our TEST to pass before His return.

Thanks to John for the tip !

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First Comment from Dan:

I grew up going to a little neighbourhood Presbyterian church during the 1960's.

The pastor and his wife and two girls lived on my street, within view of my driveway.

They were very nice people.  The reverend sincerely lived according to his sermons.

He wasn't a Freemason and wouldn't have been interested in such prideful, dark clubs.

But most of the fathers living around him and on my street were Masons.  Shiners, in fact.
They all joined my pastor's church and enrolled their sons there. The became his volunteer deacons, and were the main contributors to his church.

One Sunday when I was about 14, I noticed something I'd overlooked before.  The Masons took up the front row of the seats, looking very intimidating in the black suits and black ties.  Their faces looked cold and hard in contrast to the pastor who was soft.

Through intuition, I realized the Masons controlled the pastor. They had him by the balls.   Shortly after, the synod transferred the pastor to start a new church in a new neighbourhood in another town. The new pastor struck me as a phoney snake and I wouldn't be surprised if he was a Mason, because he and they immediately got along.

The new pastor preached the new "improved" Gospel.   Something was missing.  So I started smoking and quit going to church in 1969.
That is exactly how it works.  It's simple.  They just become a church's biggest funder and that's all it takes. 

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Comments for "Freemasons Control Most Protestant Sects "

Imran said (March 20, 2017):

It's Gary Stearman. Not " Gary Spearman". He is no longer with Prophecy In The News and started Prophecy Watchers. From time to time he promotes conspiracy theories from guests with a Christian perspective. Strange action from a freemason controlled person. Jack Van Impe left TBN because they requested that he stop his anti-muslim speech. Well Texe Marrs has admitted that radical Islam wants to take over the world over along with the Talmudists. Is he part of the freemason network also?

Rabbi Schneider is an interesting figure. In his African crusades as he shows on Discovering the Jewish Jesus people are shown to be healed of illnesses. One deaf and mute girl actually was healed and spoke for the first time. Yes he might be hiring actors and fooling the crowd on the footage, but then it might be genuine. He has prayed over Trump in person and once appeared on FOX News which might indicate some possible allegiance, but then other teachers and pastors come on FOX also. The article does not mention that Schneider is Pre-Wrath rapture and not Pre-Trib like Hagee, Gary, and others.

I am sure some teachers on this article are not guilty.


Texe Marrs is 100% genuine in my view


John F said (March 20, 2017):

The truth is very hard to find in this hour in these
last days. I, as a Pentecostal, am very sad
that many "doctrines of devils" are almost standard in the
Pentecostal realm. If we want to be overcomers (and
overcoming is paramount Rev. 3:21 KJV) we must hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and (like you wrote) come out of Babylon (Is.48:20,Zech.2:7, Jer.50:8, 51:6, 51:45, 2Cor.6:7, Rev.18:4 KJV).

The is a basic Bible truth that the ecumenical, professing
"born again" Christian doesn't know or understand if one
is to follow on to know Jesus intimately (not just be introduced to Him in a wham bam, thank you Ma'm altar call). The Word is very clear: "Is Christ divided???"

Are you familiar with the little book "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" by Jeanne Guyon? It has a very good anointing on it.

In Him,

Anon said (March 20, 2017):

I was born into and grew up in the Evangelical and Charismatic side of the church, and from my perspective, there is very little, if any thing redeemable in Christianity. It is all false and you have to “come out of her".

Christians have made scriptures that were written by Gnostics and mystics into a comic book and a fairy tale. (They are not be be understood literally or historically). Yeshua rebuked the Scribes and Pharisees (professional religious leaders) harshly for taking away the key of gnosis (Luke 11:52), and even his disciples had to have their minds opened and unloosed in order to understand them. Luke 24: 45.

Christians have also wrongly associated the physical man Yeshua that walked the earth 2000 years ago with the Logos/Son of God/Mind of God.

The mind control programming in Christianity, in my opinion, is the most dangerous of any religion, and I can find more truth in the New Age, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc, than I can in Christianity.

One of the essential truths that was eliminated early on in Christianity was the existence of the pre-existent soul and it is impossible to understand the scriptures without this knowledge. Yeshua and Paul both taught that we cannot even know God or come to be known by Him until we first know “self”. ( The Gnostic Paul)

AM said (March 20, 2017):

David Wilkerson (whose photo is also shown in the photo collage) was not a freemason. Just listen to his sermons on youtube and read his articles, he was truly an anointed man of God.

Marcos said (March 20, 2017):

The fact that churches are departing from the truth is nothing surprising for the serious student of the Bible. The Apostle Paul told us that a Great Apostasy would happen ​right ​before the revealing of the Antichrist in the End Times (2 Tes 2, 1 Tim 4). We should be surprised if that didn't happen.

However, Jesus also told us that a faithful remnant would always be present and that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against the true church of believers (Mat 16).

Millions upon millions of believers and pastors in small churches are keeping the true faith, but they go unnoticed since they don't appear on TV. They simply live the simple gospel each day, in humility and submission to God. Even here in Brazil, we manage a Christian website that attracts 2 million visitors a year. People are starving for biblical truth and we try to provide teaching and exposure of errors. We don't ask for a dime and have no sponsors at all. The real church is far from dead and the fact it is still standing against an onslaught of attacks is a miracle in itself.

The key to remain faithful? Abide in God's Word:
Jesus said: "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:31–32).

For those who follow this website, it is interesting to notice that this true ​remnant ​church is called the Church of Philadelphia in Revelations, and there is an interesting promise that the globalist Luciferians will eventually be humiliated before it​, even though the church has "little strength"​. You want to beat the Illuminati? Join the true church:

I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not,​ ​but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. (Rev 3:8)

Smokey said (March 20, 2017):

That very well might be!
But you cannot say that about the Living Church of God, The Philadelphia Church of God or the International Church of God!
Just try it!

Smokey said (March 19, 2017):

That very well might be!
But you cannot say that about the Living Church of God, The Philadelphia Church of God or the International Church of God!
Just try it!

Anonymous said (March 19, 2017):

I grew up in the Mormon church. I knew of no Masons, up to a time Mormons were strongly discouraged to join the Masons. Likewise the Masons prohibited Mormons from joining. This was removed and Mormons are now allowed Masonic membership. I know of only one Mormon mason.

Joseph Smith was a Mason and so were many in the early church. They broke from Masonry, however they kept some of the Masonic rituals as part of the Temple ordinances. It was the Masons that murdered Joseph Smith and others because they broke their oaths not to reveal the Masonic rituals.

I have also discovered Satanists have infiltrated some of the lower ranks of Mormonism. They are plants whose mission is to disrupt meetings and create animosities between members. I recall one Mormon branch being closed because of their activity of triangulating members against each other.

Some of the higher ups and top leaders have been accused of Satanism, this I believe is untrue. There are Satanist state presidents, not many but they are around. However the top leaders are well aware that Mormonism is not the "true church" and over the decades they have slowing trying to mainstream Mormonism making it more acceptable to the rest of Christianity.

I view churches in general as stepping stones to higher levels of truth, in time truth seekers will have to break from their churches and seek and receive on their own, which I believe Christ wants us all to do anyway. I have seen churches and Mormonism change many people's lives for the positive, even within some of the most base of religions. If they are true seekers they will move beyond organized religion when they awake that not all is well in "Zion".

Peter R said (March 19, 2017):

Great article, Henry. In commenting on His Second Coming at Luke 18,8, Our Lord said: "Yet, when the Son of Man comes, will He find do you think, faith on the earth?" This rhetorical question implies that faith will almost be non-existent at that time(now?) The secular state, the Vatican, is controlled by the enemies of Christ. As the article points out, faith is absent from Protestantism. Is the End near?

David said (March 19, 2017):

Henry, speaking just for myself, I grew up Protestant but have to say my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents (I would say going all the way back in my family history) were devout Christians who were always pillars of the community, decent people who strived to make life better for those around them and couldn't even imagine the depravity (child molestation, political agitation) we see in religion today.

My father on more than one occasion recused himself from business deals simply because he wanted above all to avoid the appearance of connivance and conflict of interest. It cost him dearly over the years but to him it was more important to be an ethical person than to make a buck. That standard seems to be pretty much gone from Christians today.

That said, I also believe the Protestant sects like the Baptists are a little less prone to intrigue because they are more pluralistic and democratic than the other sects that are rigidly hierarchical and governed by a top-down leadership where you have a single figure at the top (archbishop, Pope, chief rabbi) who can be more easily corrupted and influenced to ignore the path taught by Christ.

Martin said (March 19, 2017):

Very Good.I think you should write a book about so-called Christians, including the Knights of Columbus.Thanks for this.. What portion of the Police forces in the Canada and America are Masons?

Glen said (March 19, 2017):

I have to agree with almost everything presented in this article. All these supposed "people of God" that are pointed out here are nothing more than charlatan's bilking the poor un-informed masses out of their hard earned cash and their limited amount of free time. If you don't believe me have a look at the mansion's these men(and women)who "took up the cross to follow Christ" live in. Included in this article are the ridiculous amounts of money these people have made while "fleecing the flock". How anyone can see the earthly wealth these crooks have amassed while serving their heavenly father and still send them one thin dime is beyond me.

That being said if you are a TRUE CHRISTIAN and are searching for a church that is the real deal, do not despair as There are still some out there. First thing to look for is a church that is NOT a 501c3(tax exempt)church. Any church that is a 501c3 church must follow rules laid out by the federal government, and to a certain extent be a mouth piece for that government.

One such church I have found is Liberty Fellowship with pastor Chuck Baldwin.
Chuck's bio can be found here:
So before you give up hope I suggest you give an Anti-Zionist, America First pastor a shot.

Andrew said (March 18, 2017):

This article begins with the premise, “There is a deceiver for every believer”, hammers the assertion that all popular Christian movements are Masonic “flimflams” but fails to tell the reader what to believe instead.

If we use Jesus as our example, we turn the other cheek and avoid all conflict including government sponsored warfare. Since the time the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as government sponsored faith, the leaders of Rome turned to philosopher like St. Augustine of Hippo and later St. Thomas Aquinas to formulate Just War theories. In my opinion, the false teaching of todays Zionism actually began 1095 AD when Pope Urban II called for the First Crusade to capture the Holy Land. Jesus never encouraged war to capture real estate. Viewed in light of Jesus’ teachings, the crusades were not Christian but Zionist in the same sense that Modern Israel is NOT Jewish but Zionist.

In other words, I think Freemasons Control Most Protestant Sects leaves the reader without a positive directive toward the truth of Jesus.


Thanks Andrew

Are readers so dim that they don't know to turn to the New Testament without the intervention of any scammers?


Dan writes-

You make a good point, Andrew. The article doesn't mention that the true Gospel is still known and practiced but you won't find it under the 'big tent' of the Tele-Vangelicals.

He writes like someone who never reads his Bible. The answer to every one of the problems he mentions are dealt with in the chapters of the New Testament. To read it through the eyes of a mature adult with some life years behind it's one of the most incredible writings for it's value in any era. It's all there.

"Enter at the narrow gate: for wide is the road that leads to destruction.
Because the road is wide and easy most take it, but narrow is the gate which leads unto life, and few find it.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

You will know them by their fruits."

Henry also makes a good point that it's better for people to read the Bible without getting in the habit of getting it from a priest or rabbi. But the writer of the article didn't say that. He did just leave readers in pretty dismal place.

Robert K said (March 18, 2017):

This article is weak on sources, but it is easy to imagine it being essentially true. The primary tradition of Christianity is defending the truth even if ultimately this will lead to one's death. The model is Jesus Himself, who was understood as being perfectly conformable to divine purpose, and therefore the only totally sinless man. Apart from the death he endured, there are his teachings about losing one's life to save it, no greater proof of one's love being to lay down his life for another, etc. How does this relate to the PC mush issuing from the "Christian" clergy today?

This clergy has been conquered by the allure of money, but what element within our society has not? All mainstream, and most "alternative", culture is its vassal. In no matter what areas, the thinking of the mass of people revolves around a few artificially sustained myths and "trigger words"--a technique of mind control systematically developed by the exponents of Chosenness in its primary and imitative expressions.

Bill said (March 18, 2017):

Damn Henry you are firing on all 8 cylinders with your "Freemasons Control Most Protestant Sects".

You have nailed it with your last paragraph were you quote "come out of her my people lest you be partakers of her sins and receive of her plagues"! In truth you have placed the marker where the Wrath of God (Vials) are about to begin. However, the plagues have already started and are well advanced with the first 2 Woes of Revelation. The waters of the Euphrates have dried up and the 4 angels have been released causing chaos in the Middle East and Europe, not to mention the millions dead. But when the 3rd Woe hits...its all over because the Wrath of God commences and is already in place, the door will shut and in the midst of God's anger HE will no longer answer those who have refused to repent and believe the gospel.

My 2-cents...great article...absolutely on point and TIMELY! The darkness and depths of deception are beyond comprehension to those who have not been watching and praying that "they might be accounted worthy to escape those things coming upon the earth and to stand before the Son of Man.

Tony said (March 18, 2017):

Greetings Henry !
Thanks for your site which has taught me alot over a decade now. This article might be great for creating alarm about false teachers, but it is awful on figuring out which churches are false.
If a church preaches that Jesus Christ is God and Saviour and they follow the logical path that flows from that foundation, they cannot be half bad. Someone reading this article might come away with the idea that satanic masses were at the heart of every church and be frightened away from joining a church altogether.
I recommend listening to Dr. Vernon McGee Through the Bible at Dr. McGee may unknowingly occasionally reference Scofield or Cromwell...but his firm foundation of teaching that Jesus Christ is God makes him an amazing teacher despite the large number of false teachers and churches.
As always, wishing you God, Truth, Liberty, and Peace...especially in Canada which you have taught me is far from the haven I used to believe it to be.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at