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Dalai Lama - Saint or Prophesied Antichrist?

May 6, 2016


Contributor KMG believes that 
the Dalai Lama is an Illuminati kingpin
and possibly the Antichrist of Buddhist
and Christian prophesy. 

" Dalai Lama has many similarities with the Demon King of the Buddhist Prophecy."

by KMG

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power in China, the Dalai Lama immediately forfeited  Tibet´s sovereignty to China carte blanche. Later he went to Beijing for 11 months and spent time with the top leaders in Beijing.

One thing is certain, Beijing never touched Tibet as long as Dalai Lama lived there. As soon as he had left Tibet, they destroyed the whole country and 99.9% of the temples were ravaged. In the book "A Great Deception: The Ruling Lamas' Policies" Dalai Lama says:

"It was only when I went to China in 1954-55 that I actually studied Marxist ideology and learned the history of the Chinese revolution. Once I understood Marxism, my attitude changed completely. I was so attracted to Marxism, I even expressed my wish to become a Communist Party member... I..went to China to meet chairman Mao. We had several good meetings."

Left. Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama with their good friend Mao Zedong

"I have heard chairman Mao talk on different matters and i received instructions from him. I have come to the firm conclusion that the brilliant prospects for the Chinese people as a whole are also the prospects for us Tibetan people; the Path of our entire country is our path and no other."

Does anyone believe that Dalai Lama knew nothing of Marxism? Mao was an errand boy of the Lamas. The lamas had supported the Bolsheviks from day one in Russia. Mao never dared do anything in Tibet until after Dalai Lama had left. The actions of Mao and Dalai Lama speak for themselves. 

Was Dalai Lama supported by the CIA? Yes, and he was supported by Beijing too and everything was a charade because both Beijing and the US were controlled from Tibet. The real truth about his flight suggested by Tibet opposition leaders is that Dalai Lama was scared of the Tibetan patriotic rebels killing him so he ran off to India. The Tibetans had already realized him being a real traitor. 


Dalai Lama boasted about his magic powers when Mao Zedong died in 1976 during a Kalachakra ritual he staged a rite connected to the Kalachakra Tantra. "On the second of the ceremony's three days, Mao died. And the third day, it rained all morning. But, in the afternoon, there appeared one of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen. I was certain that it must be a good omen" (Dalai Lama XIV, 1990, 222).

In fact, Mao was in very bad shape in 1976. Towards the end of his reign reports say that Mao didn´t obey his superiors and he imprisoned the Panchen Lama in Beijing for nine years. That sounds like the true reason for Dalai Lama´s late anger towards Mao.

Left. Dalai Lama performing the Kalachakra initiation for ignorant westerners

The Kalachakra prophecy is the most famous prophecy in Buddhism. Buddha Shakyamuni taught the root of the Kalachakra prophecy about 2500 years ago. Dalai Lama has an absolute belief in the Kalachakra prophecy. Since 1951 Dalai lama has held Kalachakra Initiations for around two million people around the world.

A translation of Dalai Lama´s instruction during the Kalachakra-Tantra: "From henceforth I am your [deity] Vajrapani. You must do what I tell you to do. You should not deride me, and if you do, not forsaking fright, the time of death will come, and you will fall into hell" (Dalai Lama XIV, 1985, p. 242).

The main points of the Kalachakra prophecy are:

This is the final battle between good and evil. Good will overcome evil.

The King of Kings is called Raudra Chakrin and he comes from his perfect Kingdom called Shambhala("Land of Bliss"). 

Raudra Chakrin will appear during the epoch of "Non-Dharma" when the people...have become egotistic and materialistic.

In the Kalachakra prophecy, "Krinmati", the "King of Delhi", will declare himself Mahdi - the "supreme enlightened being". "Krinmati" in Sanskrit also means "The Destruction-minded One." This is the "Demon King" of the World.


Since Dalai Lama acts as the supreme master of the Kalachakra Tantra we need to ask: Which part does he try to play in the prophecy? There are only two choices, either he acts as the Demon King or as the Supreme Enlightened Being. 

Kala means time, destruction and death. Chakra means wheel. So Kalachakra can be translated as "wheel of time" or "wheel of destruction/death". 

(left, Dalai lama won the Nobel prize in 1989) 

Dalai Lama refers to himself as "God-King" and "His Holiness." Just like the Demon King does in the prophecy when he appoints himself the "supreme being".

Dalai Lama is of non-Indian descent and he lives in India. A perfect match for the Demon King.

Dalai Lama says that he is a Marxist - another perfect match.

We conclude that Dalai Lama has many similarities with the Demon King of the Buddhist Prophecy.

Stunningly we find the same thing in Christian prophecy: 

"Antichrist will come as the Messiah from a land between two seas (India - editor´s note) in the East. He will be born in the desert; his mother being a prostitute to the Jews and Hindus; he will be a lying and false prophet and will try to ride to heaven like Elias." (Ven B. Holzhauser, ca 1650)

Our civilization,  run by agents of the devil, is at an end. It´s up to the good people of each nation to re-establish divine faith and deal with their traitors.

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First Comment by Jarle Johansen (Norway) 

Very many thanks for the Dalai Lama article. That one really put the things in good cognitive order for me. 

The last straw. It is wonderfully how all the pieces comes together actually, how God is putting 'signposts' in our Way (The Way, as christian movement was called from the beginning). Let me give an example.

The day before yesterday I was writing to remind a Romanian protest movement against 'Barnevernet' (Child Protection Service, to destroy the Christian system of organizing the society; the family unit) about in my view one of the greatest Romanians in our generation, the former Jew who became a Christian (can't be both); Pastor Richard Wurmbrandt, who as a victim of this forces was writing the book "Marx and Satan".

Last night I discussed with a fellow Christian in Facebook how most people, also 'christians' tend to believe one man is The Anti-Christ (contrary to the Bible) like Obama, the Pope, Prince William, etc, while anti-Christ spirit is just that, a spirit, a zeitgeist

As we shall see, after the Satanist jewish Rabbi Karl Mordechai Marx Levy. The answer to what and who is Anti-Christ is all of them.

All Biblical schoolars more or less agree that the Christian anti-Christ (person) they look for is to be from Judah, Davids House ('Jews'). If there is one man that this zeitgeist have it's roots, that it is Marx, and marxism as the ruling zeitgeist he created.

I have written extensively on Marx through the years: 
Moses Mordecai Marx Levy; The Jewish Messiah?

I have written about the People who requires worship, both of themselves and of their religious symbols, like the Holocaust Temples throughout the World. All the Worlds peoples must do 'pilgrimage' with 'white buses to Auswitch', but there is no white buses to Calvary, to remind us of the Christian Messiah (?), Jesus Christ. Why? (obvious, because they have replaced Christ and God as object for worship). People now worship carnal worship symbols 'of clay' (Jewish temples) instead of God. Actually they have not just replaced Jesus Christ, they have made themselves gods. Not just making judgements (ADL of Foxman and similar Sanhedrins) of other peoples, they also execute the death sentences. They sacrifice the lives of people on the altar of their 'temples'.

And in the morning your Dalai Lama article, confirming the zeitgeist (the leading Spirit of our Times); the Anti-Christ spirit, in East as in the West; The World. 
Every piece falls beautifully in it's place in the mosaic.

People tend to follow one pastor and one teaching, but in my experience God have placed this 'signposts' of truth a little here and a little there ("so no'one can boost"), it is up to us to connect the dots. I can not boost, because all I have found it, I have found out is by standing on the shoulders of great men (like yourself). My job was just to put the pieces together, with the help and direction of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Now it is confirmed it is not a Jewish person that is to become The Anti-Christ. It is the Jewish spirit, the carnal material reality of Aaron (dancing around the Golden Calf), NOT spiritual Moses, nor Jesus, the political Jewish Kingdom of rulership over the World (new World Order) more than the spiritual kingdom of doing good ('serve as a light to the Nations'), that Jewish messianic anti-Christ spirit is the zeitgeist (the ruling Spirit of our Times). It is the worldly carnal moneychanger reality of Aaron to be the ruling zeitgeist of our times.

And I can add another learning from your article; Like Rockefeller said (was it in his book 'Memories'?) praising and build up of China financially, to the detriment of the West, making them best in the same thing that the West was doing best; Capitalism (oligarchy in both systems in realty). The West was by the Rulers of our World allowing China to use the Wests own weapon against them (money-power), and the change of spirit for both sides was symbolized by 9/11 when the monument, The World Trade Center, was crushed. The zeitgeist was than changed from the Western Christian system to the Jewish marxist (Bolshevik) anti-Christ Eastern mysticism outlined by Madam Blavatsky in theosophy and others.

A few years after, China - the economical 'miracle' (planned politics), the Marxism as the zeitgeist of the times, rising and was having it's victory over the West, shows it's 'superiority', and brought the Christian civilization on it's knees. Everybody worshipping the 'image of the Beast'. All people will bow and kneel to it's dominion of the zeitgeist, of the Jews preferred system of government (bolshevism). They will believe that marxism in one or another form (Synthesis; Social 'Democracy') is the only way to organize a society, and so as the Bible predicts in detail; we ends up with this zeitgeist of horror and terror, death and destruction, The Anti-Christ system, dominating the whole World.

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Comments for "Dalai Lama - Saint or Prophesied Antichrist? "

Luis said (May 11, 2016):

The dalai lama is never the anti-christ...he is just a puppet, a pagan one, helping deceive the world.

It has been said that the anti-christ is a man from the evil banned tribe of Dan, a tribe not mentioned in the book of revelation, since it was banned from the book of life.

Ryan said (May 9, 2016):

It happened once again: I go away for a Buddhist retreat (as attendant to a highly-placed Rinpoche, I do see whats going on behind closed doors - NOTHING unvirtuous) and the day I get back I look through first and discover your site has defamed HH Dalai Lama again. Well this time I am not going to write a rebuttal. I am not even going to waste my energy to read the article.

This seems evidence that there's alot more conspiracy theorists than real conspiracies (or was he just a paid troll???). Once again His Holiness the Dalai Lama gets to act as lightning rod to catch some imaginary flack.
Yes, there is evil in the world and good too. It is sympotomatic of these times that we ally with evil and demonize the good.

May I suggest to your readers that they not automatically mistrust unusual garments, trappings and ceremonies, its those in the suits and ties you should watch out for.

KMG replies to Jarle said (May 7, 2016):

Thanks for your compliments but I am just a very small character in a very big world. I am sure you try to help many people in your endeavours and good people is what our society needs. The facts are becoming more and more clear to me about the Antichrist. His human representative is a public person without time constraints like a politician. He is a popular person, a secretly black magic worshipping crypto jew and his public gospel is the "Communist Manifesto", the second most printed book after the Bible.

Crypto jews look like any people around the world so we are not looking for the classic big nosed western jew, that would be too obvious. I am convinced Marxism was invented by the lamas. They had produced unimaginable evil to Tibet people with their model of NWO since AD 780, when they took power and destroyed the goodness of real Buddhism with evil sorcery. Their knowledge of black magic is superior to anything in the west and there are countless stories of how they killed famous people, ie the Chinese empress Ci Xi in 1908, with black magic. Notice that the lamas Yonghe temple in Beijing was erected in the 1690s, that is when their power really became apparent in Beijing. Of course nobody dared to touch it during the CCP regime. As soon as they have a temple you know that they are doing great damage, just like in St Petersburg when the Tsar was murderred.

There are many more Christian prophecies pointing out details of the Antichrist:

"Antichrist will present himself to the Jews as the Messiah. They will be his followers." (2 Thess. 2:9)

"Antichrist will be born of Jewish parents, of the tribe of Dan, but his mother will not be a virgin, as many believe. As the Holy Ghost came into the heart of Mary, so will the devil enter into the mother of Antichrist, and his diabolical power will always support him."(Also the Monk, 10th century)

"Nero would subdue ten kings and rule in the countries of the West. A persecution he was to impose would go so far as to require the worship of heathen idols. Antichrist would first seize the empires of the East; he would have Jerusalem as his seat and imperial Capital." (Sulpicius Severius)

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