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Trump Belongs to the "Club"

March 18, 2016

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(Left, Trump and Melania at Billy Graham's 95th Birthday Party in 2013. That's Rupert Murdoch beside Bill Graham Murdoch owns Fox TV which is "against" Trump.) 

Fact # One-  He is a member of the illuminati - i.e. a satanic cult dedicated to pedophilia and ritual murder.     Fiona Barnett writes:

"I was trafficked to the USA, to Bohemian Grove where I was drugged & raped by the Rev BILLY GRAHAM - Richard Nixon's pal, in a pink bubble room. I was also made to dress up like a teddy bear and play hide, seek & rape. I also witnessed the ritual murder of a person by politicians dressed up in robes. I was taken via Sydney airport, in a crate like an animal. On the way home I was drugged, raped and beaten at an exclusive, after hours, pedo gathering at Disneyworld. Yes, Walt Disney was a pedo. Why do you think the Mickey Mousketeers go nuts and shave their heads? Why did pedo 'Whacko Jacko' build a Neverland based on Disneyland?" (Background here)

Fact # 2: His Campaign Director, Michael Glassner, used to work for the Israel lobby, AIPAC. After reading this, do you really think Trump will be "neutral on Israel" ?  Cancels debate to speak to AIPAC, "a very important group of people." 

"How does one go from serving as AIPAC's Southwest Regional Political Director a year ago to running Donald Trump's national political operation today?

Ever since Trump announced his White House bid last June, Michael Glassner has been serving as his campaign's national political director. In part, he is credited with landing the coveted Sarah Palin endorsement ahead of the Iowa Caucus last month.

Glassner's political journey began as a 20-year-old college student from Kansas when he served as Bob Dole's traveling aide in the 1988 presidential campaign. "I became the right-hand man for the Senate Majority Leader and a presidential candidate," Glassner related in an interview with Jewish Insider. "It was a tremendous education in politics, and that was the beginning of what became a 15-year relationship as I worked for Senator Dole in a number of capacities."

(left, Glassner and Trump)

Upon moving to New Jersey in the late nineties, Glassner served as a senior advisor to Lewis Eisenberg, the then-Chairman of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and a prominent Republican Jewish leader [who sold the property to Larry Silverstein.] . He worked out of the Port Authority's World Trade Center office but left just before 9/11 to join IDT Corp in Newark. Glassner credits his former boss, IDT founder Howard Jonas, whom he referred to as "a strong Zionist and an AIPAC guy," with encouraging him to become more active in pro-Israel politics. Intermittently between 2000 to 2008, Glassner would take time off to return to the campaign trail: running George W. Bush's general election campaign in Iowa, fundraising for Bush's '04 re-election effort, and in '08, where he managed Sarah Palin's vice presidential campaign.

"My interest in pro-Israel politics had grown exponentially," Glassner recalled. "Particularly since 9-11, which represented a real credible threat to all Americans and in particular as a Jew, I felt very strongly about the threat of radical Islam and so I became more and more involved with AIPAC." 

In 2014, Glassner officially joined AIPAC as their Southwest Regional Political Director where, according to his LinkedIn profile, he managed AIPAC's legislative mobilizations, conducted briefings with candidates, and spoke at political events throughout the region.

In July 2015, the phone rang. Donald Trump, a real-estate magnate, decided to run an unconventional campaign for president. Keeping senior hires to the minimum, the Trump campaign offered Glassner to join and serve as its national political director. "The Trump campaign came to me for a lot of reasons," Glassner told Jewish Insider regarding the recruitment process. "I think they were looking for somebody that had experience in presidential politics and who was already in the area, and I live in New Jersey." And, of course, there was the Sarah Palin factor. ...


Glassner pointed to Trump's robust statements against the Iran deal as a clear example of where he stands on Israel. "One of the things that Mr. Trump talks about, almost every single speech he gives, is how bad the Iran deal is," Glassner maintained. "And he uses that as an example for a lot of reasons. One is, I believe it encourages Iran's bad intentions toward Israel. Secondly, it's an example of what bad deal making and poor negotiations can result in. I don't think it directly speaks towards his policy on Israel but it makes it clear that he recognizes that Israel is our most important ally in the region and through poor deal making the current administration has endangered that ally and that is unacceptable and has, in essence, said that many times."

"I don't think there can be any question about his steadfast support for Israel," Glassner declared just hours before Trump suggested he would be "neutral" on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "I would not be working here if I didn't believe that that was held by the candidate himself. It's very important to me, very important to him and the country."


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First Comment from Glen:

Holy cow Henry, I can feel the volume of e-mail you must be receiving calling you everything from an anti-Semite to Satan himself. The Trump loving Neo-Cons and Christian Zios must be spitting fire over these latest revelations you have brought to light. Palin, Graham, Murdoch, all hero's to the uninformed Israeli loving Trotskyite Neo-Cons. Trying to make us believe everything's all right even though it's all wrong. 

  Being raised Southern Baptist it was had for me when learned how Billy Graham was basically a nobody until Hearst gave the orders to "Puff" him. In Grahams own words. " Evangelist Billy Graham recalls .. in his new book the pivotal point in his young ministry when, during a 1949 Los Angeles crusade, a two-word directive from publisher William Randolph Hearst to "Puff Graham" (meaning, give him great publicity) made him an Instant Celebrity Nationwide. It is widely written and known that 'Hearst the Freemason'.. (not Jesus the Christ) .. made Graham a Superstar through his Newspaper.

  For me this was just the beginning of my education. With help from people like yourself I was able to pull the scabs from my eyes and see the truth. After many years I have learned nothing ever changes for the good because it is a rigged game and all the power elites serve Satan first and themselves second. You will never make the top layer in Religion, Politics, or Even the Military unless you serve the Illuminati and Satan. 

As Guy Carr points out Satan is the prince of this world, and you will never make it to the top and STAY there unless you serve him. 

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Comments for "Trump Belongs to the "Club" "

William D said (March 26, 2016):

Henry, I haven't written for some time, but I must admit your story in which Billy Graham was named as part of a pedophile ring is one of the most disturbing things I've read. Is this the same Rev Billy Graham who evangelized the world for fifty years? God help us all if so. Most churches these days seem totally unconcerned with politics and are waiting for the second coming. They will sing hymns as America burns, just so long as the chaos doesn't reach them.

AB said (March 20, 2016):

Regarding Trump, it is very interesting b/c you could see he may have been hobnobbing, and doing deals with the big wigs. But what gets me is his rhetoric is very anti establishment, and the big "tell" is how he has been attacked by the media.

Remember Obama was designed around "change" as well, and yet the media loved him. He was even portrayed in Superman costumes! But they are pulling out all the stops in the media against this guy, and attacked him viciously in the last debate. Makes it seem fishy that he could be secretly "their man."

James Perloff said (March 19, 2016):

Maybe it’s coincidence, but I find it interesting that the order to “puff” Graham came in 1949, one year after Israel’s statehood. I wonder if Graham’s media anointing was intended—at least in part—to fill the void left by the banning on the airwaves of Father Coughlin, who had minced no words about the Zionists.

Anon said (March 19, 2016):

Henry: If people want proof of Fiona’s story, all they need to look at is BGEA’s [Billy Graham Evangelical Association] Teddy Bear Tea parties!! (or ask someone like me who has firsthand experience with BG, and knows all about him and his rise to illuminati fame. These Christians should know better anyway. B.G. preaches a false gospel and a false reality. His family and now his grandkids are a shipwreck. The puppet masters created him. He is only an holographic image in peoples minds. When I confront OR.’s or B.G. the serpents come out in droves. They don’t like the light. You will get attacked.)


Thanks Anon

Reminds you of Jerry Sandusky doesn't it?


Conan said (March 19, 2016):

I think people should give him the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, what he is saying is what everyone wants to hear. People are tired of the same-old political bull, and no one but the totally naïve and stupid want a liberal leaning towards the Marxist-Left to take power.
And if you watch him, he doesn't bend for anyone, he wont even bend for feminists.

If its all a ruse, then its one hell of a ruse and he would make an unbelievable actor if that was the case.

But at the end of the day, are people REALLY going to sit back and decide to not vote and allow Hillary to become President without even trying to oppose her by not voting for him?

Illuminati or not, time will tell, but America definitely cannot afford another progressive in power to further sellout the country.

Connie said (March 19, 2016):

The critical thing about Trump is how fervently the establishment is poised to fight his nomination. He is Hitler, he is a fraud. Wait for the riots. The Republican machine wants nothing more than to derail his candidacy. This is highly revealing and may indicate some part of the equation we aren't privy to. Makes me want to vote for him even more.


The opposition is totally designed to give Trump credibility.


Jim said (March 19, 2016):

You did it again! Spot On!!!
Billy G. is a freemason. He's a shill. Bought and paid for.
So is Donny. He's a trojan horse. Bought and paid for.
So is Sarah. She's was a female trojan horse. Bought and paid for.
Wake up you sleepy heads. Get a hold of reality.
Henry is telling you the truth.

Linda said (March 19, 2016):

I too appreciate the sheer volume of the blowback that must be coming your way from the those who think Trump is America's last chance. They have not thought this through or they would know that the political process in the US is totally controlled by the enemies of the those who believe in America and the principles of the old republic.

A vote for Trump is not a sign that democracy works. It is a sign that the entire democratic process has been subverted.

Those who have seriously studied the Illuminati: the Cult that Hijacked the World, the Jewish banking cabal and its nwo etc know that Hitler was a trump card to initiate a world war essential to their aims.

Tump is also on the cards

Trump Card: Enough is Enough (already)

The Alt Right which has studied your work, Henry
must stand its ground
and put energy into new organisation on the ground.

Trump is controlled opposition needed at this time to reboot their global communist Revolution - currently stalled on many fronts - a bit like it stalled in Russia under Stalin, who Rakovsky labelled 'a Bonapartist'. We have the know why on Stalin the 'Bonapartist' from the point of view of someone who seriously knew the subject that the Elders of Zion call : 'the political'.

We know this is not going to end well. There are no solutions to the present crisis in the ballot box. People should use the voting machines made in Israel to vote for the sock puppet who (in terms of public record) is anti-abortion and anti-ZOG wars -not someone they expect to 'save us'.

David S said (March 18, 2016):

We have no verification of Fiona Barnett's story and no proof Trump is Illuminati. Although as a New York billionaire, he certainly has to deal with these guys.
I think Trump has a way of figuring things out that runs counter to the neocon narrative:

1. He is optimistic that he can work with Putin. The Russian leadership is hoping for a president Trump.
2. He has made some statements indicating an understanding of ISIS origins.
3. Trump cancelled his Israel trip after Netanyahu condemned his anti Muslim immigration plans.
4. In speaking to a jewish group, he told them he can't be bought and that he didn't want their money.
5. Trump has described the Iran agreement as a bad deal, but he needs time to consider the facts.
6. He has supported the Russian anti terrorist actions in Syria.
7. He understands that "free trade" has exported American jobs and works to the benefit of corporate profit and international banking.
8. He opposes the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership as a bad deal for American business.

In a run for president we can't have our dream wish. Surveying the field of what's left, Kasich is too weak and Cruz would be more likely to follow the neocon's wars for Israel and we all know what we'll get with Hillary. Trump killed off the last chance of the Bush crime family, a huge accomplishment.

Trump is energizing a large turnout and cross over voters we haven't seen since Reagan.

I just don't think we have any better alternative than Trump in the field of candidates and the least possibility of wars, drone assassinations and regime change.

Tony B said (March 18, 2016):

As a young man, Gordon Winrod and I became friends. Gordon began as a Missouri Synod Lutheran preacher, as his father, Gerald, had once been. Later both just preached Christ's words concerning the pharisees.

Gerald discovered the truth when Gordon was a small boy. One day in the late 1930s a big, unmarked black car with no license plates carrying four big, business-suited men came to their country home. The men held the entire family at gun point without saying a word, entered the home and carried out several thousand copies of the protocols which Gerald had just finished printing up. After loading them all in the car, they got back into it and drove away. That gives a clue as to the knowledge of Gerald Winrod.

Every summer Gerald barnstormed the U.S. telling anyone who would listen exactly what the nation's real problems were. He would always take a bible college student along as help and give him a true education at the same time.

Gordon told me that one of those summers his bible student helper was named Billy Graham. So Billy learned at an early age where the real power lies. 'Nuf said.

Al Thompson said (March 18, 2016):

This is why I wait for more information. I thought the Donald would be the real deal but when you think about it, there's just more Bravo Sierra to sort through. Your first comment writer Glen says it perfectly: "You will never make the top layer in Religion, Politics, or Even the Military unless you serve the Illuminati and Satan."

The governments, the religions, and the military are founded upon the principles or lack of them of Satan. So we really can't expect any viable solutions to problems; only more problems. They system is structurally Satanic and this is why I oppose oath-taking. Swearing oaths is the first step into the pit and it goes downhill from there.

Initially, I thought Trump might be a good thing for this country, but the reality is that he functions from oath-taking. I watched him do it on TV at one of his rallies. Once I see that an oath is at the foundation of any group, I completely discount it as a fraud. In order to get a remedy, one must stand completely outside of this Satanic system to the extent that it is possible.

Politics is just a grand delusion to make people think they have a choice of leadership.

My idea is to take all of the political and religious leaders and put them all on a ship to Cuba. If they like communism so much, then why not send them there? I'd also include some Ritalin to keep them calmed down on the way. This could be a good way to ween them off of communism.

Anon said (March 18, 2016):

Ouch!! You touched the apple of God’s eye in this article: Billy Graham (the Protestant Pope) and the Jews. Fiona Barnett’s story will be completely ignored by Christians. I know these people all too well. If their idols fall, they go down with the statue. Should I see if Christianity Today (Billy Graham’s magazine) or The Christian (mind control) Post would like to post your article? I have had such good luck with these people before. You could not have summarized the situation any better. Excellent article.

The only thing missing is that when people like Glassner join the “Club”, it’s not just pro-Israel politics and false flag terror they are interested in, it’s the perks that come along with the club: i.e.Mk’d mind controlled sex kittens like S.P. (Sarah Palin) All along I thought D.T. was genuine. How could something like this happen. My pink bubble room has now been popped.

JG said (March 18, 2016):

Don't know how Billy Graham and Walt Disney became a part of this 'Trump Illuminati Conspiracy'.

Sounds like the person who wrote this article about this abduction fantasy tale listed in Lie #1 is in need of psychiatric help.

I would believe the lies about 'Big Foot' before I'd believe these lies.

This abduction tale disclaims the rest of the article and maybe that was the intent.

WLW said (March 18, 2016):

I wish you and Bro. Nathaniel would stop attacking the Trump. Nobody but Nobody can be elected in America that is not pro-Zionist! Not going to happen. To throw out that "he is belongs to the Zionist club" is disingenuous because it is common sense that he should. The Jews own the Press, the Media. I know he talks to Rupert Murdoch all the time. His children have all married Jews. A pure nationalist character is NOT electable in Zionist America, ZOG America; that is just the fact. Both you and Bro Nathaniel attack Trump's Jewish ties---but then both of you offer NO alternatives and all the other 16 Republican candidates have their noses up Jewish butts. So why attack Trump?

I'm voting for Trump solely to have the Wall built, Deport the 11-30 million illegals, halt Muslim immigration. We are facing White Genocide in this country. If there is no Trump who is there to do that? Certainly not the Bushes! Ted Cruz is not a Natural Born Citizen. Ted Cruz entered the race in March and said nothing on wall, deportation or anything. Trump entered in June and said all of those things. Who am I going to vote for? Yes, I know Trump is surrounded by Jews, who isn't? But it is at least a start to sanity and national preservation! I wish that there was no Jews around Trump but that is unreality. I have to live in reality and accept what I can get. It's truly a sad, sad world I live in.

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