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Mousy Jewish Judge Was Goebbels Adversary

October 28, 2015

(left, Bernhard Weiss 1880-1951, Deputy Police Chief of Berlin in the years before the National Socialists came to power, 1927-32. Goebbels mockingly dubbed him "Isidor," a nickname meant to underscore his Jewish ancestry and appearance. )

According to David Irving, Bernhard Weiss was Joseph Goebbels most formidable opponent.
He kept the Berlin Gauleiter tied up in law suits and banned his newspaper. When the Nazis finally assumed power, Weiss barely escaped arrest.  What Wikipedia won't tell you is that Weiss spent the war years in Shanghai where he was entrusted with the reorganization of the Chinese police by Chiang Kai-shek's government.  

"Weiss looked so much like a Jewish caricature that his photographs didn't need to be re-touched by the Nazis. He was stereotypically Semitic in feature: short, with rounded ears and hook nose, and wearing spectacles."

Revelations from Goebbels Diary
by David Irving 
(Excerpt by 

When Goebbels arrived in Berlin as Gauleiter in 1926, he was confronted by a city with 179,000 Jews, one third of all Jews in Germany, and he made use of this fact. [They] disproportionately controlled all the lucrative professions. This rankled with Berlin's non-Jewish population, of course, and Goebbels...zeroed in on this as a wound that he could work on to promote the Nazi cause.

His chief opponent there, Berlin's Deputy Police Chief (who acted as though he was Police Chief; even the real Police Chief referred to him as being the Chief) was Dr. Bernhard Weiss, a Jew. 

Weiss looked so much like a Jewish caricature that his photographs didn't need to be re-touched by the Nazis. He was stereotypically Semitic in feature: short, with rounded ears and hook nose, and wearing spectacles.

In London I located Weiss' daughter, Hilda Baban-Weiss, and I pleaded with her for a more attractive photograph of her father, pointing out that the ones I have are not very flattering. I got total silence from the daughter, so I abandoned my quest. 

Dr. Goebbels promptly dubbed Weiss "Isidor," to such a degree of success that within two or three years there was hardly a Berliner who didn't believe that "Isidor" was his real first name.

The fight between Dr. Bernhard Weiss and Dr. Joseph Goebbels, is, I think, one of the most hilarious, improbable stories to come out of this era. Twenty-eight times Weiss sued Goebbels for calling him a Jew. Twenty-eight times the judges pointed out to Weiss that he was in fact Jewish, and therefore it was no libel. 

On one occasion, Dr. Goebbels' newspaper Der Angriff published a cartoon showing a donkey with the head of Dr. Weiss, with all of its legs splayed on an ice pond, and a caption reading: "Isidor on thin ice." 

Isidor Weiss (you see, even I'm calling him Isidor now), immediately sued for libel. Goebbels pointed out it was just a cartoon, but the judge said it was quite obvious that the donkey had the face of Dr. Weiss. Whereupon a headline in the next issue of Der Angriff declared: "Judge Confirms Donkey Has Face of Dr. Weiss."

A German scholar recently published a 600-page book purely devoted to the fight between Dr. Goebbels and Dr. Weiss. It would be worth having this book in English, except that the problems between the two men are almost untranslatable.


As Goebbels orchestrated the rise of the Nazi party in Berlin, part of the problem for the democrats there was that much of what he said was true. The Jewish community not only dominated the legal and medical professions in Berlin, they also dominated the crime scene. 

In my biography, I've quoted Interpol figures of the percentage of Jews among those arrested for drug dealing and narcotics. Moreover, three-quarters of the pickpockets in Berlin were Jewish. It was quite easy for Goebbels to draw attention to such facts, and to embellish them in a propaganda campaign. This came to him as second nature. In every new scandal in Berlin, it seemed, Jews were at the base of it - ripping off the banks, ripping off the taxpayers, and ripping off the government. And again and again, they seemed to be getting off scot-free.

At Syracuse University I found the private papers of Heinrich Brüning, who was Hitler's predecessor as Chancellor (1930-1932). In this collection is a manuscript in which he describes his problems as Chancellor. Brüning recounts that at one time, he ordered an investigation of Jewish banks in Berlin and their methods, and in his manuscript he writes: "The results were so horrifying that I ordered this document to be kept secret, because if it had been allowed to become public knowledge, it would have resulted in anti-Jewish riots." Of course, even though much of what Goebbels said was true, this just doesn't justify what he did later on. We must, in all fairness, keep emphasizing this point.


During the 1920s Goebbels wrote a play called Michael, and it's interesting to compare the various drafts of it, which are available. When he first wrote it back in 1923 or 1924, it was a straightforward kind of morality play. But Goebbels would change things. After Anka Stalherm annoyed him, he changed the leading female character. And as he became more and more annoyed with the Jews, he wrote more anti-Semitism into the play. In the drafts you can see him becoming progressively more anti-Jewish.

After seeing his first Hollywood movie, he wrote in his diary (on Dec. 3, 1928): "Sheer hell. Jewish kitsch. Virtually all you saw were Hebrews." A few months later, on February 15, 1929, he wrote: "The Jewish question is the questions of all questions."

There is a curious passage in his private diary that shows how increasingly obsessed he had become. It was after three years in Berlin as Gauleiter, fighting this increasingly desperate battle, almost with one hand tied behind his back, being repeatedly banned on orders of Dr. Weiss, having repeatedly nearly been sent to prison himself.

 One night he has a dream, which he then records in his diary (December 17, 1929). In this dream he's back at school, running madly through the corridors with pillars flashing past him, and he's being chased by Jews screaming at him, "Hate, hate, hate." He's always able to keep a few limping strides ahead of his pursuers, occasionally turning round and flinging back at them the same taunt: "Hate, hate, hate!"

 What an odd thing for a man to write in his own diary. One doesn't often write down one's own dreams in a diary. The mere fact that he had dreams like that shows that he was becoming obsessed with these Jews, the enemy.

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Comments for "Mousy Jewish Judge Was Goebbels Adversary"

Al Thompson said (October 28, 2015):

This article put a few more pieces of the puzzle in place for me. He mentions how the Jews operated the cops. And many cops and sheriff departments display the Star of David on their badges. Some have the Satanic pentagram. Talmudic Jews are essentially communist and the law enforcement are the thugs that rip off the public. Sheriff departments will protect IRS agents in stealing people's property. Law enforcement are the modern Bolsheviks.

C said (October 28, 2015):

I'm not sure what point David Irving is trying to make in dwelling on Bernhard Weiss's looks, but for me that kind of narrative is counterproductive. Focussing on such matters tends to reinforce the impression that opposition to Zio-supremacism is itself based on implacable racial hatred - rather than on resistance to racial hatred. It's also more or less guaranteed to send many fair-minded folk of Jewish stock rushing back into the arms of the tribal supremacists - as well as alienating gentiles who have begun to question the NWO version of history. Father Denis Fahey is routinely reviled as an anti-Semite, but he always took care to distinguish between opposition to what he called organized Jewish naturalism on the one hand, and hatred of the Jews as a race on the other (he was always at pains to stress that many Jews were very decent people on the natural level). I know modern Zios deliberately try to erase this distinction, but that's no reason for us to fall into their trap. And by the way, let's face it, Goebbels himself was no Adonis.

Tony B said (October 28, 2015):

"In every new scandal in Berlin, it seemed, Jews were at the base of it - ripping off the banks, ripping off the taxpayers, and ripping off the government. And again and again, they seemed to be getting off scot-free."

Some things seem to never change.


Yes Tony,

Gypsies with brains and money. But, there is no need to generalize and assume this applies to all Jews, or even the majority.


Sam said (October 28, 2015):

David Irving certainly is a meticulous researcher. The far-reaching influence of Jews in Germany, Irving shows, was completely lopsided and rigged against Gentiles, as the data show.

However, it's unfair to just conclude that Joseph Goebbels was simple-mindedly over-obsessed with the Jews (though this is just an excerpt and Irving no doubt said more about this matter). The fact is, and statistics show, that it is the Jews who were super-obsessed with control, given their generally hyper-egocentric nature -- wherein they see themselves as the "chosen" ones when in fact they are the unchosen.

It is they who did not choose Christ and therefore they are forever adrift while telling themselves their fairy tales. "I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me," said Christ. What's NOT to understand about that? Goebbels may have went too far, yet much of Germany, truth be told, was driven to the margins by this covetous minority that wanted, and still wants, total protection for their kind but with two sets of rules to follow.

The Nazis, despite whatever sins and transgressions they carried out, were at least right in wanting to have Germany be for Germans. Mr. Irving has done a lot to counter the court historians. And that's very much appreciated.

JG said (October 28, 2015):

I usually reserve comment on Nazi History and it's main players because there is a plethora of misinformation about them.

This article here seems to appear as plausible because of the sentiment and political climate that could very well have existed in Pre- Nazi Germany due to the high positions that some the Jewish elite vacated in law enforcement and government.

This created a political dichotomy for the German people.These particular Jews were the organizers and enforcers of their laws. And, unfortunately for them it did not give them the liberty to change how things were run in these offices either.

This problem has existed with the goyim and their nations for years. They wanted the counsel and participation of the Jews in their governments only if it benefitted them and their nation's well being.

The Jews have helped many of the nations prosper such as America and England. Take a look today at the nations around the world that don't have a centralized bank.Start with North Korea and find out how they are living.

This prosperity however has come at a price. America and England have supported the advancement of the NWO militarily and monetarily as well in return.

It's true that the best things in life are free but money has never one of them.

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