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Does Trudeau Rose Represent Lucifer?

October 24, 2015


(Justin Trudeau holding a rose at his father's funeral in 2000) 

Some somber suggestions about Canada's new PM 
from Tim Davidson who asks, "what's with the rose?" and
Derek who recalls our article on Justin's MK-Ultra programming.

by Tim Davidson

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's celebrity stems from his father Pierre Elliott Trudeau, ("PET") former Prime Minister of Canada, known for ushering in multiculturalism, decriminalizing homosexuality, and suspending habeas corpus in the declaration of martial law during his time in office.

PET also gained infamy for his obvert communist connections, particularly his relationship with Fidel Castro and Mao Zedong. 

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was also famous for his apparent flair, notably a red rose he frequently adorned in public.

(left, PET with rose making Masonic hand sign

So, what does the rose symbolize?

In 1871, Albert Pike wrote, "The ROSE, was anciently sacred to Aurora and the Sun. It is a symbol of Dawn, of the resurrection of Light and the renewal of life, and therefore of the dawn of the first day, and more particularly of the resurrection: and the Cross and Rose together are therefore hieroglyphical to be read, the Dawn of Eternal Life which all Nations have hoped for by the advent of a Redeemer."

Through the smokescreen, Pike is talking about Lucifer, "symbol of the Dawn."

Its earliest meaning can be trace back to ancient Egypt as a symbol of secrecy.  From Wikipedia: 'the Latin phrase sub rosa means 'under the rose' and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality, similar to the Chatham House Rule. The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history."

A modern example of this usage is found in so-called black-ops, or clandestine operations. Continuing from Wikipedia: 'the Special Forces usage...more recently, 'sub rosa' activities have become a byword for covert operations usually by security services."

socialistrose (1).jpeg
This is the logo of the Socialist International.  Vladimir Lenin (the Bolsehvik butcher) stated: 'the goal of socialism is communism'.

Trudeau's campaign slogan was 'Change'...

Where's that been seen before?

The message: "Destroy the old world order; Forge the new world order."

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They're all working on behalf of an international pedophile-sodomite "elite" based out of Oxford University ("Illuminati" central: check the university's crest, history of cultural and geopolitical subversion, and roster of perverted alumni - one obvious such agent being Lawrence of Arabia). That's the "intellectual" fountainhead of the world's main internationalist agents; young ambitious pledges are initiated there via sodomy, like at Skull & Bones. Those are the main agents who have been undermining, for example, Malaysian society and government (they've dominated the PR alliance opposition). 

Justin would have been anally "initiated" young by his perverted father and Pierre's perverted buddies: bet on it. Start them very young, they're marked as rising stars. And incest comes with the territory.

Two closet-case Prime Ministers in a row. Go Canada. There's going to be an onslaught of pedo-programming with Trudeau (as with Kathleen Wynne in Ontario) - just you watch. Whatever they can get away with sneakily.

The red "rose" refers to an anus - that is its main meaning in the way the symbol is being used by those folks ("Lucifer" not so much - Albert Pike talks in code about Masonic sodomite rituals / sex magick). It's obvious with, say, the L.A. rock band Guns N' Roses. (Guess what "guns" symbolize there?) The boys serve as male whores, in a scene where that's rampant (Hollyweird).

JC Adds:

I gleamed another meaning to Trudeau's red rose. I agree that the rose has a Luciferian connection. So this is my input.

1. The exoteric meaning to the masses is a Rose represents the beauty of nature, the rose bud in full bloom has a fragrant aroma to be appreciated. As a token of beauty it represents love and to give it to a lady is symbolic of your love and appreciation.

2. The esoteric meaning, which is hidden from the masses and the true meaning is revealed only to the initiated cult members. The Satanic/Luciferian meaning is known only to initiates is the very opposite of what is natural or beautiful is becomes a symbol of power and degradation of one's humanity. This is where the symbol of beauty is reversed, the "Rose Bud" is a slang gay term for the anus (popping your cherry), and the aroma of this Rose is only appreciated by a sick mind.

The All-seeing eyes of the $1 Dollar bill appears like a reptile, with skin folds similar to the Rose bud. As your article suggests there is a Sodomite connection. The Rose Bud is like Lucifer's eye is a powerful symbol of Sodomite power. Holding a fragrant rose in your hand you can savour the fragrant perfume emanating from the flower. This is where the symbol of beauty is reversed, the "Rose Bud" is a slang gay term for the anus (popping your cherry), and the aroma of this Rose is only appreciated by a sick mind. The Rose Bud with the layers of petals when in bud before going into bloom looks similar to the folds of skin forming the anus and rectal sphincters. The Satanic Luciferian use Sodomy to stimulate the third eye by accessing the anus and belief in this source of power to give them worldly power and wealth. The other similarity is the the anus rose bud is red/pink compared to the surrounding skin.

Wearing your Rose with pride is announcing your position and loyalty within the Satanic Sodomite Death Cult.
William Shakespeare, makes hidden reference to a Rose. The phrase has been used to hide hidden connection to sodomy. 
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)
Tim D writes:

Following up on what some commenters said, I look at this album cover differently (attached image).

It's the Establishment-popularized Red Hot Chili Peppers circa 1991.

Rose buds...disgusting.

Notice the nod to Crowleyian depravity: they used a K for magic (Blood Sugar Sex Magik)

Not surprising with lyrical content like this (from song with same name as album): 'glorious euphoria / is my must / erotic shock / is a function of lust' and 'kissing her virginity / my affinity /i mingle with the gods /i mingle with divinity'

These rock stars are not poets. This is occult programming using ancient techniques. 

The goal is straight out of Huxley's Brave New World.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Does Trudeau Rose Represent Lucifer?"

Tim said (October 27, 2015):

Long term fan of your site, which seems to get better all the time.

I saw the article about the New Trudeau in Canada, and the odd Rose symbolism. Couldn’t help but flash on the recent “school shooting” in Roseburg, Oregon. Could this be the reason the “event” happened in Roseburg? This of course makes me nervous because Portland is the “City of Roses”

Peter G said (October 25, 2015):

Henry you have the weirdest politicians in your Country Eh?

Is it because people just couldn't careless Eh?

Nothing ever pisses anyone off Eh?

I hope you will all have a good party with the Russians when they
tumble over the border

I suspect you will Eh?


Thanks Peter

Your UK politicians belong to the same gang of perverts


Thomas K said (October 24, 2015):

The Occultist Illuminati never do anything outside of numerology (this is their biggest weakness since Nimrod or even Noah's flood). Justin Trudeau's birthday is the same as that of Mithra --- 25 December!


Thanks Tom

I know. I covered his birth with a front page story in The Ottawa Journal.

I was the Xmas Jew working that night!


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