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"Coming Out" Exposes Schism in Vatican

October 8, 2015

dv2145626.jpg(Father Krysztof Olaf Charamsa, left, poses with his partner Edouard after telling reporters in Rome that he's gay.) 

According to Leo Zagami, there is a power struggle
in the Vatican between the Jesuits and a powerful "gay lobby" who want greater acceptance.

Zagami's book, "Pope Francis: The Last Pope?"  as well as the recent Infowars  documentary based on it, "Demonic Possession Of The Vatican Exposed," filmed in Rome with Alex Jones,  are proving to be prophetic. 

By Leo Lyon Zagami 

October 2015 began with yet another scandal in the Vatican. Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, a well-known  Polish theologian and Secretary of the International Theological Commission, confessed his homosexuality at a press conference on the eve of the Synod on the Family that opened Oct. 2. 

Father Charamsa, a professor at the prestigious Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University said, "I want the church and my community to know who I am. It is about time that the Church understands the total abstinence from the life of love is inhumane." 

"I want the church and my community  to know who I am: a homosexual priest, happy and proud of  his identity. We are already late and you can not wait another fifty years." 

He not only came out at the press conference but brought his gay lover along, provoking a direct confrontation between the two lobbies that lead the Vatican these days; the Gay Lobby and the Jesuits.

This seems a very well choreographed move by the Vatican Gay Lobby. Father Charamsa praised Pope Francis as a "fantastic" guy, who "made us rediscover the beauty of the dialogue."  

The Jesuits have sent a  strong message on this matter, through Father Federico Lombardi SJ, current director of the Holy See Press Office: "The decision to reveal such a sensational event on the eve of the opening of the Synod appears very irresponsible, since it imposes unwarranted media pressure on the Synod." 

The clash of the two lobbies now seems inevitable. Father Charamsa has been suspended from all activities in the Holy See, including teaching at the Pontifical Gregorian University. 

Father Dariusz Oko, also a Polish priest and theologian like Father Charamsa, wrote in the Polish magazine Fronda, (n.63, pp. 128-160) that the "Gay Lobby" is now extremely powerful in the Vatican, thanks to their system of blackmail and secrecy. He accused the Vatican clergy of having opened up too much to homosexuality after the sexual revolution of the late 60's. 

In the meantime, the Worldwide Synod of Bishops on the family continues with a group of men who have never had a wife or children. It seems more interested in convincing the conservative side of the Church to open up on the gay issue promoted by Father Charamsa's stunt. 

On the 6th of October, for the very first time on Italian TV, a priest named Father Gino Flaim defended pedophiles, incredibly blaming the children,  "They are the ones looking for love."

This creepy statement which justifies pedophiles reflects what the Catholic Church is really about today.
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First Comment from Dan:

Well choreographed indeed. The Holy See Press Office is notorious for doublespeak.  The "coming out" of Father "Charisma" is so obviously staged;  and quite a production it's been, also.  The gay priest is athletic, looks like a movie star, and those with some background in professional modeling and acting can tell you he's had professional coaching.  

Typical, that the Jesuit Holy See press agent feigns indignation by castigating Father "Charisma" for his "irresponsible timing".  He knows the timing is perfect - the perfect publicity stunt to establish on day one what the Synod on the Family is really about.  

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Comments for " "Coming Out" Exposes Schism in Vatican"

EE said (October 10, 2015):

It is very good all these articles about Vatican “coming out”

“reflects what the Catholic Church is really about today.”

Catholicism never was, and clearly is not today, a Christian faith. There is no such thing as organized religion on New Testament. The Jesus Church is totally spiritual, and in the event of the inception of the Rome Church, whatever date it was, some says started with Constantine, any spiritual connection disappeared.

I was a devout Catholic in the past and I have tried hard to believe that Rome is the real Church, however it is not. Deception, lies, sex, power and murder, this is what Roman Catholicism is for the last 17 centuries.

The only road to heaven is thru knowing Jesus from the Bible, no other way.

To help other Catholic brothers, take a look on this Wikipedia article:

You will see many of the pagan elements obligated since the start of Catholicism. During the centuries nothing got better, just worst with more heresies and distance from the pure Bible doctrine.

RS said (October 9, 2015):

The assertion that there is a struggle between Jesuits and homosexuals in the Vatican is nonsense!

The Jesuits are well known Sodomites from the beginning of that Order. (coming from the Alumbrados (Illuminati) in Spain and therefore from the Templars!)

Television Channel ARTE (German/French) reported in Summer 2013 that the Jesuits always had been Homosexuals.

Luke said (October 9, 2015):

If a homosexual wants to call himself a priest, so be it. But the reality is that homosexuality goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ and the explanation for this lies in the very definition of the word homosexual: "exhibiting sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex." It's the "sexual desire and behavior" that's a problem...

Sexual desire and behavior, whether its for an individual of the same sex or the opposite sex, is a sin unless it is combined with the purpose of creating life. Otherwise, it's simply lust. Lust is the real issue here. Acting out on lust results in illegitimate children, unfulfilled relationships, murdered babies (abortions), pacts with demons, ungodly soul ties, and more.

Christopher G said (October 9, 2015):

Leo Zagami and Alex Jones are completely full of sh@#t.
Thanks to this Iranian Jew's videos(zakah1) on youtube I can see clearly what they are up to.

Leo and Alex, the disinformation agents, are SUBLIMINALLY giving the audience a choice between:

Conservative satanism - (Taoist Catholic Mithraism under crypto-Jew Jesuit closet pedophiles)


Liberal satanism - (Pantheistic openly gay zionists).

HMMM, which one do I choose? NEITHER!

The blue team and the red team are same team.

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