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I Don't Hate Gays

October 5, 2015

Re: Wondering about homophobic articles?!?!

Peter, a gay reader recently asked Ken Adachi, 
Editor of the educate-yourself website :
 "Why, out of curiosity, do you 
promote all the homophobic stuff from Makow et al? " 

Here is Ken's reply. My afterword follows.

Hello Peter,

Thanks for your note.

I don't view the criticism of the promotion of homosexuality as homophobic, which means a fear of homosexuals. The word itself was invented by Tavistock and inserted into everyday parlance by Zionist controlled media and homosexual promoters in order to denigrate anyone who opposes the immorality of homosexual behaviour.

If I didn't concur with Henry Makow's position that homosexuality is immoral and degenerate sexual perversion, contrary to both Nature and God's divine plan, then I wouldn't be posting his articles. Henry Makow is one of the finest intellectuals we have today on the internet to help elucidate and succinctly delineate the deceptions and schemes being imposed upon us in order to devolve mankind into transhumanist robots devoid of all expressions of Godliness. You really are quite blind to the immense value of his writings. You don't seem to realize that the promotion of homosexual perversion is a well planned and highly funded campaign by our Zionist friends, following their Protocols of Zion playbook, who want to destroy the cohesion, bonding, and moral strength of the nuclear family in America. If homosexuality, or so called transgenderism, or bi-sexuality wasn't being promoted as 'normal' and 'just another choice', then we wouldn't be talking about it.

There is nothing hateful about rejecting the immorality of homosexual union nor the illegitimacy of homosexual marriage. Yes, many homosexuals say they were born that way; or at least they perceive that they were 'born' that way. And while we don't normally have sexual thoughts until we arrive at a certain age of puberty, our inner self identity of maleness of femaleness begins to take shape at a much earlier age. 

Our development is affected by our mother/father family environment, which is why the Zionists are trying so hard to destroy it. A certain percentage of criminals attempt to justify their conduct with statements like "I guess I was just born to be bad' etc. But does that excuse criminal behaviour?

There are also people who develop homosexual predilections as a result of a one sided upbringing, usually by the absence of father, in which the normal emotional and psychological development of the child is adversely affected and sublimated into perverse channels, such as a compulsion to have sex with young children later on in life or homosexual union. There are plenty of people who had previously engaged in homosexual behavior who came to realize that homosexuality is a dead end perversion and found greater meaning and fulfillment in life with the opposite sex.

TC gay gene.jpg
If you appreciate what I write about, then it's because I want to support life, decency, justice and moral living. I want to counter the subliminal psychological defeatism being imposed upon us. We become whatever we think we are. Thoughts create reality. When you think positive, you get positive. 

Part of the psychological warfare being waged against our citizens is to encourage a defeatist mind set in which the government's ever greater capitulation to corruption and the Zionist demons who are trying to destroy America and its people, is seen as inevitable and unstoppable -- and overwhelming. This is the reason for the unending plethora of Doomsday prediction, of one stripe or another, --- which, in case you haven't notice, NEVER come true.

I want to see America restore itself and kick out the Zionist subversive elements who are trying to destroy this nation. I want to see our country returned to a higher strata of societal mores that we once enjoyed in earlier decades in which its Christian ethos of brotherhood and moral rectitude -- such as the Ten Commandments -- was embraced and encouraged by the majority. I want to live in a moral nation and in a society that embraces moral principles. Homosexual perversion is immoral, period. Just as having sex with a sheep or an 8 year old boy or 10 year old girl is immoral. You can't justify immorality just because it's being promoted as 'normal.'

Instead of questioning me, maybe you should question yourself. Are you familiar with the concept of a reprobate mind? If not, maybe you should look it up.

Kind Regards, Ken Adachi

Makow Comment-  

Thanks Ken. 

I am not homophobic. That is a cheap manipulative slur, typical of Communists. I don't care what gays do in private as long as there is no harm done and they clean up afterward. "Gay rights" is a ruse. The Masonic Jewish (Cabalist, Communist) banking cabal wants to spread this dysfunction to heterosexuals to undermine the heterosexual family. Although only 2% of the population is gay, the goal is to make homosexuality the societal norm.  Through their control of the media, education and government, this goal is close to realization. Cabalism is Satanism. The promotion of the homosexual dysfunction is another proof society is satanically possessed. 

Charles Socarides MD- Gay is Not Good 
Makow - Even Gays Say Their Behavior is Sick 
---------  OK to Say That's So Gay 
---------- All Porn is Gay 

First Comment from Richard:

I'm glad to see this very clear statement.   Everyone who wants to speak their mind about anything that affects other people as they affect us, really needs to sit down and take the time to write down exactly what you think.    It helps to make a clear statement up front.  

Big Media does it's best to derail the natural conversations among neighbors.  Is there anyone that doesn't know the Westboro Church of the late "rev." Fred Phelps and family was as fake as any "reality television" show?   YES. Millions of people still think that was real, because CBS/NBC/FOX/NYT/USA TODAY made "news" stories around them as if they were real.   Why?  The antics of Westboro Church were the media-madufactured image of:
- Christians
- anyone against US wars in the Middle East
- anyone against repeal of DODT; anyone against re-definition of marriage to include homosexuals. 

These were ACTORS following their over-the-top parody of the worst stereotypes of 'ugly American' 'haters'.   
But they weren't real!  

WHEN MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT ARE ON THE SAME PAGE on issues that go against the will of the majority public, is it paranoid to suspect a hidden agenda?    

This writer didn't come from a sheltered life in a vacuum.  I first learned of homosexuals from publicity around movies that came out of Hollywood after 1966.  By 1969, one of my friends literally convinced himself he was a homosexual during the course of two semesters.    It turned out that his literature teacher was grooming him at his home, along with three other students.    My friend's family was a mess, his father was abusive, so he had low esteem.    I understand how he was exploited by a bull fruit homosexual whose motive was to use my 9th grade pal for sodomy.   It was as simple as that.   

Contrary to what MTV and GLAAD and the HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN and PBS tell youth, the 'Gay Revolution' came out full force during the early 70's.    'Glam Rock' dominated commercial radio.   David Bowie.  Freddie Mercury and QUEEN.  It's no accident that most of the 60's and 70's bands  dressed gay and lived the promiscuous lifestyle even if they weren't practicing homosexuals.   It's the same 'tell' of the gay programming agenda in entertainment media as the fact that male actors, especially black actors and musicians have to appear in drag at least once to move up to 'superstardom'.  

I can't believe young people today who think they're gay have never heard of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, or Andy Warhol.  Connect some dots: homosexuality was already out in the open forty five years ago.  In fact, it was as heavily promoted in the years 1969 to 1983 as it has been again since 2008.  I leave it to the readers who think they're gay, to answer the question of what happened next that forced the 'gay movement' back to the drawing board for twenty five years.  

Hint:  it wasn't 'haters'. I was living in Houston, which was gay magnet with an est 200,000 homosexuals when it was announced on local news one week that male prostitutes from the center of the gay enclave were filling the charity hospital at an alarming rate with an unknown fatal disease.   AIDS exploded during the summer of 1983.  First time I heard about it here, 200 were already dead in the Montrose district in Houston alone.  Mostly prostitutes, who had sex with up to a dozen men every night in cars and peep shows.  Many of their 'patrons' were straight married men from other parts of town."  A high percentage of them that lived the cruising lifestyle were already doomed.  There was no treatment for HIV.

HIV hasn't been cured, homosexuals continue to spread amongst themselves.  All that's changed is HIV has been manageable with expensive drugs.  That's a dangerous situation for society.    Gay lobbies have suppressed public awareness of the HIV situation and dangers to society. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "I Don't Hate Gays "

Bill said (October 7, 2015):

Thanks Henry,

A brilliant article from Ken.


Scott said (October 6, 2015):

his is actually a response to the first comment from Richard. It's interesting, because the fake aspects of the Westboro Baptist Church had been obvious to me for a long time. To add, a basic question should have been "how could they afford to just travel and cover lodging/dining expenses on almost a moment's notice?" The full details of Fred Phelps's background wasn't known to me previously, but it was clear that if you violated HIS civil rights, you would get sued. That was the pay off, and apparently quite often and quite handsomely. This was more helpful to the gay agenda than any other aspect, because it allowed their advocates in the media, Hollywood, academia, etc. to point fingers and say, "if you don't go along, you're a hater like them!" The trick worked, and no doubt a lot of the players didn't even realize that they were being duped.

Seriously, the Westboro Baptist Church has not been featured in the news since that US Supreme Court (if the congregation even bothered to show up that time). Before that, they were everywhere and provided ample fodder for the cultural Marxists too (Bill Maher, Jon Stewart Liebowitz).

This whole affair deserves wider examination. Hopefully you or another reader are up for the task!

SCB said (October 5, 2015):

There are consequences for legislation pertaining to homosexual freedom and public conformity that Peter should understand.

I always see all the libtards talk on Facebook etc about how Gay marriage is "just about love" and "doesn't affect anyone." Even a "Christian" who claims when the Bible talks about same sex union being immoral, claim it's a reference to lust, not love. So this Christian claims "love" is allowed between same sex partners?!!

Sadly the droolers don't ever comment on my posts about how Premier Wynne (with Justin's support) need to teach elementary or middle school children about masturbation, anal sex and gay tolerance so that they won't bully later in life. I and others I know, don't bully gays and we were not raised in the homosexually obsessed environment?

So who still thinks it "doesn't affect anyone?"

I don't want my kid taught sodomy in school before they hit puberty.

This will create deviant children because (we all can agree) kids copy everything they see and hear.

Let's not forget the plan in THEIR occult writing about an asexual or genderless slave race.

I don't make the rules and the devil wants to be honoured through sodomy. Legislated demonic offerings.

Tony B said (October 5, 2015):

I side with Al Thompson. However you are both buying into the agenda without realizing it. Call yourselves "normal" because that's what you are while faggots are abnormal. Let them face it. Hell, make them face it.

I'm older than either of you and when more or less Christian principles still ruled, people simply refused to associate with those they knew to be queers - or even suspected. Queers were anything but in your face, they kept mostly to themselves with a very low profile around normal people. However, if a queer made a pass at you he became "fair game." Mostly he got beat up, his money taken - his car too, if he had you in one - and he was lucky at that. If he ran to the cops the cops ran him out of the police station. The really girly fags, if they made a public commotion, were often castrated before the night was over. People simply did not put up with any pushing into their lives by perverts, which is itself nothing more than normal. People understood that toleration of evil was itself evil.

There is more to this though. It is a KNOWN FACT that faggots as a group are the most violent people on earth. Ask any cop where there are a bunch of them. Just imagine the mind set of a woman scorned but in a man's body. Extremely ugly imagining.

Last, there have been many "clinics" specializing in returning queers to normal and they were highly successful. (I emphasis, to NORMAL.) But the government works overtime to shut such places down because it belies their lie that "they are born that way," or that "it's a lifestyle choice." Shrinks used to work to return them to normal but some decades ago they were made to join the agenda and they changed their line on the abnormality of perverts in their official documents. If that phrase has the ring of an oxymoron that's because it is. Pervert MEANS not normal. One transitive verb definition is: "To cause deviation from the right, true, or regular course, in, of, or to, to derange."

I don't care how nice he/she/it is, it's a pox on society and must be eradicated if a true society is to survive. Otherwise we have constantly growing chaos.

Jacqueline in Amsterdam said (October 5, 2015):

What an excellent article written by Ken Adachi. I totally agree with his article.

Like you I do no hate gay people. I just don't like the monstrous ugly beings who want to destroy our normal family life.

I don't like the fact they they degrade GOD and try to replace HIM with inferiour ugly beings like satan and his goons.

Al Thompson said (October 5, 2015):

I'm a homophobe. I can't stand to be around homosexuals as they are nasty people. Everyone one I've met was a jerk, immature, and a pervert. The only good thing a homosexual can do with his life is to stop being a homosexual. All of this comes down to whether or not people want to keep the commandments and the natural law. To intentionally go against that natural law is an abomination and it doesn't serve any good purpose. A man who sticks his penis into another man's butt is utterly deprived of all morality.

Homosexuals are predators. They will intentionally try to convince young people that their behavior is normal. They will sexually harass heterosexuals and try to seduce them into the homosexual camp. Queers are extremely evil people and they make targets out of people who don't think like them.

I've had personal experience with this when I worked at a company as a teenager. One of the supervisors was a flaming queer and he constantly was coming after me. The only way I got him to back off was to threaten him with violence; and even that didn't solve the problem. I eventually had to get a transfer to another location. After being on the receiving end of their advances, it is my conclusion that homosexuals are absolutely insane; pathetic wretches of the lowest order.

Being a homophobe can be a good thing as it keeps up one's guard against the perverts. I don't go to many social functions as I don't want to be near anyone who is a homosexual. Even their speech is completely twisted. They all sound evil and demonic with their effeminate speaking. Their filth drips out of their mouths. And many men and women have destroyed their families with this nonsense. Homophobic? Yep!

Homosexuals should learn to grow up and act like real men and women and put away the immature lifestyle. In addition, homosexuals have a very short life expectancy due to the extreme exposure to SIDs. That alone should be motivation to quit this losers' lifestyle.


I post this although I think it is wrong to generalize. I have known some very decent homosexuals. I have met some who recognize it is a disorder and want to be cured.


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