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Lindbergh Kidnapping - Masonic Jewish Retribution?

September 22, 2015

"The Crime of the Century" 

Was the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder
 punishment for wanting to keep the USA 
out of any future war with Germany?

Moshe Solomons, who had contacts with the 
Jewish underworld throughout the 60's, said Lindbergh 
just would not listen to threats or warnings.
However, horrific as this crime was, Lindbergh
was not intimidated, and continued to oppose
US participation in WW2 until Pearl Harbor.

See First Comment by James Perloff below. 
Hauptmann did it! "In the final analysis, it was murder for money."

"By taking sides against the Jews, Lindbergh had touched the 'the apple of God's eye' "

By Anonymous

Charles Lindbergh was an all American hero and pioneer pilot who was the most popular man in America. It was said he would become President of the USA.

Because he wanted no American involvement in the Jews' war on Germany, he came into direct conflict with them, and in New York, they openly wanted him punished.

On March 1st 1932, a terrible deed occurred which the newspapers called "the Crime of the Century." During the night, Lindbergh's 20-month-old baby son, Augustus, was taken from his crib. The police chief, Harry Wolfe, a Jew with underworld connections arrived suspiciously quickly and ordered an immediate search. A broken ramshackle ladder and a ransom note were found.

Over two months later on May 12 1932, the baby's decomposed body was discovered a short distance away in a wooded area. The medical examiner determined that the cause of death was a massive skull fracture. The hands were missing and his left leg was missing from the knee down.It was said the baby had  distinctively marked toes, and that was possibly why the leg was taken. 

Positive identification was made by Charles Lindberg and the baby's nanny Betty Gow who had made the undershirt the baby was wearing. 
The Trenton county  mortician was warned off and the Jewish coroner Walter Swayze carried out thee examinations.
This information was hidden up until 1977.

Two years later, a German national carpenter Richard Hauptmann, left,  was arrested and charged with the baby's murder in a trial which lasted from 2 January until 13 February. The most damning evidence was the fact that Hauptmann tried to spend some money which had been marked by police as part of the ransom.

Hauptmann said he had been befriended by a Jewish man who asked him to look after a shoe box for him. He never saw the man again so after two years he spend some of it and was arrested. 

David Wilentz, the Jewish Attorney general of New Jersey prosecuted Hauptmann. He withheld evidence which should have cleared him. The Jewish-controlled press had a field day; the lynching began from day one.

Hauptman, of limited intelligence, was sentenced for first degree murder and went to the electric chair at the New Jersey State Prison on April 3 1936. He proclaimed his innocence right to the end.

(left. Willentz) 

The crime spurred congress to pass the "Lindbergh law" which made transporting kidnapping victim across state lines a federal crime.

According to dissident Jewish broadcaster Moshe Solomons the Lindbergh baby case was punishment for him wanting to keep the USA out of the war. Solomons who had contacts with the Jewish underworld throughout the 60's said Lindbergh just would not listen to threats or warnings. He claimed the baby was ritually sacrificed and quoted the Old Testament, Genesis 22-2 "God said, take your only son whom you love,  to the land of Moriah and offer him up as a burnt offering."

At the end of W W II Lord Rothschild had Winston Churchill make the German nation a burnt offering. Churchill had Germany firebombed in 1000-bomber raids day-and-night. Rothschild was on record as saying " not one stone must remain on top of another." This was later blamed on Bomber Harris.

The Japanese were also made burnt offerings or holocausted.

Moshe Solomons never published his work, but he investigated and trawled through many FOI requests and believed the kidnapping was a Jewish plot from start to finish to prevent Lindberg from keeping America out of the war.

Thanks Brian!

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First Comment from James Perloff:

Henry, I have to weigh in on the case because I spent 2 years intensively studying it.

Believe it or not, about 2 new books come out on the kidnapping every year, usually each with their own unique theory.

I was initially convinced of Hauptmann's innocence, not only because he went to the electric chair proclaiming it, and because of his widow Anna's 60-year fight for justice, but because he DID NOT receive a fair trial, just as your author says. Prosecution witnesses definitely perjured themselves, and evidence that could have helped Hauptmann was withheld by the state. I was so persuaded of Hauptmann's innocence that I wrote a major article to that effect for The New American in 2012.

However, after spending an additional year contributing to the Lindbergh Kidnapping Forum, to which I made over 500 posts, and battling wits with some real experts, I finally pulled a "12 Angry Men" and reversed myself. The evidence, and the evidence alone, persuaded me of Hauptmann's guilt.

The homemade kidnapping ladder had a piece of wood which the prosecution claimed matched a board in Hauptmann's attic. This was for years ridiculed by critics who asked why Hauptmann would climb into his attic for wood. However, research on the Forum proved that electricians had removed the board when wiring the house, and the landlord had given the wood to Hauptmann for his own use. A master carpenter on the Forum proved beyond any doubt that the wood matched Hauptmann's.

A battle long raged between myself and an expert in Britain over the money. I finally painted myself into a corner and had to admit I was wrong on that one too. The pattern of spending ransom money undeniably matched Hauptmann.

The "nail in the coffin" for me was the tiny-caliber pistol of Hauptmann's, which was the ONLY item he had had hidden in his garage's cleverly concealed holes along with the ransom money. The baby's autopsy showed, in the skull, a TINY PERFECTLY ROUND HOLE THAT APPEARED TO COME FROM A SMALL-CALIBER GUN.

I might add that Hauptmann had MEDICAL-GRADE ETHER in his garage, the anesthetic of choice for 1930s kidnappers. I might also add that Hauptmann had committed robberies in Germany, and that included using a ladder to go through a window to burglarize, exactly as in the Lindbergh kidnapping.

Hauptmann had to proclaim his innocence to the end, because had he admitted murdering the son of America's greatest hero, Hauptmann's own baby son would have been marked for death.

As to the prosecution, the unfair trial was not, as I first inferred, an attempt to frame an innocent man. It was what was known as "Jersey Justice"--if you're guilty, we'll convict you whether we have enough proof or not.

If Hauptmann knew his history better, he would have known that Lindbergh's father had been a friend to Germany, as Lindbergh himself would later be as an opponent of WW2.

I originally believed the Jewish bankers had gone after the baby because of the anti-Fed anti-war stand of Lindbergh's Congressman father. However, in 1932 all was forgiven. Charles's father was long dead; Lindy had married the daughter of JP Morgan partner Dwight Morrow; his flying exploits were (unwittingly) advancing globalism; and, as Dan points out, it would be a long time before Lindy would become involved in the isolationism of America First.

I do not advise anyone to get wrapped up in this case as I did. It is a rabbit hole with a THOUSAND mini-rabbit holes within it; but in the final analysis, it was murder for money.

AL disagrees:

Henry a superb article.

Lord Goodman who was the main UK fixer for Rothschild  told us at a banquet for jewish politicians and bankrollers many years back that the Jews started preparing for W W 2 as soon as W W 1 was over and to this effect the USA mothballed 50 out of date warships which were later sold to the UK. These rotting hulks were bought by Churchill with Rothschild money and charged to the nation at great interest.

The Jews plan wars many years in advance and Lord Goodman, a highly amusing and articulate man, told us then about how Lindbergh was silenced and mentioned he would not listen to reason and the babies death was his own fault.

Moshe Solomons was a dissident Mossad operative who turned whistleblower. I know his work and up to yet I cannot fault any of it, as an expert on the Lindbergh case I make him right; it has jew fingerprints all over it.

The wood that matched the wood used by Hauptmann which was identified as coming from the loft was white pine which can be bought from any wood supplier anywhere. The gunshot was the USA Smith and Wesson standard issue which could be bought in any gun shop.
The police chief arranged the evidence to make sure Hauptmann was found guilty, and by all accounts was well paid for doing so.

Chris Cooper the telephone tapping specialist from the FBI, said that Clive Tolson one of J Edgar Hoover's bum-boys also confirmed Hauptmann's innocence but said he was a  fool who was there to be used. The jews wanted the USA in the war at any cost as Germany had to be punished. So my verdict: good article, Hauptman innocent, and Jews guilty.

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Comments for "Lindbergh Kidnapping - Masonic Jewish Retribution? "

Anonymous said (September 24, 2015):

James did a great job of due diligence. However, what he found about the ladder, the money, and the pistol remain circumstantial evidence.

It only proves my speculation yesterday was wrong: that Hauptmann may have been framed after the fact. With Perloff's facts, if Hauptmann were framed he had to have been the chosen patsy before the crime was committed.

I think the case remains open.

Jim replies:

The gun was not a Smith & Wesson, it was a .25 caliber German-made Lilliput, the perfect tiny gun to waste a baby with in the woods (less noise and mess), and a good match to the hole in the baby’s skull (cremation had made exact comparison impossible by the time of the trial). This does not at all prove it was the murder weapon; what was damning to me was the fact that Hauptmann concealed that gun (which he admitted was his), along with the ransom money in a cleverly drilled hole in his garage. No other item was hidden with the ransom money except that gun. If a gun is for self-protection, you don’t hide it away in a garage hole, you keep it handy.

As to the wood, it was far more than the type of wood; there were many unique “fingerprints” (planing marks, etc.) that conclusively matched it to what was known as “rail 16” of the kidnap ladder.

No one wanted Hauptmann to be innocent more than myself. I argued bitterly for his innocence for a long time. He was a little man fighting a big system, and it’s always tempting to root for the underdog. But on the night of March 1, 1932, the real underdog was that baby. As much as I despise the Zionist bankers, and as much as I love what the Lindberghs stood for, in the final analysis I had to follow the juror’s rule, and let the facts—not my likes and dislikes--decide the case for me.

I should add that in 1932, Lindy was still consumed with flying, not politics; and at age 30 was still 5 years too young to run for President. And the baby was not just his son, but the grandson of Dwight Morrow, one of the country’s top banksters.

Linda LS said (September 24, 2015):

I am a lurker on your site. I wanted to respond to the Lindbergh kidnapping piece because it is a topic that interests me very much. I have done some background reading on this. Like many, I believe that Bruno (Richard) Hauptmann was framed for this killing. I think the murder may have been done to side-line Lindbergh who would have had tremendous following had he chose to run for public office (eventually possibly the Presidency). Henry Ford was ready to back him financially. I believe that Lindbergh was considered dangerous by the elite cabal because of his father's strong opposition to the Federal Reserve. Lindbergh's father was a stanch opponent of the Federal Reserve being formed and in fact wrote a book on this topic. His offices were broken into by government agents and the plates for his book destroyed (although I think copies are now obtainable online.)

Lindbergh Senior: "This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President Woodrow Wilson signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized....the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill."
I think it is possible that the Lindbergh baby was killed to side-line Lindbergh and as a way to protect the financial interests of the bankers.

An interesting side-note is that the prosecutor in the Hauptmann case, David Wilentz, went on to become a very influential figure in the Democratic Party, eventually serving on the Democratic National Committee. His methods during the trial are considered by many to have been heavy-handed and manipulative. There are many loose threads in the case and much disagreement on the topic of Hauptmann's guilt. I think it would have been impossible for one person to have done the kidnapping and subsequent extortion on their own.

I agree that Lindbergh was not pro-Nazi, but that is a smear often used to damage his reputation. Two summers ago I visited the Museum of Flight in Seattle. I was shocked to discover that the accomplishments of Charles Lindbergh (Jr.) have essentially been scrubbed. He is referenced only as a "Mail pilot" and there is one small photo included along with photos of other mail pilots. If you read any documentation from the period, Lindbergh was a major hero and instrumental in developing air travel.

I am not sure if his being ignored by the Museum of Flight is related to his perceived "Nazi" views, or if something more sinister is afoot. The fact that Lindbergh and his accomplishments are ignored, however, makes it clear that history is being recast to suit an agenda. (Not a surprise for many who follow your blog.) Two years later, I am still enraged when I think about this blatant effort to bury the truth.

Dan said (September 24, 2015):

Just one problem with the notion that the Lindbergh baby murder was due to his his speeches for American neutrality.
The kidnapping happened in 1932 before Roosevelt and Hitler were even elected. The public had no expectation of another war until Roosevelt's second term. In 1932 the world public's only concern was the Great Depression.

In 1932 there was no Jewish boycott of German goods yet. That didn't happen till Spring of 1933 in reaction to Hitler's election as Chancellor. It doesn't add up.

Lindbergh was not pro-Nazi. He was pro-neutrality. His key speech line was "these wars in Europe are not our wars".
He didn't found the American isolationist movement. He didn't have to -- it was the overwhelmingly prevailing view of the American Public until the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor.

Thanks Dan, The timeline bothered me too. So why did they kill his boy and pin it on a German? I expect this war was planned decades in advance. Lindbergh who was a Mason refused to obey instructions.

Henry, I need to retract my comment below because it's incomplete. It's a bit more complicated. Yes, the kidnapping probably was to warn him never to run for office - his Congressman father had fought hard against the act that established the Fed Reserve and IRS.

Though the kidnapping couldn't have been to silence Lindbergh's isolationist tours which were in the late 1930's, the crime remained unsolved till 1935, so perhaps the German was framed later to drum up anti-German sentiment. But who can say.

If that was the case, I tend to believe that it only steeled Lindbergh's resolve to put his own life on the line for what he believe in.

Pedro said (September 24, 2015):

Last week I finished reading his father's book on the Money Trust, aka the London Money Kings. It was a very intelligent appraisal of the problems of America in the lead up to the Fed, the coup de gras for the Jewish Elites, nail in the coffin for America. Like Hitler's reforms , it proposed a more reality based money system. Like Hitler too he didn't know enough or go far enough. For instance, saying that socialism would be a better alternative to the unbridled and monopolistic capitalism. We now have the internet and over a hundred years of study and history of how all that pans out under a Hijacked world.

Tony B said (September 23, 2015):

The Lindbergh baby being "ritually sacrificed" of course means it was bled out while alive, which that tiny sect continues to do to this day as they satanically believe that "the life" is in the most innocent of blood which they drink or mix with their ritual matzos.

Hans said (September 23, 2015):

Henry, It is a revealing article and it should not be forgotten that the case had two murdered victims, the baby and the appearantly innocent patsy, Hauptman. Is it a coincidence that Hauptman was a carpenter and Jesus was seen as a carpenters' son? (Matthew 13:55)

What i dislike is the antibiblical undercurrant running through the end of the article, by mentioning Genesis 22:2, as if it would condone human sacrifice in any way. First it was Abraham, and his own beloved son, Isaac, not a kidnapped victim. Secondly, God provided a solution, Isaac was not killed. Third it was an isolated event, an example for all time to come, and fourth, the suggestion that orthodox Judaism is the religion of the Bible is also wrong.

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