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JFK Jr.'s Death Was No Accident

July 1, 2015


JFK Jr. had movie star looks, political ambition and a desire 
to avenge his father's murder.
He could not be allowed 
to challenge America's 
criminal power elite. 

by Don Jeffries 

When John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane plummeted into the sea on July 16, 1999, we were told that it was his own recklessness. The Kennedy curse. My own investigation, however, determined that it actually was, in fact, another Kennedy assassination. 

Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen confirmed that he was scheduled to meet with JFK, Jr. the following week to discuss joining George magazine, where his primary focus would be investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  

 WCVB-TV reporter Steve Sbraccia, who covered the story, wrote in a 2006 email, "I've always felt there was something wrong about that crash...from the way the police swept through that beach forcing everyone off-to the way they kept the wreck site closely guarded until they pulled up every bit of debris...."

Sbraccia had encountered the enigmatic reporter from the Martha's Vineyard Gazette, who claimed to have seen an explosion in the air and then seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. 

In another email to me, from 2012, Sbraccia reiterated, "I can swear in court that man was real-and I reported exactly what he told me he saw." 

Researcher John DiNardo had attempted to track down this elusive reporter shortly after the incident, but the paper refused to even furnish his name. I encountered the same resistance, when the present editor, who claimed to have personally covered the story for the paper, informed me that she had no recollection at all of the reports about a mid-air explosion, or of any such reporter. 


The mainstream media would drum home the point that Kennedy should never have flown because of bad weather. The evidence, however, shows otherwise. FAA Flight Specialist Edward Meyer took the unusual step of releasing a public statement. Meyer stated, "Nothing of what I have heard on mainstream media makes any sense to me...The weather along his flight was just fine." 

He was still angry over the media coverage when he told me in a 2012 email that "Every report I saw, read or heard said that the visibility was too low for JFK Jr. to make his approach..." 

Meyer told me that the NTSB report contradicted "EVERYTHING that was said by the media...He was fully licensed to fly that night and there were no weather reports that contradicted the VFR flight conditions that the plane was flying in." 


Initial news reports described a crucial 9:39 p.m. phone call from Kennedy to the FAA, in which he reported all was well and that he was awaiting landing instructions. WCVB even interviewed Coast Guard Petty Officer Todd Burgun about this conversation, which would have been taking place at the exact moment officials would later maintain Kennedy's plane was going into a death spiral. I tried in vain to locate Burgun, and the reporter who interviewed him on-air never answered my series of emails. 

The FAA would go on to claim that there never was a 9:39 p.m. communication from Kennedy, despite all the detailed local news reports and widely distributed accounts about it from UPI and ABC News. 

 Needless to say, JFK Jr.'s plane cannot have been crashing into the water at the very instant he was reporting that everything was fine. I was fortunate enough to have videotapes of the original WCVB coverage, which included numerous references to the 9:39 p.m. phone call from JFK Jr. When researchers subsequently obtained the taped coverage, they discovered that all references to the 9:39 communication had been edited out. 

This raises the possibility that the plane was downed by an explosion minutes later.


JFK Jr.'s old high school girlfriend Meg Azzoni spoke 

jfkwithson.jpegof his keen interest in his father's assassination, and declared that he had a "quest" to find out who was really responsible for it. Another friend of JFK Jr's adult inner circle, who very adamantly requested to remain anonymous, verified that he was indeed quite knowledgeable about the assassination and often spoke of it in private. 

This reluctance to speak on the record was something I encountered throughout the course of my research. In fact, there were some very interesting tidbits that were told to me in confidence, on the strict provision that I never publish them. The fear on the part of those who were associated in some ways with the events I chronicle was still evident, even decades later. 

When I tracked down the nephew of Deputy Seymour Weitzman, for instance, all he kept repeating was "I don't know anything." Weitzman was in the center of the action on November 22, 1963, and the House Select Committee on Assassinations would later discover that he'd been committed to a mental institution, evidently due to his preoccupation with and fear of the conspirators he felt had been behind the assassination of JFK. 
Young Kennedy was definitely on the verge of launching his own political career. The prospect of this charismatic heir to Camelot, with the movie-star looks, must have set off alarm bells among the powerful forces that killed his father and uncle. 

My entire investigation into the death of JFK Jr., as well as the untold stories about all the most significant issues of the past fifty years, from his father's assassination to 9/11 to the Obama birth scandals, can be found in my book  Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics


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"The Assassination of JFK Jr," YouTube by John Hankey. (Thanks Brian)

First Comment from Dan:

This article brings back my memories of watching those reports in July 1999, for a week or two I suppose.  That assassination is one of many things that 'went down the memory hole' with '911'. The whole affair was as awkward on television as Junior's father's assassination had been. Astute news watchers could really feel the awkward tension of officials, functionaries and bureaucrats that certainly sensed it was a crime,  but knew to be tight lipped about it and play along.    The Media people on the other hand thrive shamelessly on coverups.

The junior Kennedy was killed because the Clinton's couldn't handle him, and he wasn't afraid to die.   Don't you know all his life he'd been given plenty of warnings that two things were taboo:  never expose his father's assassination, and don't even think about running for President. By the summer 1999 with his major magazine 'George' reaching millions of voters, there was NO doubt he was determined to do both and nothing could stop him.

No doubt he had deep intelligence channels 'inside the DC beltway'. He would have known he'd be coming up against Hillary Clinton (she ended up with his cousin's seat as Senator from New York).    But I doubt he had any clue that the same level that killed his dad was planning to kick over the chess board in 2001.   That means the next President had already been chosen, and there was no way the conspirators were going to let Junior rock that boat.

You know his father wasn't chosen to be President either.  Joe Sr. was one of the richest men in America in 1960 and threw the full weight of the Kennedy money and influence into stealing the election from Prescott Bush's boy Dick Nixon.   One 'good' reason for not letting him finish his term was simply to make an example of what happens when an Illuminatus goes against the business plan.

JFK, RFK, and John Jr. were no angels, but it's saddening to imagine what the world would be like had they been strong enough and smart enough to beat "the Conspiracy".

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Comments for "JFK Jr.'s Death Was No Accident "

Ed said (July 4, 2015):

Hi Henry: did you see this documentary: Dark Legacy II - The Murder of JFK Jr.? It's available on Amazon Prime. Thoroughly explains all the anomalies surrounding his death, particularly around the search and rescue operations. Convincingly sets out why JFK Jr.'s death was very likely premeditated.

Jennifer said (July 2, 2015):

JKF Jr. lived in my building in Tribeca, NYC. I ran into him often taking the subway or shopping at the local stores. We spoke occasionally as we frequented the same places and social events. I remember him being generally a depressed and sad person with drooping shoulders. He had emotional problems. He would pull back his shoulders and stand up straight and put on a winning smile when he needed. I was not part of his inner circle but I knew people that he confided in and that saw "things." After his death, a confidant to JFK Jr. and a very reliable source -told me that JFK Jr. confided in him that he had been molested by Aristotle Onassis as a little boy.

I feel JFK Jr. had a good idea who was behind his father's assaination. Regarding, Bill and Hilary Clinton--they are puppets. They don't order anyones deaths. They are just doing their roles. The higher ups are evaluating all the moving parts, making the decisions of who needs to go for the benefit of their ultimate plans.

Al Thompson said (July 1, 2015):

>>Initial news reports described a crucial 9:39 p.m. phone call from Kennedy to the FAA, in which he reported all was well and that he was awaiting landing instructions

I used to be a pilot and this doesn't fit. Pilots don't usually make phone calls from the airplane while flying. They use the onboard radio. I don't see any reason Kennedy would have called the FAA from his phone.

Anything that comes from the mainstream media is complete bullshit and this is a perfect example of it.

BR said (July 1, 2015):

A good book for your readers to purchase is: Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper. He has done an excellent job in his research combining all the players in the assassination of JFK; CIA, the Meyer Lanksy crime syndicate, and the Mossad. I highly recommend it to anyone. I would venture to say at least two of those entities listed executed the death of JFK Jr.

Tony B said (July 1, 2015):

Amazing. What rock has Don Jeffries been under all these years? True, John Jr. had an ongoing desire to find his father's assassin. So what? To those of us in the real "alternative news" business it was known almost immediately that the tail of Kennedy's plane was blown completely off by an explosion. It was also immediately concluded that Hillary Clinton (as Dan eluded) was behind it, as the two were running against one another for NY senator and it was an unanimous forgone conclusion that Hillary had no chance against Kennedy, media or no media.

Some sixty or so people close to the Clintons have died under strange circumstances. Many believed it was Bill who was ordering the deaths but a lady who worked with us at Liberty Lobby pointed out that you could tell by the relation of those killed to the Clintons that the orders were coming from Hillary. On examination it made the most sense. Today, with more of her toxic personality known, it makes even more sense.

One more connection: The phoney examination team into JFK's assassination, the Warren Commission, included young lawyer Hillary Clinton. But her tactics were so criminal, even the coverup head lawyer had to fire her as possibly disruptive to their preconceived findings.

JG said (July 1, 2015):

I doubt if the there was any fear at all by the "powers that be" of JFK Jr seeking a high political office with a campaign that the MSM couldn't sabotage.

I had read a while back that 'George Magazine' was running a series of articles on the Rabin assassination shortly before the crash.

As the scandal sheets were saying it may have been the same people that killed his father that also killed him.

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