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Vicious Vendetta Against Illuminati Defector

April 26, 2015

(Rahul Manchanda, formerly a media mouthpiece for war.)

NYC Attorney Rahul Manchanda
refused to sell his soul to the devil.
Now, the devil is taking revenge.
His story exposes how an occult secret society
exercises control using the CIA, courts
and the mass media. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Anyone who doubts the Illuminati's determination to provoke a third world war should heed the story of NYC immigration attorney, Rahul Manchanda, 42, who refused to demonize Iran.

In 2000, while still in law school, Manchanda,  American-born of Indian descent, applied for a job with the CIA. He was interviewed but the work came in a different form. He often appeared on CNN and Fox selling the Administration line. He was given "talking points" and groomed and supervised from afar by the likes of Frank Gaffney and Oliver North.

At the same time, his law firm mysteriously flourished, growing to a staff of 20. He became a millionaire with a beautiful wife and two kids. It was the American Dream.

The dream turned into a nightmare after a fact-gathering trip to Iran in 2006, sponsored by what may have been a CIA-front group called "Network 2020." Manchanda found that contrary to Iran's image as a fanatic terrorist state, Iranians actually love the USA and just wanted to enjoy the American Dream as well. They were so crippled by sanctions they could barely keep their economy running, let alone pose a threat. They were friendly, intelligent, moderate people.

Manchanda's "whole world changed."  When he returned, he was pressured to write a report which vilified Iran. Instead, he urged the US to abandon adversarial colonial approaches and support democratic change in Iran. He says his report possibly influenced the 2007 "National Intelligence Estimate" which determined that Iran was not a threat.

Rahul Manchanda and President George Bush.jpg(With President Bush in happier times.)

Manchanda was a "star" being groomed for higher things. His ethnicity made war mongering more credible to Americans. Similarly, he says "Obama has killed more brown people than any other president. If McCain had done it, he would be a war criminal."

But after writing this report, the Cinderella Carriage quickly turned into a pumpkin. A series of scurrilous and defamatory lies appeared at "Rip Off Report" online, and both clients and staff fled his law firm in droves. He was subjected to many nuisance tax, labor and disciplinary audits.

"Overnight, I became a pariah," he says. Suddenly, he was persona non grata in the mainstream media. In 2010, he filed for bankruptcy.  A one-man law firm today, he is still one of the top immigration attorneys in the United States.

A George-Soros-funded feminist group, "Sanctuary for Families" got to his wife and she divorced him, taking their two children and involving him a protracted legal battle that was unwinnable because top NYC law firms donated their staff to this agency. Judges live in fear of it. All of his motions were denied. His appeals to higher legal authorities fell on deaf ears.

KATE BOSE.jpgBut the Illuminati weren't finish yet. A young woman, Kate Bose, left, who has connections with the NYPD Intelligence Dept. entrapped him in a romantic relationship.  After they moved into together, she accused him of "menacing" her during a verbal argument.  He now faces a year in jail for having an argument with a woman and he is convinced he will be murdered in prison.

Meanwhile Kate Bose, who was practically insolvent, was rewarded with a $100K job with Ralph Lauren.

Assistant District Attorney Gilbert Rein refuses to dismiss the case or arrest Bose although she admitted in multiple notarized documents faxes and emails that she lied. Manchanda also charged her with poisoning him and his children but Rein refused to act. Manchanda was denied a Protective Order against Bose although she called him 30 times. Manchanda is in court Monday.

0.jpgThe judge Tandra Dawson, left, is reportedly on the Board of "Sanctuary for Families." 


Manchanda, a Freemason, is also being expelled from his lodge for "unMason-like behavior," the first person to be expelled in one hundred years. He says Freemasons have no love for Jews and are just using them to ethnically cleanse the Holy Land so they can rebuild Salomon's Temple. He says Netanyahu and the top Israeli leadership are all Freemasons.

Manchanda is one of a score of Indian-American celebrities being persecuted as a way of pressuring India to take a more anti-Iranian foreign policy. These include banker  Rajat Gupta, 
intellectual Dinesh S'Souza, Indian ambassador Devyani Khobrogade, developer Lakhinder Vohra, hotelier Vikram Chatwal,  Mathew Martoma, Indian Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, Indian Ambassador Daughter Krittika Biswas, noted human rights lawyer Chaumtoli Huq, Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, United States India Political Action Committee CEO Sanjay Puri, and countless others - all in New York City.

I asked about the recent nuclear deal the US signed with Iran. Manchanda says the Neo Con lunatics do not yet have a complete lock on US foreign policy. Many loyal Americans in government are fed up with wars and waste. Indeed, Obama's popularity shot up after he defied the Zionist warmongers. This issue may be the only thing that can elect Hillary Clinton.

Rahul Manchanda thinks the Illuminati want him to commit suicide. He will never do so. His predicament exposes the invisible tyranny that controls America and sucks its life blood.


Latest (Monday April 27)

Dear Commission on Judicial Conduct et al:

Once again Judge Tandra Dawson of IDV Court today treated me in an extremely biased and unfair manner wherein she allowed my counsel Herman Kaufman to withdraw from my trial without any notice to me, again waived my accuser Kate Bose from having to appear to be present in accordance with my due process rights, again refused to provide an order of protection for me and my children who I have tried to protect from Kate Bose after jumping through hoops to get her served with court ordered alternate methods of service and successfully served her 8 months ago, and once again spoke to me and treated me in a horrible and disrespectful manner in a case where Kate Bose already admitted in writing several times to the court and ADA Gilbert Rein that she lied about the entire incident leading to my arrest last August 2014.

She also refused to explain to me what a 3030 was since one of the last things my traitorous attorney Herman Kaufman did today before abruptly withdrawing was waive my 3030 rights which again I have no idea what this even is.

This continued travesty of justice and dragging me over the coals is further proof and evidence of the horrific treatment I am receiving at the hands of the judge and the district attorney's office.

Please investigate and advise.

Hello Departmental Disciplinary Committee First Department:

Once again the above referenced prosecutor refuses to dismiss this case or offer any plea deal on a case wherein the accuser Kate Bose has stated in multiple notarized and signed voluntary letters and emails that she lied about the entire incident leading up to my arrest last August 2014 for a simple verbal argument we had where she alleged that I menaced her, which was false and that she admitted  she lied about.

This is an abuse of his office and is highly unethical and is further grinding me into the dirt and ruining me and my children's lives who I haven't seen for 8 months due to this trumped up set up fake case and transparently biased IDV criminal proceeding.

Furthermore he keeps driving lawyers off my case by threatening them and me and not budging at all in his vengeful and politically motivated campaign of torture against me and my kids.

Please investigate, help me, and advise.

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Comments for "Vicious Vendetta Against Illuminati Defector "

K said (May 15, 2015):

I just read with sadness the plight of this strong man who is obviously a Man of Faith against the Freemason Luciferian societies which tried to pressure him to lie about the intelligence report when he was in Iran. These Freemasons (and my grandfather was one of them) truly feel that they are Gods on earth and do not believe in an ascendent God, and they feel that they have the power to steal from, kill, rape, maim and torture any man, woman or child in the name of their aspired New World Order. Clearly Mr Manchanda stepped into their way when he refused to lie and deceive by falsifying intelligence to lead us into yet another horrific and bloody war which would probably have resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of Americans and Iranians and others joining the conflict, and would probably have led to World War 3.

This man is a hero, and I can not believe that this was how he was treated by his own country, and his own wife. Even though the Freemasons are very powerful and influential, and appear in disguise through many different organizations, if he is truly a Man of God he will get through this. Unfortunately this situation seems to be a struggle on earth between the forces of good and the forces of evil. will pray for him as he is truly a force for good. This man truly saved the world, and this is is reward. This makes me ashamed to be an American and the grand-daughter of a Freemason.

K said (May 4, 2015):

I was just reading about the groomed then doomed 'illuminati defector' I don't know whether or not it will interest you or whether he now knows what 3030 rights are but its IR3030 human rights theory and practice. (or close to that but it is human rights based) . From what I can see it is him that should have claimed that against his incredibly unjust upcoming trail. It is so unfair that truth seekers and whistle blowers are so irreparably beaten down by corruption. My support and thoughts are with him and the truth he holds on to.

Al Thompson said (April 27, 2015):

t is very difficult to take a principled stand and not be persecuted. I've had plenty of experience with this. I had to laugh that he was kicked out of the masonic lodge for being "un-mason like." That's the same as getting kicked out of a whorehouse for not being a good whore. Being kicked out of the masonic lodge should be an honor to this man.

The outside pressure on a family is unbelievable in this kind of a circumstance and I feel bad that he lost his wife and his children. The same thing happened to me. However, that said, he shouldn't have been in a relationship with this other woman, especially if they were living together. Nothing good comes from a relationship like that, and I've made similar mistakes. There's a payback in the law of nature and it is self-evident. Everytime I screw up, I get it back. So I'm learning to not get involved in bad things. His experience in court was about the same as mine. When they want to get you, the courts will cheat. There is nothing fair about a courtroom. He simply got "steamrolled."

However, I think his worst mistake was to become a lawyer and to get involved with government, especially at such a high level. Lawyers and govtards all have sworn oaths and have broken the law of nature and God's law. Nothing good comes from the oath.

But to his credit, he did not want to fan the flames of war with Iran and this is where is conscience kicked in and he held his ground. He may have saved thousands of lives; and to that end, "no good deed goes unpunished." But the fact is that he did the right thing in this instance and he deserves some respect for what he did. My only problem with it is that he's still a lawyer. Until he gives that up, his life will be chaotic. The bad fruit of the bad "laws"' will continue to haunt him. An honorable man has no business being a lawyer in a legal system like we have today. It is too corrupted and good people can't work with it. Being in a courtroom is like trying to communicate with the evil and the insane; I don't think it is worth the effort.

DD said (April 27, 2015):

Regarding your article on "NYC Attorney Rahul Manchanda" , I always say NEVER cut a deal with the DEVIL, he always comes to collect. Hopefully, all the challenges that Rahul is going through will turn out for good even though he is probably going though dark days right now. What do I mean? Glad you asked.

From time to time life presents us with opportunities to reach out to the one true and living God. God's hand is always extended and he is patient not wanting any to perish. The question is, 'are we going to take a hold of his hand?' and allow him into our life. When things are going well, we tend to forget about God or we don't even bother to look for Him.

If Rahul isn't saved (part of God's family), this is an opportunity for him to reach out to God. With the one true living God on his side, life can be much better than he could ever dream or imagine.

LoisAnn said (April 27, 2015):

And, the devil dances on! More examples are our politicians right here on Capitol Hill. What 'they' do is keep a dossier on most Americans which begins when they enter first grade. As people mature and desire going into politics to better the nation they become faced with assorted situations which lead to blackmail when time comes to get rid of them.

As long as they follow orders/instructions they are free to continue their political career. Once they retaliate they are doomed and the dossier is brought out to feed the nightly news with either real or manufactured 'transgressions'. Happens all the time and so far most people are un-aware of this. In the meantime, ole Satan dances on the tables of the 'rich and famous' while those who are persecuted are left by the wayside to live in shame and infamy. Time people begin to do their own research on candidates and ignore what the press offers as 'news/information'.

These stories just brought out today by you are necessary to make readers, the un-informed take a hard look at what is really happening around them and do critical thinking before casting that next ballot.

Robert K said (April 26, 2015):

Again we have an example of how the controllers of money can make or break anybody they choose to target. That which the banking system or the state bestows it can also take away. Democracy perceived as the right to cast a ballot every few years is a hollow joke as long as there is no economic democracy in the form of direct unconditional issuance of freedom-ensuring buying power to all citizens in the form of debt-free dividends. We need a money system adapted to our modern super-production economy, not the family-sustaining rural one of centuries past.

If you know of a single politician in any country who is advocating such a reform, I would like to know of him/her. They are all subservient to the bankers and their monopolistic system; i.e., not representing their electorate.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at