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Children's Revelations Prove Satanists Control UK

March 21, 2015

(Left, a one-hour compilation of videos taken by the mother and her partner in early September 2014.  Barnet police took the children away from the mother on September 11 and were preparing to arrest the mother when she fled the UK.)

Two children named Alisa and Gabriel told their mother they were involved in sexual abuse and had witnessed the ritualistic murder of babies by their biological father, Ricky Dearman, the leader of a satanic cult. They described the decapitation of babies, drinking of blood and eating the dead babies. Routine sex parties at their school involved teachers, administrators, some 20 other children, and hundreds of parents involved with the cult. London police and social services are involved and are trying to cover up the case.

Latest! Satanist Judge and Media Protect Satanic Child Killers; Charge Mother : "An evil mother tortured her children to make up sickening allegations about a satanic cult based at a primary school in the midst of a seething child contact dispute, a High Court judge ruled March 19." The Daily Mail

by Ken Adachi

Ken Adachi is webmaster of where this material first appeared.

Two UK siblings, 9 year old Alisa (A) and 8 year old Gabriel (G), recently appeared in Youtube videos titled "Papa kills babies." Both children  describe how they had been involved in sexual abuse by adults, including their father, along with teachers and parents and 20 "special" children at the school they attended, Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, London. (The children also report that many other schools in Hampstead also engage in satanic/sexual abuse.)

They report forced participation in the ritualistic murder of babies, including the decapitation of drugged babies by their UK father and other fathers of children attending their school. When asked, Alisa said that her father had killed more than 1,000 babies; and perhaps as many as 2,000. She said her father was the leader of the satanic cult.

In one of the 20 videos uploaded by the mother, Alisa describes how some babies were provided by Social Services ]. Both children say they were forced to drink blood, eat flesh, and dance around with multiple skulls of previously murdered babies. This typical of demented conduct often seen at satanic rituals.

The Russian-born mother of the children, Ella Raulyevna Draper (ED), had only discovered her children's abuse in August 2014, while on holiday in Morocco with her kids and boyfriend. Both children say they were warned by their father that they would be killed if they talked.

The Metropolitan police, Barnet Police, Social Services, Cafcass, and even the judges handling the case are colluding to cover up the children's allegations of murder and abuse causing the mother to flee to another country to avoid arrest.

The mother sought the help of a children's advocate (Association of McKenzie Friends), lawyer Sabine Kurjo McNeill, who was also forced to flee to Germany for putting out the story on Youtube after being stonewalled by the courts and government officials.

The first Youtube found above are edited video recordings made of Alisa and her brother Gabriel in September of 2014. I believe that the people talking to the children on the video include a former constable (possibly Kleo Papachrlstou), a relative of the mother's partner, the mother, and the mother's boyfriend/partner, Abraham Christie (AC).

There are many videos of interviews with the kids posted on Youtube [now taken down], but this edited compilation gives you the more salient allegations.

The Alfred Webre interview with Sabine McNeill (posted Feb 15) includes more information than I had found online. I've included Sabine's article, as she's been a first- hand witness in this case. Other articles written about the children's revelations are linked here. A list of the names involved in the case, taken from an early Youtube posting, is also posted, along with the testimony of the mother with details of the satanic cult activities, found on an archived page here and also here. The biological father of the children (never married to children's mother), Ricky Dearman, has a Facebook page which is archived here. ]


Aanirfan -Cover Up of Satanic Child Abuse in Hampstead and  The Bigger Picture - CIA and Mossad (see other articles link at right)
Here is the mother telling the story of what she learned from  her kids. She provides names, addresses, email, tel etc.
In Great Britain, Powerful Pedophiles are Seemingly Everywhere and Totally Above the Law


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First Comment from Dan:

To any readers that have never heard of such things before I want you to know that scandals like this have been exposed over and over, but nothing happens.   Same pattern every time: the whistle blowers disappear or are sent to prison on trumped up charges, and the children are 'disappeared' by 'protective services'.  

The last major exposure in the US broke in 1988, now known as the Franklin Coverup.  Read about it here: 
Still Evil after All These Years: The Franklin Scandal and Pedophilia in High Places

"The late 80s and 90s were rough years for people to make accusations of pedophilia. Media of the left and right alike were debunking an array of scandals involving nursery schools around the country (most notoriously the McMartin Preschool in California). The charges of child abuse were often bizarre as well as horrifying, and were ultimately dismissed in court as Salem witch trial hysteria and the accused exonerated. "False memory syndrome" entered the language as a new psychological disorder and proved useful for understanding odd claims of "recovered memory" in many areas."

This documentary was slated to run on The Discovery Channel on Tuesday, May 5th 1994,  but was pulled before it was broadcast.  The Discovery Channel and Yorkshire Television were reimbursed for expenses not to show it.

BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary Satanism and Pedophilia EXPOSED

It started as a mundane FBI bank fraud bust.  The manager of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha Nebraska was under investigation for embezzling $40 million dollars.  But when FBI raided the bank to confiscate King's records, they discovered a cache of thousands of original pornographic photos of children and adults.  Here's the kicker, the agents recognized many of the adults as well known politicians, judges, police - including very high up officials in Washington DC.
Art adds:

As an addendum to Dan's submission this video, from 34 years ago, is quite shocking.

If this happened over three decades ago, in Houston Texas, it must be 1000 times worse now. I've lived in Texas nearly my entire life and have NEVER heard of any of this in the news.

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Comments for "Children's Revelations Prove Satanists Control UK "

Peter G said (March 22, 2015):

Well Done Henry

You have made a bold statement posting this.
These children are not lying and I cannot see any subliminal coercion in this video (which I tonight have viewed for the the first and last time)

The same crowd of misled or misguiding masons that protected Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile for so long will see to it that on their watch, like the officers that went before, no truth will emerge.

In this the same week that "the sun smiled" and five guilty as hell reporters were set free to commit more lies. This truth that you have let run free for a short bolt before the next locked judgement of the truly bent Judiciary stops it in its tracks will be a testament to your optimism and honesty.

These children are doomed. It will not be just the Common Purpose lackeys of Barnet Council that sees to this. IT WILL BE EVERYTHING.

Watch jack shit happen. PS Could you please ask Vladimir Putin to rescue these half Russian
children and reunite them with their mother.

And if you get the chance to impale some satanists along the way.....?

Ken Adachi said (March 22, 2015):

Posting Ken's comment since no one else has commented except Dan:

The courage shown by the mother, Sabine McNeill, Belinda McKenzie and others in Britain --who thought they could depend on the British authorities to defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty -- are the people who deserve credit. A British woman who tried to help in the Hollie Greig case with Robert Green (another good Samaritan who was crushed by British authorities -- jailed for one year -- in his attempts to help expose the Hollie Greig story) alerted me to the story in early February soon after the videos came out on Youtube.

Above all, these two kids have shown the greatest courage in attempting to be honest, considering how they have been completely betrayed by the judges and police. By the way, I have a long article from Hareetz from 2002 that says Judge Vera Mayer (born in Prague) lived in Israel from age 8 to 24 and then moved to London. The Israel connection to both judges should be looked at carefully.

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