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Ottawa Shooting Was "Completely Fake" - Friend of Insider

December 28, 2014

(Left, cops, media, politicians get a big laugh at expense of public)

On Oct 22, 2014, Canada staged a fake terorist
attack to advance the Illuminati Jewish banker agenda for a world police state. Basically our leaders and media are liars and traitors.

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"I want you to post these emails because the Canadian people need to know what their government is up to."

[Editor's Note: I don't know this reader personally but he did give his name and his message sounds credible to me.]

from Anonymous

A friend of mine who is in the military told me, six months ahead of time (in April 2014), that there would be an attack in Ottawa in October. He also told me that it was completely staged. Basically, the entire Ottawa shooting incident was planned many months ahead of time and was completely fake.
Also, the Parliament employees knew ahead of time about the attack.
Completely staged. From start to finish.

One of the reasons for the fake Ottawa attack is that the Canadian govt wanted to pass the CSIS bill. CSIS is the Canadian equivalent of the CIA. And this bill will give full power to the govt to spy on the population in any way, shape or form. They did it before but now they have full power, which they did not quite have before. In other words, this CSIS bill is legalized spying.
gnews-vicker-102314.jpg(No wonder Kevin Vickers doesn't want to talk about his courageous act.)

Reason number two is pretty much the same as in the U.S. Pass anti-gun laws to disarm the population so that they will be defenseless when the military comes to seize them and their property. In fact, it has somewhat started. There was a huge flood in Alberta and the homes were evacuated. The cops then went into the empty houses and confiscated all the guns they could get their hands on. It was not legal, of course, but incidents like the Ottawa attack will soon make it legal.


b&c.jpg Bibeau and Cirillo were not killed. Both of them are what is known as crisis actors. Cirrillo has been whisked away and is in hiding right now. He'll resurface eventually, with a different appearance and identity, when all this has blown over.

There was one lady who was on the scene of the shooting. She attempted to give first aid. She obviously saw that nobody was shot and killed. Now this woman is under "protective custody". In other words, she'll never be seen again. Almost instantly after this lady was removed from the scene, the real crisis actors showed up.
So, you are correct in saying that neither supposed victims, including the shooter, were killed. This incident really was completely fake, in every detail.

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Comments for " Ottawa Shooting Was "Completely Fake" - Friend of Insider"

L said (December 29, 2014):

I run a small business in Tisdale , Sk. The news paper I use to advertise is the
Tisdale Recorder

An advertisement appeared in the Parkland Review which is a advertising flyer for the Tisdale Recorder the week following the shooting. It was for donations for the son of the shooting victim.
I don't recall the add exactly but there were two companies which you could make your donation to both of which were graciously donating their services to this boy.

The thing that I find strange is, the shooting took place on Thursday, the advertising deadline for the Parkland Review is Monday morning. So this charity had to be organized, registered ( if necessary), arrange for the donated services of the collecting firms, draw the add, distribute it to however many places ran the add and have money to pay for the add all in the span of just over one business day.

It reminds me a little of the Sandy Hook charities

Robert K said (December 29, 2014):

Canadians have yet to receive an explanation of how Arthur Porter came to be appointed as the head of SIRC, the Security Intelligence Review Committee. It's a major scandal that, oddly, the politicians don't seem to want to touch. That CSIS didn't vet this critical "national security" appointment obliges us to conclude that they are Kanada's Keystone Kops. That such a patently inept bunch are acquiring steadily increasing powers to interfere in the lives of Canadian citizens is very disturbing.

JG said (December 29, 2014):

What really gave this one away was the amplified bullet sounds going through the Ottawa Parliament Building as police were chasing down the culprit.

If that didn't convince you, how about photos of parliament members using chairs and furniture to block the doors to their chambers. Was a message trying to be conveyed here? Daaaaaah!

The photo-op of Harper and Netanyahu together a couple of months ago should have told you that something like this was on the way, and soon.
Remember Ottawa, oh Canada, because victimhood is your new identity.

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