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Strange Bedfellows: Nation of Islam and Scientology

May 26, 2014

(left, Louis Farrakhan preaches the gospel of Dianetics)

The Nation of Islam and Scientology
both have deep roots in Satanism

Scientology can be considered the most successful organizational offshoot of the Satanist Aleister Crowley's work.

by David Livingstone

(The Nation of Islam and Scientology)
(Edited and abridged by

As I revealed in an article in 2006, the Nation of Islam is only very remotely associated with Islam, and founded on the occult teachings of Freemasonry. Recently I have become aware of its connection to Scientology. 

According to Wikipedia, Farrakhan announced his embrace of Dianetics on May 8, 2010 and actively encouraged Nation of Islam members to undergo "auditing" from the Church of Scientology. Since then, the Nation of Islam has been hosting its own dianetics courses and its own graduation ceremonies. By 2013, nearly 8500 members had undergone dianetics auditing. At a 2013 graduation ceremony, Shane Woodruff, vice-president of the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre International, stated that "The unfolding story of the Nation of Islam and Dianetics is ... absolutely committed to restoring freedom and wiping hell from the face of this planet."

Recently Louis Farrakhan "told his flock that no one may be a leader in the Nation unless and until they have attained the Scientology state of Clear. ... the cost of reaching the Clear state in Scientology is $128,000. ... while he has been preaching the word of Mohamed, he has been involved in Scientology for over thirty years."

The NOI is thoroughly intertwined with the leading occult trends of the twentieth century. In Black Terror White Soldiers, I pointed out that the NOI traces its descent again to one Jamal ud Din al Afghani, (1836-1897) the notorious imposter who simultaneously was the main inspiration behind the occult revival of the nineteenth century, as well as the fundamentalist Salafi "reform" movement of Islam, which has been the backbone of the CIA's projects in the Middle East.

afghani.jpgHistorian K. Paul Johnson proposes that it was Afghani, left, who was largely responsible for the central doctrines of H. P. Blavatsky, the leading influence behind the occult revival and considered the godmother of the New Age movement.

As a leader of the mysterious Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, Afghani laid the foundations for organizations like the Golden Dawn and ultimately the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) of Aleister Crowley. In Afghani's own words, he explained:

We do not cut off the head of religion except with the sword of religion. Therefore, if you were to see us now, you would see ascetics and worshipers, kneeling and genuflecting, never disobeying God's commands and doing all that they are ordered to do.[3]


The Nation of Islam was founded by Elijah Mohammed, who was instructed by a mysterious person of Arab background named Wallace Fard Muhammed who claimed he was God.

Wallace_Fard_000.jpgAccording to the FBI, Fard, left, had as many as 27 different aliases and was a sometime petty criminal. ...Farrakhan attributes the merger of the NOI with Scientology to an earlier contact between Fard and Hubbard. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was closely associated with Jack Parsons, who went on to become one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and the Aerojet Corporation. Parsons was a leader of the Agape lodge, the American chapter of Aleister Crowley's OTO. Charles Stansfeld Jones, or Frater Achad by his occult name, who Crowley considered his "magical son" and the "one" prophesied in the Book of the Law, started a lodge of the OTO in Vancouver.

Jones's initiate W.T. Smith started his own group, Agape Lodge, in California in the 1930s. After Crowley had moved to California, in the words of Francis King, "for the next ten years [until Crowley's death in 1947] California was the main center of OTO activity."[10] Parsons became obsessed with The Book of the Law, and began a regular correspondence with Crowley, referring to him as "Most Beloved Father" and himself as "Thy son, John."[11]

Likewise, Crowley claimed in 1919 to have contacted an extraterrestrial named Lam, connected to the Sirius and Andromeda star system, and the sketch he produced of it is a crude version of the iconic "greys" that have now come to be associated with alien contact. Picknett and Prince say that when the "flying saucer" craze began in 1947, Parsons stated that the "discs" would "help to convert the world to Crowley's magic religion."[12]

In the late 1940s, with Jack Parsons was already corresponding Anton Szandor Lavey, who went on to found the Church of Satan on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966. LaVey (originally Levy) first worked in the circus, carnival and burlesque houses as a lion tamer and musician and became deeply interested in the occult, and ordered several of Crowley's works from Parsons.

lron.jpgParsons met L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology,left, in 1945 and introduced him to the OTO, though Hubbard claimed he joined the order as part of an infiltration assignment on behalf of the Office of Naval Intelligence.[13] When Jack met Hubbard, he described him to Crowley as "the most Thelemic person I have ever met."[14] Jack also noted about him to Crowley, "although he has no formal training in Magick, he has an extraordinary amount of experience and understanding in the field."[15]

Together, beginning in 1946, they started the "Babalon Working," a series of rituals designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon, in reference to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, related to the Canaanite Astarte, and with the "Great Whore" of the Book of Revelation. During the ceremony, Hubbard acted as a scribe. When rituals were complete, Parson met Marjorie Cameron whom he regarded as the creation of the ritual and considered her his "Scarlet Woman."

jackandMarjorie.jpgThey soon began attempt to conceive a child through sexual magic. Parsons wanted to create a Moonchild, as outlined in Crowley's occult novel by the same name.[16] Although no child was conceived, Parsons and Cameron soon married. By 1952, Parsons referred to himself as Belarion Armiluss Al Dajjal Antichrist, "Al Dajjal" being the Islamic name for the Antichrist.

And as noted by Nikolas & Zeena Schreck, authors of Demons of the Flesh, "in many ways Scientology can be considered the most successful organizational offshoot of the Great Beast's work, having achieved a world standing and impact the various OTOs and other Crowleyan derivatives have not..."

When Hubbard formulated Dianetics, he described it as "a mix of Western technology and Oriental philosophy."[18] He said that Dianetics "forms a bridge between" Cybernetics and General Semantics, a set of ideas about education originated by Alfred Korzybski, which received much attention in the science fiction world in the 1940s.[19]

David Livingstone's latest book is Black Terror, White Soldiers: Islam, Fascism and the New Age
David Livingstone's latest book is Black Terror, White Soldiers: Islam, Fascism and the New Age - See more at:

The unabridged original article contains footnotes.

First Comment from Marcos:

Scientology is a satanic cult, and their auditing process is simply a method for mind control and eventual demonization.
They also abuse and exploit children in a constant basis, as can be verified in the book
Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape
by Jenna Miscavige, niece of the current leader.
Everything that Livingstone says about the origins of the cult is true, but these extraordinaire facts  are never discussed or even mentioned by the media.

Dan writes:

I'm well versed in the history of the NOI.  I remember Malcom X and his death in a hail of bullets by two of Farrakhan's personal Manchurian Candidates.

Farrakhan admits to Malcolm X assassination

So Farrakhan's bizarre announcement in 2010 that he expected all members of the NOI to begin Scientology training wasn't a total shock.  
But I wondered how his rank and file were going to react to being merged with a white dominated cult, probably best known to them through Scientology "Theta Clear" poster boys Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Farrakhan's got a deal with Scientology.  If not, he could have merely adapted their rackets into the secret society aspects of his NOI hierarchy. 

Farrakhan just turned 81 earlier this month.  He looks pretty energetic for an octogenarian that was diagnosed with prostate cancer twenty three  years ago.

Scientology seems like a crack pot cult on the surface, but like Michael Aquino's Temple of Set, there is far much more to it than can be proven.  One of their claims to members is that they can extend life, and they certainly may have been doing that for Farrakhan.

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Comments for "Strange Bedfellows: Nation of Islam and Scientology"

Robert said (May 28, 2014):

Remarkable piece. I learned a great deal from it.

I actually know a number of scoundrels in Hollwyierd (had two family members [now both dead]who were actual accomplished script writers) and sent the piece out to a few of them. Of course, they're all in denial of anything factual.

Jackson said (May 28, 2014):

As Salaam Alaikum(Peace be unto you) Dear Sr. Henry Makow being the diligent TRUTH seeker you are, I must say, that I am highly disappointed in your non attempt to defend the Nation of Islam and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. A man whom I believe you know have been a warrior on the battlefield of Truth and justice for the poor who have no voice! I can say with primary certitude that the assertions and half truths in this recent articles are OUTRIGHT LIES!

Carl said (May 27, 2014):

re CF comments below-

"Both the Mormons and Scientology have, in their philosophical/religious «doctrines» the story (or goal) of reaching an alien world/planet, where various gods or «super» persons reside - one of them supposedly being Jesus. Of course, neither organization reveals THAT part of their belief system right away." CF

I should add I was partially initiated (passed an IQ test and had a high recommendation from a former member of the Golden Dawn Vancouver ) way back when. I left pretty early when the time commitment/volunteering became over the top as well as being Christian. They wouldn't initiate my girlfriend at the time which was interesting. I also saw the usual conflict with eastern influenced religions and Christianity. They let you know you don't have to stop believing in your religion at least at lower levels.

Hubbard fancied himself a producer type and he is pretty outward about the Annunaki angle being alien, factoring into the cradle of civilization, (Sumerian Tablet influenced which is nebulous at best especially Sitchin's work). This obviously reveals itself immediately when we look at the agenda to make demons and possession look like friendly and non friendly aliens and "higher self, guardian angels." Travolta even did a movie (which was pretty weak I think) based on a supposed Hubbard fictitious work about the Annunaki. Scientology likes to show movies to their (not the Travolta one) new comers, you can't discuss anything with a dark room movie theatre.

The NOI connection to Islam is borderline comical. Farrakhan (who is pro 9-11 inside job!!) similarly to David Icke, reveals little tid-bits of difficult to argue with information (Mason's, B'nai B'rith, Rothschild central banking etc) then makes a larger premise like Scientology-NOI, or Jesus didn't exist statements to deceive those without the gift of BS detection and critical thought.

"However, if the classic/stereotypic concept of hell exists, I am sure they are there. And if not, I KNOW that in their last moments, they were in a living hell (as confirmed by Crowley's own regrets, told and documented to/by certain persons)." CF

Absolutely agree this is another god-man serpent path (clear), well thought out. Also I suspect there is a hell, and it has something to do with the sun, just ask them..

"Fitly is he . . . and his adherents . . . consigned to the ‘sea of fire,’ because it is the Sun (in one sense only in the Cosmic allegory), the fount of life in our system, where they are purified (disintegrated) and churned up to re-arrange them for another life (the resurrection); that Sun which, as the origin of the active principle of our Earth, is at once the Home and the Source of the Mundane Satan." H. P. Blavatsky

Phil said (May 26, 2014):

So it costs $128,000 to get a worthless degree...are we talking about Scientology or the major universities? Hahahahaha!!!!

CF said (May 26, 2014):

Once again, amazingly informative, great articles and summaries. Connecting the dots of this delusional matrix often surprises, as with the info on the Nation of Islam. Yet, I am not too surprised.

As with the Elders of the Protocols, the Illuminati of the Jacobin and post-Jacobin movements, and the oligarchs of «change-you-can-believe-in» Socialism: the recurring theme is always «man can BE a god or even THE God.»

Since one of the (infinite) essences of God is eternal (transcendental), while being materially represented via the complete conquest of death, and since all these strange megalomaniacs are now dead; it is abundantly clear these psycho/spiritual misfits were and are not any type of god, let alone the God. However, if the classic/stereotypic concept of hell exists, I am sure they are there. And if not, I KNOW that in their last moments, they were in a living hell (as confirmed by Crowley's own regrets, told and documented to/by certain persons).

It is always the same pitch: «The superior man can and should LORD it over his/her fellow human beings.» In the West, the world divided itself between the hierarchal, subjective/idea philosophy of Plato; and the more scientific/objective path of Aristotle.

The lands of the Bible were the setting for the divide between those who surrender to God, and those who jealously want to BE God. In the East, there was (and still is) a similar schism. It has ALL been various and sundry rehash ever since.

Both the Mormons and Scientology have, in their philosophical/religious «doctrines» the story (or goal) of reaching an alien world/planet, where various gods or «super» persons reside - one of them supposedly being Jesus. Of course, neither organization reveals THAT part of their belief system right away. It is the same with the Masons. [It always starts with LIES.] First, they have to sucker the «believer» out of as much money (and free labor) as they possibly can.

The old adage, "There's a sucker born every minute." - is as true today as ever.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at