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Lucifer & the Occult Power - Kabbalah

August 20, 2013


André Le Sage de La Franquerie de La Tourre (1901-1992) ( pen name, Marquis de La Franquerie) was a traditional Catholic who denounced Judeo Masonic infiltration and subversion of the Catholic church.  In this excerpt from his 1984 book, Lucifer & the Occult Power, he reiterates the view that Kabbalah-based Judaism is a Satanic cult masquerading as a religion. This, he implies, is the real cause of antisemitism. If true, most Jews and Christian Zionists have been duped.



The Kabbalah has little to do with the teachings of Moses and is a mixture of secret doctrines of Babylon and Egypt, distorted by the Jews in their own way under the influence of their hatred for Christianity.

Eliphas Levi said that high magic, [was] hidden under the name of Kabbalah, and reported in the hieroglyphics of ancient sacred temples..."

Monsignor Jouin notes that the brothers G. and N. L. Butmir in their works, Freemasonry and the Betrayal of the State and Jews in Masonry, "correctly point out that, despite advances in science, the rabbis and Kabbalists Jews wishing to maintain their power over minds, devoted themselves to the "Kabbalah of the left", ie to magic, demonology, the evocation of spirits, sorcery, spiritualism, all sorts of sordid excitement, in order to enslave the weak minds that have lost, for one reason or another, the benevolent support of the True Faith. We understand that such studies, far from serving the true God, lead directly to the worship of the occult and devil worship."

The brothers Butmir write: "The Kabbalah is the basis of the doctrine of the Masons, as well as all secret societies called to life by the infiltration of Jews in Christian circles. The purpose of Freemasonry is the symbolic rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon, but the secret purpose that is understood, is the destruction of the Christian Church and all Christian States, to replace the Christian faith by the luminous mysteries obscured in the Kabbalah, and submit all Christian peoples from the yoke of Kabbalistic Jews."

They continue:

"To achieve these goals, Masonry, from its installation in all countries, entering through its agents, all layers of society, managed to occupy the highest positions of State (now add : and the Church, all Christian Churches) by its members ... and result in all peoples of the Universe riots, insurrections, revolutions. It spreads by all means, regardless of duty and the Patriot neglect the family, to the faith. Masonry is also seeking for the Jews, equal rights and the establishment of constitutional government under the label of which she promises to the nations of the benefits of all kinds, those benefits are really just enslavement of the people of the State, the Church to the Masonic Constitution, legalized in London in 1720, by the statutes of a secret Anglo- Jewish, whose aim is to worship the devil. "

And Butmir rightly adds "The meaning of the left in Latin sinistra, sinister, macabre, is also worthy of attention, because Christ said that on the day of Judgement, the Son of God would place the sheep on his right, that is to say those who have followed His commandments, and left, the goats that is to say those who have rejected His divine doctrine (Matt. XXV, 33), so the left indicates those who reject Christ are against Him, as well as the truth. The parties led by the Jews, the Masons or other Judaizing heretics call themselves leftists, to mark the initiated into the mysteries of Kabbalah their hostility to Christ and the Truth, and their adherence to devil worship and falsehood!"

Need I remind you that during the Paris Commune in 1871, the revolutionary forces guard outside the hotel to protect the Rothschilds.  And the Communist Journal L'Humanite was founded by the Jewish multi-millionaires: Levy- Brahm, Dreyfus, Elias-Rodriguez, Salomon Reinach, Blum, Casewitz, Herr, Sachse. 


The Jew, Bernard Lazare, in Antisemitism, its History and Causes,1894, dares to write (page 307):

"Without the Law, without Israel to practice it, the world would not, God would return to nothingness, and the world will know the happiness when it is submitted to the Universal Empire of the Act. " (i.e. the empire of the Jews.)

In the preface of his book, speaking of the hostility that Jews brought upon by all peoples and all times, he writes: "Antisemitism has flourished in all places and all times, before the Christian era and later, in Alexandria, Rome and Antioch, Arabia and Persia In the European Middle Ages and in modern Europe, in short, in all parts of the world where there has been and where there are Jews, it seems unlikely that such an uniform opinion could be the result of fancy and whim and there must be at its heart a deep and serious reason."

In his first chapter, he admits:" It is apparent that the general causes of antisemitism have always resided in Israel itself and not with those who fought and he concluded: "because everywhere, and until today, the Jew was an unsociable being. Why was he unsociable? Because he was exclusive, and his exclusiveness was both political and religious, or rather, he clung to his politico-religious cult, with its law ... they wanted to remain Jews everywhere, and everywhere they were granted privileges allowing them to form a state within a state ... "(17).

Elsewhere, he continues, speaking of the Jewish people:" An energetic people, vivacious with infinite pride, considering themselves superior to other nations, the Jewish people would be a power. He had an instinctive taste for domination since its origins; he believed race and religion placed him above all..Gold gave them a power which all political and religious laws denied them. Holders of gold they became masters of their masters; they dominated them ... they entered the modern societies not as guests but as conquerors ... they made the only conquest for which they were armed ... "(page 223)

"The day the Jew held a civil office, the Christian government was in danger ... The entry of Jews in society symbolized the destruction of the State of the  Christian,

Quoting S.P Chajes, a B'nai B'rith member writing in The National Jewish Almanac, (Year 5682.) "Our imperialism is the only one who can with impunity defy the centuries; the only one which has no fear of defeat, that invincible and walk without getting lost its purpose with a slow but firm.

One of the chief of Judaism, Alfred Nossig wrote in Judentem Integrals: "The Jewish community is more than a people in the modern sense of the word. It is the depositary of a historical world mission, indeed a cosmic one, assigned to it by its founders Noah and Abraham... It forms an unconscious core of our being, the common substance of our soul ... The design of our primordial ancestors was based not a tribe but a world order to guide humanity in its spiritual development. " (p. 1-5) 

Thanks to Kathy!


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First Comment from Tony Blizzard

The devil on earth is not "coming," he's here, he's loose upon us and in full operation without any real opposition (except possibly in Russia, where the people have been through the last century of hell and are no longer fooled).

Why would anyone really care about being called anti Semitic?  Jews in the world are few in number, in the U.S. less than 2%, and of that small number it's doubtful that 10% are the Talmudists wanting to own the world and therefore doing all the deeds that are the true cause of what is termed "anti Semitism."

Of course, the answer to that question is that those tiny few Talmudists, led by the Rothschild clan, working the devil's plan, have been able to buy enough national leaders in the world to have acquired the privilege of all the money creation which matters in those nations, the U.S. included from its inception.  Which essentially means that you do their bidding or you will never be materially successful in this world.  Too many have chosen to be materially successful at the expense of their spiritual success (thus massive satanic success beyond individual corruption, into the vast excesses of satanic, occult freemasonry), a sad commentary indeed.

But for those of us not married to the buck, working against and telling the truth about the Talmudic plan of world conquest and satanic/Talmudic hatred for all non Talmudists, especially Christians (with whom God supplanted the Israelites as his earthly representatives over 20 centuries ago), is not an option, it is an absolute necessity, a top priority.  If you are not married to money or foolish prestige, hater mongers such as the ADL are essentially helpless against you.  "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me," we used it chant as kids.  Spiritually, they are the ones who have much to fear.  They are not a worry when they attack you but a proof that you are moving in the correct direction.

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Comments for "Lucifer & the Occult Power - Kabbalah"

Luis said (August 21, 2013):

Great article Henry & it follows the actual thrust of Jews to infiltrate Catholic Church. They successfully accomplished that in the II Vatican counsel in 1965 when the Pope Paul VI on October 28 , 1965 in publication’ Nostra Aetate” exonerated the Jews completely from collective ethnic guilt for killing the Jesus Christ-making the Catholic Church ,in the opinion of many conservative Catholics ,subservient to the Synagogue!!

Now the new Pope embracing the homosexual crowd contrary to the Bible not mentioning the little subtle changes in the doctrine & procedures during mass !! The book by Maurice Pinay “The plot against the Church” written in 1963 warned the clergy against the fifth column of Jews infiltrating the Church before the II council --It also goes back to Christ times & follows this activity throughout the centuries. Since he was a clergyman with the access to Vatican archives this book is excellently researched . It is worth reading since also touches on the communist rise in Russia (Jewish invention –Marx & Engels ) & consequent Holocaust of citizens namely in Ukraine by the communists in the Soviet Union before II WW.

Ray said (August 21, 2013):

You must have heard previously the saying: The biggest deception that the devil play upon the people is, he make us believe that he doesn't exist!

Ray said (August 21, 2013):

You must have heard previously the saying: The biggest deception that the devil play upon the people is, he make us believe that he doesn't exist!

S said (August 21, 2013):

I would just like to add comment about absurdity of term anti-semitism. Among semitic people are also Arabs and biblical Jews,. If we think about true and well established history of Jewish people we know that vast majority of modern Jews have virtually no connection to them. Most of modern Jews are of Khazarian origin who accepted Judaism in 10. century when their king Sviatoslav of Kiev imposed it on his servants. Virtually every satanical Jew is Khazarian Jew including all front people like Rothschild and co. So when they use word antisemitism it is oxymoron because it does not involve them personally or most of modern Jews.

I always say that biggest antisemitic element in the world is State of Israel with its apartheid policy to Arabs and Palestinians. We also know who owns this state and all propaganda machine disseminated in the World, lobbyist, corporations, crocked-psychopathic politicians..... Also, their deceptive foreign and military policy is legendary.

Jesus spoke about this when he prophesied destruction of Jews by “people who pretend to be Jews, but are from Synagogue of Satan”.

All of wars are only blood sacrifices to their ruler Satan/Lucifer to maintain this perverted illusion on people. I call it black magick.

anon said (August 20, 2013):

Once the Catholic Church as an institution caves in completely on the moral issues, this means the devil will unleash the antichrist who will have Jewish extraction. We are close to the reign of Lucifer but the Lord Jesus will triumph over this great evil and His mother will place her spiritual mantel over those who love and serve Her Holy son. That doesn't mean we won't suffer however. We will be martyred as the early Christians were or those under the French Enlightenment reign of terror and, as those in Communist and Nazi governments were.

It will happen here in America and all around the world for those who oppose the Luciferian system of any religion but especially vicious against Catholics because the Devil knows that Jesus established our Church and no other. Those who rock the New World Order boat will be "disposed of". Be careful Henry and call out to Jesus if they come after you- He helps those who call on His Holy Name. People think it can not happen here on this continent but that is not true. It can happen in Canada and it can happen in the U.S. There is a great deal of religious persecution in this country especially of pro life people who pray in front of abortion clinics because abortion is the devils bloody twisted version of Jesus expiation on the cross. Its Baal worship to the demon god Moloch who wants to destroy the Human Family with father at its head, mother and children.

JG said (August 20, 2013):

The phrase "antisemitism" is a "gag order" for anyone or any group of people who recognize and bring to light the crimes of any Jew or organized Jewry that attempts to subvert God's Divine Order.
This phrase also reverses the reality of the scenario by accusing those who expose them as being a mass slanderer of an entire race of people.

Unfortunately the Goyim falls for this trap every time. It really is quite a spectacle to watch people like Marlon Brando and other famous celebrities that have exposed their power and influence in Hollywood bow, scrape, and beg for forgiveness before their accusers.

This "game of semantics" has been going on for quite some time now and it will not stop until the Goyims quit apologizing for bearing witness to that which is True and Godly and exposing that which is Ungodly!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at