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Kabbalah Embraces Evil, Equates Jews With God

July 5, 2013

The origin of the  Illuminati 
and why mankind is satanically possessed.

Book Review of Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism, by Gershom Scholem

by John Kunkle

The final development of Jewish mysticism was the Kabbalah.

Kabbalism states that creation does not just emanate from God, but that man is God's collaborator through a process called "Restoration." Man has the ability to accelerate or retard the process of creation.  

The Messiah would not come until restoration was complete. Jews were deliberately exiled to all parts of the world to pick up the "sparks of souls and divine light" (pg. 311) and were crucial to this "healing" process. 

Adam's fall from grace did not just bring down mankind. It also brought down God and the "Shekinah."

The Shekinah is "the essence of God" that hovered above the Ark of the Covenant in the Temple in the Holy of Holies. It was what lead the Jews throughout their Exodus from Egypt. "Everything is in Exile. The Shekinah...was dragged down into the world of darkness of demonic evil." (pg. 280)

Through transmigration of the soul, the goal of the Jew was to lift their experience and bring both mankind and the Shekinah out of exile. This transmigration can take a long time, but it can be "shortened by certain religious acts, i.e. rites, penitential exercises, and meditations." (pg. 283)


In the Middle East, the appearance of Sabbatai Zevi and Nathan of Gaza transformed Kabbalism. Sabbatai declared himself the Messiah. However, he was a manic depressive who oscillated between gloom and ecstasy, during which time he committed many satanic and depraved sexual acts which were against Jewish ecclesiastic law.

"Sabbateanism took the form organized sect whose adherents met in secret conclave [and hid] their ideas and activities from the outside world in order to avoid persecution." (pg. 302)

The sect spread to the Ashkernazi Jews in Europe. They believed that "when good and evil are finally separated, the Messiah will come." (pg. 305) They believed that "the attraction of saintliness was not always sufficient to release the sparks from their prisons." "In order to force open the prison doors from within, the Messiah himself must descend into the realm of evil." In other words they believed in "salvation through sin." Mankind must give itself over to depravity before the Messiah would return. (pg. 311)

"The Sabbatean movement [was] regarded as nothing but an unholy rebellion against rabbinical Judaism, with an open tendency towards transgressions and sins in theory and practice." (pg. 313)

cabs1.jpg"According to them, a new Torah has become law under which all manner of things formally prohibited are now permitted, not least the categories of sexual intercourse hitherto prohibited. For since everything is now pure [with the arrival of Sabbatai Zevi the sin of Adam has already been corrected], there is no sin or harm in these things." (pg. 316)

"The Talmud says: 'David's son comes only in an age which is completely guilty or completely innocent...Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners.'" "...the elect are fundamentally different from the crowd and not to be judged by their standards." "...they are beyond good and evil." (pg. 317)

"The majority of Sabbatean Jews in Germany...remained within the walls of the Ghetto...[they] continued to profess rabbinical Judaism but secretly believed that they had outgrown it." (pg. 320) Similarly, they infiltrated all other groups by hiding their true identity.

 Meyer Amshel Bauer, who later changed his name to Rothschild, was a  Sabbatean Jew. He and his fellow Sabbatean Jews, hidden among the rabbinical Jews, formed what would become the Illuminati.

These people believe that they are beyond the definitions of good and evil and, because of their secret knowledge, they are the rightful inheritors of all the world's wealth.

They are the people behind Zionism and the ones who sacrificed rabbinical Jews to the horrors of the Holocaust -- Holocaust meaning "burnt offering" -- in order to achieve a Zionist state. With the Sabbateans, this "burnt offering" was for their true God -- Satan.

A recent book from the Gnostic Illuminati, which claims itself to be the "New World Order," as opposed to the "Old World Order" of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and banker elites, was called "Sin for Salvation." Sounds like the same Sabbatean philosophy.

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Comments for "Kabbalah Embraces Evil, Equates Jews With God "

Iva said (July 6, 2013):

They should stick with the torah and all the books of the prophets. Very doubtful these Jews are the descendents of the original Hebrews. Their descendants are still being punished. Jews in Israel are more than likely descendants of Yapeth dwelling in the house of Shem. True Israelite s are from Shem's lineage. Just my small two cents.

Dan said (July 6, 2013):

The article seems a bit vague. Shekenah is not exactly the "essence of God". Shekenah is the female aspect of 'G-d' that the Haredi men are seen 'davening' at the 'Wailing Wall' (the Kotel) in Jerusalem.

Lately Jewish feminist women have been making a scene by swarming the wall to "pray" there. Now, you gotta understand that the ritual has been reserved for Orthodox men, and the occasional Presidential flunky.

None other than cultural wrecking ball Sarah Silverman through her fame got publicity for her sister's feminist pals who were arrested for making a scene at the Wall.

It's not just a feminist attack on Haredi patriarchy - there's more to the 'prayer' ritual that the media doesn't disclose. It's a meditation of sexual intercourse with the female face of G-d. To Haredi men and women this is the equivalent of the 'gay marriage' assault is to orthodox Christians.

Do these New York Jewish feminists know that? SURE THEY DO. They know full well what they're doing.

It only makes sense from a Sabbatean perspective. To my way of thinking however, they're so destructive they've turned their vitriol upon their own source.

It's just another example how the mad plan to bring on the eschaton is self destructive.

JG said (July 5, 2013):

Any religion that is not subservient to God is not of God. It is Satan himself that wants to worshiped as a God. He has set his doctrine amongst the Jews who reject Jesus Christ and his Father.

If the Jews are to be void of what is "good or evil" than what can consciousness be? What can love be? It would then be non-existent like it is today with the NWO Illuminati.

This article really defines a part of this "beast" and it's satanic rationale.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at