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Charles Darwin - Stock Picker

May 21, 2013

Darwin found that the human ape will accept a bribe to betray his fellow apes.
His belief in the "survival of the fittest" was wholly based on self-observation,
and was aptly named "Darwinism."

"So, we're to believe that Darwin, after studying bird eggs all morning, would lie on the sofa, browse the Times financial section, and say, "I think I shall invest in this one." And somehow he picked only winners. "

The intellectuals of the goyim will puff themselves up with their knowledge and without any logical verification of them will put into effect all the information available from science, which our agentur specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want. Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism . . . . (Protocols 2:2-3)


by James Perloff
Excerpt from "Truth is a Lonely Warrior" (2013)

As the author of two books exposing Darwinism's myths, I was stunned by this reference [in the "notorious forgery" - The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.]

I understood Darwinism's relationship to atheism and social destruction, having witnessed it firsthand in the 1960s. But how did the Czar's police make that link? And if their goal was to persecute Jews, why bring Charles Darwin into the picture? - he wasn't, to my knowledge, a significant figure in 1900 Russia.

Furthermore, the statement about "arranging the successes of Darwinism" intrigued me, because Darwin lived as a gentleman on a huge estate with up to eight servants. Yet he received no wages from employment, and earned only about 10,000 pounds from his books during his lifetime. Darwin did receive an inheritance from his father, but not enough to maintain such a grand standard of living.

Very few books have discussed Darwin's finances, and only one did in detail: Darwin Revalued (1955) by Sir Arthur Keith. This rare book disclosed that Darwin made a fortune through investments. Reviewing Darwin's ledgers, Keith reported:  "I note that in some of his earlier dealings there were small losses, but in all his later investments there were only gains, some of them on quite a big scale."
puppetdarwin.jpg(left, Darwin puppet)

Only gains? Even Warren Buffett will tell you he's occasionally made a bad investment. But not Darwin. To what may we attribute this success? Here's how Keith chose to explain it:
"The more we come to know of the man Charles Darwin, the more the wonder grows that he could carry on so many diverse activities. We have been accustomed to think of him as a naturalist brooding over the problem of life in plants, in animals, and in humanity at large, but now we find a man leading a secluded life near a remote village in the country and carrying on a successful business as a financier. No doubt The Times helped him; after lunch was the occasion given to it.  His biographer tells us: 'After his lunch, he read the newspaper, lying on a sofa in the drawing-room. I think the paper was the only unscientific matter which he read to himself.'

Thus we may infer that, after assimilating day by day the trend of affairs in the news columns, he did not forget to look at any movements in the stocks which interested him. He had his stock-broker on the Exchange and his lawyer in London to do business for him."
So we're to believe that Darwin, after studying bird eggs all morning, would lie on the sofa, browse the Times financial section, and say, "I think I shall invest in this one." And somehow he picked only winners. Also, at 22, Darwin's eldest son William was made a partner in the prestigious Southampton and Hampshire Bank, though neither he nor the Darwin family had any background in banking.

Could Darwin's triumphant investing have resulted, not from fortuitous newspaper picks, but careful guidance by financial powers? Might this also explain his son's good fortune in landing a bank partnership? I can't prove it, but as a creationist I don't put much stock in "chance." ​​​


But to return to the Protocols. I had never read a message so evil. They are often called a "clumsy forgery," but I was personally struck by how they laid out, in sophisticated detail, the very plan for global conquest unfolding today, which Truth Is a Lonely Warrior describes, including: world government; banking; the use of socialism, communism, revolution and Masonry; the attempted destruction of Christianity; and establishment of the Antichrist on his throne.

Let's take examples from the Protocols. By the way, selective quotations can easily distort a book. I want to stress that I haven't strained to find a handful of quotes supporting the thesis that the Protocols might be true, while eliminating quotes contradicting that thesis. I encourage you to read the entire Protocols for yourself. Regarding world government they state, for example:
By all these means, we shall so wear down the "goyim" that they will be compelled to offer us international power of a nature that by its position will enable us without any violence gradually to absorb all the state forces of the world and to form a super-government. (Protocol 5:11)
We will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international super-government, and with submissiveness. (Protocol 9:4)



James Perloff is author of The Shadows of Power, Tornado in a Junkyard, and The Case against Darwin.  The above passage is an excerpt from Chapter 18 of his new book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, a comprehensive look at the satanic drive for world government.  Currently available only in Kindle format. While not insisting that the Protocols are fully authentic, Mr. Perloff, who is of Jewish ancestry, finds that that they approximate reality too closely to dismiss, and that the claim that they are a hoax is based on a combination of logic and evidence that is less than compelling. 

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Makow Note:  James' book "The Shadows of Power" was the first conspiracy book I read when trying to make sense of the world, and it opened many doors!
First Comment from Eliezer:

The emergence of the Protocols coincides roughly with the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776. As the late William Cooper explains in Behold A Pale Horse, The Protocols are not a "Jewish" document, but an accurate account reflecting the attitude, methods & intentions of the Illuminati or "illuminated" ones. The "illumination" of a people undermines their enlightenment & destroys their vision. Thus, the art or craft of packaging darkness & death in an external "illumination, as opposed to an internal enlightenment." This occultic mechanism causes a people to embrace their own destroyer(s), especially if they're "animals."
Immanuel Velikovsky, author of several books offering a radically different account of the history of our world, including World's In Collision, Earth In Upheaval & Ages In Chaos, as well as the recently published 2010 Mankind In Amnesia, writes this about Darwin's engineering of "scientific" pretext for his survival of the fittest -- "The plot now being settled, the drama of everyone against everybody (an economy of mutual predation rather than affirmation) else could go on without any fear that the stage itself would collapse. For man at the top of the ladder it was like a license to devour or exploit the less developed -- soul or no soul; for man, this battle of survival in the animal kingdom is usually no more than sport. In any case, what all this did was quickly to bestow a century-long enduring victory of (applied anti-social) Darwinism over man's hidden apprehension as a descendent of survivors of catastrophes of unfathomable destructive power."
For this feeling of security in a gradual evolutionary process (verses a frequent & punctuated catastrophe, like Pompeii for instance) & what Velikovsky describes as "the peaceful history of our planet -- man was ready to part with the idea of his uniqueness and agree[d] to be counted as one of the animal kingdom." So, writes Velikovsky, "man was offered an opportunity to barter his godlike origin for the security (and apparent relative permanence) of his abode. Darwin, infers Velikovsky, "knew the sacrifice (in intangibles, soul, higher faculties, meaning & purpose etc) he asked and the guarantee of peace of mind he offered." Paradoxically, for man the instinctual animal to have a "peace of mind" however, seems an obvious oxymoron.
So, the result of Darwin's efforts were, as Velikovsky explains, "[W]hen Darwin destroyed the sense of absolute separateness of man & animal, he undermined belief in the soul's being separate (and immortal) from the surviving body (Oops! no more "world to come"). Thus, Darwin deflated man's pride (& stature) in his (Divine) origin and (his, man's) uniqueness." Indeed, a true & far reaching psyop if there ever was one.

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Comments for "Charles Darwin - Stock Picker "

John said (May 22, 2013):

Charles Darwin was a member of the rentier class. He inherited wealth from his father as did his wife who inherited wealth as a member of the Wedgwood family. His investments included farms and investment in stocks, particularly the new railways being constructed at the time.
He was never very wealthy but through shrewd investment was able to fund his life of scientific research and his family's comfortable lifestyle. This is all well documented in Adrian Desmond and James Moore's definitive biography.

Doug said (May 22, 2013):

The Protocols of Zion is incredibly accurate - it will send chills down your spine. If freedom ever wins I'm sure it will be on every newsstand as a matter of history and required reading for every high school student. That and The Report From Iron Mountain are both must reads.

Its funny, but Darwin wasn't really a Darwinist in our sense. Marx was quoted as saying "I am not a Marxist".

Conroy said (May 22, 2013):

Darwin's trip and work in 1831 was in response to Humboldt's earlier 5 year scientific trip 1799 to 1804 which did not produce the demeaning evolutionary concept reducing man from the image of god to evolving from ape.This was the British and European hierarchy battle against the end of the dark ages , serfdom, Renaissance, nation state, republic classical music, industrial revolution etc uplifting the masses against the wishes of the ruling class. This battle has continued with rock and roll, drugs, communism etc leading to globalism, end of nation states.

See Humboldt's Book,"Cosmos" withdrawn from academia, which would refute Darwin at-

Tony B said (May 22, 2013):

I find it odd that this writer, who seems to have researched Darwin, does not mention, at least in this excerpt, that the whole family group - including Darwin's father and earlier - were well connected, high masons.

CC said (May 21, 2013):

To Leland, below, the one who commented earlier with the phrase "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny",

If you will just do a simple Google search of Recapitulation Theory, you will see that this theory has been largely discredited by the Biological sciences for many years now.
Are you still willing to wager the future of your soul on some pseudo science from the 19th century?

Look it up yourself. Knowledge is power.

Leland said (May 21, 2013):

as regards evolution v. creationism
I have three words for you
which I was taught in 1966
in 11th grade biology:
"Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny".
It is observable and reality-based.
I really don't wish to burn in Hell for Eternity
and the religion of my parents growingly haunts me
but given the choice between Genesis Chapter I
or any other well-intentioned "creation myth"
versus what is observable via the Satan-spawned
microscope... I'm going with my "lying eyes".
may Universe be good to you.


Thanks Leland,

The point of Darwinism was to make man a monkey and evict God from the universe. Our bodies can still be products of evolution while our souls are Divine.


JG said (May 21, 2013):

Darwin was a NWO schill for the propagation of atheism. Scopes, who was an ACLU agent, was sent down to Tennessee to peddle Darwin's theory of evolution in the public schools. And yes, they literally made a "federal case" of it known as the Scopes Trial. The case which was tried by ACLU lawyer Clarence Darrow was designed to put God on trial in his own backyard of the "Bible Belt". This was all well choreographed in the movie "Inherit the Wind".

The great William Jennings Bryant defended the scriptures and Christianity won that battle. Unfortunately, years later, the ACLU won the war of removing God from the American Public Schools and the rest is history. Today, a large part of "Christian America", in the administrative sector, has become complicit with it's persecutors.

William said (May 21, 2013):

The author of DiVinci Code, Dan Brown, also experienced 'extreme success' making him worth over $100m with just a few books. Scores of other popular authors who out-sold Dan Brown in books and movie scripts don't come close to his wealth. This is a set-up to contribute to his 'authenticity'.

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