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Pounding the Holocaust Drum

April 7, 2013

Aggressors always pretend to be innocent victims, and pretend
the real victims are the aggressors.
The holocaust perpetuates this meme.
It convinces the real victims, the goyim, that they are "bullies"
if they resist the real aggressors, the Illuminati's Jewish and Masonic fronts. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

 Monday April 8 is Holocaust Day. 
Ever wonder why Organized Jewry keeps pounding this drum?

They don't give a hoot about the holocaust or its victims. A recent survey of "holocaust survivors" in Israel shows that more than half live in poverty and think Israel is neglecting them. No surprise here. Zionists collaborated with the Nazis and sabotaged efforts to save Jewish lives.    

ECE4E609-BFD0-4675-AB57-9D98DEEC1B0C_w640_r1_s_cx0_cy6_cw0.jpg(left.John Kerry, an Illuminati Jew, pays tribute. US leaders serve the NWO)

The Illuminati designed the holocaust to justify the creation of Israel. Holocaust commemoration gives Organized Jewry moral and political immunity to complete the Illuminati agenda, a world police state.

The holocaust meme equates anyone who opposes the fascist New World Order with a "bully," a bigot, a Nazi mass murderer and a "hater." 

In the eyes of the goyim, it gives Jews a moral sanctity as the world's preeminent victims. At the same time, it reminds Jews they can be victimized again unless they obey their Zionist leaders.
You know it's a psy-op because it totally ignores the 60 million non-Jews who perished in WW2. 

I am a Jew. My grandparents all died in the holocaust. My parents barely escaped by posing as Gentiles.  Nevertheless, I can only make sense of history in the following way:

1. There is a Cabalist sect within Judaism who are Satanists (the Illuminati),  who control the world from behind the scenes using financial leverage and Freemasonry. Their agenda is to enslave the human race, mentally if not physically.  They use many Jews to advance this agenda and the holocaust gives these Jews immunity. They masquerade as Jews themselves but in fact they intermarry with generational satanists of different races.

aa-Jews-is-it-good-for-the-jews.jpg2. Much of what "anti-Semites" say is true. That these people have been completely marginalized is a measure of the success of the NWO.  Cabala Judaism, which is the real Judaism today, seeks to usurp the role of God and enslave mankind. It's always been us Jews versus them.

3.  Most Jews are not aware of this agenda and heatedly deny it exists. Their position is analogous to average citizens who support causes over which they have no understanding or control. For example, American taxpayers support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but had little say in their inception.
Nevertheless, Jews should know their leadership has been waging a secret war against humanity from time immemorial and are close to victory. They have achieved this success at substantial cost to ordinary Jews, who doubtlessly also will be blamed for the NWO.

4. This secret war against humanity is the reason for Anti-Semitism. Organized Jewry has always attempted to undermine their host nations and religions and to take control. Throughout the feudal age, Organized Jewry aligned with the aristocracy to impoverish the masses.  We are witnessing a neo feudalism. The Jewish masses were also impoverished and tyrannized by their religious and political leaders. Thus it was easy to manipulate them with specious appeals such as "Communism."

As in the West today, Organized Jewry has always taken a stranglehold over government, business and the mass media and used them to thwart and brainwash the indigenous populations. Of course they couldn't have succeeded without installing "our leaders," the  traitor class of Gentile Freemasons.

4. World War Two, including Jewish persecution and mass murder was instigated by the Illuminati bankers to destroy the best of the goyim, discredit race and nation, and coerce Jews to support the establishment of Israel. The real holocaust was 60 million, not six.

5.  Aggressors always pretend to be victims.  The holocaust perpetuates this meme. It convinces the real victims, the goyim, that they are the "bullies" if they resist the real aggressors, the Illuminati's Jewish and Masonic fronts.  For example, anyone who opposes gay marriage, something only one in 500 gays even want, is considered a "bully." The Illuminati and their agents are redefining the definition of marriage for 98% of the population, who are the real victims. The whole point of marriage is procreation, to provide for mothers and children securely. Males don't have babies.

katz.jpeg(Left. Sam Katz standing in front of Winnipeg's Illuminati logo)

6. In Winnipeg, where I live, Gordon Warren  is speaking publicly against the corrupt practices of Mayor Sam Katz and his Jewish confreres. He traces Katz's behavior to the Talmud which preaches hatred against Gentiles. He calls the Talmud "the Katz Doctrine."  For example, according to the Talmud.

1) God is never angry about the Jews, just about the Non-Jews.
2) Jews may steal from Non-Jews.
3) Jews always have to try to deceive Non-Jews.
4) Jews may lie to Non-Jews. Jews may use lies (subterfuges) to circumvent a Gentile.
5) Every Jew is allowed to use lies and perjury to bring a Non-Jew to ruin.


The Jews are suing Warren and calling him a "bully."   Let's see, Gordon, 46, (below, left) an unemployed theology graduate, is a "bully." Katz, a millionaire and his millionaire Masonic buddies, who control the city are "poor innocent victims." The victim is the bully and the bully is the victim. Warren addresses the charge of "bullying."

warren.jpeg"You seem to have the attitude that directly confronting a corrupt City Hall administration which has funneled millions of taxpayers' dollars into the pockets of their business associates is a form of bullying.  I would beg to differ.

While I have dedicated the last 7 years of my life to working with the ethically challenged members in our community, I have never once raised a hand to them in anger or voiced a word of hate.  I have merely pointed out their behavioural excesses and deficits and have endeavored to make the necessary corrections.  This is what a well-educated and experienced caregiver does.

Correction isn't bullying; it's an act of love by someone who cares.  I love Winnipeg and the people in it.  This is my home and I will continue to use my education and experience to work with the ethically challenged people who frequent City Hall until the corruption has been removed and those responsible acknowledge their misbehavior, make amends for their misdeeds, and get the rehabilitation that they need.

4883650.jpgIt is my sincere hope that as people gain a better understanding of who I am, what I am doing and why, others will come forward to become 'caregivers' for the ethically challenged and make Winnipeg a better place to live."

(l. Winnipeg developer, Sandy Shindleman)

7. Magnify this to millennial size and we have stupid Christian Zionists convincing the world the Muslims have been victimizing Jews and want to destroy poor little Israel. As an example, see  "Israel: The Little Country that Could."  Muslims have always lived in peace with ordinary Jews. The Illuminati Jews are nearly always the aggressors. They are behind Western Imperialism. Now, they are picking off every country in the Arab world and installing their puppets: Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria.

8. The charge of "Anti-Semitism" is a scam. Anti-Semitism is a sign that a society still has a pulse, and can recognize the enemy within. Organized Jewry (and Freemasonry) are a Trojan Horse for that enemy, the Illuminati bankers.  Society has been brainwashed to cower, like Pavlov's dog, at the "anti Semite" charge. Jews wield it like a exorcist brandishes a cross. Keep the evil "haters" at bay! Yet privately they admit it is "a trick we use" to control the stupid goyim.

camp.jpgSome day Christian Zionists, Freemasons and Liberals will be put into FEMA concentration camps. The Illuminati do this to people they no longer need. There, they'll meet patriots who will say, "We told you so. It was the Jews all along. There really was a Jewish Conspiracy." 

The Liberals will reply, "Yes, but we still have that warm fuzzy feeling of being politically correct.  It's great being brainwashed. We'll savor this sanctimonious sensation until we face the firing squad. You patriots are bullies and bigots. We learned that by celebrating Jewish victim hood every year. It doesn't matter that these FEMA camps are run by Illuminati Jews just like the Gulags in the USSR. You patriot prisoners are the real bullies. "


Mankind is being inducted into a satanic cult, Cabala Judaism. This is behind "humanism," "secularism," "atheism" and "modernism." Humanity is being trained to serve the Illuminati and their god Lucifer. The goal is to dynamite the four legs of human identity (
the nation-state, religion, family and race) in order to re-engineer humanity. This is behind "feminism", "gay rights," "sexual liberation," "multiculturalism," and the explosion of porn, obscenity and the occult in the media. 9-11 was a false flag used to erect a police state. Sandy Hook was a pretext to remove guns. If it weren't for guns, the US would be a police state today.

The Illuminati Jews have their ducks lined up.
They control Obama, the government, cartels and media. They control the DHS. They are training the DHS and US army to believe  Christians and Patriots are "extremists" i.e. the "bullies."  All they need now is an economic crisis or another false flag to pinch the guns and start rounding up dissidents.

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First Comment from A


Most Americans think the guys with the guns and the black mask are the victims.

The Zionists use Holocaust Day to hide their daily atrocities and suppress memory of the Nakba Day, the largest single REVERSE JEWISH POGROM in history -- where the Jews were the perpetrators and the Palestinians the victims.

I bet not one in 25 Americans have ever heard of The 1948 Nakba when maybe a million Palestinians fled their homes to safety in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and other cities in the Middle East.

The Zionist can do as they please knowing their tribe owns the media throughout the rest of the world.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Pounding the Holocaust Drum "

Duncan said (April 8, 2013):

Thats an incredibly powerful statement you are making Henry .

I used to have a Jewish girlfriend and she and her children were some of the most wonderful people I have ever met and she regularly expressed the damage done to her when she divorced the Jewish man she wed. As you rightly point out it is those who rule from the top that are the cause of the divide . The Israeli Zionist supremacists and their masonic lackeys.

VERY WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James said (April 8, 2013):

Very good article, bulls eye on all points.

Victoria (below) seems to be an Illuminati sympathizer or even one of them. Her advice, in some sneaky way, is to just enjoy the pathetic Illuminati freak show as long as it lasts. Turn the cheek and under no circumstances fight back. Recipe for perpetual tyranny. Who needs enemies with "friends" like that?

Eliezer said (April 8, 2013):

In emulation of a New Orleans black funeral or an Irish wake, this year we shall celebrate the Holocaust. If indeed, as some surmise, the Holocaust made possible the creation of the modern State of Israel, then celebrations rather than a rending of one's garments are in order... non?

Often, one must assume a counter-intuitive approach to human tragedy, especially if what one resists, persists, and that which we worship or idolize we become.

This is the lesson of idolatry - that man shapes idols to his passions and becomes that which he worships, without eyes to see, a mouth with which to speak or ears to hear, "eyes" referring to one's vision, not sight -- speech to a reflection of truth attuned and emanating from the[W]witness within & above, and ears with which to hear and discern the true substance in words.

Paradoxical Intention...

Indeed, why should we mourn the Holocaust and celebrate that to which its victims gave birth? Does not pinching the conscience beyond reason give rise to resentment? Has not the Holocaust and its cynical use as a mechanism for an exploitation of a collective guilt become a form of disaster capitalism?

Does not a continued regurgitation of the Holocaust -- especially in the midst of the social weaknesses of our times, paradoxically give rise to what is described as anti-semitism?

Were most gentiles or Jews alive today either victims or perpetrators of the Holocaust? It's almost as if victimhood is a realization of one's life mission.

Rather, if one is truly capable of learning and benefiting from the lessons of history, shouldn't we celebrate and honor its victims, just as many today celebrate the Purim Festival in which an impending Holocaust was averted?

Maybe Purim should be for mourning -- this for lessons unlearned? We must liberate ourselves from this endless night of mourning, sorrow and guilt. This is the only way mankind can learn from the past. Trauma & guilt are counter-intuitive preludes to the future. Let the dead now rest in peace, and may the living learn from all their sacrifices, both Jew and non-Jew alike. We fail in this at our peril.

As French philosopher Voltaire writes, "History never repeats itself, man always does." [Quoted in, The Holocaust: Who Are The Guilty? by Cecil Genese] Apparently so too do the Jews... repeat themselves.

As Holocaust survivor and originator of Logotherapy (meaning, "Meaning Therapy") Viktor Frankl observed while in Auschwitz... There are only two types of people alive in our world whose intent and actions supersede all possible circumstances -- visionary builders and predatory plunderers. Between these two -- man and anti-man, one must choose to be, or not to be. The rest is commentary.

Robert said (April 7, 2013):

I believe it to be useful to conceive of the various nations of the world as discrete experiments conducted by the international financiers who control the issuance of the financial credit (licenses to act) in these nations. This world laboratory might be the expression of genuine scientific curiosity or merely a diversion for persons whose dominance of "the masses" is so absolute as to be boring without a measure of "playfulness" being injected into the control structure.

It seems as if a consistent aspect of the management pattern is the maintenance in each country of one or more sizable minorities who are indoctrinated regarding collective grievances, real or mythological, that they have suffered at the hands of the larger society. Invoking the Communist-inspired doctrines of "Political Correctness", these minorities, persuaded that it is their compensatory due, can be co-opted, through the "full employment" system that (outside of wartime) puts all people into an exaggerated competition for a limited number of jobs, to serve the financial controllers as a "wink-wink, nod-nod" army of occupation.

It's a clever scheme that will be overcome only when the minorities discard the inculcated notions of victimhood that turn them into tools of the Money Power and the majority recognize that their frustration with the situation plays into a dead-end scenario of "divide and conquer". All people have a common interest in liberating their societies from the tyranny of the current monopolistic, divisive financial system, which would facilitate the creation of a world in which there would be no overriding impediment to people loving their neighbors as they love themselves.

Whereas other minorities are exploited for the purpose within nations, it appears as if Jewry has been uniquely selected for conditioning to operate as the "oppressed minority" having predominant administrative control internationally. Same principle, but at a higher level of operation with the enticement of greater material rewards.

Victoria said (April 7, 2013):

An observation re. the way cultural Marxists operate - make people feel guilty and they will never rise up to defend themselves because guilt releases feelings of shame in them and that emotion is in the abyss of consciousness (as opposed to 'joy' which is the height of human emotion) and horrible to experience.

Of late, this 'modus operandi' has worked with men, with smokers, with gentiles, Germans, the poor, Christians, parents, and on and on. To sort out the 'true' victims from the others, one need only look at the occult symbol of the ouroboros (the snake eating its tail, symbolizing how everything eventually comes back on itself) and realize that, ultimately, the victims are the perpetrators and vice versa until the whole thing reverses and the opposite is once again 'true'.

Perhaps the lesson we all need to learn is that in a sense, we are all 'victims' and we are all 'perpetrators' and who plays which role at a given time is of little importance. Far more significant is that we all learn the lesson to not abuse power when it is vested in us and that is a challenge best tackled on an individual basis, not mandated by governments from on high.

JG said (April 7, 2013):

Henry, a lot of what you state in this article is true here in UK. I sympathize with Gordon Warren and his attempt to reason with his accusers; it's a battle he will not win. He will not get a lot of support from the average Canadian for "fear of the Jews". Gordon will also not be able to sway the opinions of his accusers with truth and reason because that is the very "bully" they are talking about. Maybe once the Canadians have their beer and hockey taken from them, they might take a stand, but don't count on it.

Richard said (April 7, 2013):

Organized Jewry" is a misnomer. The term really refers to an exclusive criminal syndicate that tells all the Jews in the world what to do. Their goal is to tell everybody else in the world what to do too.

It is, to paraphrase the late George Carlin, "the Big Club, and you ain't in it - you and I are not in the Big Club. By the way it's the same big club they use to beat you over the head with to tell you what to believe".

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at