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Beleaguered Christianity

February 17, 2013

nd4.jpgLeft, Feb 11: Nine women from Ukrainian feminist group Femen had their naked chests and backs emblazoned with the words "Pope No More." They invaded the famous Notre Dame Church in Paris to celebrate Pope Benedict XVI's decision to step down.

The author contrasts the treatment Pussy Riot received in Moscow with that of another group of paid provocateur-mutants who recently desecrated Notre Dame Church in Paris, in the aftermath of the Pope's resignation.

"The Catholic crowd is not prepared to fight or to die for its ideals nor are the conservative politicians who seek its votes. So the anti-Christian show can go on. We are not in Russia."

by Nicolas Bonnai
(edited by

The Pope's Resignation looks like an episode of Dan Brown's sagas involving secret societies, conspiracies, the opus Dei and the prophecies of Malachy, and a final crisis in the already chaotic history of the Catholic Church.

Are the days of Armageddon finally near?

vat.jpegLast night, a lightning bolt struck a dome in the city of the Vatican. Was it a plot of HAARP program or a sign of an angry sky? Of course it could be considered as a sign of the Illuminati, one day after the pope's resignation, which has disappointed traditionalist Catholics who regarded him as their last chance.

Mainstream Catholics actually do not differ from modern submissive crowds. They accept anything, just fearing not being politically correct and they live "en accord avec l'esprit des temps". They go to church sometimes; they accept the sacraments but don't give a damn about the future of the faith and European Christianity.

If the next pope is an African, in conformity with the mainstream media will, and if he asks Europe to accept one hundred million more Africans, these Christians will be happy to submit and to accept their destruction and submersion. Who would take the risk of being labelled a racist?

Now the French traditionalist Catholics are on their own to fight against homosexual adoption of children in France. The clergy in France did nothing to help them, as usual. They have gathered a crowd of one million people in Paris, at the Champ de Mars. They have collected signatures of a half a million people, and it is of course useless.

march.jpg(In the hands of Satanists, human rights are a higher form of discrimination.  Gays have them. Straights don't.)

In a democracy a genuine mass movement is always ignored, especially if it wants to defend and illustrate an ethical and Christian point of view; there may be one country in which the Christian point of view is still working and paradoxically it is Russia.

Chesterton used the word of orthodoxy to defend the ideals of Christianity. Science and libertarianism, anti-religious bias and global indifference (especially from the Catholic crowds) have accelerated a process in which western tradition is itself separated from the corpus of society.

Christians now are a minority barely tolerated in France. You can be Muslim, atheist, pagan, Jew, agnostic, polytheist, anything but Christian. I mean you can be a Christian if you are not a Christian; it is Orwellian Catholicism.

priot.jpg(In Russia, PussyRioters were sentenced to prison for doing what the French demonstrators did, desecrating a church.)

Yesterday in Paris a group of naked and tattooed girls came to swear, scream and profane the church of Notre-Dame and nobody dared to stop them. This is not the first time it occurs, but once more there was no reaction; I mean no physical or juridical reaction. The Catholic crowd is not prepared to fight or to die for its ideals nor are the conservative politicians who seek its votes. So the anti-Christian show can go on. We are not in Russia.

The balance of Benedict XVI (the number of the disaster in the tarots) will have been pitiful in terms of image or projects. The media that at least respected his predecessor's charisma (he had "won the crowd") will have humiliated him with whatever they wanted: condoms, paedophilia or holocaust-denying scandals before purely forgetting and neglecting him. The pope has how many divisions? They know that new flocks are not worth the former ones. So they don't fear them.

May be it is too late to be a Catholic of tradition now, maybe the Catholic Church is ready for a new agenda, involving ultimate progress, technologies (Twitter, you remember?), innovations and some Illuminati stuff! Benedict had already hired as counselors infamous Wolfowitz or Peter Sutherland, so, one generation after the shame of Ambrosiano bank, the show can go on...

Yet this resignation occurs at the worst moment for the French Catholics who defend two thousand years of Christianity. But maybe the Catholic crowd expects calmly to be round up in its Catholic park.

According to another prophecy attributed to Malraux , the twenty-first century would be spiritual or wouldn't be; it may be spiritual, but underwater.

And I can make my own prediction; the Orthodox Church of Russia must be ready to be the next church of Christians. In France and elsewhere.
Thanks to Vasili for sending this.

Makow comment: I would love for Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church to be for real, but I suspect they are part of the Illuminati dialectic, with the Russians championing Christian tradition this time around. If I am right, this article contributes to enforcing this bogus new dialectic. A hopeful sign: 500 copies of Illuminati (French translation) have been sold in France in the last four months.

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Comments for "Beleaguered Christianity "

OD said (February 19, 2013):

There was a recent American Orthodox Christian monk called Fr. Seraphim Rose, whose books are very popular in Russia.

He died mysteriously (at a relatively young age) a few years after he began speaking publicly and publishing books.

He wrote/warned about a one world government, new world order etc. as if it were written yesterday.
He studied many religions/philosophies before discovering Orthodox Christianity. He is well read & references his sources.

His books are very hard to find, but I'd definitely recommend them to everyone.
Last time I looked, the wikipropagandia was saying "he's gay!" Surprise surprise.

Doug said (February 19, 2013):

There's nothing more pathetic than a bunch of flabby young women with small tits making fools of themselves by going topless in public. Maybe there was no reaction because everyone shielded their eyes in order to avoid vomiting. What a bunch of useful idiots. Do they even understand the political ideology to which they aspire?

Alexandre said (February 18, 2013):

I fully agree with your comment about Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church. Mr. Putin has got "KGB" written on his forefront and is taking advantage of the spiritual empty in the west to carry out his Eurasian project of power.

Angela said (February 18, 2013):

Not a good choice! This is hardly worth the “paper” it is written on. Commenter Christine is closer to the truth than Nicolas, who believes and says: the pope's resignation … has disappointed traditionalist Catholics who regarded him as their last chance.

This shows that he does not understand the situation at all. Those who are disappointed are the conservative conciliar new ordites, who believe that the Pope can do no wrong. True Catholics (who by definition are traditionalist) have not felt protected by this pope who has never recanted, and continues to defend, the aberrations of Vatican II.

I am pleased to hear that he will spend the rest of his life in prayer and hopefully in repentance and penance. For those inclined, there’s time to slip in a novena before the resignation becomes effective for a decent successor.

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us.

Pat said (February 18, 2013):

The Church will not be vanquished - ever. Trust me! It might have to go underground for a while. I read somewhere sometime ago that there are a whole pile of young Americans in training for the priesthood who will help us through this rotten period. And in the end - God steps in.

Wade said (February 18, 2013):

In regard to today's article: Liberalism has invaded every aspect of our lives and also invaded the Churches.

Liberalism is the culprit in "political correctness" and the apostasy of those who have claimed to be Christians.

This apostasy is in full swing and will culminate with the vast majority of those who have claimed to be Christians deserting Jesus Christ and embracing the antichrist. Matth. chapter 24 tells us that the love of many will wax cold
because of multiplied iniquity. In order to understand Jesus statement in this scripture we need only to think about abortion. Once the Supreme Court made it legal it became acceptable...even to pastors of Christian churches and their flocks. Now in 2013 it is "no big deal" to most people. The God with which we have to do has a much different opinion.
However He is very patient and long suffering.

Liberalism is a mental illness, it is also homicidal, and suicidal. The world government that is on the horizon will be a very cruel and ultra heartless conservative government. No more welfare, social security, food stamps etc.. The first people in society who will be eliminated by this satanic government will be the liberals. The very people who helped bring this new age one world government to power. Ironic !!

John said (February 18, 2013):

Excellent article, "political correctness" has crept into the Catholic Church, it basically is more concerned with not offending the wrong people than doing what is morally just. The World Order agenda is to make "political correctness" the religion of the people.

Dan said (February 18, 2013):

Just a thought on the news story that said lighting struck the lightning rod atop St. Peters. The story came from the same Media that gave us Sandy Hook.

There is no way to verify when the video was taken, or even if it's real. In any case it's sensationalism. If you believe it, are you saying "see! It's a sign from the Devil!" Let's be more grown up. Our minds have limited space and we should learn to wean ourselves off responding to media like Pavlovian dogs.

As for Putin, his image as the lone defender against the NWO is very appealing to me. The peak of credibility was when he busted the Oligarchs in 2003 and revealed that they were Rothschild proxies. Still, I suspect with Henry that there's too familiar a scripted feel to the Putin - Pussy Riot dialectic. When actions and reactions become predictable, it's usually political theater.

But please don't presume an African Pope's purpose is to flood France with blacks. His primary concern will be the NATO wars of economic-colonization and 'queering' of Africa already in progress.

We have to deal with the cards we're dealt, you know, we can't afford the luxury of being armchair idealists anymore. American Catholics are soft because Americans have all been pacified. The first step has nothing to do with religion or buying bullets. Turn off that HDTV television and cancel the satellite tv or cable, for starters.

Thanks Dan

And let's not forget Smolensk April 10,2010. If Poland's nationalist elite didn't represent an obstacle to the NWO, they would not have been murdered in that phony plane crash diversion.


Christine said (February 18, 2013):

t's too bad your writer was not familiar with the predictions of the apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador. All of them have now come true except one: the total and complete resurrection of the True Catholic Faith after a period of great moral decadence.

To be a Catholic pope, a man must be a Catholic priest and bishop in good standing. Benedict Ratzinger was never consecrated as a Catholic bishop. Rather, he was installed according to the New Church rules. He had no right to call himself Pope and was never crowned as such (remember, the Papacy is an elected monarchy).

Rather, Ratzinger was a fraud and a usurper. Hence he cannot be said to be "abdicating" since he was never crowned Pope in the first place.

We shall see who is victorious and who is not. In the meantime, let us pray the rosary everyday that God will restore the True Faith and deliver us from people like antipope Benedict Ratzinger.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at