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Zionism - Sacrificing Jews to Satan

April 9, 2024

Rudolf_Kastner_at_Kol_Yisrael,_early_1950s_-_cropped_(2).jpg(Zionist leader Rudolf Kastner 1906-1957, helped Adolf Eichmann ship 460,000 Budapest Jews to Auschwitz )

The Jewish Holocaust was a Nazi-Zionist Collaboration

Zionists have a long history of sacrificing ordinary Jews to advance their occult goal, a worldwide Communist dystopia. Gaza is no exception.

Israel's military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7

During the Holocaust, Jewish life had no value unless it promoted the Zionist cause. "One goat in Israel is worth more than the whole Diaspora," Yitzhak Greenbaum, head of the Jewish Agency's "Rescue Committee," said.

The goyim have been brainwashed to believe that Jews are innocent victims of gentile persecution and bigotry.

They are not told that Jews are the victims of other Jews -- the Sabbatean (Illuminati) Jews or Cabalists like Netanyahu who use them as pawns, human shields, and satanic sacrifices.

 "Anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren," say the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (9-2) a "forgery" that reads like the blueprint of the New World Order unfolding today.

Zionists and Communist Jews are Sabbatean Jews or Satanists. They hate Torah Jews and have conspired against them for more than 300 years. I am tired of hearing that some Jews are wonderful human beings. These are not the Sabbateans.

The Holocaust is the finest example of Sabbateans sacrificing other Jews to achieve their goal of a Jewish state, the future capital of their dystopian New World Order. Thus, Zionists have no compunction about sacrificing Israelis to the covid GMO "vaccine" especially if it makes people think "COVID" is not a Jewish plot.

 The Illuminati consists of Sabbatean Jews and their Gentile Freemason flunkies. Sabbateans are chameleons taking on the identity of their targets, destroying them from within.

Ordinary Jews are the scapegoats for their Satanist brothers who are imposing madness on humanity.  Do these Jewish dupes deserve this fate? Yes because they have been indifferent to what Organized Jewry (Sabbateans) is doing in their name. The only ordinary Jew to expose the Satanists is Vicki Polin and that was 32 years ago.

Rudolf Kastner, the Zionist leader in Hungary, made a deal with Adolf Eichmann. For allowing 1700 hand-picked Zionists to go to Palestine, he would help transfer 460,000 Hungarian Jews to death camps. 

Kastner acted with the approval of the World Zionist Organization. He was murdered in 1957 to suppress the scandal. Details Here. 
Zionist bankers funded the Nazi Party.   It is an outrage that Israel claims to represent Jews and accuses its opponents of "anti-Semitism." 

There is an unrecognized schism in the Jewish people, where heretics (Sabbateans) have exterminated the mainstream and taken control of the remnant through Zionism and Communism. Yet, due to the anti Semitism organized by them, Jews mistakenly cling to their leadership. They are being crucified like everyone else.

Just as feminism does not represent women, Zionism does not represent Jews. "Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan," said leading American Zionist Louis Marshall, counsel for bankers Kuhn Loeb in 1917. "It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon."   The "far-reaching plan" is the satanic enslavement of humanity.

In his book, Holocaust Victims Accuse, Rabbi Shonfeld called the Zionists "war criminals" who usurped the leadership of the Jewish people, betrayed their trust, and after their annihilation, reaped the moral capital.  The more Jews died, the stronger the moral case for Israel.

(originally "Compulsory Suicide for Jews"  from Dec. 2002 & Sept 19, 2023) 

By Henry Makow Ph.D

On Nov. 25, 1940, a boat carrying Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe, the "Patria," exploded and sank off the coast of Palestine killing 252 people.

299px-Patria1940 (1).jpg

The Zionist "Haganah" [army] claimed the passengers blew up the ship, Masada style, to protest British refusal to let them land. Years later, the Haganah admitted that rather than let the passengers go to Mauritius, they blew up the vessel for its propaganda value.

"Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the few in order to save the many," Moshe Sharett, a former Israeli Prime Minister said at Patra memorial service in 1958. 252 people murdered by the people they trusted. How's that for fanatical? But the Zionists have the blood of many more Jews on their hands. 


During the Holocaust, Jewish life had no value unless it promoted the Zionist cause. "One goat in Israel is worth more than the whole Diaspora," Yitzhak Greenbaum, head of the Jewish Agency's "Rescue Committee," said.

Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld accuses the Zionists of collaborating in the Nazi slaughter of European Jewry directly and indirectly.

The charges are contained in his book,  "Holocaust Victims Accuse"  (1977) which is on line.

Rabbi Shonfeld calls the Zionists "war criminals" who usurped the leadership of the Jewish people, betrayed their trust and, after their annihilation, reaped the moral capital.

Shonfeld states: "The Zionist approach that Jewish blood is the anointing oil needed for the wheels of the Jewish state is not a thing of the past. It remains operable to this very day."

Other books on this theme by Jews include Edwin Black, "The Transfer Agreement"; Ben Hecht, "Perfidy," M.J. Nurenberger "The Scared and the Damned"; Joel Brand, "Satan and the Soul"; Chaim Lazar, "Destruction and Rebellion"; and Rabbi Michael Dov Ber Weismandel "From the Depth."

The implication, which I will explore later, is that Zionism, at the top, is not a Jewish movement. In the words of veteran Israeli politician Eliezar Livneh, "The Zionist heritage had in it something flawed to begin with."


  • While European Jews were hostage to the Nazis, Zionist leaders in America deliberately provoked and enraged Hitler. They began in 1933 by initiating a worldwide boycott of Nazi goods. Dieter von Wissliczeny, Adolph Eichmann's lieutenant, told Rabbi Weissmandl that in 1941 Hitler flew into a rage when U.S. Zionist Rabbi Stephen Wise, in the name of the entire Jewish people, "declared war on Germany". Hitler fell on the floor, bit the carpet and vowed: "Now I'll destroy them. Now I'll destroy them." In Jan. 1942, he convened the "Wannsee Conference" where the "final solution" took shape.

  • Rabbi Shonfeld says the Nazis chose Zionist activists to run the "Judenrats" and to be Jewish police or Kapos. "The Nazis found in these 'elders' what they hoped for, loyal and obedient servants who because of their lust for money and power, led the masses to their destruction." The Zionists were often intellectuals who were often "more cruel than the Nazis" and kept the trains' final destination a secret. In contrast to secular Zionists, Shonfeld says Orthodox Jewish Rabbis refused to collaborate and tended their beleaguered flocks to the end.

  • Rabbi Shonfeld cites numerous instances where Zionists sabotaged attempts to organize resistance, ransom, and relief. They undermined an effort by Vladimir Jabotinsky to arm Jews before the war. They stopped a program by American orthodox Jews to send food parcels to the ghettos (where child mortality was 60%) saying it violated the boycott. They thwarted a British parliamentary initiative to send refugees to Mauritius, demanding they go to Palestine instead. They blocked a similar initiative in the US Congress. At the same time, they rescued young Zionists. Chaim Weizmann, the Zionist Chief and later first President of Israel said: "Every nation has its dead in its fight for its homeland. The suffering under Hitler are our dead." He said they "were moral and economic dust in a cruel world."

  • Rabbi Weismandel, who was in Slovakia, provided maps of Auschwitz and begged Jewish leaders to pressure the Allies to bomb the tracks and crematoriums. The leaders didn't press the Allies because the secret policy was to annihilate non-Zionist Jews. The Nazis came to understand that death trains and camps would be safe from attack and actually concentrated industry there. (See also, William Perl, "The Holocaust Conspiracy.')

None of the above is intended to absolve the Nazis of responsibility. However, the Holocaust could have been prevented or at least alleviated had the Zionist leadership behaved honorably. It is outrageous that Israel claims to represent the Jewish people, and even more outrageous that many Jews fall for this subterfuge. 

This subject is exhaustively covered in Garaudy - Founding Myths of Israeli Politics  - The Myth of Anti-Fascism p. 26 ff 


Also Related - "In the 1960s the Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt was slandered and ostracized when she concluded that "almost without exception, the Jewish leadership cooperated with the Nazis."    Zionists Sacrificed Non-Zionist Jews 

Mark Weber- Zionism and the Third Reich 

Robert Sepehr - Secret Satanism is at the Heart of the Illuminati and Forbidden Religion which describes the Sabbateans and their founder Sabbatai Zvi.

Makow - Nazi Jews (Sabbateans) Were Responsible for the Holocaust

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First Comment from Twitter- Finally a Jew who gets it

"As a person of non-Satanist Jewish heritage, I completely agree with this statement and applaud you for your discernment in such matters. This is a nuanced issue and not all Jews are part of the Synagogue Of Satan but those who are expose the rest of us to atrocities by design."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Zionism - Sacrificing Jews to Satan"

CS said (November 5, 2023):

Yes, but you are missing the point, Henry.

Judaism is not - in any form - Jewish.

Judaism is witchcraft (kabbalah) ad the basphemous doctrines of men (Talmud). It has nothing whatsoever to do with what Moses said. In fact, it is everything Moses warned against.

Moses said that when He came, the people were to obey Messiah.

And Messiah came: 2,000 years ago, at the exact time stated in Daniel 9.

And after 40 years of the then desolate House of Judah wandering in the spiritual wilderness - when they were still being given tine to repent - the end came in 70AD. Since then, it has been physically impossible for anyone to obey the old covenant. And as Moses said, anyone who failed to obey what he said was cursed.

Do Christians obey Moses? Yes. Because they obey Messiah.

Those who rejected the New Covenant of Messiah were cut out of the Israel of God, just as John the Baptist (the voice crying in the wilderness) had warned.

Anyone who calls himself a Jew but denies that the Lord Jesus Christ is Messiah is a member of the synagogue of Satan and is assisting the Devil.

Jewish = (genuine) Christianity. i.e that excludes the Noahide cults that are Roman Catholicism, Christian Zionism Mormonism, the SDA movement, the JWs etc., all of which ere created by the kabbalists in their new role as the little horn of Daniel (Amalek of the Messianic Era), and in accordance with their instruction manual, the Zohar - i.e. the curse of Zechariah 5.

The only route to reconciliation with the Lord God Almighty is obedience to the New Covenant.

Savvy Granny said (November 4, 2023):

The Holocaust was a Zionist Nazi Collaboration". Henry Makow. Nov. 4, 2023

This is probably why they had to have the Brag Conference in Moscow.

The WHO Global Pandemic Hoax 2020 and Vaxx world population cull would have been an operation on the Zionist Axis of the Revolution.

The Zionists, the Western nations, nationalism etc have the 'bad guy' script as illustrated in Tim Fitzpatricks meme of the Convergence.

Even so I trust Western nation official stats on the world population cull in the metric of 'all cause mortalities'. I think this is giving us some truth. The Israeli stats and the Russian Federation stats on their cull I do not trust, even though all the BRICs mandated the vaxx and in Russia the men who were drafted could not opt out of either the draft or the vaxx.

Doug P said (September 19, 2023):

I'm almost sure that much of this Jewish satanism has depended on people not differentiating racial from religious Judaism. Purely racial and agnostic Jews have no part in this, but they, for the most part, are completely psychologically blocked from the ideas of Christianity and this can make them unknowing participants in this agenda simply because they don't differentiate these two basic and independent categories. They defend Satanism because they view an attack on it as an attack on them. They may be good at math but philosophy - forget it, they have none.

James C said (September 19, 2023):

Thank you once again for publishing the truth of the matter.

Also, thank David C. for adding his insights into “the bigger picture” of TPTB which has been hell-bent on destroying humanity for centuries. The Zionists, Freemasons, Jesuits, the Papacy, Edomite Jews, and Satanists with all their fellow travelers are one big happy family. It’s a system composed of many integrated interrelated organized
segments of evil men and women. For those readers who wish to find the truth of the matter, realize it is not a number of unconnected independent body parts and Satan is the brain behind it and controls all the devastating events through his nervous system.

Thank you once again for who you are and watch your back.

John D said (March 29, 2021):

There's a few important details that have been missed in this story. As is commonly known Hitler was in the Thule and Vril societies. The top NAZI leadership saw themselves as neo templars. The neo templar satanists were the knights of the sedel sacre or holy see. It's why the SS unit had the lightning bolts and other occult satanist symbols covering their uniforms. Many of the top NAZI leadership like Himmler were Jesuits. Stalin was also a Jesuit priest. They were shoving the Jews into the ovens alive as a traditional sacrifice to Baal. Holocaust is a burned offering as alluded to but with the Hebrew pronunciation by another reader. They hated the orthodox Jews and Christians alike because they were not initiates of mystery babylon. Therefore just considered sheep to the initiated satanist.

David C said (March 29, 2021):

Everything in this article seems credible, and horrifying to contemplate, but I suggest we look farther back in time, to find the "hidden hand" that created and controls Zionism. The real power in the world remains hidden, so most people seem to believe the Papacy's Roman Catholic Church has little power. The Jesuits remain hidden for the most part, but were everywhere of importance in the past, and are controlling current events as they unfold before us. uses the science of gematria to expose Jesuit's involvement in daily events . This short documentary explains how Israel was created by the Papacy, which I believe also created Freemasons, Islam, and Sabbatean/Frankist Jewry, used to subvert the Reformation, and regain control of the world.

SH said (August 27, 2018):

The reason I am writing you today, though is because I am surprised you didn't mention the origin of the word Holocaust. It's right there in Leviticus - a Mitzvah! That nobody has ever thought to raise the question... how did we come to name the extermination of the Jewish people (and a few tens of millions of us Goyim) after a religious Mitzvah? And it's not something you can blame on the Nazis - they didn't call it that. And there's more. The Hebrew term for burnt offering is "Olah": from the verb "to ascend". Related of course, to Aliyah. But then, Jesus, after all, was SACRIFICED as well. (though he wasn't burned, at least).

It does complicate the picture though, when for instance in Job, you have Satan, as one of God's servants, and then there is Judas. I am not a Gnostic, but they do rightly point out that without Judas, the story couldn't have moved forward. This is sort of the same mentality the Catholic church used when burning heretics to save their souls. After all, what would Jesus have done if they didn't crucify him? Take Satan's offer to become king of the world? If you believe in God, it's hard to escape the impression that everything is going according to... plan. For the return of Jesus, the New World Order has to appear first, so he can overcome it. It all gets very confusing.

Thanks SH

I have mentioned that holocaust as burnt offering translation in another story

Mark said (March 23, 2013):

I read the booklet Holocaust Victims Accuse before. It contains valuable information but also terrible lies about Poland, Poles or Catholic Church. I would strongly recommend to include some comments in text, like marranos had a choice of converting or emigrating. Inquisition did not burn anybody it was a King's Court which pronouced a penalty. Lies like Poles did not save Jews because of laziness etc. Shauvinistic comments like that, take away integrity of the whole booklet. My Step Father was in Auschwitz with a number 486. For the first two years he hardly met any Jews there. Most of the trees honoring people who saved Jews risking their own life are dedicated to the Poles.

I can not fathom who were the thousands of others, as there were no death penalty for helping Jews anywhere else but in Poland. Let us be honest that Poland since Middle Ages was a PARADISE JUDEORUM – Paradise for the 80% of the world Jewry. It is not fair to mess one's own nest!

Joe said (March 23, 2013):

On the other side of the coin of Zionism are the white race "religions" : Aryanism, Nordicism, Teutonicism, etc., and the white nationalism based on Savitri Devi- type Hinduism [ which is a distortion of both Hinduism and white, European history/religion (s)] . Zionism and Aryanism were both conjured up in the Freemasonry halls of 19th century Germany/Europe ; Both buttress one another. Neither the Zionist "narrative" nor the Aryan "narrative" can stand on their own ontological respective merits. They need one another like a horse-and-carriage to get any mileage.

Both narratives conjured up in the very same Freemasonry halls of 19th century Germany/Europe, both by the same group of satanists - both Jewish satanists and non-Jewish satanists.

"The Aryan Myth/The Dying God"

Brian said (March 23, 2013):

hank you so much for the great article 'Zionists Betrayed Non-Z Jews to Holocaust'. It could not have been better timing in my walk towards the truth. At first your articles irritated me because the KJV Bible told me to love the Jews yet I failed to read the whole truth. One has to follow the Scriptures and leading of the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ clearly states in His Holy book:

Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 (As in all Scripture read chapter or book to get context)

9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

John 8:38, 44

38 I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

And even in the Old Testament Ester 8:17. Ester is a great love story, read the whole book.

17 And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king's commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

Underlining by me.

Thank you much and keep up the good fight.

Milton said (March 23, 2013):

Read your excellent article on the Zionist betrayal and have printed it out for future reference.

I cannot share it because:
My facebook account has been disabled for some reason. Trying to say that i have said something illegal or violent?? Probably, because i posted Zundel videos.

I have sent them an inquiry. Very strange. But, then again it is all controlled by Jews.

Jesper said (March 23, 2013):

Authors like Shonfeld make the limited confession that Zionist Jews are not the friends of “ordinary” Jews and were to blame for certain cruel actions generally attributed to the Nazis, but in the end only serve the purpose of blowing new life into the entire "final solution" Holocaust hoax. There is more useful truth in what bright, young David Cole says in this interview:

Bill said (March 22, 2013):

Until the Jews renounce the Talmud and their blasphemy against Christ Jesus, I for one have no sympathy for them. When they return to the Old Testament and read the true prophets and all the prophecies concerning Jesus Christ then I will consider they have some sense of reason.

However, the Talmud is for the criminally insane and unreasoning people and that is just a start. Jesus pinned the tail on the donkey with his words about them, may God have mercy on them when this last gasp is finished and judgment is set. They can scream all they want but the Talmud is for madmen, so appropriate and Zionist Christians are just as mad.


Thanks Bill,

The irony is that I doubt if more than 10% of Jews have read the Talmud. Most are secular and barely know it exists. Of course, the Talmud does affect the leadership and mentality


Rollin said (March 22, 2013):

Great article on Zionism, the Jews, and WW II. Sometimes a short, simple statement has a way of clearing away confusion and revealing the truth in an unforgettable way. "Zionism is not a Jewish movement" is such a statement.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at